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I went over this and found that, in my opinion, nothing is really revealed outside of a suggestion on how to get a good watch that will do a certain job, and some presentation ideas. As such I figured this would be appropriate to post here.

Well, some of you may remember me posting a thread or two in search of a regular watch that functioned like the above mentioned "gimmicked" watches.

Now, aside form the discovery of such functions originating outside of magic making me take some time to re-think some of the "ethics" of the Time Machine, etc, (being that, really, perhaps only the application of the gravity style switch should be considered the part treading on thin ethical waters, besides the nearly identical casing and over all design of the watches look,) I manages to not only find my desired watch, but also to narrow down how to find one.


The most common ones to find are the Citizen Watches. I do not believe they have to be the Eco Drive ones, but they are pretty sweet in and of themselves. Keep in mind not all Citizen's, nor all Eco Drives will have the desired function.

A little additional educational material. The Eco Drive Watches are basically light powered. I say light, because they do not require specifically sun light.

From a dead battery to a fully charged one takes seven hours in bright sun light. Now, a fully charged battery will last 5 YEARS.

Also, keep in mind, that unless you live in total darkness 24/7/365, then your watch will also be constantly charging itself whenever light hits it. So it is not like you can charge it, it may die, then you have to wait for it to charge again. Basically, this watch is set for life. As it is constantly re charging the energy it uses, the life span of the battery, charge wise, is only expanding.

Any who, sorry to go off like that, I just found it fascinating and a great feature. Basically this is a great watch even if you don't want the "magic" function.

Now, as for finding the ones WITH said function, you need to find one with the model number starting with BL1**** and a Calibre number starting with E76*

Now the stars obviously represent what ever other numbers will fill the model and calibre numbers.

ALSO, the requirement may actually be only a model number starting with BR, the 1, as well as the Calibre number may be irrelevant. When I was searching for mine, I actually only made not of the BL, and they all had the desired function. However, I did not make specific not as to whether or not the number followed with 1***, nor did I make note of the Calibre numbers. So, you are more than likely to find the function in any Citizen Watch that has a model number starting with BL.

That being said, I looked at the manual that came with my watch in particular, and, as is common, the manual was one that applied to many watches, not just mine specifically. The watches included were covered by specifying that the manual was for "Model No. BL1***/Cal. No.E76*" so I mention that just in case.

Now the reason I looked at many different watches with this model number, and function was that I wanted a watch that was simple. Just the time hands, and a numerical date. However, most of the watches with the function were the more complicated chronograph watches. They had the desired function, but were far too complicated for me. Again, I mention this in case anyone else is interested in these specifics, in a hope to save them some time.

Now, onto the performance ideas.


Now, in experimenting with my new toy, and fine accessory, I began fine tuning my routine, and wished to work around some of the hitches in the way this type of prediction is normally presented.

That is, the performer asks for the spectator's thought of time, and then, the performer rambles on, talking for up to a full minute before revealing the prediction on the watch.

Now, the first routine I developed actually put no focus on the watch. It also stays on my wrist. Basically, I had it doing its thing, while getting the spec to think of a time, and, the entire time making sure my hands are very clearly visible, and never touch. This makes the "stalling" easier, as there is nothing that the spec is aware of that they are waiting to see. In other words, no heat on the watch, as they are completely unaware of it even being part of the effect. Then attention is drawn to the watch, at this point, the function is stopped, and the time is revealed.

In my full routine for this idea, there are actually three watches in play. Two borrowed, and mine on my wrist, which is not "known" to be part of the effect. Basically, it becomes a triple prediction type effect, where one watch is used for Osterlind's watch prediction effect, and the other reveals the time in its own unique way, and my watch, at the end, is pointed out, and it also happens to be set to the thought of time.

Now, obviously this is for a much more elaborate presentation/performance.

More recently, ie: today, I developed a presentation where the watch can be known about/the focus of the effect from the start. Also, this still works great for the first presentation I mentioned where in the only focus is on the spectator thinking of a time, and the watch is revealed at the end.

Basically this revolves around the way in which the spectator thinks of the time, or in the way you get them to reveal it.

Now, I do not know if this is completely original, but, I wanted to share it.

It is VERY simple, and straight forward, and, in my opinion, actually enhances the effect.

Basically, I break up the time. I ask them to name a number between 1 and 12. Obviously, this gives you the hour. This also lets you know exactly how long you will have to stall, within five seconds. (It takes five seconds from one hour to the next with the watch function we are discussing)

This allows you to tailor your patter to what is neccissary, without there seeming like you are stalling, as you still have another piece of information for them to reveal/think of.

