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John Cass
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Anyone think of checking with or Tilford?
Bill Palmer
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On 2007-12-17 01:56, Bill Palmer wrote:
If you work as a pirate with a hook, you can do a very interesting card stab.

I think you could do it anyway! Imagine if you have both the hands and the hook is simply a souvenir from previous encounters. Smile
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Jake Heller
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I do a pirate theme for part of my kids show. I don't dress up as a pirate I let the kids...I use professor's nightmare, the square circle, and a cups and balls routine when I do this. I tell a story and let the kids act it out and yell out pirate words...arghh! Shiver me timber! Blast!
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That's an interesting twist. How do you tie the effects into the pirate theme?
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I personally perform as a Renaissance Bard who was once kidnapped to perform on a pirate ship (which is true to pirate history) and it does open up a lot of possibilities: magicially hiding pirate treasure (and bringing it back before they kill you), changing pirate flags so the Royal Navy wouldn't know who you were, even appearing parrots would work (I don't do livestock personally, but I'd love to see something done with that). You can also use pirate initiation as a story suggestion. I.E. doing an arm chopper, guillotine, ropes thru body, etc. and if you survive, you become a pirate. Ropes as the riggings of a pirate ship, something made from the wood of a mysterious pirate ship (maybe the supposed wooden leg of a pirate crew man doing haunting things)... the ideas seem endless. I hope you have fun with it.
-Much love,
Daniel GreenWolf
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David McCall
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On 2007-10-30 12:17, Slartibartfast wrote:
Anyone perform in a pirate persona?
How do you present it? Comedy pirate? Blood and guts? Scary? Storytelling old salt?
What works - what doesn't?
What effects do you do and how do you weave them into the pirate theme?
Any good books/videos to recommend that helped you with your persona?

It looks like SeaDawg is the captain on this topic so I hope he chimes in. Anyone else?

I did a pirate themed kids show last year. Tyler my vent pal, dressed as a pirate - he did a little script about pirating (pirate jokes - I knew a girl pirate. Her name was Eileen!), and I got the kids pirate themed candy.

After that, I never got any more pirate themed events, but if I do, I'll basically know what works and what doesn't, and I'll have a ready made script.
ed rhodes
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On 2007-11-22 12:10, Silvertongue wrote:
I found an old treasure chest shaped jewelry box at a yard sale a few years ago. I re-covered the whole thing and also made a shell insert for the lid which is slowley being covered by larger crystals and coloured cut stones, dabloons and pearls.
I also put in some colour changing dlite bulbs - from radioshack - which has a small switch that has the effect of making the treasure look alive and glistening.
I have been working on it for a couple of years now along with a few stories that will accompany the chest.

Open chest to show its empty except for an olde treasure map, then tell your tale. Reopen it and treasure spills forth from the chest.

Hope this gives you a few ideas.

Some Disney stores sell plastic pirate chests that you can fill with jewels and gold coins. (However much you can fit into the chest and still close the lid) That might be useful for a prop.

They also have a skull that you can do the same thing with only the objects are "creepy" things.
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I need to invest more time into this. I had an idea of doing a pirate character last year for one of my Halloween gigs but it was not a fit, since it was a western theme! I just really want to develop a pirate character personna and figure out what type of wardrobe will best fit me as well as some effects. I already thought about getting the relic, just haven’t done so yet. I had several effects that would and will work with the character and now I am more interested in preparing for this theme based character. A couple of the effects I plan on including are a card sword effect, I have Dark Museum and already figured how that could be incorporated very nicely. I also had an idea for a story to go along with The Viking effect "Ball Through Hand". I will offer a Readers digest version just for comment or critique/suggestion (keep in mind I am a newbie in storytelling magic but want to improve and go deeper into this area)... The tale is told of the old pirate so and so who managed his release from capture and certain death by performing the miraculous in a bet for his life. He proclaimed he could vanish a cannonball right before everyone's eyes. An unusual "bucket", just big enough for a cannonball to fit into but still quite solid, was brought forth by his first mate. Ball goes in and using a solid brass poker, also barely able to fit into the bucket on top of the ball, with slow and steady pressure the poker rod went deep into the bucket and upon retrieving it the cannonball had indeed vanished. Something like that and I do have a bit more details regarding the material used and how they were obtained. I also speak a bit more about the first mate and maybe claim to be a distant relation with a miniature version made and handed down within the family as I bring out the little satchel containing the Viking effect. It's just an idea I had for a different presentation of this effect which I have and thought it might fit in with the character. I have performed it in sort of a trial run to a small group one time so far and the reactions were good. But they could be better and I realized my presentation and story needed polishing and a bit more practice to make it really good.
Hope I didn’t go on too long.

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I do a pirate magic show. My character is a pirate and I pretty much do my standard kids material in that personna. It works 100 % at least as far as repeat bookings are concerned if htats the barometor of such things. The kids liek the character and the magic blends in nicely as I am a pirate who got the magic from a ship that we plundered and I really don't know how the stuff works but it does. Its a fun show or so I have been told. Also I used to work for a pirate themed show here and I (with the help of Bev Bergerons mind) developed a whole routine with a hand in the box called the hand of hook. great fun stuff there. Love the idea of a card stab with the hook if only I could find a nice hook like the good captain would have worn.

Joe Zimmer

"The Second Greatest Magician in the World"

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Orlando Florida
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Here the kids dress up as well as the performer. They want the whole pirate theme so get their parents to buy themed table-wear and backdrops. Often the kids help to make these as they arrive at the party.

I've sailed over 5,000 miles on tall-ships, including the Caribbean and crossing the Atlantic. I use this experience to throw in nautical words, gags and pictures. If the children are talking I jokingly threaten to keel haul them or make them walk the plank. In one place we even had a paddling pool set up for them to fall into from a height of only a few inches. (They loved it.) For magic words I include "shiver me timbers" and "splice the main brace".

Here toys can be cheap with swords costing 100 fils (40 cents) and eye patches the same in our local souk. So I tend to bulk buy for parents whenever I see them. My parrot came from Antigua and is made of balsa wood so balances nicely on my shoulder. The kids dress up and have face-paint applied at the start of the party.

Props include the treasure chest from IKEA which has fabric sides and a lock that's realistic to under 7s. I like the tore and restore treasure map, but am thinking of burning it, then restoring it at outside pool parties.

I want to theme my act more, to include a better story-thread, so I'm interested in seeing the manuscript mentioned above when is available. Or any other ideas.

Yes pirate mad, but aren't we all big kids really.
Have wand will travel! Performing children's magic in the UK for Winter 2014 and Spring 2015.
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I seem to recall a pirate routine on one of Dan Harlan's Premium Blend DVDs.
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Edit... sorry, wrong thread (I've got too many tabs open, lol...)
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