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On 2003-06-17 02:24, blehr wrote:

The No. 2 Pencil, on the other hand, strikes me as completely useless. Yet, I read about how many people use it with great success.


I think exactly like you, am I stupid?
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What strikes you as useless about the No. 2 Pencil? It's basically a paddle trick but applied to a familiar object. It's pretty deceptive IMO, and the ending is surprising. This is much more natural and convincing than odd, unfamiliar objects like tiny paddles and Hot Rods.
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BIlly James
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"Frank and Billy,

Just curious, are either of you mentalists?

Bill "

Sorry, this is from over the page but in answer to your question, yes I am a Mentalist. I have a wide and varied library of Mentalism resources but Pure Effect is no longer one of them. I literally threw this book in the garbage. As I've mentioned elsewhere I found the book to be well written but ultimately the most useless thing I have ever purchased.

13 steps, on the other hand, is a gold mine and I have adapted several items from this wonderful book and I still use them and probably always will.


David Bard
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I think the beauty of the internet is you can now email the creator of an effect and ask them a question or watch a live demo of a trick. That has made magic into a global community.

Although the problem with online demos (some of yours included) is that they tip the method. Once that happens a lot of the younger, spur of the moment purchasers, are put off on buying the trick so in the end you may be doing yourself a disservice by putting up "less than stellar" demos.
David Bard
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Worst trick I ever had was a minature Asrah bought from Abbott's when I was around 12 (of course, I had no one around to advise me then on trick selections) : )

The thread was the thickness of a shoelace, and the gimmick was obvious and impossible to work with.
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Not necessarily the worst but pretty darn close.

Mental Monte, put out by magiceffex.com is junk. The gimmick is junk and doesn't stay on. They say toy around with the amount of moisture you put on it, and I have, I spit on it, its junk.

They also put out an item called Psycho Ball. This was supposed to be a ball that sat atop a little pedastal and by using the power of your mind it would fall off. It never worked right for me and eventually all of the fluid leaked out. I hope its not toxic, and I feel poisoned for having purchased it.

I would wager that anything in their line of products is overpriced garbage.

Jim Tighe
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I bought Marked by Rich Marotta and boy is it useless except for a standard 52 on 1 gag card.

A few years ago I bought something, I think it was called Cocktail Surprise (from Hocus Pocus). The effect was a sucker effect where the color in the panels painted to resemble cocktail glasses would change color and eventaully disappear and for a finale you would pour out real liquid. It was extremely poorly made, very noisy, had construction paper covers, the stands to hold the panels up were hard film sheets rubber-banded together (which wouldn't stay up). It may have been a knockoff of an original well made effect because the way mine worked (or didn't) was a little different from the description in the Hank Lee catalog. Of course it had no instructions either.
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Any product from JBTV
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I wouldn't say that. I think Future Zone, Perfect, Club Sandwhich, and Hole Sensation are Awesome effects. JBTV doesn't make the worst effects, they just sell too much gimmicky stuff.
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Right on,
I would say 80% of JB tricks are very good, and like most dealers in the world, they have some poor stuff as well.

The tricks I like from JB Magic are:

Future Zone
Mirage wallet
Flipper Coin
Stretched Coin
Call of the wild (I like this one the most)
and couple more....

The tricks I don't like are:


Devils Advocaat
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On 2003-06-16 01:50, Bill Cushman wrote:
...You say you have a, "strong leaning towards 'mentalism'" Why the quotes? That usually suggests that the author intends a different meaning than is commonly accepted. I'm not putting you down at all, so please don't interpret this or the above as criticism, but I get a sense that what you describe as mentalism is more akin to what mentalists call mental magic. If I'm wrong, I apologize in advance....

Hi Bill,

I think you've hit the nail right on the head. I find it extremely hard to pass myself off as being a mentalist when I've just performed a card trick or something, or somebody knows I'm capable of such. I think it's a case of 'one or the other' (magic or mentalism) and not both together. I do believe though that mentalism is 'magic-for-grown-ups'.

When I started out (1974ish) I would buy anything and everything. Now I'm well past that phase I tend to question my purchases all the time. If it looks like a prop, then I leave it alone. This applies both to magic and mentalism.

I suppose at the end of the day I'm not really a 'book-person'. I would rather spend the money on good effects than half-baked ideas, which appear in some of my mentalism books.

Take care, Bill.


"My Karma ran over my Dogma..."
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I got Penomenon, and the "charger", and I was really disapointed. To me its just not 100% reliable. Also I bought this mentalism/card effect called eXactly, where someone calls out a jumbo card out of 5 an X appears to have been "written" on it in advance. I don't have the Rich Morotta effect "Marked Prediction", but I saw it demo'd and I thought it really sucked badly. I feel sorry for all that bought it.

I think Tenyo's stuff is really ingenious, but I just wish that they were made out of metal or something other than plastic, because they look too much like toys to me. I bought this one effect called "Future Mental" in where supposedly a thought of colored ball disapears from a box out of three balls in total. I like the concept and it is beautifully made, but I just think the handling is too awkward to me. I just think "your hand" looks to suspicious especially the movement during "the move". Maybe there will be an improvement.

My last vote would have to go to John Kennedy's "Jump". I thought, to me at least, that the add was a little misleading. I saw the gimmick, and I'm like "wow people are going to see "this"". I live in New Hampshire so I always go to Hank Lee's. Luckily I was able to get my $90.00 back. I have his mind power deck which I think is brilliant, and I hear his other stuff is great as well, so it was a surprise. I should also mention that I bought "Jump" a few years ago through mail order without seeing it demo'd, Ed, (Eddini). Smile
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n° 2 pencil
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Once I bought a knife that made the illusions when you pass it on your hand, that it´s cutting your hand and the blood is going out fom the hand.
It was only a knife with a red string
very bad ˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇ
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Mark Wolfire
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I know it has been said before but it is certainly worth repeating:
Float and Alida
Why ? oh why? oh why? did I buy!
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ekozuch, that's Final Cut....I like it!

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Pizza to Go by Axtell. What a piece of junk. The effect is good - as described. It seems like the perfect kidshow finale. However, the pizza doesn't remotely resemble pizza, the box is junk, as well as all the apparatus with which it came. When I purchased it, I thought it would be good (I am a happy owner of their Drawing Board). Oh well; you win some, you lose some.
Augustus Rapp
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Maybe I missed it, but I can't believe no one has mentioned that steaming pile of dog poop called "Killer Red Caps". You got a bag full of caps like the type you find on the top of WD-40 with the instructions to have a spectator place a ring under one while your back was turned and then you turn around and psychically ferret out which one it was under. If the lighting was too poor you couldn't find it. If the lighting was just right eveyone could find it.
Pure Garbage! Smile
Larry Barnowsky
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that steaming pile of dog poop called "Killer Red Caps".

You were too kind in your praise for that overhyped, and underwhelming piece of ----.
I bought my cheap on Ebay and sold it soon after at no loss. If you still have your set you can use the cups to hold eyewash which you will need after straining your eyes trying to see the "shade".
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'that steaming pile of dog poop called "Killer Red Caps".

Yes, yes. Could not agree more. My struggle, however, is how Mike Close gave it such a shining review. I enjoy and respect Mike Close's reviews. He gave this effect an absolutely tremendous review. Based on this I bought it and was slack-jawed in disbelief at what a pile of _______ this was. This, in my opinion, is one of the effects that challenge the notion that one man's meat is another man's poison - this appears to be an item that would poison anyone.

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