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Top Secret Stuff
Michael Powers

Price: $35.00

Where: Buy It

What you get: A soft cover book

I will go over some of my favorites in the book

Card Effects

The Nightmare Card

The performer talks about a dream he had in which the spectator was involved with. In the dream the spectator picked a card. Matching actions to words, the performer places a blue backed card on the table and says that is the card that was selected. From a red backed deck of cards, a card is selected and signed. Pattering on about the dream and whatnot, the blue backed card is flipped over to be revealed as the card that was signed by the spectator!!!

OK I have worked on this a little bit. The handling takes some guts but if you are confident in it and you present it as a masterpiece, the audience will remember you forever. The handling is fairly easy, it just takes guts.

The AT&T Trick

AT&T stands for "Ambitious-Twist-Transpo" which is exactly what this card effect is. The performer starts out by taking the Ace,2,3 and 4 of spades out of the deck to be used later. A card is selected and signed. The performer than causes the card to repeatedly come to the top of the deck after being placed in the middle. The selected card is then placed outjogged in the deck and set aside. The small packet is introduced and each card is seen to turn face up one at a time, all except the 4. The 4 is being stubborn and will not turn face up no matter what happens. The performer then says it is because the 4 is not in the packet, it is outjogged in the deck!!! Sure enough the card that was outjogged in the deck is the 4 of spades, and the card turned face down in the packet is the signed card.

This is a great effect which is easily in the grasp of any card magician. It is impromptu, meaning no extra cards are used and can be done with a borrowed deck.

Flushing Out the Queen

A card is selected and lost in the deck. The deck is split and the selection spins face up and out of the face down deck. The two halves of the deck are cut and flipped revealing 4 more face up cards. All 5 cards make up the Royal Flush in Spades!!!

This one is fun, but a bit hard. Practice will be needed to make this look nice and I will be practicing this one for a while, but it looks nice when the Queen comes out face up.

The Fly

Straight out of the movie, this effect is a real killer.

The performer talks about the movie the fly in which a scientist creates a machine that will transport him from one place to another. The only problem is, there was a fly in the machine and they swapped DNA. The scientist turned into a fly by the end of the movie. Matching actions to words, the 4 queens are removed from the deck and a card is selected and signed. The deck is split into two sections, each section representing a chamber of the machine. The 2 black queens are held together with a rubber band and placed on 1 of the piles. The 2 red queens are sandwiched around the selection and banded together and placed on the other pile. A "fly" card is introduced into the pile containing the selection. With a flash the selected card, like the scientist, is seen to have travelled from one "chamber" to the other. The selection is seen banded between the 2 black queens!! Performer patters about the scientist going through genetic changes. Upon examining the "fly" card, it is found that the fly card's back does not match the deck. You know what is coming, the Signed Selection's back now matches the "fly" card!!!

I read the description to this effect, and just about poopied myself. This is impossible I told myself. After reading how it was done, I still said this is impossible!!! No special cards are used in this, by special I mean gimmicked. This can be done with a borrowed deck if you can misdirect enough. This will become a reputation maker if you present it properly.

Tornado Card

Performer borrows a Business card from someone in the audience. A straw is shown and visibly pushed right through the card and is seen on both sides. The straw is then removed and both are handed out for examination.

Pretty cool effect that requires a bit of prep work but is worth it and you can carry this anywhere.

Unexpected Development

Performer cuts to 4 cards in a deck and they are all seen to be blank. He patters on about manufacturer's defects and what the manufacturer told him to do in this case, so he proceeds to print each card with a different ace.

This is a good little effect. Not hard to do and looks magical.

Impossible Travellers

I saved the best card effect for last!

A packet of cards is introduced, the 4 aces and 9 indifferent cards. The 4 aces are placed in the mystical T formation(as in Mcdonald's Aces). 3 cards are then placed on each ace. Now one by one the aces vanish from the packets they were in and Invisibly travel to the leader ace(Ala Open Travellers). Then you repeat the process only this time in reverse. The 4 aces are placed with the leader Ace and all of the Aces except the Ace of Spades turn into indifferent cards and the Aces are seen to have travelled back to their respective piles!!!

