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Well its dutch book: Psychology by brysbaert 900 pages, psychologie for dummy's etc
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Get a book on the TAT test (thematic appreciation test) great for mentalism. Smile my 2cents
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Currently reading Psychology for Dummies
From the mind of Mik
David de Leon
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My amazon wish list is now 181 items long! Thanks! To return the favour let me add to your lists:

Good (and relevant) psychology starters are "Mind Hacks" by Stafford and Webb, and "The Psychology of Influence" by Cialdini. Both books have already been mentioned, but are excellent. In my opinion Cialdini’s book is actually a pretty good introduction to psychology, not just to the topic of influence.

"Get Anyone to Do Anything" is also highly relevant to mentalists.

Books on acting have already been mentioned. Let me add one on presentation technique (which was not written by a magician) that is rather good: "Present Like a Pro".

I have never seen the philosophy of mind mentioned at The Café, but can be useful if you are interested in building your own (or your persona's) cosmology (including the place of minds in the universe), as well as fodder for new presentational angles. A non-technical and fun introduction is "Theories of the Mind" by Stephen Priest. A more academic (heavy, but very cool) book is "The Sciences of the Mind" by Flanagan.
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Nice recommendations. Often I go libary/bookshop and just sit with a cup of coffee. I love it.
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For info on magick: the books of Frater U.D.: profound, clearly written
On how metaphors and stories shape our lives: the tapes of Charles Faulkner
Lankton: Tales of Enchantment
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Robert Ekman's book on face-reading...

and by the way guys, I've read sean water's Ode to Eckman - and it's magnificent...well worth the purchase...
I've asked to be banned
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Just googled,I am sure you meant Paul Ekman...but thanks for the looks very interesting.

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On 2008-02-19 04:46, StuartPalm wrote:
Yes, The Deptford Trilogy, fantastic. I also recommend Davies' "The Cunning Man." Those are the only four of his books I have as yet read, but if you could recommend more Entity I would love that. I do disagree with the idea that World of Wonders is better. I loved all three books, and I think the first is my favorite. But, Wonders does have that epic end of a trilogy feel to it. So I understand, and also its got allot of magic. Keep end mind, it is part of a Trilogy, and the last book. All in all I love those books.

"I think that Stuart Palm means THE DEPTFORD TRILOGY of books from Robertson Davies.
Just clarifying, as Davies wrote many other books.

tell the story of a young Canadian boy who grows up to become the world's
greatest Magician and Mentalist.

I was fortunate to know Robertson Davies. I was chosen as consultant to create
the illusions and train the actors for the sole live stage production of WORLD OF
WONDERS, performed at Canada's Stratford Festival for several months, a number of years ago.

By the way, Mindbender: Your post at the top strayed from the confines of the
format used here. That throws the page way off, and all of our subsequent posts
run off the page. Makes for difficult viewing. Mods: Can this be fixed up?

- entity"

Neither here nor there, but I agree with you that the first Depford Trilogy book (Fifth Business) is my favorite. In this thread, the books were listed in the order that I thought was the order of the books, but was not. So I incorrectly said World of Wonders.
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The Shaman's Body. Mindel. Magical reality.
The Golden Bough. Frazer. History, plots plus one of the best frameworks of magical reality.
Cloudspotters guide. Pretor-Pinney.Real elemental arts.
Anything by Idries Shah. Stories and metaphors with meaning.
My adventures with Kumi. Colgrass. NLP and making something vibrant and alive from base dull materials, diagrams and numbers.
Mind Games. Masters. Hypnotic Plots.
Fallacies and pitfalls of language. Engel. Logic and deception with language.
Gut feelings. Gigerenzer. Better than Blink.
A laymans guide to psychiatry and psychoanalysis. Berne. Rare insight for reading.
Who are you? Godwin. Turn a new page and make a new routine or reading.
Interpreting your child's drawings and handwriting. Santoy. Your child's and anyone else.

I don't know if it'll make me a better mentalist or reader, but I'm still ordering Faces by Francois Robert and Jean Robert, cheers for that one.
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On 2008-02-19 18:57, PaleoMagi wrote:
Just googled,I am sure you meant Paul Ekman...but thanks for the looks very interesting.


that's the fella...
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ROMANCING THE SHADOW, Drs. Zweig and Wolf, Ballantine Wellspring PB, 1997, will do the trick we'll wager.
foreign correspondent, z and lt

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The Jack
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The open Door by Peter Brooke

Here you have the Review:

From Library Journal
The author, a former director of the Royal Shakespeare Company and now head of the International Centre for Theatre Creation in Paris, shares his thoughts on the theater and its changing role in today's society. In order to make the theater more relevant to the public and to bring out the very best in the performers, Brook believes in breaking down barriers of time and space, like having performances in an empty area, surrounded by the audience. These three essays, along with Brook's earlier books about the theater (e.g., The Shifting Point , HarperCollins, 1987) will fascinate and challenge the reader. Directors, performers, and devotees will find this essential reading. Recommended for comprehensive drama collections.
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"Simon and Schuster Handbook for Writers" (in any version...I hear thay are up to 8.0) It has served me well over the years writing everything such as search warrants, BOHT, SEVEN, DOUBLE-DOWN, legal briefs, and the occasional post here at the Café...

(Best book EVER on how to write effectively...(Although the best advivce I have been given is to write like I speak)

Anyone even thinking about putting out an eBook, or printed tome. would do do well to purchase this book as it will repay you back many, many times.

"The Safwan Papers" & "The LOGAR Scrolls Mentalism ebooks - Now just $20 each!

Just PayPal to:
(No PayPal account? Just shoot me your email and I'll send you an invoice that can be paid with any card.)

" The Safwan Papers":


Browse my Artwork!
Facebook & Instagram: #DarkMountainArts
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On 2008-02-18 19:11, mrmysticmike wrote:
Maximum Entertainment....Ken Weber


Along with Scripting Magic.......Beyond Deception......Geist.....Sleight of Mind.....Ury Geller by James Randi.......and the Classic "The Magic of Thinking BIG"
Tom Jorgenson
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The Divine Iliad by Walter Russell.
Journey to the East by Hermann Hesse
Magister Ludi - Hesse again.
We dance an invisible dance to music they cannot hear.
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Not a book... But a film that anyone even remotely interested in the field must see.. Orson Welles' F IS FOR FAKE..

A classic that can put an end to all those threads debating what should be presented as real/trick/experiment/demonstration/zzzzz...
Smile When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth...Smile
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Wow, some great suggestions here.
My current favourite is anything by Philip K Dick. I have so many ideas for routines from reading his works.
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' I am a strange loop ' out now! its a great philosophy book. I love philosophy but tired of all the old classics, been waiting for a awesome new book for like 6months, but this one is awesome.
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Quirkology by Richard Wiseman
Did you spot the Gorilla? - again Wiseman
The Field - Lynne McTaggart
The Future of the Human Body - George Leonard
The Gift of Fear - Gavin De Becker

All great books and fascinating reads in their own right but also packed full of material that could find its way into an act!
'Reading people and bringing them together'
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