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For me it has got to be red bikes, they feel better in the hands, I tried a pack of (blue) circle "Tally Ho's" a while back and felt physically sick,it must be something psychological....

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Randy Sager
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I love Tallys. But I use bikes the most.

As for the discussion of which the non magicians suspect the most? it's a toss up I would say. It doesn't matter what design the backs have some people are going to think that you are using a gaff no matter what back they see. It doesn't matter if they are familar with the brand of cards or not.
disappointing hack
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I only ever use tally's. I find that the quality control is much more surefire than with bikes. the back design (circle) is charming and elegant and they are a pleasure to handle. with regards to the 'non bikes look suspicious' argument, I find it rather odd. if you are really that worried about people thinking that your splendid looking deck of aladdin's is a gaff, then simply hand it out to be shuffled, let them find out for themselves that the cards are kosher. I may be wrong, but I don't believe that an audience will immediatly think that you're a phoney that uses dodgy cards simply because they're not the ones that they saw Blaine using on tv........

also Texan 45's are marvellous

and Arcco's

and Eagle backed bikes
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Stephen Long
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Eagle backs?
I don't believe I've ever heard of eagle-backed bikes.
They sound most intriguing...
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Eagle Backs are available in the Bicycle Spades sets.
for a picture check here.
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Tarbell Magic
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I’m a recent convert to Tally-Ho, but am still getting used to the thicker stock. I like Aviator too, and keep meaning to try Bee’s.

Here in England, all U.S. Playing Card Co cards bring forth comments simply because they are unknown. Not that that is a bad thing.

Don’t forget; if you use Tally-Ho’s, to check out the generic trick, ‘OP-TRICK’ (see Fulves’ Chronicles, pg 1109) … wherein the circle back of a Tally-Ho card becomes detached from the rest of the card.

You cannot do that with a Bike!
Larry Davidson
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Rob, thanks for the link to the Eagle Backs. Note that as shown in the image below, the Joker has the words "Big Joker" printed on it. Seems like that would be the perfect card to use for the "Elongated Lady" effect because you could point out the words and then stretch the card to make it a really big Joker. Gary Plants makes a fantastic version of the effect, which he calls "Longer and Leaner," and I bet he'd make it with this Joker and two other Eagle Back cards if you supplied them...hmmm, looks like I know what I'll be buying next. Smile

Larry D.

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I would also like to add my praises for Tally Hos. I find them to spread, fan, count, spring and faro more smoothly and reliably than Bikes. If I am starting a formal show with a sealed deck that I NEED to be able to faro and handle right away, I will ALWAYS use Tally Hos. And while they do last longer (which is good for practicing I suppose), this is a non-issue for me as I tend to give away my cards at the end of a performance.
Joseph Martin
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For people where I live, a Bicycle deck looks like a professional deck, not a gaffed deck.
Roy J Hopwood
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Even though I use bikes - simply because they are easier to get hold of and are the "industry standard" . Personally I think that Tally-Ho's are the very best.

About them being all the same!! Try this simple test. between Tally-Ho and Aristrocat (Both made the the US Playing Card Company)have some hand you either deck behind your back then compare it with the next deck also behind your back - that is sight unseen. YOU WILL PICK THE DIFFERENCE trust me.

They feel different, they sound diferrent, they are diiferent.

The difference between Bikes and Tally Ho are not as great but they are there.

Another think about Tally Ho's is that they are a one way deck.

Don't believe me then check the rosettes(?)top and bottom notine the difference? Look at the gap at12 o'clock, as on the card and not by the clock.
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Roy J Hopwood
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Oliver Cromwell
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On 2004-04-08 04:46, Bill Palmer wrote:

It seems that the bikes I find on sale may not have the smoother edges that you find on the ones that have had some time taken with them ... and the Tally Ho's.

Bill, thanks for confirming this. I bought an "emergency" deck at a drug store for a bargain price, and the edges were quite rough. (These were bought up here in Canada, and were therefore "from" the International Playing Card Company.)
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I think it's just whatever your used to. Although they do make most gimmicks with Bikes so I think I'd have to give the nod to Bikes....not that gaffs are important, but for the best all round deck I'd have to say bikes for their versatility.
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I would like to add that perhaps the only reason one kind of card lasts longer is because of how you handle them. I have a set of David Ben "Conjurors Suite" cards that I have had for about a year now, and I use them everyday. But I've found myself restiting the urge to use riffles or spring dribbles with them, because I like them so much. Same goes with me and Tally Fan Backs. I handle them so gently, yet I find that Tally Circle backs last me about a week. I have noticed the same patter repeated with back color...

So maybe the fact that Tally's cost you more money is the only real thing making them last longer. Maybe if they cost the same as Bikes, they would last as long... Just another take on the idea.
Chris Keppel
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I like them both, I have used them both but still stick to bicycle. They have different feels for different effects. I use the Tally's for more tricks, ace pop outs, ambitious, etc. I use the bicycle cards for more harder stuff like flourishes, and 4-5-6 way false cuts and what have you. The slickness of the bikes really comes threw when you are doing some of these new crazy 8 way cuts. I also like the slickness for things such as top card kick outs etc. They work nice because they are so smooth. It's almost no effort.

I just wanted to add that I'm not bashing Tally's at all, they are indeed great cards, and I have used them many many times. I just find the bikes nice for what I do. I also like the nugget cards. They are very cool to bust out at the conventions because a lot of people have never seen them.
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Larry Barnowsky
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I use mostly bikes because they are well known and widely available. However, all the new cards being produced have a very slick surface compared to my old decks from decades ago (I still some). This can effect the way moves are done. For example the one hand palm was easier to do with the older cards. The card would literally snap into the palm. Now it goes but it takes a little more finesse. Anyone else out there find that this rings true?
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I just got Tally Ho's and I love them they are soo cool and I think better but they do cost more.
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I have to advocate both I must say that I use Bikes more due to their wider availability but I have nothing but praises for Tally-Ho's I tend to go about it this way since I do Both magic and flourishes (not to say that those 2 things should be kept separate) I use Bikes for when I will be primarily doing magic and Tallys for flourishes do to feel and overall durability.
Ciao for Now!
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I agree with the idea that most laymen don't really care about the design on the back of cards. I mean I can't think of any "normal" person that buys as many cards as me, or care if its a circle,eagle, or fan on the back. I do think you will raise a few eyebrows if you change backs in the course of a performance. I think that consistancy in the backs is as important as using the same color backs all the time, unless you have patter that dictates you use another color, such as a replacment deck after torn/restored and the like. Back to the subject, I have just recently broken down and gotten a case of Tally-Hos. I have to say that they are slicker than all of the bikes I have ever used. It's either that, or they have the ability to increase gravity when released from the pack. They do faro easier, and they just "feel" better in my hands. But again, those are MY hands and if everyones hands were the same, I would be able to palm a card Smile I really like the Tally-Ho cards.
Joey Evans
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Tally-Ho all the way. These cards are so much smoother. I don't know if they last longer or not, I'm pretty rough on my cards, but I do know I like the feel when they come out a lot better. Simple things like Fans and Lepaul Spreads and tougher things like Table Faros, top shots, all seem better with it. The difference doesn't make them the ONLY cards I use, but I prefer them. I use bikes probably more often, because they're more prevalent to buy and I hoard my HOs.

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Correct me if I'm wrong. I find that Bees are much harder to fan as compared to Bicycle. But the edges are more even. This enable DL to be easily executed.
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