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Harvey Nerzof
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HN Review 10: The Raven set + video – Chuck Leach


The Raven has been called one of the best tricks of the last decade! Perform visual vanishes like you've never seen. Make coins appear, disappear, shrink or change to a different coin or an entirely different object! There are no funny moves or sleights. Simply show your hands front and back, then wave one over the other and a coin appears or vanishes! It is that easy and natural (and amazing)! Many additional effects with bills, matchbooks, playing cards and a variety of coin effects, as well as the valuable 'Empty Hand Move,' are taught on the video. Perform in a coat, even a short sleeved shirt.

The ad is a bit misleading, since the “short sleeves” technique is quite different from the jacket method – the range of motions is obviously limited, and you can’t do the “empty hands move” (i.e. showing you hands front and back before beginning).

With a dark jacket and shirt, the effect looks great even though the angles feel a bit uncomfortable. I only use it as a secret gimmick to reinforce other effects, such as Mike Powers Cap in Bottle.

As a side note, I can’t remember where I saw such a physically “arguable” lady in a magic video - but the real beauty lies within, as Mr. Leach reminds us all.

Overall rating: acceptable

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I bought this when it first came out. Used it once and dumped it. Buy a PK.
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I agree with tdowell. A PK would serve better than the raven. I used mine twice, and haven't used it again in a long time. I get more use out of my vernet magnetic TT!

Experience teaches only the teachable.
Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963)
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a PK might be stronger, but how could you say it perform what a raven can do?

The raven is the cleanest coin vanish in magic and does its purpose... it is not meant to be the best thing ever, but when it comes to a gimicked coin vanish, this does the best!!!

It's both amazing to see, and fun to do... I still say this is what of the best tricks out there, considering that for 4 times you money you can get something that you will never use and looks obvious, while with the raven it is ONLY 20-30 dollars and really delivers.
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MayfieldNew York
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The raven is OK like many say. I read a lot before I bought this trick and a lot of people said it was great! When I got it, it came in a little box........I was looking for more lol. I couldn't believe that was it! Setup is ok for street performances because I just walk up to a person and have it ready.
Life is an illusion, death is reality.
Fast Eddie P.
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I think the vanish is great but did not like having to be set up all the time. Chrismagic52 please pm me in reference to your list I can't seem to get an email or pm through to you.
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The video really gives ya some nice ideas I love how visual it looks an I don't think it's to difficult to set up
Fraser Gould
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Recently started using my Raven again after a six year hiatus. I use it as a follow up to Dreamweaver. After the spec examines the safety pins used in the Dreamweaver routine, I put two safety pins back in my pocket then vanish the final one from the back of their hand. The examination of the pins gives just the right time/misdirection for setting up the raven...
Fraser Gould
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One downside to the Raven (IMHO) is the fact that the vanish into your sh**t really only works well for magicians that are dumping the coin from their left hand into their right hand. That gives a straight line shot for the disappearance into your sh**t. For us non-ambidexrous magicians who are right hand domiminant, dumping the coin from the right hand into the left will not work for the vanish up your sh**t because the mechanism is "bent" and will not cleanly go up into your sh**t. Of course, you can "solve" this problem by having your left hand way to the right of center but then the hand positions become very constrained and unnatural in appearance.

Since I don't wear a coat when performing, the alternative option was not an option for me. So, I traded my Raven for something else.

Additionally, I agree with dpe666. IMHO, a Retention Vanish or other properly performed vanish can be just as strong in the minds of the audience as the use of the Raven. True, you cannot necessarily immediately turn over both hands as you can with the Raven but, there are many reasonable and viable aternative. (i.e., "Wiped Clean", "Back Clip" sleeving, ditch in front shirt pocket, "Downs Palm", etc. to name just a few such possible options).

Magic is a vanishing Art.

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Bill Hegbli
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Raven is not for amateurs it is for magicians that want to do the best coin vanish ever.

These above comments sounds like the package was opened and after looking at the gimmick. They just closed the box and put it in the drawer. Then thought of all the reasons why not to practice or perform it.

That is perfectly okay. I have looked for a clean coin vanish for many years and Raven fills all the voids.
Vietnam Veteran 1967, Sgt. E-5

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"Magic With A Twist Of Comedy"
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Best $20 investment I could have made. My reputation was kicked up a notch because of it. Short and sweet. I would do sleight of hand, end with the Raven, and leave. people still talk about it.

I'm an amateur, Bill, but the Raven IS for me! Smile

Karl Miller
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The Raven is a great tool if used properly. There are many things you can do with it becides the basic vanish if you really put your mind to work.

