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Steve Brooks
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Founder / Manager
Northern California - United States
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I use to own a "Gem brand" needle thru arm, a very well made prop.

Problem was, I never had enough "loose" skin to work the darn thing!

Any one else ever have this problem? Smile
"Always be you because nobody else can" - Steve Brooks
Shawn D
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I had that very same problem. I thought it was just me. Every time I would show the trick to someone I would have to use my wife’s arm, still looked cool though. She had the loose skin in the family.

I had the Harry Anderson version.

ShawnD Smile
Scott F. Guinn
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"Great Scott!" aka "Palms of Putty" & "Poof Daddy G"
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Same here. Had Viking’s version and gave it away. Not an effect for us "tight-skinned" prestidigitators, I guess.
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My Lybrary Page
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I have the VIKING verson. I am one of those lucky ones with the FLAB needed to perform this. I remember reading on the glue suppled "Do not come in contact with skin"?? Can’t work that one out. Still use it in the shows and goes down well.
Michael Peterson
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is where I'm trapped, because of my
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I received the needle through arm that used to belong to Steve in a trade, unfortunately I am another one with tight skin.Smile

I sold it to a loose skinned individual Smile

Maybe we should start a tight skin, can’t do needle through arm support group?





There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.
The Dead Ranger
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Biloxi, Mississippi
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I want to join...!

Smile - My able assistant
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Caledonia, NY
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I too am a tight skin. We used to sell them at the magic shop I worked at and luckily I got to try it out before I bought it and found out I don’t have the flab on my arms for it.... Be willing to bet I could have modified it for Needle through gut I know I have enough Flab there. Smile


Yours In Magic

Yours In Magic


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Jim Morton
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The problem I see with the needle through the arm effect is that nowadays there are plenty of folks out there who are willing to actually stick a needle through their arm. How do you compete with that?

Or is this just because I live in

San Francisco? Smile

Tom Cutts
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Northern CA
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The effect needle thru arm can have by far outweighs the freakshow pierced pin cushions.
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New user
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I'm lucky enough to have loose skin. I have the Viking version of the effect.

The only tip I can give is to bend your arm and twist your wrist inwards, you'll see that it helps a bit.
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Just outside parts unknown.
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I have 2 versions of the Needle Thru Arm, and never had a problem with loose skin. Although I don't wanna brag about that little fact! Smile Smile
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Is the trick convincing?
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Just outside parts unknown.
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Enough for me to own 2 different versions, not that that says all that much. Smile Smile


Persistence - Is the ability to overcome all obstacles between you and your goals.
You'll wonder when I'm coming, you'll wonder even more when I'm gone. - Max Malini
Eric Starkey
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Pittsburgh, PA
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To address the "loose skin" issue: I know that Rick Maue used to put the needle through his neck many years ago at the Haunted Chamber. It wasn’t so much part of a performance as it was a fashion statement. It looks equally as cool (possible even cooler?) doesn’t get in your way, and eliminates the "loose skin" on the arm problem.

I have two additional issues with the needle through arm illusion.

(1) Although it is brilliant and looks completely deceptive, it is over-done. Harry Anderson even admits to having done it too much in his book "Wise Guy".

(2) For me, as well as many others, it has lost it’s shock appeal. Today we see millions of teenagers at the mall with enough metal shoved through their faces to hold up the line at airport security.

Unfortunately, needle through the arm has become... "So what, my brother has one twice that size!"

Yours truly,

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New user
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Hi, I found a site and a supplier of some nice props on the dark and spooky side... It's URL is:
I think I got that URL right anyway
...This fellow sells a great Knife in the arm... And a nice STRAP-RAZOR... I have both of them and really get the shock effect when I do my night club act with them... The knife is a bit pricey but well made... and a real good looking prop...
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I too have tight skin, but have found that by pinching the skin between thumb and middle finger then, push the lump in with first finger and press the sides together I find I have a nice little channel to get the needle thru. Not as complicated as it sounds.

Believe in the possibility of the impossible
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As I did som strange shows in earlier days, I can say: Just get a sharp needle in hospital (they have great ones, large but very sharp at the top) build a nice handle to it and put it through your skin on the BACKSIDE of your forearm. I know...too freaky...tooo dangerous...tooo, tooo. BUT:
if you want it to be looking real...make it real.
You have to desinfect your arm and the needle carefully, and I remember my first time doing it as a teen-ager.

Scary feeling the first time. I did pull up my skin and you only...But I think this is not the place of getting too inside, and it is not the place of becoming to real or too freaky..or am I wrong?

*evil grin*
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New user
UK, Derbyshire
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My problem with this illusion may seem pretty basic, I have the skin but not the "adhesion". The sample I got with the Harry Anderson version was dried up so I've been experimenting with various types and brands, paper glue to super glue Smile A visit to the hospital to remove a permanent addition to my forearm would not go down to does anyone have any recommendations
Marduke Kurios
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Vancouver, Canada
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...go easy on the super glue...

('elmer's' rubber cement works)
Live well,
Laugh often,
Love always.

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I have some what of tight skin as well.
I cured that problem real quick . I started
doing it in my neck . You can see a picture of me doing it when I was on the radio. I did a little bit of psychic and bizarre stuff when I did a little stint on WRDU here in Raleigh . The woman to my left jumped 3 feet back and screamed. The DJ,...nearly fainted. He talked about it on the radio for a while. He could not believe his eyes. Here is the link . I hope you can all see it.
Click on the image that says "Needle through Neck WRDU". An quick 5 frame animation will pop up.
I hope this gives some new light on the needle through arm . I loved doing it through my neck. Blood would drip and everything.

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