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Hey everyone, here is my review..

Gaff: Home Made Gimmicks Review

Gaff: is a 4 DVD set that takes gaff cards and gaff effects to a whole new
level. This DVD has over 40 effects, instructions on how to make your own
gaff cards and some very clever effects. The DVD Set comes with a file with
gaff cards which you can easily make - everything is explained in this DVD

It is a good idea to have a color printer and a computer which can read
DVD's. The idea of having a folder with ready to print gaff cards was very
clever in my opinion.
Also, it would make life easier if you buy some blank cards - however on
the DVD it teaches how to make your own blank cards.

On to the DVD's.

First DVD - Introduction to Gaff.
This DVD is an introduction to the DVD Set. It goes over about the history
of this DVD Set. It tells you why the DVD Set was made, the problems with
modern gaff card magic which the DVD solves - like being able to hand out
the gaff cards at the end of the effect to the spectator as a souvenir.
Next, the DVD goes over some basic card fundamentals - like Double Lifts,
False Shuffles, some Color Changes, some forces and a Gaff force - you open
a sealed, cellophane wrapped deck, take out the cards, riffle through the
deck, spectator says stop anywhere - and the card is forced on them. very

Then it goes into information on how to make the Gaff cards - Basic Card
Gaffing. Everything on those DVD's is explained very, very clearly. The
teaching on the DVD's is very good, everything is neat and in place on the
close-up pad which makes learning very easy. It also has music added to
make everything more exciting and fun.

The DVD shows how to make blank cards using erasing techniques, how to
print your own gaff cards which are stored on this DVD, how to make the
cards last for tons of performances if needed, so your homemade cards won't
smudge, rub off in a performance or anything. It includes instructions how
to get the cards printed so Gaff Cards get printed on top of them
perfectly. It also shows how to peel cards and glue them together - to make
double facers and double backers.

There is a section on the DVD called "Extras" where you learn 6 simple
effects - quick types of effects which utilize Gaffcards; like showing a
card, then doing something magical to it which gives a very magical result
- like making the pips fall down, after giving the card a spin the card
ending up all "swirly" etc. After this, it shows effects with a "Hidden
Chamber" gimmick - it allows you to produce for example coins from a deck
of cards, after cleanly showing the deck.

And that is the first DVD of the 4 DVD Set - Introduction to Gaff.

Second DVD - Volume 1 - Cardfinders
This DVD is entitled Cardfinders because in this DVD the basic idea of the
effect is that a spectator chooses a card, and then you reveal it in some
mysterious way.

You will need to make Gaff cards for those effects, and you will have to
use knowledge from the first DVD and also this DVD will explain the gaffs
needed for those tricks.

I think the highlight of this DVD is a trick called "The Silent Card
Trick". I thought the idea of the effect was very, very good. What happens
is, with no talking, the performer's patter and instructions for the trick
is printed on the back of the first 10-20 cards as the audience knows. The
performer points to the first card, which has "Welcome to the Silent Card
Trick" printed on the back. He places that card face down on the table, and
points to the next card which will have further instructions like "I will
riffle through the cards and you tell me when to stop" etc. The spectator
tells the magician when to stop riffling, for example at the King of
Diamonds. The magician points to the backs of the top cards that say "Is
this your card", etc., and the magician fails because the two cards he
removes are not the spectator's selection. However, the magician tries one
last time, and he turns the ribbon-spreaded instructions cards over - and
they all turn into the selected card. Very visual and clever I thought. You
print the instructions on to the cards, and those GAFF Prints are stored on
the Introduction to Gaff DVD. This DVD has nice effects with Gaff cards.

Third DVD - Volume 2 - Let's Go Mental
This DVD is about Mentalism combined with GAFF cards.
This DVD is awesome. The highlights of this DVD is 497 for me.
The effect is, a spectator chooses a card, 7 of Clubs. The mentalist asks
the spectator to multiply the number of the card by itself, times it by
ten, and then add the original number. The result is 497 and the suit is
Clubs. The spectator does all of this silently in their head. The mentalist
says he has the card they are now thinking of on the table. He then turns
over the card on the table and it is 497 of Clubs, with all 497 Clubs on
the card!
The print for this card is included on the DVD, and I thought it was
I thought there were some very good effects on the DVD. It is cards
combined with Mentalism.

Fourth DVD - Volume 3 - Creative Card Magic
This is a very cool DVD. As the title says - it is creative card magic.
Every trick here has it's own gaff which you have to make.
The first trick is "Bite-Out Card" - you can perform the "Bite-Out Coin"
and follow it with this, because both effects are as visual. There is a
version without a gimmick, and one with a gimmick. Good effect.
Another great effect on this DVD is Hybrid, which is a Torn and Restored
Card but you restore the card with a piece from a completely different card
and the wrong way. Cool effect.

I think most people will be using Bite-Out Card, it is a pretty easy trick
but you need to acquire a "knack" for it. The angles are alright but not
very good. However it is very visual.
The ideas on this DVD are very good.

Overall, I think this is a great DVD Set. Everything is explained
perfectly, there is some music played to add some "beat" to the DVD's which
doesn't distract from the teaching, There are some very good GAFF card
prints included, like Gaff Prints to make your own 3 Card Monte etc. I
think if you have a color printer, a computer which can read DVD's, you
will be ready to make the Gaff cards. It will be easier if you buy some
blank decks however. You will probably have the other stuff needed around
the house like to coat the card so the printing does not rub off.

This DVD Set is awesome. I recommend this DVD Set. I give it 10/10.
The ultimate, most visual and practical ambitious card routine finisher - HERE!
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I had never heard of this DVD before. Thanks for posting and giving a review.

I found a trailer on Youtube:

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