Depending on how much time is needed, I talk about how predicting one number out of 12 is hard enough, but two separate numbers, one between one and twelve, and between one and SIXTY, the odds are astronomical. Of course this leads into asking them to name a number between one and sixty, giving the minute.

Again, all depending on the time, and presentation, you can be just now mentioning how bringing these two numbers together makes a specific time. By now, I have had plenty of time to let the function get things where they are needed. All that is left is to reveal the watch.

So, to summarize, you simply either ask them to name two numbers separately, thus spreading things out, and yet allowing you to learn what you need to know as you need to know it, or, you can have them think of a specific time, and then ask them to reveal the hour first, talk about the 1 in 12 and 1 in 60 thing, and then, when the time is near ask for the specific minute.

Basically, by the time the actual time is fully revealed, you should only have to stall up to five seconds. Far less than the usual maximum minute you could need to stall for traditionally.

Hope someone finds this helpful. And one last time, these watches are amazing, just great quality, and lots of variety, and will last forever with no need to replace a battery.

I purchased mine for around $150.



It's amazing, people will criticize you for "biting the hand that feeds you," while they're busy praising the hand that beats them.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

I won't forget you Robert.
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What is the difference in time machine, W&W and Perfect time? Obviously the newer time machine watches are a ripoff of an older effect (I think?) but is one better than the other?

Also, the spectator cannot actually set the time using a time machine watch (as this would give away the secret.) Can the spectator actually set the time with W&W or with Perfect Time?

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I still think syksys is a good choice for a mentalism watch.
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The best of all worlds is to buy Banacheck's Psychokinetic Time, learn that, and use the spec's own watch.
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Mballen, although the end effect essentially can be the same, Perfect TIme uses a different method from both Time Machine & Watch&Wear (the former two sharing the same). I understand Time Machine is a complete rip off of Watch&Wear, so I am against it.

Having said that, all such watches involve gimmickry, and "electronic" in a certain sense. While the methodology is very clever of its inventor, I wd recommend learning few impromptu watch effects.

Maybe one day someone will release this; Easy To Master Watch and Time Magic/mentalism : )
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Perfect Time III from Collector's Workshop IS easy to master and it's absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! It's just perfect. There is no move, no nothing, it's just amazing!
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I agree with Vincent- SYKYS is pretty good if you want the watch to do the work...
Smile When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth...Smile
Steve Suss
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"The best of all worlds is to buy Banacheck's Psychokinetic Time, learn that, and use the spec's own watch."

I agree. Combine that with Osterlind's watch routine and you've performed 2 stunners that can be done anywhere and anytime with anyones watch.

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I'm holding out for Perfect Time 3.
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Perfect time III
tony diss
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I have the Perfect Time from Collector's Workshop and it's absolutely the best I know of. I have paid good money for some others that do about the same thing but as I said I believe Perfect Time from Collector's Workshop is the best bet. The customer service at Collector's Workshop is above average.
tony diss
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I might add that my everyday watch is one of the Citizen's Eco Drives that was mentioned in the post by gdw. I got the watch after an email conversation I had with Glenn.
I wear my Citizen so I can do a time predication while I'm just out and about and someone wants me to repeat the one I did when they saw me preforming somewhere. There are some small limitations with the Citizen watch method , but can be easily worked around.
Thanks again Glenn for the pointers.
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The original Time Machine gravity principle was the progenetor of subsequent rip-offs, including (famously), and especially, that by a Canadian-based company named for a small, flightless, arctic bird. Said company now touts itself as a leader in magical ethics. The truth in that is for you to decide.

In any event, the original is by far superior to the others, if you can still get one from the originator, Bizarre de Magia.

The original Collector's Workshop watch has its charm, too, but (based on my observations) is much more difficult to employ effectively by most performers.

Greg Edmonds
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Hi, I'm about to order the perfect time combo.. Can someone tell me the difference between the combo and the combo large... I'm guessing it must be the strap

Cheers Kev
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No It' the size of the watch the combo large is more of a man size watch where as the regular is small in diameter. The large is about the the size of a half dollar.
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Yes, what Eric says is true. I have the Perfect Time III Combo Large and I must say it is finely made, and a fantastic warrenty that shows just how well Collector's Workshop and George himself stand behind the quality of the products they create! I really love mine.
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