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Brian S. Tanner
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Lori, I'm sorry to say that I don't know Jeff personally. But I must say what a lucky man he must be to have people in his life that love him so much.

Those of us who have never had serious health problems probably have a tendency to take our good fortune for granted. I for one will be thanking God for my health tonight when I hit my knees, but not before I say a prayer for Jeff's speedy recovery.

I wish you, Jeff, and your little one all the best, and to be together as a family again very soon.

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I know what you went through. It's hard to sit by a hospital bed wondering if he is ever going to wake up. I recently lost my father, and all I can say is spend time with him, and just in case the worst does happen, make sure you do whats important to you.

My thought are with you.

Bill Nuvo
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Lori and Jeff, my thoughts are with you.

A coma isn't always a bad thing. It often allows the body to heal itself with (as the doctor's said) no pain to the person.
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Please know that there are a lot of folks pulling for him and praying for Jeff and you. Although we don't know each other very well (this community on The Café) there is a certain closeness, like family. We grieve when things go wrong and we rejoice when things go right.
Marty Sasaki
Arlington, Massachusetts, USA

Standard disclaimer: I'm just a hobbyist who enjoys occasionally mystifying friends and family, so my opinions should be viewed with this in mind.
Tony Iacoviello
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Has anyone here heard anything further on Jeff?
Jeff J.
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Sorry I haven't kept up any news. Time hasn't been something I had a lot of lately. I showed Jeff a printout of the people who wished him well and he wants me to thank everyone. I told him about the box that's flashing in the upper right hand area of the screen and he said to click it and there may be other messages there. I haven't done that yet, but will do that today.

He was moved from ICU last week and into a regular room. He is still not fully coherent, but he's imporoving a little more every day. He said to tell everyone he will be home soon and say hi to the people he knows here. He wanted his laptop, but the nurses don't allow them.

His condition moved up from critical but stable, to serious. But the doctors say that's very good news. When he's alert, he's a pain in the butt to the doctors and nurses. He doesn't like hospitals. If he keeps improving as he is, they say he might be out in a couple weeks. I feel bad that he had to spend his birthday in ICU, but at least he had a birthday. He asked me for something called a mystery box 2 when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. Does anyone know what that is or where I can get one, and about how much they cost? I guess since he sold most of his magic things, he needs something to keep him occupied there. He says it goes with cards. He still has about 60 decks of cards left and he must go through a pack of them a day folding them up in small squares. The nurses think he's nuts. haha. He calls it some kind of fold that he does with one hand. As long as it keeps his mind off everything, He can fold all the cards he wants.

Thnk you for all the prayers, I know in my heart that they helped get him on the right road, and I hope you can keep praying for him until he comes home for good. Seeing his daughter alwys brings a smile to his face and he perks right up, so they let us go there 24/7. Thank you all again for your your thoughts and prayers.

Ron Reid
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Hi Lori:

That's very good news to hear...and I think you're correct in saying that the prayers here have helped Jeff. I will continue to pray for him.

Here's a link to a company that sells the Mystery Box II...I haven't checked prices with other companies, but MJM has very good prices with free shipping. They also have an excellent reputation:

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Good to hear he Jeff is doing well.

Prayers always come through. Hope you and your family are getting through what I am sure is a very difficult time.

In prayer!

The Wagsters: World Class Magic & Illusion
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I hope Jeff gets well and is out performing!
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Lori please tell Jeff that we are all with him
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Jeff J.
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Hi. This is Jeff. I'm sorry that Lori hasn't been on here to update lately but as you can imagine, things have been somewhat hectic for her lately. She showed me a printout of some well wishers while I was in the hospital, both in public forums and private messages and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your concern.

I've never met any of the people that expressed their concern and thoughts, but that makes it even more special. It reinforces my faith that people are inherintly good, and care about thier fellow man. Sometimes we forget that when we hear about all of the terrible things people do, but rarely hear about all the good things people do. I guess doing something good just doesn't make for interesting news.

Well, I left the hospital 14 days ago, and it may be a while before I'm back to work. I'm thankful to Lori that she didn't tell me what it was costing to keep me there, or I might have pulled the plug myself! But seriously, I may be broke, but I have a family who has been there for me and as soon as I'm strong enough to be out of bed for an extended period of time I plan to get back to work and get financially back on my feet.

In the meantime, there is always Ebay and even the Magic Café "For Sale" section. Lori, who, by the way, I've (meaning she) set a date for the wedding yesterday and I couldn't be happier, was afraid to sell many of the things I have of value because she was afraid I would be upset. I made it clear that the only thing that would upset me is to see her and our child go without. I can always re-purchase material things, but the things they need are far more important than anything I own.

Thank you again for all the well wishes, and should soon be strong enough to get into an online scuffle with the likes of Tony and Slim (I know one you guys will post something that will get the old blood flowing again!) BTW, thanks for the thoughts Tony, when I saw you posted twice, it was apparent that although we have a very different view on many things, you showed you care about the person and not the differences in what we believe. But I want to thank ALL who showed concern and care. I don't, and won't forget things like that.

Finally, I've read the news about other people here today that have been going through major issues, and my heart and best wishes go out to all of you. I would like to post my best wishes individually, but I'm still pretty weak, and even too much typing wears me out, but I'm back, and getting stronger every day.


p.s. Lori said to say hello and thank you to everyone.
Justin Style
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One day at a time...

Best wishes!
Tony Iacoviello
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I'm glad you're doing better, take it easy and avoid my posts. Smile

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From one Jeff to another and one Magi to Another, I'm glad you're doing better. Take care brother.
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