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Anyone familiar with "Beginners Guide to Tarot" by Juliet Sharman-Burke. It is on sale at a local bookshop here and I'm wondering if I should buy it - 78 cards plus book of 198 pages including 2 pages explanation for each card.
M. Perk
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The "Beginners Guide to Tarot" is a good place to start. The deck used is the Sharman-Caselli Tarot which is a Rider-Waite clone. Make sure when buying a deck, the minor arcana(suits) are full of imagery, not just pictures of Swords, wands etc.

Also, I found that YouTube can be a good source for learning Tarot.
sir real
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I think the keyword methods being suggested are excellent. As a matter of fact the Quick & Easy Tarot, which is a deck based on the Universal Waite deck with the meanings printed on each card, would be much more effective if it just used keywords instead of entire meanings. As it is now, it's pretty much reading from a book except it's on the cards. Seems kind of ineffective to me. I think I learned more from the free deck included in "Cracked" magazine in the seventies that used keywords.

When I first got interested for real, the book that helped me feel more in touch with the cards was called "The 2 Hour Tarot Tutor" by Wilma Carroll. It is best used with a Rider-Waite deck. It didn't teach me to read Tarot in 2 hours (nor did I expect it to) but it did help me move Tarot from the abstract to the realm of the real world meanings.
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This is the reason I read runes. There's only 24 of them, and they're terribly compact. The moral issues of this thread surprise me. I wanna be bizarre, just not that bizarre. In for a penny in for a pound. You can't be a bizarrist and also want to keep your immortal soul. Pick a lane and get in it.

If you really want to learn the tarot, ask the high priest of your coven to teach you T-MEDS, AKA tarot meditations. Fully explore a single card every night for a week just before falling asleep. The imagery enters the subconscious during sleep time, and thoroughly permeates the subconscious. After a week with each card, you will be more intimate with the deck than the most educated readers. Be aware this system takes 56 weeks. Education hard won.
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Philemon Vanderbeck
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Don't you mean 78 weeks?
Professor Philemon Vanderbeck
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Cynthia Giles has written an excellent book, 'Tarot: History, Mystery and Lore'. It contains a very clear explanation of what a tarot reading is and why it is so hard to dismiss as hokum. Edward de Bono uses the same principle in his 'lateral thinking' - a random stimulus applied to a problem. Jung is steeped in the tarot. I have no problem in reconciling performing illusions and exploring deeper mysteries ... Ultimately, in the audience's mind, mystery and fear are closely connected regardless of whether deception is employed.
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BIlly James
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If you have an ipod, there is a new podcast on itunes which is oddly enough called 'Tarot of the Ipod'.

Each podcast has an audio commentary on a particular card and also has an embedded image of the card.

You will no doubt find this to be a wonderful extra tool, when learning the cards.

It is an ongoing series. Go to itunes and search for Tarot of the Ipod.
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On 2007-11-08 01:00, la9 wrote:
Does anyone here do Tarot readings ?

What spread do you use ?

What is the best way to memorize the cards ?

Do you use the minor cards also ?

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My apologies, I have not been sufficiently explicit. If you do not believe in tarot why are you reading. I think those that magicians call shut eye (IMHO perhaps that description could be applied to some magicians.) If you are doing tarot why are you reading cold reading books?
BIlly James
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By the way...

I've just remembered that the book 'TarotMania' is now available online for FREE.


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Do you have to download it a page at at time or am I missing a basic link?
Bill Ligon
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Mota, it looks like it is a page at a time!

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M. Perk
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After getting familiar with the tarot, I realized there is no universal method on learning it. However you feel comfortable obtaining your method is how you should do it. You can even make up your own spreads to fit your or other's personalities. Although books teach you the basic meanings, it how you see into the cards that matters.
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The easiest layout is Celtic cross, also the most common. However, once you get more into it, you may come up with your own layout. A "shut eye" I work with just flops out 10 cards in no pattern just reading them in the
manner suggested by the 10 card cross layout.

How to memorize? well, go basic, suits are easiest:
Cups emotions water
Coins finances (job, school) earth
wands health, growth, fertility fire
swords strength, assertion, power air

Court cards will be people, don't stick with sex, a king can represent a female, a queen a male.

king father figure, leader, boss
queen mother figure plus above
knight young adult, middle management, moderate leadership, brother/ sister
page child, girl/boy, follower, student

Again don't be stuck on age either a king can be a mature child a page a childish adult.

Use a Rider-Waite deck or any deck that the minor arcana ( the 56 four suited cards) have pictures and not just pips.

Sure, read the little booklet, read the major works like 78 degrees of wisdom, vol 1 & 2.
But let the picture suggest it's own interpretation. Use all the symbolism on the cards, objects, people animals, symbols etc, and if the book says a fish means "X" but in your intuition it means "Y" go with "Y", and if stuck, ask the sitter what that image means to them. You may get a wealth of information from that.

Occasionally I will even say, "I cannot make this card fit, here is the traditional image, but it seems inconsistent with the rest, meditate on the image maybe later it will mean something, or you may dream the answer tonight".

Hope this helps. Of course the other ideas here are also very good.

Edwin W. North

"I would venture to warn against too great an intimacy with artists, as it is very seductive and a little dangerous."

Queen Victoria
"For it shows things that were, and things that are, and things that yet may be. But which it that he sees, even the wisest cannot always tell"

"A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes."
Tom Jorgenson
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If you are beginning to learn Tarot, and are also interested in cold readings, etc., you might be advised to shelve everything related to 'cold readings' until you are facile with the Tarot. Then, if you find it necessary, (you won't), you can always pick up the cold reading texts and pursue them.

Learning the tarot will help divide the mind in a certain sense. As entertainers and magicians, mentalists, et al, we have a desire to a certain pacing of hits and accuracy. Feeds the ego and is our benchmark, our feedback, as to how good we are. However, as a straight tarot reader, 'Hits' begin to be less necessary as a goal. The value of a reading is beyond the hits, and hits are a result, not a goal. The magician's mindset begins to fade.

One mindset is not better or higher, or more base or anything than the other, the two are just different, like the mindset of a dancer and the mindset of a car salesman, for example. Just different.

One way to learn is slowly. Pick a card, and study to understand WHY that card can mean the various things it is declared to mean. What is its meaning on a physical level, a mental level and a spiritual level? What principles are involved?

Anyway....only very brief recommendations and comments can possibly be made here...the subject is too complex. But to quote Jay Johnson, "Ain't nothing to it but to do it." That's the tricky part.

And all the advice from the others, above, is all really good.

Just start. The years stroll by and you get good.
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