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Does anyone else here think that coins are way harder than cards? Maybe its just me, but when i coin trick for lay people they seem to know about fake transfers. Maybe its becaus usually my lay people are computer geniuos' hehe.
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Anybody can do a card trick, but with coins it's all skill. Smile
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Yeah, there is no skill in card tricks! I wonder why Ammar or Daryl (and countless others) spent the time to produce video series dedicated to cards? Smile
William Holcomb
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i personally prefer practicing and performing card effects.

but i find that casual observers prefer coin work to card work. especially in an impromptu setting.

that said, people love it when you perform tricks with THEIR deck of cards.
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i agree!!!!!!!!!!! Smile
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The question is not whether cards are worth it, but rather are you worthy of cards? And this applies to every genre of magic (except for thimbles, they suck, j/k).
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In my opinion, I think you can do a lot more stuff with cards than with coins. I like card effects much better. More variety. I think people like both coin tricks and card tricks if you do a good job presenting them. I do both coin and card tricks. I don't see that spectators like one more than the other. Both are magic. Smile
Jonathan Townsend
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Cards are both common objects and a great vehicle for audiences to buy into stories and magic. Someone suggested that cards are the poetry of magic. I'll go along with that opinion. all the coins I've dropped here
Chris Berry
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Maybe I shouldn't have said 'Cards are to much work."

Coins are an incredible amount of work. They just seem more appealing to me. They seem to be more visual.

Doesn't mean I will stop doing cards. I think I am going to focus more energy into coins.

Heavens to Mercitroids
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On 2003-03-26 23:59, Stanyon wrote:

On 2003-03-26 21:16, Seismic wrote:
There is 'to much work' involved in cards.

I believe that this statement pretty much sums it up!

Cheers! Smile

I agree 100% Smile
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Geoff Weber
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I look at a deck of cards and I see 1000s of possibilities. I think many people only see 1. When I have shown magic to the younger set, frequently their first comment when I pull the deck out of my pocket is "oh, I've seen this trick before." I think my girlfriend thinks all card tricks pretty much look the same too. If you have 3 or 4 coins though, what are your options? If anything they are even more limited, and the off-hand comment "oh I've seen this trick before" is probably true.
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Let us all know if you still feel that cards are too much work after you have traveled the coin magic path awhile ok ? Or at least compare the amount of work involved for each. By the way, what types of coin effects are you doing now or are planning to perform?
But i kind of know what you mean by some of your statements, so just do whatever feels good for you, no biggie. Come back to cards later if you want.
I personally find double lifts and some basic card moves to not be as difficult as was learning a coin flurry utilizing basic sleights or the Goshman/Tenkai pinch in order to do 3/4 across from Greg Wilsons tape (have done that at least a thousand times and am still practicing it). Thanks for sharing your dilemma and let us know how things turn out.

"A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway" - Griffin

"Any future where you succeed, is one where you tell the truth." - Griffin (Griffin rocks!)
Chris Berry
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I have been thinking of this for a little while and here is my conclusion.

I was wrong to say cards seem to be to much work. I should have that rephrased and said, card work seems to be, in my opinion, to repititious. It seems you follow the same basic plot of having a card chosen and then you have to make it appear as if the card is lost.

I know there are plenty of card effects where cards are NOT chosen but for the most part cards are getting a little boring to me.

Coins SEEM more magical. For example, look at Doug Brewer's 'The Hook Revisited' (variation of Larry Jennings 'Hook'.) That is SO magical when the coins vanish. They are just there, then they are GONE. Looks great.

Coins seem more of a challange, I want to take the challange. This is why I consider my first statement of "cards being to much work" a bad statement.

Coins are kind of an uncharted area for me. I have created plenty of card effects and very few coin effects. They seem new to me. I have been messing with coins for about a year and I know a lot. But my main focus has been cards.

Something new, I will come back to cards, but focus most of my time in coins for the time being.

