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So I've had a nice gig lined up today, got to the venue right on time and went in to check things out. Sure enough, I went back to the van to unload ... and it wouldn't start. Yes, it's a bit cold out in the Chicagoland area ... and that's when it takes a toll on your battery.

This, of course, set us back on time, and now it was a rush to set up the show. The whole time I'm thinking how much it might cost if we can't get it started. Not only do we have to get home, but we've got a van full of equipment that has to make it back too. Lucky for me, it started up after the show ... and I'll be buying a new battery first thing tomorrow.

Things could have been much worse ...

Frank Simpson
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SW Montana
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I'm not sure why, but this reminds me of a time about 22 years ago when I was touring on a double-bill magic act. We got to our venue, and there was no one to meet us, but we were able to get into the building, so we loaded in and set up. Usually at about this time we would meet with our local sponsor, but they did not show up. Of course, by this time I was sure we were in the wrong town on the wrong day, but we were able to confirm that we were right where we were supposed to be.

We began to get concerned that we were going to have to usher our own show, but this fear turned out to be unfounded... because NO ONE came to the show. Not a single soul showed up to facilitate the proceedings, no one came to see the show. It was a complete ghost town at the theater. Perhaps the oddest thing was that the show was pre-sold, so we still made our money, but it was SO WEIRD to have literally NOBODY show up at all!

So we took off our costumes, loaded out the show, and drove away without anyone even knowing we had been there. A true Twilight Zone experience!
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... and in an alternate universe, someone was waiting for a magic act that never showed... Doo dee doo doo, doo dee doo doo (Twilight Zone theme...)
Things are more like they are today than they've ever been before...
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Frank, that was a good story!
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Wow, that is indeed crazy and spooky. I mean, we have had shows where there were like 20 people there in a room that seats 300+. Most of the time, that was due to simply bad weather. But I have never had an experience where nobody showed up. That would be a very weird feeling.

Kyle Peron

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The Mirror Images
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Need a hug there, Steve? Sorry to hear about that. Hope you get that fixed and be back on the road. I know how cold it is, and that would have sucked if you got stuck on the side of the road. Brrrr

Steven and Michael, The Mirror Images
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Erich Troudt
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Wait....a car battery almost made you miss a show?

Aren't you a freakin' "Super Hero"?

I thought you could fly to gigs with your cape? I thought your personality was so "electric" your car didn't even need a battery?
Christopher Lyle
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Dallas, Texas
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Here's one that doesn't have a happy ending...

I arrive at the venue...go in and meet with my client...check out the stage area, am shown my dressing room, and then led back up to the stage. All of that took about 15 minutes. I get outside, and the back window of my SUV had been SMASHED and everything inside (including my show) had been stolen! Nobody saw anything, and calling the cops did no good b/c they just took a report over the phone, and that was the extent to their service.

So...the END RESULT...

The show had to be cancelled...just hours before curtain. A sign was placed on the venue door explaining that the show was cancelled and to contact the ticket office for more information.

After about 6 months, the show did go on as planned...but what a mess. It took me 3 months of hacking it out with my Insurance Co. to get the money to obtain everything that was lost in the robbery...

I wouldn't wish that to happen to my worst enemy...what a rotten experience!
In Mystery,

Christopher Lyle
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Bill Wilson
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And what would a thief do with a bunch of magician's props?
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On 2008-12-12 17:31, wandboy wrote:
And what would a thief do with a bunch of magician's props?

One word : eBay
Pete Biro
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1933 - 2018
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If he was like most magicians,he'd use them in a s how the next night.

Seriously tho' --Joaquin Ayalla had all his illusions get lost by the shipping company... he got to the theater and the place was packed, full audience. What did he do?

He had a deck of cards and ENTERTAINED abou 1000 people for an hour with just a deck of cards... and they loved him

Shows you what you can do if you are a fully rounded magician.

Another show I was involved with opened with 2 people in the audience. I asked them to come on stage to help with a trick. When done I said, "when you go back to your seats, sit in different seats, that way the cleaning crew will think we had a bigger crowd."

Next night... only two showed up. I asked them how they hears of the show an they said, "some friends of our were here last night and said it was a great show."
steve spill
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Frank Simpson you reminded me of a similar situation that happened to me when I was a teenager with a new act. I did a lot of rehearsing and looked for places to perform. My next door neighbor told me his cousin, a Bob Dylan impersonator, performed every third Sunday in an amateur variety show held at Theatricum Botanicum, a rustic Topanga Canyon spot.

When I called they said all the spots were taken for the next few months. Through my neighbor, the Dylan impersonator gave me a tip, “If they think you have a following, they’ll put you on...” At my request, friends repeatedly called to ask when I would be appearing, giving the impression I was a big draw. They gave me a spot.

Accustomed to the comforts of indoor performing, I found myself outdoors, in Topanga wilderness, on a wooden stage that looked as though the back of it had been eaten by woodpeckers. Nervous, I arrived early and rehearsed on the stage two or three times.

As showtime approached, I joined the other acts who were sitting on benches at the side of the stage. The theater manager came down a path through the trees. He announced that since there was no audience, he was calling off the show. Thus, like Frank Simpson, my appearance was a nonappearance.
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A Foxx in Her Soxx has...
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On 2008-12-12 14:23, Erich Troudt wrote:
Wait....a car battery almost made you miss a show?

Aren't you a freakin "Super Hero"?

I thought you could fly to gigs with your cape? I thought your personality was so "electric" your car didn't even need a battery?

All super heroes have an alter ego; Clark Kent couldn't find his way out of trouble with a map.

A super-Twinkie would've fixed the car battery, but Steve didn't want the rest of us to feel inadequate. See?
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This happened to me once, and I performed a 90 minute show with just a cuff link, a pencil, and my left sock.

Geez, aren't you guys well-rounded performers?
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Starrpower....I think your performance was captured in a late '80s tv show called Mcmagic...but you forgot that you also used a single stick of chewing gum to complete the
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