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Greg Arce
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Nabil, Mr. LINK!, is finally putting out some more of his personal effects. Nabil is a worker so these come right out of his act. There's coin stuff, card stuff, thread work and a Gypsy Thread DVD.

Nabil is a good guy with some great ideas and always puts a personal touch into everything he does.

If you are interested in his early deal go to:

One of my favorite quotes: "A critic is a legless man who teaches running."
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Link was well worth the money. Nabil is a very charismatic magician and he definitely knows what works and what doesn't. I can't wait.
Christopher Williams
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My order will be in for these Smile

Copies of the limited edition 'MindPlay' still available
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"Mr. LINK!"? LOL. Thanks for the kind words guys.

As Greg said, this is stuff right out of my act. There's some stuff for restaurant guys ("ONE-COIN" and "FLOATING SILVER" for sure), close-up shows (all the DVDs contain material straight out of my close-up show), and stage (I do "RE-SIZED" and "THREAD-RUM" all the time; and the mac aces from "IN THE CARDS" and "FLOATING SILVER" when I have a video projector/screen).

And for those of you who got "LINK!" from your favorite magic shop, they most likely will carry these DVDs as well, as Murphy's Magic Supplies is once again distributing. Working together with them on "LINK!" has been a great experience, so I'm really excited to be working with them again.

As with "LINK!", Tim Trono has been instrumental in making these releases possible. Thanks Tim! Smile
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Floating silver sounds good. I might buy it
Tim Jahn
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South Florida
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Heres a Link (No pun intended) And the ad copy for the new DVDs. In the cards sounds interesting as does floating silver. I would really like to see a demo of in the cards Vol. 1. The pre-order deal sounds good too. To bad I don't do pre-orders anymore.

Ad copy:
-PLEASE NOTE: The following special presale deal will expire on March 19th, 2008 at midnight Eastern Standard Time, so buy today and save!

If you already know that you want the presale deal, the shopping cart buttons are at the bottom of the page.

Dear Friends in Magic,

Hi, this is Nabil. I have a special limited time offer on my new products that you won’t believe. I have SIX EXCITING NEW DVDs - one of which will teach you how to levitate heavier objects then you can with any “I.T.” system on the market! These DVDs are all in production and will be coming out one-by-one over the next couple months, but right now I’m going to give you a chance to save big-time with an AMAZING PRE-ORDER PACKAGE DEAL.

I’m 100% committed to providing you with the best in magic and making it fun and easy-to-learn. As you may know, my first DVD, “LINK!” is a run-away hit:

“5 stars… It fried me…This could well be the ultimate authority on a fantastic trick… Excellent explanations…Easy to understand and learn.”
- Wayne Kawamoto, and Reel Magic Quarterly

“Seriously detailed… Jam-packed with quality material…Great for beginners or professionals…Get it!”
- Joel Brook, Street Magic Magazine

Before it’s release, Cyril performed it on television. And since, other magic stars including David Blaine and Marco Tempest have asked permission to use material from “LINK!” on their television specials. I said, “Of course! It comes with full lifetime performing rights!!!” My friends think I’m crazy not to withhold television rights, but I want everyone to see and enjoy just how amazing “LINK!” is!!!

Now I just can’t wait to tell you about the special limited time offer on my new products, but hold on! First let me tell you about some of the amazing material on these great new DVDS!!!

“1-COIN” - $35 retail

From “1-COIN” you will learn ALL MY BEST COIN MAGIC- period. You may already know “The Nabil Change” from the “Cultural Exchange” DVD (also seen in the promo for Apollo’s new T.V. show.) But what I perform the most is my version of Slydini’s one-coin plot. THIS IS MY BREAD-AND-BUTTER OPENER. It’s visual, strong, face-paced magic that gets fantastic reactions EVERYTIME!

You’ll learn my entire routine inside-and-out, including brand new coin work and complete lessons on how to do EVERYTHING in the routine! Your audiences will go TOTALLY NUTS when the coin appears under their watch or under their drink! Plus learn how to use “1-COIN” to break the ice and achieve your objectives (whether it’s getting tipped, getting your foot in the door, or just making a fantastic impression).

As a bonus, learn ALL MY OTHER COIN WORK that you can substitute into the routine. There are cool new appearances and vanishes, including a total vanish that is SO EASY YOU’LL LAUGH! As a second bonus, you’ll learn new takes on "The Nabil Change” and “The Coin Purse.” And get ready for some revolutionary “Silver/Copper/Brass” work including a killer NO GIMMICK and NO EXTRAS version by Shoot Ogawa that you won’t believe!!!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a total beginner, get “1-COIN” today and you will be performing amazing, visual coin magic like never before!

