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I am recently interested in getting a swami gimmick.
I have seen good reviews about Lincoln's but my question is what are the advantages of Lincoln's Best Boon compare with The normal boon writer? And which one do you guys prefer?

Mauricio Jaramillo
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Same concept, but Lincoln's Best Boon has a different shape to it that allows for some stabilization points when writing. Thanks to those, the writing definitely becomes easier to do and is more legible. I'm very happy with mine.
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Thank you very much
bear trees
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And thankyou for not exposing anything on an open forum
Rory Raven
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What's the difference? About $40.

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I have switched to the boon and love it. You won't be sorry.
Daniel Nicholls
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On 2008-07-13 04:07, bear trees wrote:
And thankyou for not exposing anything on an open forum

True true

I second that
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Though LBB might be more technologically "advanced," after buying it I'm a little bit disappointed. There is a small booklet that comes with it that tells you ideas for routines but NO handling at all. Though I've been performing magic part to full time for 9 years, maybe I'm still amateur in some respects, but I can barely figure out a good handling for using it. Lincoln basically made it so for people like me, with very little experience with boon writers, you have to buy his DVD. It's simply annoying.
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North Wales, UK.
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The biggest difference is the steep price !

louis, my best advice in complete honesty, is don't bother with the lincoln boon, - save your money, and try a vernet t...b t.p or a vernet boon if it must be a boon type. - the t...b t.p type is the most stable, and easiest to write neatly with.

IMHO the booklet that the lincoln comes with is disapointing, as is the DVD.
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I'm trying to choose a good one and LBB looks very nice and all the comments about it - stabilization is a great needed feature.
I had used n..l type, koontz but the first not stable the second need to ditch... so the LBB looks the one because you can show the paper with the hand with boon. The spectactor doesn't see it.

Expensive but if it's really good it becomes cheap for the "miracles" that could be done with.
With John Riggs good comment about it I will not look back Smile

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Why do you guys need more than a little booklet, the effects possible should be pretty obvious. And if you need more advice on handling, Lincoln also released a DVD set (with great interviews by Andy Nyman and Greg Arce).

LPB is easy to attach, easy to remove and the stabilization zones work wonderfully. These points really set it apart from other gimmicks of this sort. A lot of top pros use this item.

IMHO it's a great device.
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Having worked in a magic shop, I've seen a lot of swami gimmicks. Lincoln's is by far the best. And the Dvd is great too.
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Inside your Head!
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A Vernet Thumb or a Lincoln is for stage use really as they are quite big! A little practice with smaller types works wonders, you just have to put the work in practicing, do it while watching TV, its the same for pocket writing, practice practice and more practice! Once you've put the hours in you can use the smallest writers and have legible writing.

I personally have tried dozens of types but reverted back to using a "Thumb Writer Plus" which once you purchase and know how they are made, you can make as many of them as you want for pennies and never have to buy a thumb writer ever again which is great if you want to dump them without going near your pockets or a table!

I have the Shhh DVD set, it is just basically and advertisement for the Lincoln products, no ground breaking material in them.
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Lincoln't Pocket Pencil is genius. But for a boon, my pick is the $13 low-tech Somerdin boon from Ronjo Magic. I swear by it. And I've had (almost) all of them.
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Under the nail is my favorite. Ease of use and easy off and on and hiding behind what ever you have written on.
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If anyone wants to buy LBB (for less), let me know. I purchased it, practiced with it maybe twice and then decided not to use it in my routines.. Email me at (i's). Thanks!
Giacomo Moretti
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Why would anyone need instructions on a NW? That should be quite obvious. At least if you have read chapter 1 of Corinda which anybody should have done to begin with.

Sven Rygh
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It all depends on what writing tool you wish to use.
If that should happen to be a boon writer, Lincoln's is the best there is.

I usually use a C, but in certain situations, my pick is Lincoln's

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Sorry for not jumping into this thread sooner. I have been traveling and had little time to check this forum.

To the 1 or 2 of you that thought there is only a $ difference between my boon and the others I have this to say:

Lincoln's Best Boon is way more stable to write with than ALL other NW's, giving a better look to the writing as well as making it easier to work with.

It also comes with a metal case and magnets that keep it always ready to go. Compared to a TT writer and some other writers, it is much smaller. I perform with my LBB surrounded quite often, and know one has ever seen it. I shake people's hands while it is attached all the time.

I know it costs more than most other writers out there. It costs me more to make them than it would cost me to buy some of the competition. Just the magnets and the carrying case cost me more than many other writers sell for retail.

It is designed for pro's based on years of me doing NW effects and not being happy enough with what was out there.

As far as the booklet I include:

How anyone can say that I don't include any handling techniques is beyond me. I have illustrations showing exactly how to use it and ditch it. PLEASE look at the book again. It is in there.

As far as calling the DVD just an add:

This is a very small group that has this opinion. EVERYTHING in the DVD that I teach will work with any boon, and most of the other NW's out there. There is an entire extra DVD that comes with SHH... that has amazing information from some brilliant minds in mentalism. When half of the DVD set isn't even about boons, how could you say that the whole thing was just an add?

The bottom line is this:
Lincoln's Best Boon isn't for everyone(just as any product made by anyone). If you bought the LBB or my DVD, or any of my products, and it wasn't for you, I am sorry to hear that. But, I have had many people buy the LBB then come back and buy it over and over again because they want to keep one in their car, one in their jacket, etc. Most of my customers range from very serious performers all the way to top pros. They KNOW it is worth paying the difference.

Will the average spectator be able to tell the difference if you wrote something with an LBB or another brand of NW? Perhaps the writing will look much more normal with the LBB (unless you have practiced a LOT with the other NW), but generally, no the effect is the same. Is it worth the extra money to have something that allows you to focus more on presentation and less on the gimmick you are using? Well, that's up to you to decide.

Lincoln -- For high end mentalist utility devices, ideas, and props for professionals and serious hobbyists. You can follow me on Instagram @Lincolnworldmagic and on Facebook:
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