Chris Smile
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If it feels like "work", maybe you should consider a different hobby.
David Fletcher
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Do what you like to do. What you want to do. You've gotten a lot of good opinions. But take what they are worth and you still need a quarter to make a phone call. (two quarters in some places.) Did David Roth worry? Yes, he does magic other than coins, but he's been around quite a while. Make your magic the best it can be. It's yours and yours alone. Enjoy it. Don't worry.
You have to give it away to keep it.
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Heres how I feel about this mans delima... (sorry about the bad spelling, it's 3am here in Anchorage)

Do what makes you happy... A long time ago when I was first starting out in magic, I did everything under the sun to try to appeal to all audiences. Some mentalism, stage stuff, cards, coins and the like... Then I realised that I wasn't realy interested in performing anything but card magic... For me I just like working with cards, and even though they may at first seem limited, I find them to be full of endless possibilitys... So now I do nothing but cards and I couldn't be happier... And then I realised I didn't ike performing that much... So I stoped performing except for those rare occations where someone REALLY coaxes me... I know it sounds pathetic, a guy with 1000 decks of cards, bunches of books, and about 100 or so invented tricks and slights that I never perform, but creating card effects is what brings me joy in magic, even if I never become famous or even entertain my wife...

So that's all I have to say... Pick what you like doing... I know the end point in magic is to entertain, but who gives a darn if everyone around you is entertained if you don't enjoy it? So do some thinking, deside which you like doing most and focus on that... Or mix them up...

And above all, remember that you do magic for yourself... You get something out of it, so enjoy your time doing it... And always perform the best material you can, coins, cards, or little boxes you bought at the local magic shop... Any of it can become art in the right hands...
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I was faced with this dilemma. I started with coins and when I ran into a problem and no matter what I did, it didn't work, I went to cards. Then when I ran into a problem, I went back to coins. I thought about it being too much work, too difficult and not worth the hassle to learn that pass or palming technique.

Now, after having gone back and forth so much and realizing that I was a visual learner not a reading learner, I find that the reason I was having problems was I didn't understand what the book was telling me.

Well anyway, to make a long story even longer Smile After going back and forth between cards and coins, I found that each helped me with the other and I now have a nice cache of both card and coin effects that flow very nicely.

Do what you enjoy and your audience will enjoy it also.

Yours in Magic,

Without Magic, Life is Boring.
Mike Walton
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I believe if you were alone starting card magic, then the battle would have a tougher one, but you have this great Magic Café community.

Not only will you be able to find amazing effects at all skill levels, with sleights, gaffs and self working scenarios, but also you have a crowd of highly talented individuals to support your new initiative via their historical comments on how to present, improve a sleight or an effect, etc. If you compare the topics from Show Me the Money to those of Pick a Card, Any Card in the Magic Café forum, card magic has at least double the topics and almost triple the posts so you can find just about anything on this site to aid in this new card magic addition.

Card magic has a rich history and there are many original effects that will maintain your interest.

Card magic is worth investigating.
Jonathan Townsend
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Card magic is quite diverse.

The counting stuff is just one of the fields to explore.

Some further study might get you more interested.

Have a look at the Hofzinser material. all the coins I've dropped here
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Hi, just like to share my experiences...
have tried quite a variation of magic stuff, from coin to mentalism to kids stuff to cards...

well, I must say I love cards and I have sticking to it ever since...

started off with basic stuff like dime and penny, scotch and soda, tried a number of coin tricks involving sleights... but did not feel that I was enjoying it...

then moved on to a lot of mental stuff, like htpnotic choice, die cypher II, etc... enjoyed it... but felt that something was still missing...

then went on to more serious card tricks... (i was doing cards all these while, but with simple stuff like Svengali, stripper and a few other gimmicked decks)...

ventured out to card tricks that required sleights, bought books, videos, and more books and videos...
practiced late into the nights and early mornings...
couldn't get enough of it... just wanted to perfect my moves...

I must say, the one thing that gave me the most satisfication is still cards... and I noticed that spectators somehow love card tricks too...and if possible, I always try and perform card tricks using their decks...

they seem to expect you to do cards if you do magic... magic is like incomplete without card tricks...

I love magic.... and I love it for its card magic...

eric Smile

Smile Smile
"Fill you life with magic by making magic a part of your life." by eric tan.
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