“FLOATING SILVER” - $25 retail

Note to beginners: To protect the immensely valuable secret of close-up levitation, the professional magician’s term “I.T.” is used here. If you don’t know what “I.T.” is- DON’T WORRY! This DVD will teach you that and EVERYTHING you need to know in order to perform this amazing magic. I paid $100 to learn the basic secret of “I.T.”, and it was worth every penny! But what I got for $100 wasn’t nearly as advanced as my new, easy-to-use “FLOATING SILVER” system!!!

Imagine this: you’re levitating a borrowed driver’s license or coin and you break your I.T. while the object is in mid-flight… AND THE OBJECT KEEPS FLYING!!! You finish the amazing feat and your audience goes totally nuts. Then you think, “Wow, I’m really glad I got ‘FLOATING SILVER!’ Instead of making a lame joke and then running off to reset my I.T., I got a fat tip and I’m still out here getting my shine on!”

“FLOATING SILVER” will teach you to a revolutionary I.T. system. You’ll learn to use the system to perform one of the world’s greatest magic tricks - the levitation of a borrowed driver’s license, credit card, coin, or other small object. Everyone I know who performs this effect says that it gets BY FAR the biggest reaction of anything they do! And when you perform with the “FLOATING SILVER” system, you’ll be more confident then with any other system because “FLOATING SILVER” takes the worries out of I.T. magic.

With this system you can LEVITATE A SILVER HALF-DOLLAR!!!

The “FLOATING SILVER” system is completely secure and at the same time instantly accessible. It allows total freedom of movement so you no longer have to worry about breaking your I.T. when performing other effects. Also, you can levitate heavier objects and last MUCH longer before breakage. And when you do break, the object that’s levitating will often CONTINUE TO FLOAT due to a built-in backup/support system. The result- you won’t have to reset your I.T. nearly as often. With “FLOATING SILVER” I usually go ALL NIGHT without breaking.

Get “FLOATING SILVER” and your confidence with I.T. will soar, and your reactions will skyrocket!

“RE-SIZED” - $40 retail
The Ultimate Professor's Nightmare...

The Professor’s Nightmare (the 3 ropes that change size) is considered by many to be one of the most commercial routines in all of magic because it packs small, plays HUGE, and requires no reset. Well get ready to perform it better then ever!

NEVER BEFORE has this classic been so visual, so clean, and so convincing. “RE-SIZED” is a BIG part of my close-up show AND stage show. You will learn all the moves, subtleties, and finesses in meticulous detail. You will learn the original close-up routine, the new extended version, and also the stage routine!

As a bonus, Shoot Ogawa reveals his handling of two key moves from the routine. While teaching you the methods, he shares some valuable thoughts on magic from the audience’s point of view and ways to improve all of your magic! This section alone is worth the price of the entire DVD!!!

As an extra bonus, learn the mind-blowing “Impossible Conditions” version. It starts as a normal professor’s nightmare: three different sized ropes are changed into being all the same size. But now you hand the ropes out for examination while they are the SAME SIZE. You let audience members sign all three ropes with a sharpie. Then you make the SIGNED ROPES VISUALLY changed back into different sizes and immediately give them away as souvenirs!!!

Don’t end up on the short end of the rope. Get “RE-SIZED” today!

“THREAD-RUM” - $25 retail
It’s so good- it’s scary!

“Gypsy Thread” (the broken and restored thread) has been performed on T.V. by several top magicians- including David Blaine, Eugene Burger, Alain Choquette, and Loren Michaels. It’s been in my close-up shows and stage show for years. Why? It’s elegant and it looks totally impossible! Plus, it gets fantastic reactions every time. This trick is a killer.

There are two big problems that people usually have when trying to learn “Gypsy Thread.” First, the method for securing the set-up is unreliable. This often results in you reaching into your pocket only to discover that you have to skip the effect. Second, the thread will tangle up during performance. This results in a knot that won’t come undone- ruining the big finish! “THREAD-RUM” fixes both of these problems and, with pinpoint clarity, teaches you how to set-up and perform “Gypsy Thread” with total confidence. So you can relax and enjoy performing.

