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Words of encouragement:

"Minor surgery is surgery that's done on someone else!"

I hope everything went well. My dad had 28 of those buggers, until the doctor figured out what was causing them and gave him some medicine to neutralize everything. No problems after that, but he said if having a baby was any worse, then he pitied all the moms out there...
Things are more like they are today than they've ever been before...
Mark Rough
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Just checking on you. I know you're probably out cold on the couch at the moment, drooling on the pillow while reruns of Law and Order go on the TV. Wanted you know I'm thinking about you. You're on the downhill side!

What would Wavy do?
Justin Style
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Thank you all so much. I can't tell you how much your kind thoughts and nice words mean to me. It's people like you that define the true meaning of the Magic Café! I'm glad to know you are there and I hope I can be there for you in return.

Well, I made it through and am happy to say they got the whole stone on the first try. At first they told me they might have to get in two attempts, because it was so big.

I checked in at 7 30AM and went into the O.R. at 9:45. I thought about you guys and those who were thinking about me. They put the mask over my mouth and nose, I said a quick prayer and drifted off. Next thing I knew it was 12:30. I rested for about two hours and they let me go home. I will say that I felt like I was totally out of it and slept as soon as I got home. I didn't feel like eating anything and just slept through the night. I mean except for waking up every hour to try to meet my goal of p**ing 2 - liters per day.

Other than that, I feel really sore in my throat, like I got a karate chop. I think that's from the tube they stuck down my throat? I can barely swallow it's so sore.

Today, I'm supposed to take it easy and not do any work. Hopefully in a few days I'll be feeling back to my good ol self. The next step is to go back on the 29th and have the stent removed.

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Hey mate,

glad everything went well for you. I did a 2 month stint in urology (i.e. the medicine field which deals with kidney stones et al) - spent most of my time trying to get people to drink enough, so they'd pee enough so we could get them home. Having the stent out is no big deal though - so after the (agony) of stone pain you should have no problems.

Sounds like you had a GA (general anaesthetic - i.e. they put you to sleep) - yeah your throat will hurt! Just talk to anyone who sticks things down their throat professionally! Hu-hum.

Anyways - take it easy Smile

Justin Style
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Hi Dr. Thanks for the info! Boy, are you right, my throat is killing me and it's hard to swallow. I feel like I’ve been karate chopped in the throat and then choked, I even have a fat lip??? The most painful part of the whole experience is this pain in my throat. I guess that’s a good thing, though?

I still am cringing over the thought of having the stent removed while I’m awake. AS much as I want it out, I dread the thought of the process…

Over all, I have no complaints. I am thankful to all the people at the V.A. who helped me and to all of you who wished me well. With kindness like that I barely need the painkillers!

Thanks again –

Justin Style
Al Kazam the Magic Man
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Hey Justin,

I had my gall bladder removed a few months back. I had two procedures where they put big tubes with cameras down my throat to see what was happening, and remove gall stones. In the end I got mouth ulcers, not sure how, but maybe from too much anti-biotics. Just wanted to mention that in case you have the same thing. I was in a lot of pain not being able to swallow. If you can take a look down your throat and see small ulcers, then that's what may have happened. I got some medicine that I had to gargle 3 times a day and after 3 days I was fine.

Good luck,

Al Kazam --> Magic guy in Perth Australia
Justin Style
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Hey JoJo, thanks for the nice thoughts, I appreciate it!

Well, I'm glad to report that everything is over and done with!!! I had the stent removed, taken out actually, and now I feel like a new(er)

What an experience! The stent procedure was very scary for me. Being awake was not what I thought I'd have to endure. The whole thing took less than three minutes but seemed like an enternity! I was shaken and sweating like mad. After the doctor took it out I got a good look and was amazed at how long it was - a1lmost 13".

Now, my goals in life have changed a little. My new priority is passing two to three liters of urine a day! Well, gotta go...

Thanks again to everybody who wished me well!
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Hi Justin,

I'm a bit late in wishing you well, but glad your surgery went fine and that you're on the road to recovery.

Best wishes to you!

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I have passes two stones the old fashoined way and wish they had given me enough warning for me to get the surgery. Glad you made it okay. continueprayers for your recovery
"Jim Roberts, AKA: Professor Jay Rob "<br>
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Justin Style
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Hi thanks for the nice thoughts, I appreciate them!

Funny, you should post today! I just was about to make an update!

I came back from the doctor yesterday and was told that my stone was made of Calcium Oxalate. So now I am going to do some research on line to find out what foods I need to avoid. My doctor says I am going to be surprised as to how many foods have high levels of Oxalate!

I didn't check yet, I hope to have a little free time this afternoon. I'll let you know what I find.

In the meantime. Keep drinking water (with lemon) and make sure you pass at least 2 - 3 liters of urine per day!

Other than that, I feel great and already have 200 miles on the rollers since they took the stent out!
Tom Fenton
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Great to hear that your recovery is going well, long may it continue.

"But there isn't a door"
Lord Anacho
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On a side line to all this.

Reading such posts always reminds me I must be thankful for living where I live. For very little money, you can have full medical coverage here. We are heavily taxed, true, but when I need to be in a hospital anything my health insurance doesn't cover is covered by an extra insurance through my employer. All this for some 130 euro a year. (that would be some 200 dollars)

Now that my father is in intensive care and prospects are very bleak indeed, it is somewhat comforting to know that the emotional trouble for my mom will not be aggravated by financial worries.

Better rich and healthy than sick and poor eh? (Not that I am rich, not by any stretch of the imagination)

Ciao for now

"The secret impresses no one. The trick you use it for is everything" (Alfred Borden in The Prestige)
Justin Style
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Ciao Erik -

Thanks. Health is the most important thing, no doubt. I will pray for your dad, his doctors and your mom. I hope all works out for the best!

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