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SLC Utah
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I work as a DARE Officer and I have done numerous assemblies on various topics for the kids. I decided to use magic in my assemblies to make them more exciting for the kids and to get the point across in a fun way. So I bought books and videos and learned some magic and now I'm hooked. I decided that magic was the thing to do, so I started doing birthday parties, family parties, stage shows and restaurants etc.
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[quote]On 2007-11-05 06:24, Joker63 wrote:
On 2007-11-05 03:20, gillesA4 wrote:
Am I the only one being bitten so late in life??

Donal Chayce
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When I was 7, my best friend got a magic set for the first night of Hanukkah. Then I discovered the magic books section in my grade school library. (I think I checked out "Spooky Magic" at least 50 times.) Then I got an SS Adams "Hocus Pocus Magic Set" for Christmas when I was 8.

That was over 40 years ago, and while there are been some periodic stop-offs on my magic journey, I've never looked back.
the AuditOrr
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I was about 14 years old. Already I had interests in the unique skills, such as juggling, unicycling, speed rubiks cubing... Definitely a geek of my day. My uncle, who is one of those guys who takes the time to learn some neat stuff encouraged me to check out magic. It was something that I kinda thought about but didn't really care about considering that the only magic I had seen was stuff from when I was a little kid. When I went to visit him he took a cigarette that he had been smoking and then stuffed and extinquished the cigarette, still lit, into the palm of his hand. I had no clue how he did that... no clue. He showed me again later on with his next cigarette. I still didn't get it and was flawed. He showed me a final time and when I still didn't understand he exposed the secret to me. Then he gave me some magical equipment such as the TT he had been using, a deck of cards, and his $2.85 trick (I think that's what it's called... could be wrong).

I was hooked after that. And currently I don't juggle or unicycle or rubiks cube. Well... every once in a while.
I want to go far...
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About 5 years ago, was browsing in my local book shop and noticed, I think it was, The Penguin Little Book of Card Tricks, or something similar. There were a couple of nifty little things in there, starting of course with the Glide. And then it snowballed...
Actions lie louder than words - Carolyn Wells

I believe in God, only I spell it Nature - Frank Lloyd Wright.
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I know it sounds strange but my skepticism about things supernatural is what brought me to magic. LOL For me the mystique of magic is not gone with the long ago realization that it is only natural skill and trickery at work - in fact that strengthens my wonder at the amazement magic invokes.

I got started pretty late too. Age 36. Now I am only a couple months in but am really enjoying it. I am going to the local Magic club next week for my first meeting and I am working my way through the Royal Road to Card Magic book.

So far the hardest thing?? Overhand shuffle control. Making that look good is giving me fits.
Philip Hilton
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Scarborough UK
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My father was a fan of Houdini's and had done some escapes himself. He was my hero and one day together we sat down and watched Tony Curtis in Houdini I loved it, still do and still watch it. My dad died when I was in my early teens and I didn't think of magic for a very long time. One day years later I was in my local library and saw a book which was on Houdini, can't remember which one (as since I have read so many) and this fired me up again.

Then I began playing with magic. Then I got sidetracked and did various other things and I didn't come back until a quiet period in my acting career saw me with time on my hands and I began playing again, then I was hooked picked up the Tarbell course and one thing led to another and before I knew it I had an act and the rest as they say is history. I'm still an actor and writer, but I'm also a pro magician and just love my life. I love the way people are so thrilled by illusion and magic, its wonderful to be able to keep wonder alive. So for me it was very much stop start and not one of those classic saw magician at young age and went straight into it.
Cheers Phil
Terry Owens
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Ft. Wayne, Indiana
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I remember as a small child watching Mark Wilson on the Magic Land of Alakazam, that's where the bug first bit me, then my parents bought me a magic set at the age of 8 or 9 and I did my first show in the 4th grade for my class and 40 years later I'm still performing. (it wasn't until I started making money did my parents support me doing magic)
Leo Reynolds Jr
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I remember a old friend of my grandmothers showing me the Svengali Deck about 42 years ago still remember it like it was yesterday. He keep changing the card from all alike to all different and about a year later he showed me how it was done.I got the bug right then and there.
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I caught the magic bug when I was about 7 years of age when my aunt and uncle bought a David Nixon Magic Box for me as a Christmas present. I'm now 54.
Sometimes, in a moment of reverie, I hanker for the days when, as a lad born in London, could catch the tube from St. Pacreas to Tottenham Court Road or Piccadily Circus and within minutes walking time, go to all of the emporiums of delight namely Davenports, Oscar Oswald's Magical Mart, Ken Brooke's Magic Place and then on to Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studio!

My Mum, would be dragged through Soho by her small son bursting with anticipation at the propect of visiting the next dealer. When I became a little older, I would catch the train from Flitwick in Bedfordshire to St. Pancreas with the total proceeds of Christmas and my Birthday safe in my wallet, all of about £l0, including the cost of the train fare, 11 shillings cheap day return! A day of buying magic, alone and unaided, let loose in the dealers with a whole £9.1Os.Od!

My dear old Pop, a master craftsman French Polisher and Cabinet maker, beavering away in our garage, helping me make my latest trick, on his all too rare days off from work, I still use a Rolon table he made for me when I was about 11.