This trick works great in EVERY SCENARIO! You will learn a silent comedy version, a classical presentation for stage, and several close-up presentations. Also, learn how to clean up imperceptibly- so you can give away the thread at the end!!! Is giving the thread away at the end going to kill them? No. You’re not going to kill them…you’re just gonna bash their brains in!

So get “THREAD-RUM”, before it gets you!

“IN THE CARDS VOL. 1” - $40 retail

This is ALL my best card magic!!! On these DVDs you’ll find loads of great material!

Between the two volumes of “IN THE CARDS” you’ll learn new techniques and new takes on modern classics such as “McDonald’s Aces,” “Oil and Water,” “Triumph”, “Ambitious Card,” “Twisting the Aces,” “Reset,” and more!

Here is just one of the many effects you’ll learn from “IN THE CARDS VOL. 1”:
“No Touching Card Rise” – This one is a total face-melter! The spectators do EVERYTHING and you NEVER TOUCH THE CARDS!!! THEY show the deck is mixed and normal. THEY shuffle. THEY HOLD THE CARDS while someone picks a card. And THEY are holding the deck when the selected card rises out! And you haven’t touched the cards the whole time!!! Then, THEY take out the card and examine it. THEY take out the rest of the cards and examine those cards! And THEY examine the case! THEY EXAMINE EVERYTHING!!! When they try to give you back the cards, you say, “NO! I haven’t touched the cards and I’m not going to! They are your's to keep!” That’s right, they can keep the deck as a souvenir!!!

Take your card magic to a whole new level. Get “IN THE CARDS” today!

“IN THE CARDS VOL. 2” - $40 retail

Again, this is ALL my best card magic!!!

Here is just one of the many effects you’ll learn from “IN THE CARDS VOL. 2”:
“Sealed Cards Across” – You introduce two factory-sealed and shrink-wrapped decks (one red and one blue) and give two helpers one deck each. They examine the decks and confirm they are totally sealed. The audience decides which person’s deck will used. One helper opens his deck and shuffles the cards. Two cards are selected, and you give them a chance to change their minds and take a different card if they wish. Then, IN THE CLEANEST AND MOST FAIR WAY YOU COULD IMAGINE, the 2 selected cards vanish from the deck! You really haven’t palmed, lapped, or ditched anything!! And yet, the SPECTATOR goes through the deck to confirm that the cards have vanished!!! Then you ask the other spectator, who has been holding the other sealed deck the entire time, to open his deck. HE takes out the cards and spreads them on the table. Two odd-colored backs are seen and they are the selected cards! Here’s the really crazy thing- THEY CAN KEEP BOTH DECKS or you can continue to use them in your show- because YOU ARE TOTALLY CLEAN!!! This effect will absolutely knock them out! PLUS, learn alterative handlings of the effect including an unbelievable “THOUGHT-OF SEALED CARDS ACROSS!”

Go all in! Get “IN THE CARDS” Vol. 1 and 2 today!

Wow! If you think that’s a lot of exciting magic, just wait to you see the DVDs- you’ll find tons of great content that we didn’t have time to talk about here!!

Okay, so here is the special limited-time offer:

If you were to buy these 6 new DVDs separately, it would cost $205.

But if you preorder now, I’ll give you all 6 new DVDs (“1-COIN,” “FLOATING SILVER,” “RE-SIZED,” “THREAD-RUM,” “IN THE CARDS VOL.1,” and “IN THE CARDS VOL.2”) for the special limited-time price of just $175!!! That’s a savings of $30 off the retail price!!! It’s like getting a DVD for free! And here is the best part- if you live in the USA or Canada, I’LL PAY FOR THE SHIPPING!!! That’s right- if you are in the USA or Canada, click the "Add to Cart" button below to get all 6 exciting new DVDs for just $175 with FREE DELIVERY!

Want it faster? If you are in the USA or Canada, click the "Add to Cart" button below to get all 6 DVDs with expedited shipping via Priority Mail for just $190!

NOT IN THE USA OR CANADA? For International Shipping, click the "Add to Cart" button below and pay just $190 for all 6 DVDs with shipping via regular global airmail.

WANT YOUR INTERNATIONAL ORDER SOONER? Click the "Add to Cart" button below and pay just $205 for all 6 DVDs with expedited shipping via Global Priority Airmail.

-PLEASE NOTE: This special presale deal will expire on March 19th, 2008 at midnight Eastern Standard Time, so buy today and save!