Everything can be examined at the end of this routine, completely eliminating any possible conclusion as to how this is done. Presented properly, this effect will look like real magic. Forget about anything else you ever thought about Mcdonald's aces, this is the answer.

Coin Effects

The Alchemist's Dream

This is a spellbound routine that is pretty straight to the point. A coin changes to a different coin and back a few times.

Like I said, it is pretty basic but the handling is clean and it is very visual. Handling is intermediate skill level with coins.

China Syndrome

A card is made to penetrate a table. The spectator thinks foul play so the performer makes the card penetrate again and this time it lands in the spectators awaiting hand!!! The spectator is then told to place her hand under the table and you cause a Half dollar to pentetrate the table and land in her hand.

I like this one, but you need a gaff which can be made or bought. I will definately be purchasing the gaff so it is proffesionally made, but it is worth it.

Twilight Zone

This is a Twilight effect where you use a mirror to visibly make a coin appear out of nowhere, and then vanish the same way. The peformer then takes the mirror and covers half of the coin and "bends" the coin in the mirror by tilting the mirror. When the mirror is removed the coin is seen to really be bent!! Then the mirror straightens the coin and everything is handed out for examination

Oh I like this one. I have yet to find a mirror that I can use because when you want something at the store, you can never find it!!

International Matrix Reverse

A matrix routine using 4 different coins, that's right, 4 different coins!!

Gimmicked but oh so nice!!

Table Effects
These are effects you can do while at a restaurant.

My Cup Runneth Over

The perfect cups and balls routine for when you are at Denny's. It is impromptu and you will like it. Sorry I won't spoil it for you by telling you what the routine uses, but it is a fantastic idea with a killer ending.

Toothpick Into Straw

Just what the title says. You take an unopened straw and a tooth pick. You hit the toothpick with the unopened straw and the toothpick vanishes. It is then found to be inside the unopened straw.

A visual quickie, that is oh so easy to do.

Jelly Roll

This one is messy but well worth it.

A jelly packet is introduced and so is a dime. The dime is signed or the date remembered and thrown in the air. The performer catches the dime in the hand holding the jelly packet and the dime is seen INSIDE the packet of jelly! The dime is then removed from the jelly in a not so clean fashion, by scooping it out with your fingers.

Man oh Man, what a good idea this is.

Final Thoughts

Not since Tyler Wilson's Dominatricks have I found a book that has gotten me so excited about effects. The effects in this book are exellent for the most part. There are a lot of effects I skipped in the review because I have not yet gone through them. There are a few with the card case coming into play, a gambling routine, a rising card effect gone wrong but fixed, and many more. You get an exceptional amount of material for the low price. You also learn a palmless card to pocket, some neat sleights that can be used elsewhere and the teaching is imaculate and very easy to follow. Did I mention this is a limited reprint of only 250 books, so get it while you can.

Rating-10 out of 10
Mike Powers
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Thanks Magikrn for the great review of TSS. You've got me excited about the book too! You mentioned a few items that I used to do all the time and have let fall by the wayside. You have renewed my own interest!!

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LOL, glad I could help. I am currently working on Rising Mistake and Impossible Travellers. AT&T has already been used with great success!! I look forward to working on more of your material.
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Aaargh I'm still waiting the book to arrive.. it should arrive in 1-2 days..
I've read and still read and will read again the above review until the book come
Magic is life

Ario A.
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Finally my copy arrived few minutes ago.. can't wait to read the book!
Magic is life

Ario A.
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Donny Orbit
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I agree. I rallied strongly for a reprint, even though I bought a copy off an auction site for 3 times what the reprint eventually cost. Strong COMMERCIAL magic.

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