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RealDeal JU
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New Jersey
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Probably my Take Apart Vanish Box. When I bought it the description said both sides of every piece, including the top, could be shown. Well not all sides can be shown and mostly everyone realizes how it is done. The only people that would fall for this with out any question are little kids.
"Challenge yourself to come up with your own

material, rather than buying into the idea that

you have to do the same thing that everyone

else is doing to be a good magician."
Leland Stone
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I'm surprised by the number of posting bashing "Smoke From The Fingertips," as its rosin smell is one of the lingering memories of my early days in Magic. The only thing that lingers longer than its scent is the actual tube of stuff, mostly unused, just as it was when purchased in '77.

Okay, "SFTF" won't make my top ten list of must-do effects, but neither will these:

1] Some kind of $10 linked effect using $0.50 worth of chain links from the hardware store. Ad copy: "These DO NOT work like 'Linking Rings!' The links really are LINKED!" Yeah, they are. And the handling suggested by the directions makes that fact very clear long before the trick is finished.

2] Ribbon Thru Matchbox. A Royal effect using a non-gaffed plastic block and an improbable plastic matchbox. Extremely high "ho-hum" factor even if the fishy handling 'sells' the effect.

3] A square acrylic rod with a red tip and a white tip whose ends trade places upon being placed into a black tube. The 'sucker finale' shows the rod having miraculously transformed into an all-white stick. I should have flushed that $10 bill instead of spending it on this one...

Dr. Zordas
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...Just got hold of 'Telepathy Box' - you know, the Werry thing.

What a piece of 'crap' this is! It looks and feels like one of those cheap shoe-shine sponge-pad holders (minus a lid). The quality is deplorable!

What-on-earth was I thinking when I clicked on 'Purchase Now' I'll never know. I probably couldn't GIVE this thing away.

Please, no more comments on the lines of 'no bad tricks, just bad magians' BS either. There are PLENTY of bad tricks out there!

Dr. Zordas
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I just happened to see you guys talking about this and thought I would add my embarrassement to the lot. both of these I felt fully conned. Both happened I think more than 10 years ago through the mail...
the last time I bought at Tannens it was $20 for a flaming finger/hand ... what I got was a few matches stapled to a latex tt

but this other one really fried me.. I was going through the mutilated watch in the egg bag fad and thought it would be cool to answer an ad in the Linking Ring for a watch off rope routine. $40 brought me a small booklet suggesting my "assistant' untie the watch while offstage. Needless to say I have been more careful buying ever since.

Greenville, SC
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Roseville, California
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Stay away from "Appearing Cell Phones". Really a major DOG
May every day be magic!
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Wow, lots of stuff to stay away from, but there are many more tricks that are worth their weight in Ed, (Eddini).
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
Dr. Zordas
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...Yeah, that's right. Telepathy Box is worth its weight in gold too. And if you have one, you'll know what I mean. You may need some atomic scales...

Dr. Zordas
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On 2003-02-19 19:52, gandolf wrote:
Being new to the Magic Café, I apologize if this has been asked before (I did a search, and did not find anything).

In all your years of performing magic, what is the absolute worst illusion you have purchased? I mean all time stink-o, cheap,
misrepresented, terrible trick.

Hope it's not one I think is great! Smile

I think this is personal and some tricks I think are good others think stink.

I did not like Fortune Tellers Book of Days. I bought it at a shop where I could not see it demonstrated although I asked. I found the description was not exactly as it is performed and so have never used it. I know others who think this is a great effect.
"Til Death us do part!" - Weepin Willie
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WOW eddini, you sure was unlucky!
I guess the adds are misleading in most cases...

For my worst tricks :

Coin monte (you NEED a mat)
Bad coin gimmicked quality
Steve Fearson's Station Manager

and ALL those tricks you figured a way to do it youself before buying it but was too lazy to actually do it yourself..
Turns out you should have as it would have been better done...
I'm just a blind Con that lost his I...
remember, Magic's everywhere... ("Your are the magic !" - Albert Goshman)

"Voici mon secret. Il est très simple. On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux" St-Exupéry
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Look Ma!
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John Kennedy's Invisible Ink - a pen has an "ink cartridge" exposed. When you click the pen the ink disappears. Never fooled anyone...I was the fool...
the Sponge
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On 2004-11-17 10:42, Deceptionguy wrote:
John Kennedy's Invisible Ink - a pen has an "ink cartridge" exposed. When you click the pen the ink disappears. Never fooled anyone...I was the fool...

yeah, the trick sucks. But the pen is a pretty cool "puzzle"

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I'e been burned soo many times, so when I got a job at a magic shop, I got to play with the new items I had to try & sell,god theres a lot of stuff out there that is crap..if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.
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Killer red caps
Al Kazam the Magic Man
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Living in Perth Western Australia
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I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this anywhere, but I got "Hank the Pet Hankercheif". Made by Chuck at Chazpro.

What can I say? Never got past the first 2 minutes with it.

Al Kazam --> Magic guy in Perth Australia
Marco S.
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Blink! Worst trick ever.
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England, UK
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Smashing Crashing by Adrian Sullivan.

you get a toy car and the little "something" that you
eat everyday.

Also the lock trick where it ends up on
a stem of a small glass. Made by vienna magic its one of the worst trick I ever bought.

I don't think some of the later tricks mentioned in
this thread are worst at all..

I wont mention names but I use those tricks ALL the
time and make most of it.

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Drawn Out and notepad surprise... Both looked obvious when done close up...
"Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face" Mike Tyson
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I'm building a fence with
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Dragon Die Box...great idea, nice size but slapped together quickly and cheaply and it shows.
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Both 3 domino monte and sucker born every minute, who supplied them....Penguin of course, awful
to the blue sky at the top of the hill...
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Dlites and Thumbtip eBooks from
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