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Either Destination Unknown or Die-Cipher II

"Hindsight corrects the mistakes that foresight could have prevented"
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Even I don't have it (actually I have Prophet), I'm waiting for somebody to say "Extreme Burn".
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I always carry dime and penny and a few extra cards for Card Warp.
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It's taken me 10+ years to make
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I'm with the "I don't perform on command" school of thought.
My friends and family understand and wouldn't ask me

Does anyone ask a surgeon to start working at a dinner party?
A mechanic, computer programmer or plumber to work on demand?

But years ago I would carry an ID, pair of D'lites and was known to have fire throwing battles in a certain local nightclub
Unique, Thought Provoking & Amazing Magical Entertainment Experiences
Illusions By Vick
Blog of a real world working magician
Magic would be great, if not for magicians
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On 2009-04-09 23:43, Vick wrote:

Does anyone ask a surgeon to start working at a dinner party?
A mechanic, computer programmer or plumber to work on demand?

Yes, they do. I design networks, but to the layman I am 'in computers' and get asked about their Windows computers all the time. I have friends who are doctors and lawyers and they get asked for professional advice constantly. However, it does seem that people who are in the performance arts tend to be expected to be 'on' all the time.
If you can pull it off in a biker bar without being violated by a corn dog, more power to you.
-- Gwyd, the Unusual

"YOUR Signature...speaks volumns (sic) as to your lack of understanding."
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Im not a professional magician so I guess its different for me as it is not my job so Im actually really happy when someone asks me if I can show them a trick, I enjoy performing and entertaining people even if its my friends for a few minutes when were out.. Anyway I like impromptu type of things because I think its more natural than pulling out a card deck or something like that so I do coin routines mostly but also elastic bands, both common objects but still get amazing reactions!
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On 2009-04-09 23:43, Vick wrote:
Does anyone ask a surgeon to start working at a dinner party?
A mechanic, computer programmer or plumber to work on demand?

I used to be a lawyer, then got an honest job and I've been a computer programmer for years now.

I get asked a million questions about PCs, Software, Setup, Internet, Personal Injuries, Neighbour Disputes, etc etc etc.

All the time...!

Doctors get it just the same if not worse - I've had this constant headache, my mother has a bad hip, etc.

It's actually a bit of a relief if someone only says "can you show me a card trick ?" Smile

It is easy to be precious, but if you do magic to entertain, and someone actually *wants* to be entertained by you, why wouldn't you ? Not for an hour, sure, but 2 or 5 minutes is OK, most times.

Responding to the OP - I carry Color Monte, and will do a quick ACR with their deck if they have one.
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On 2007-12-16 19:39, P.T. Murphy wrote:
Dude don't listen to JackScratch he is just being toxic.

Your question is one that many performers think about. And well you should because people WILL ask you to do something once they find out you are a magician. WHY? I am not sure. They don't ask me to act out Shakespeare when they find out I am an actor! Go figure!

Check out "Proof Positive". Search the Café under this title. Better yet e-mail David Parr at david@davidparr.com This is a wonderfully impromptu piece of magic!

You could always check out "Eugene's Last Dollar" an effect I created for/with Eugene Burger. As long as I am pimping my buddy, I may as well get a plug in for meeself.


Dude, why do you consider a thoughtful approach toxic? Dude. Why is it any attempt I make to add a little depth to the cliche that magicians are I catch grief from you and your buddies? Dude, what is your problem with magicians going beyong "What's the best trick"? Dude.
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A very honest question. It all boils down to what you have on you, and not what you WANT to do. For me, based on what is likely to be found on me: Extreme burn, Kolossal Killer, various coin and mentalism routines as I will always have coins,pen,paper & business cards in my pocket. They are all powerful effects, and each is suitable for various situations. So the answer is there no ONE effect. Sleight of hand and mentalism each have their place.
The Amazing Noobini
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This threads reminds me that I really should start to carry more things than a deck of cards and some coins. And that I should learn more effects with everyday objects.

If we are in our imaginary street, suddenly arrested by someone and asked to perform, it would be a bit more fun to pat our pockets, dive into them and come out with for instance an old medal from WW1, a shrunken head and a small antique pocket knife with a few notches cut into the handle.

In my case I don't really know a lot of shrunken head material (yet), but I suppose I could do the first trick I learned, which is to take out some blank cards and print business cards out of them.
"Talk about melodrama... and being born in the wrong part of the world." (Raf Robert)
"You, my friend, have a lot to learn." (S. Youell)
"Nonsensical Raving of a lunatic mind..." (Larry)
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Extreme Burn. (There you go, nattefrost.)

Crazy Man's Handcuffs.
Johnny Butterfield
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It depends - if they ask to see a trick, sure. If they tell me to do a trick, no way.

Usually a one coin flurry, or a quick spellbound routine with a borrowed coin.
The current economic crisis is due to all the coins I've vanished.
The poster formerly known as Fman111.
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I am with Daniel. I always, always. always have my Easy Money set up and my rubber bands around my wrist for my rubber band routine. I also always have a deck of buisness cards, I have a mentalism routine that is several phases - sometimes of course I only do one of the phases. I keep a deck around so I can practice when I am bored, but I try to do my impromptu card magic with other people's decks whenever possible.

This is all stuff I have so I that I can do magic when I want to. Emphasis on the "I." I believe in always being prepared but I agree that one should not be a trick machine.
Larry Bean
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I'm digging enough holes for
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2 words - Kolassal Killer.
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All of the above mentioned effects are good, however they all have one drawback in common. You have to have a prop with you at all times. I would recommend that you learn a few good, truely impromptu effects using everyday objects such as coins, rubber bands, pencils, pens, business cards etc. With this knowledge you will never be caught off guard. I was once told by a photography teacher to use the kiss method for my photography. When I asked what the kiss method was, he replied "Keep It Simple Stupid". I have never forgotten that and I apply this to my magic as well. Good Luck and have fun with it.
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I used to say spoonbend etc..
now I say.. cold reading all the way. no stuff with me, makes a hell of an impression, anytime anywhere, no sleights required(which doesn't mean it is easy, I'm very specific with dates numbers and specific nongeneral things).
What can I say.. it kills man Smile
Marcus Nogueira
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Almost any variation of the Center Tear. Never fails.
Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. --G.K Chesterton
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old things in new ways - new things in old ways
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If I were to comply with such a request I would pick up any small object available, or let them choose one -- ring, stone, nut, ring, whatever. I would place it in my left hand and make a fist. Then I would open both hands and show the object gone! After displaying both hands on all sides, I would ask them to pick a spot and produce the object from there -- your pocket, their ear, from the sleeve of a passing stranger.

If you can't do this simple thing, contact me. It takes only a couple of Sway Sleights you can perfect in 10 minutes, no gimmicks, no preparation.
"the more one pretends at magic, the more awe and wonder will be found in real life." Arnold Furst

eBooks at https://www.lybrary.com/ken-muller-m-579928.html questions at ken@eversway.com
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Scotch and Soda is always on me and a deck of cards is always on me
Ian Blundell
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Gregory Wilson's 3/4's across. Simple, strong, and only needs 3 quarters that can even be borrowed.
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