Ye gods, what a trip down memory lane. Oh, to be able to do it all over again.

Best Wishes to everyone,

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When I was a kid I hated to read - much more preferred the real thing to a book. As punishment for not doing an english assignment my teacher made me go with her to the library. I had to find a book and read it and write a report on it. So I couldn't think of a thing I wanted to read. The libriaian had mercy on me and said come with me. She took me over to the card catalog and had me look up a book by number. It turned out to be the life of Harry Houdini. It was the first book I ever read cover to cover. I was hooked. Always wanted to do magic just never spent the time to learn. Then one day 30 years later my wife and I were caught in a rain storm in Raleigh North Carolina just across the street from North Carolina State. We ducked into a shop to get out of the rain and in the back of this costume shop was a magic store. Well the guy behind the counter did a rope trick and I was hooked. I have been performing magic now for 16 years. Ain't life grand. Thanks for taking me back - I can still close my eyes and hear myself say WOW - how did you do that!
PennyMagic4U by Jerry Penny
Cody Comet
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I caught the bug when I was in Gulf Shores,Alabama on vacation about 5 years ago, right before all the hurricanes devestiated the area. Before we came, I saw a ad for Bart Rockett's show in a travel guide that we were given by AAA. The ad drew me in for a mysterious reason, resulting in me begging my mom to take the family to the show. During the show, he used me on stage for the breakaway wand and a change bag routine. But what got me hooked was when he let me push the blades in to saw a girl that I picked out of the audience in half. The feeling of acomplishment resulting from that was the best feeling that I ever had at that point in my life. I caught the bug right then and there, and my mommy, as a result of that, let me buy his sock of magic kit, her not thinking that my interest would last for more that a few days. 5 years later and still no end in sight for my interest in magic.
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In seventh grade, my english teacher vanished a piece of chalk in front of the class. I learned how to do it and have been hooked non-stop sence.
Larry Bean
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Earliest influence for magic in my life was Everette & Jane, the Magician and his wife who would come every year to my elementary school. Then Mark Wilson on TV. Finally it was a terrific card trick in a dorm room at college that sealed my fate as forever addicted to magic.
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The first magic trick I ever saw was at Knots Berry Farm. I went with a group of friends and they also invited this one guy that I did not know. Throughout the day my friends kept telling me he was a magician and he did this crazy trick that he made a coin or card fly around his body. I was interested and asked him to show me. I was shocked. At the moment, it was the best thing I've seen. He did it so well. I asked him to teach me. He first wanted to talk and get to know each other. We did and he taught me. Ever since that time I kept buying tricks and finally dvds that teach me many more sleights and finally, It's become more than a hobby for me. I am really interested. I thank him very much for that day at knots.
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For me, it was seeing a live magician perform when I was nine years old. I think it was Harry Blackstone, Jr. (too many years ago to remember for sure) That year I received the basic "starter" magic set and the linking rings both by Royal Magic. Although the interest was there, family/friend responses weren't too great, so I stayed an amateur until 3 years ago, when a new friend suggested I begin performing professionally. BTW, this friend is now one of my mentors in the art. This young man is amazing, as he performs sitting in a wheelchair.
Steven Leung
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The Paediatric I paid visit when I was three pulled out a candy when he checked my belly... that's the first trick I saw...

After work for some years, I opened a magic shop with 2 other best card magicians (probably the best in the world) Although it is not that successful in terms of profit and led me to many ups and downs in the past 3 years. The magic business made me know many magician friends around the globe.

Now I am a magic instructional DVD director and I can see that there are many wonders in the future of my magic.

Mine is an extreme example, hope you guys will not like me... (smile with tears in the eyes...)
Most memorable moment - with Maestro Juan Tamariz & Consuelo Lorgia in FISM Busan 2018.

"Being fooled by a trick doesn't always mean they are having a good time" - Homer Liwag

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I have been obese all my life and as a kid I was very introverted and self conscious. Not to mention that kids made fun all the time. Since I wasn't "cool" I needed something to win them over. I started doing magic to impress and win friends. It worked so I continued with it and find that it is a great ice breaker for almost any occasion.
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I'm 31 and my little journey only started about 6 or 8 months ago, when my housemate and I decided on a whim to look up "card tricks" on youtube. I was completely blown away and started googling, found a few pages with one or two self-working card tricks on them, and then discovered some places I could buy magic supplies online. Fast forward to now and, after practising my little butt off every spare second I've had (and some that weren't so spare), I have a small but decent repertoire of effects.

I do wish I'd started earlier in life but in actual fact about eight years ago a friend lent me a book on card sleights, and after thumbing through it it all seemed like way too much effort. I guess I wasn't ready then to put in the hard work that it's taking to go from fumbling idiot to anything resembling a sleight-of-hand artist.

Anyway, I'm permanently hooked now, and loving it Smile
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Profile of Nicholas
My dad was a traveling salesman who did close up tricks for his customers. His territory included Buffalo, NY. Whenever he was there he stopped by Gene Gordon's magic shop. Of course, when my dad got home, he would demonstrate his latest magic for me. So, I performed my first trick in first grade. I did finger chopper, on my first grade teacher, as part of "show-and-tell." I'll be 60 in April.
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