Andrew, (ASW)
The effects on the DVD and lecture notes are far beyond your abilities. (They require mastery of the mechanic's grip.) It would only break your heart.
Darwin Ortiz.......(This post has got to be in my top 5.)
Review King
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Nabil is one of my all time favorite people. His Link DVD raised the bar for DVD instruction.

And now we find he has more up his clever and talented sleeves!!
"Of all words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are, "It might have been"

..........John Greenleaf Whittier
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I have seen a lot of the material that Nabil is putting in these DVD'S and I will stand by them 100%. This is all of his real working material and you can't go wrong with any of it. His material is for the real world and for sure people will use most of it.

His stuff is top notch and I am excited to see him giving the magic world a look into his thinking!
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You and your change (the Nabil Change) rock. Will we be able to see any previews of the effects of the 1-Coin DVD before ordering? I must admit I sure am curious to see more of your coin work.


wise owl
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Silver float seems interesting.
How heavy can it carry (eg coin, keys, or as heavy as apple!!)
Can the system be alone or it is always as an backup for other IT methods?
Jacob Smith
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This sounds cool, ive been wondering what all nabil has created since I first saw the nabil change on cultural exchange.
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Thanks again for all the kind words.
Remy- YES! I'll be putting together promo videos once stuff gets to the editing phase. Right now, I'm in the filming phase and I really take my time. But I'll let y'all know when the videos are up.
Wise Owl- An APPLE? I seriously doubt it. Unless it was one of those hollow plastic apples. But I hate those apples due to an unfortunate incident at IKEA...don't want to talk about it really. Well, it can float a silver half dollar. As to what the system is, it IS an IT method. There isn't anything insanely new, just a different approach and a bold new step that hasn't been (to my knowledge) used before. It is my personal way to set-up that came about from working 20 hours a week of walkaround. Eventually you realize that
1. When you do the floating borrowed driver's license, you take home more money and
2. When you are constantly running off to reset stuff, you take home less money and your not able to do your job as well.
So all my restaurant material has to reset itself, and it has to be reliable. So my set-up is different in that
1. it is out of your way (SECURE) so you don't break or cross your set-up while doing other tricks or going into your pockets
2. You can get to it faster because its set closer to where your hands naturally are when performing.
3. it is stronger (because there is more then one piece of I.T. holding up what you are floating). You can and will break everything have things fall down from time to time. But it won't happen nearly as often. And its a great feeling to realize you just broke but still the item is floating.
4. When you aren't performing, you can walk through brilliant lighting without a problem because in the set position, you don't have any IT protruding in any way.

I could go on and on, but hopefully that's enough to describe it without exposing it. Always a tough balance with these things. Hmm. Let me say this- if you are looking for a "toy" or for some James Bond type of stuff, this isn't for you. This is more for you if you appreciate a better, more commercial, more "handy" and user-friendly version of something that already exist, which is tricks like the floating credit card and floating coin.
Eric Simmatis
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Wow sounds good! Nabil's teaching is very good! I am tempted to get all of the dvds but don't have the $$$ I will stick to one! Floating Silver!! Cant wait!
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Profile of MARKC
Any update on this Dvd set?
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Nabil!!! I went to school with Nabil. Hooray for me. Glad to see things going so well for you man.
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Profile of nabil
Thanks Magikrn, so glad you're into magic! It's been 10 years!!

Markc- sorry about the delays. We are going to put out "Floating Silver" and "1-COIN" first, and at the same time since they tie in really well together (creating a monster routine). Those should hit the stores in July. Then the others will follow in about a month. Because of the disparity in release dates, people who ordered the set directly from me already will get each DVD sent as soon as it's available, rather then waiting for the whole package to be ready.

Sorry, the package price is no longer available. It was a limited time introductory offer. Smile Thanks to everyone who has preordered. Hope y'all enjoy these.

A promo video for "1-Coin" and "Floating Silver" should be up on the site pretty soon.
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Profile of MARKC
Hi Nabil, thanks for the update
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On 2008-03-04 06:05, Newb2 wrote:
Nabil is a very charismatic magician and he definitely knows what works and what doesn't. I can't wait.

I agree. I like this guy.
I'll be looking forward to seeing more from Nabil.
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I love The Link, it puts my rubberband magic to the next level. I can't wait for this one to release!

Nabil, could you update my when your DVDs will release please?

Best Regards,

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Regular user
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Profile of nabil
Thanks again for the kind words. Bob, "1-COIN" and "Floating Silver" should hit stores in July. The others in August. Smile Watch out for promo videos soon to come on my website.
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