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Recieved mine yesterday afternoon. When I opened the package I thought, "Oh no" at first. I worked and played with it for a couple of hours and when my wife came home, I did the bending coin effect and her mouth dropped. She grabbed the bent coin and demanded to know how the h**l that was done. My wife has seen many effects over the years so this response really got me excited. That night I worked my regular gig in the restaurant but would not debut the effect without much more thought and practice. The bending is the least that you can do with this. My head is spinning thinking of the possibilities. Anyway, my two cents. Smile Smile
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You mean your two BENT cents Smile

Sounds great, I can't wait till they start producing foreign currency!

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Will you please tell me where you order your
Silver Shifter, I really want to get one but I cann't find it in any online store yet. It suppose available at end of this month.

Thanks for your help.
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Keith Arlen Lack
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Hi all,

I just wanted to remind every one that SS will not be released till the end of this month. Our distributor for this product is Murphy Magic. All pre-sales of SS will be sent out at the end of the month once the dealers have them. This means that you will be able to get SS from your favorite dealer. Many dealers are already pre-selling SS at a great price. Ask your favorite dealer if they carry the Silver Shifter distributed by Murphy Magic.
Happy Conjuring,

Keith Arlen Lack
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End of the month?!... It's going to be a looong wait.

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Why Isramagia received his on February 28, ??
it seem unfair to our long waiting Guys.....
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OH NO!!!!!!!!

Isramagia received SS at 1st of March!
All of us need to wait till the end of this month!!!!!!

I feel totally disappointed with Alren Studio's way of trading!!!
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Keith Arlen Lack
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O. K. guys,

Let me clarify something. All the reviews you are seeing about SS on this site have been given by those that are a part of our test group. Those very few that have received SS's have been sent them a bit early so as to review the product and let others know what to expect. This was done so you the consumers can get a good idea as to how good the product is before you place your order with your favorite dealer and the reviews have all been very good.

Steve and I have made every effort to make sure that the purchase of the SS is money well spent and that you know you are getting a great product before you plop down your money.

No one other than these persons have received SS before our shipment to our distributor Murphy Magic. Those reviews now filtering in are made by those persons receiving an early evaluation package.

Once again, we want to make it clear that SS is not due to be released till the end of the month. We are not filling orders earlier than that.

I have spent my career trying to keep every one happy. I realize that this is just about impossible as some one will inevitably feel as though their toes have been squashed. So, theses days, I just do the best I can.

I apologies for any confusion or frustration. SS will be available at the end of the month. As the saying goes, "I am dancing as fast as I can."
Happy Conjuring,

Keith Arlen Lack
Peter Loughran
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Oh and let me's worth the wait!


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Bill Cushman
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Being among the few lucky (and I do mean lucky) to get an early evaluation set, it's time for me to chime in with my fifty cents worth.

Let me state from the outset that I'm not a coin guy, having focused on mentalism for the last two years (I drifted away from magic to a certain extent for the prior two decades but did do some basic coin/card stuff back in the day). So my attraction was the bend. Also, I've loved the quality of everything I'd previoulsy ordered from Arlen Studios as well as Keith's business standards and practices. Not to mention he's a pleasure to talk with and has always been very generous with his knowledge and experience.

I realized from the onset that the bend couldn't be presented in the typical "I'm bending this with my mind" format as, if you've seen the video, you know that it looks like you are doing a feat of extraordinary strength by bending a half between two fingers. Still, though, I felt it might lend itself to a demonstration along the line of focused mental and physical strength, maybe making references to Chi.

So there I am, pondering how to strengthen this kind of presentation, when POOF, an idea for a standard coin effect pops into my head. Within minutes I came up with this: (holding out my obviously empty left hand)"can you see the invisible half dollar? Of course you can't, it's inivisible. Besides it's over here (holding up my obviously empty right hand). Now of course most people know that invisible coins rotate in slow motion when spun, so maybe you'll have a better chance of seeing it when I flip it (feign flipping coin and watching it spin). Can you see it now? No? Maybe as I catch it (reaching with right hand in slow motion and grabbing - again hand obviously empty - the invisible coin and slapping on the back of the bare left hand as in a standard heads or tails decision flip). Call it, heads or tails? (they make call and you lift your right hand enough for you to peek but leaving them with the idea you're still putting them on). No, you lose, its heads. Really! (as you reveal the coin on back of your left hand).

OK, I realize it's not earth shattering and I'm not going to put the coin guys out of business but I share this with you to stress the versatility of the coin. And how the SS inspires thinking in new directions; for me into an area I haven't given hardly a moments thought to in 20 years.

The presentation is a breeze and it messed with the head of a talented coin man who initially thought I was just showing him an old thing with the Ramsay Subtlety (which he had to explain to me). When I clued him into the workings, he didn't waste a second in asking how he could get one for himself.

Keith was also generous in including a different SS-like coin that he explained will be released in the months to come. The above mentioned coin guy (owner of a magic store by the way)immediately saw a slew of possibilities for this second prop and wants both on his shelves as soon as possible.

Well, I've gone on far longer than I intended but the SS is just one of those exciting props that kicks the brain into high gear. And it's as much fun to do as it is for the audience to watch. That's one of my favorite combinatons. It feels truly magical. Thank you Keith and Steve.
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