It was worth the money to me because when I work on a new effect or set out to improve an existing routine, I always look for the best possible method, no matter what it is. I don't care if it is self working, a knuckle buster, or gaffed to the hilt as long as the effect is clear to the spectators and it is the best possible method. The Raven solved a problem for me, and to me, that was worth the thirty bucks.
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Do you use the Raven with a jacket or do you use the belt method? From your other posts, it seems we have similar tastes in effects (mostly Sankey's) and I am curious about how you use the Raven. I bought one about a year ago and must admit I haven't practiced with it enough to take it public. I can fool my wife with it, but I can't get over the fear of getting caught with it dangling in front of me for the world to see.

Thanks in advance.

Four Jokers Magician
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Maybe to you its not a good trick but to the lay man its the coolest thing they have ever seen.
Oh ya if its such a bad trick why did David Blain use it in his special and the previews for the special.
Hey I'm not a fan of David Blain eather but he new enough to use such a great trick on his TV special so ill give that to him. But you are correct it is not much of a table hopping effect but it has so many street aplications. I have been known from time to time as to vanish a large spoon off of the dinner table useing the raven. My advise to you is to give it a second chance and to be imaginative.

Oh one more thing about set up, you can illuminate the o-ring that comes with it just by stringing it threw your belt loop!!! this should save some time now that you illiminated 2 pins.
Kent Wong
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On 2003-04-14 02:13, redstreak wrote:
On 2003-04-14 02:04, MacGyver wrote:
The raven isn't very powerful....

what?!? You don't get much more powerful, you show your hands empty, put a borrowed coin on their hand, and simply wave your hand over it and it vanishes without you ever touching it. All you do is borrow a coin and do a shuttle pass.

I think he was talking about the actual power of the gimmick and not the power of the effect.
"Believing is Seeing"
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On 2004-06-01 00:00, Tiki wrote:

Do you use the Raven with a jacket or do you use the belt method? From your other posts, it seems we have similar tastes in effects (mostly Sankey's) and I am curious about how you use the Raven. >-snip-<...

Well, Tiki, It's way too hot to wear a jacket. Florida doesn't get below 90, after least until Dec or Jan...Southwest Florida, anyway...but, if I know I'm going "out"...that is, to perform in some way (rare these days), I'll wear a light blazer, the one that has it already installed. It's in the right sleeve, with the loop just about 2 or 3" above the cuff.

At the appropriate time, I just reach up, "hook up", and start. Usually, I'll do something like Coins Across, Pen Thru Anything, or a packet trick (NFW, Twisted Sisters, Skinner's Monte, or Flushtration), then, as I'm getting ready to wrap it up, I usually pretend to have an afterthought, and show 'em "one more"...The Raven.

I have a steel-core Half, and Quarter that work perfectly with this, then the shimmed E ] Half, or English Penny, to make it "shrink" (mini-coins)...just one or two quick ones, then bye-bye! A wave of the hand...(jaw drops)...oh, and I also do the "show both sides of the hand"...something you cannot do in the T-shirt method.

Quoting you again..."...I can't get over the fear of getting caught with it dangling in front of me for the world to see...."

That's something you never have to worry about with the jacket/sleeve method...if you have the video (a MUST HAVE!), learn that move...showing both sides of the hand...I mastered that almost immediately...just use your first finger. Let your fingernails grow a tiny bit (keep 'em CLEAN, tho', LOL), as you'll need that extra bit of "bite" if you know what I mean. Just move your thumb out of the way, and raise your hand vertically. It stays out of sight. No need to hurry...easy does it.

Sure hopes this helps, without tipping too much...

kihei kid
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It is best when used in conjunction with other magic, coins or not.
In loving memory of Hughie Thomasson 1952-2007.

You brought something beautiful to this world, you touched my heart, my soul and my life. You will be greatly missed.

Until we meet again “my old friend”.
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I don't currently use the Raven, but have in the past with success. The tool is only as good as the technician wielding it. The Raven is a tool. Like any pull, it doesn't fit every situation. No jacket, tee-shirt or golf shirt are not situations for the Raven. But those situations don't alow for sleeving either, doesn't mean sleeving is bad. One draw back I had with the Raven was it talked when attracting the coin. I added an extra piece of felt and corrected that. The Raven gets a high B as a magical tool. It isn't a trick in and of it self and if that's what you're looking for stay clear of it.
Carlo DeBlasio
<BR>Entertainment specialist
<BR>and all around fun guy!
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Hi Carlo,
I second your thoughts!
(I also had the same problem and used extra felt.)
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I actually enjoy the Raven. The looks of astonishment you get with it are well worth the price.
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