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You have got some great props Bart. Do you perform all of those effects in one show? If so, my suggestion would be to divide your show up. You can get 2 or 3 great shows, all different, that can be used for repeat business. For instance if there are one or two siblings in the family that also want you to perform for their birtday. You will now have two completely different shows that you can perform for the same family (or friends that happened to see you at little Jimmy's party). For me, an hour is way too long for any kids show. My shows are approximately 35 minutes long and are very interactive. They may go longer depending on how interactive the group of kids are. Sometimes you get a group of really shy kids and the show may end up shorter. I always have extra props, magic and comic, to add in if need be. Sometimes the kids are really reactive and the show may go a little longer. I sometimes have to remove effects so the show does not go to long. Parents who are party savvy usually have a schedule of events to take place at their party. I don't want to throw their schedule off by going too long.

I always add some magic classics in my act as well. The ones that a magician is usually identified with...linking rings, cut and restored rope, misers dream, etc.

I agree with Donald. Develop a good 30 minute core show, which you have the potential of about three of already in your current show.

Keep it Simple...Play it BIG!!!
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Donald and Wolly are no doubt offering good advice. Needless to say, I didn't take it. Rather, I dove into prepping a bigger show, spent outrageous amounts on props, and have been "growing into them" ever since. It was a lot of fun, but if I had it to do over, I would have exercised a little more self-discipline. On the other hand, I am 43 and had been out of magic since about 18 (and I had no money back then), so another way of looking at it is that I have been "catching up" for the last couple of years. At any rate, my repertoire is stabilizing, I have been booking shows and gaining experience, I have a great idea of what's out there, and I feel confident, having dived into this full force. But Donald and Wolly still probably have a better approach.
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Wow it would take me about 4 hrs. to do all that stuff.
Did you rob a Magic Shop? Smile
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Hi Bart
I have just tried to PM you but its coming up your full.
don't know what that means unless you only have limited space for messages. If you can delete some I can send you the PM

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Hi Bart. If your show is running well over an hour as it is, and you have all those effects, the last thing you need to do is add more to it. What you need to do is to start pruning. Drop five effects and expand your presentation on the others - you will still be doing an hour.
My kids show contains six routines and a puppet. That runs to an hour with no difficulty. It can run longer if the client requests it.
Not having seen your act I am only speculating. How close is your patter to the traditional patter that is suggested for each trick? If it is very close perhaps you need to rethink your patter entirely and move away from what others are doing. Then you will find your performing personality and your magic will improve dramatically.
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Yes, when I started "working", I provided a 30 minute show.

Only one time was I asked by a consumer, "how many magic tricks will you do?"
I answered her with a number. I did not get a call back. Don't know if it was my fee or the #.

My wife suggested next time I am asked that question ..follow it up with..How many do you want me to include?

For me it is not the number, but the connection, emotions (from tears to laughter)and flow of the show.

still 2 old to know everything.
Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
music, magic and marvelous toys
Thom Bliss
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Yes, “Did you rob a Magic Shop?” Or are you doing a dealer show? While I suppose that all of those are fine effects (I’m actually not familiar with most of them), I do wonder if they can all be presented in the same program from a consistent character. Ask yourself whether you are doing magic or are merely demonstrating some weird or interesting machinery.

Classic tricks with simple props - cut and restored rope and miser’s dream have already been mentioned - will cost you a lot less, allow your character some room to develop, and allow you look like you are doing real magic instead of just demonstrating what some fancy box or whatever can do.

A great artist should have good tools, but nobody becomes a great artist by buying expensive tools.

I’d suggest, instead of buying more props, that you sell some of them, or at least shelve them. Then buy some books. Or go to a public library and check some out. And learn at least a little sleight of hand.

Al Angello
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IMHO your show is a magic shop owners dream come true. If I were you I would invest in some magic books, and come up with routines that you can call your own. It has also been my experience that when my show runs over it throws everything else off schedule, mom's like a 45 minute party to last 45 minutes, and I feel that a 30 minute pary just isn't enouh time to do all of my best stuff.
Al Angello The Comic Juggler/Magician
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Sounds like you have a few shows with that line up, not a bad thing.
Life of Magic!
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I don't know how you guys do one hour shows. Most of my kid shows are 45 minutes, and at the 40 minute mark the kids seem to be getting antsy. I think for the 5-8 year old crowd 40 minutes is plenty - I'm trimming 5 minutes off mine and giving it a go next time.

Don't ever tell a client how many "tricks" you do - tell them you do magical routines which most often involve audience interaction.

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You've got some great tricks under your belt.

It is now time to STOP looking for "the perfect tricks" and start to perfect and explore each one and make them your own.
Make them different than anyone else does them. This will take a long time. Create jokes, gags, visual gags, callbacks, running gags,

This will take many years but your show will blossom doing this.
Continuing to come here wondering whether you should add something or wondering whether you're missing any "blockbusters" and adjusting your act based on the opinions of Café participants is a fool's errand.

I'm guessing that way too many of us continue to change tricks looking for the holy grail and their act never blossoms. It stays a barely entertaining display of trick after trick with nothing to tie it all together.

Trust what you do and enjoy the upcoming multi-year journey.

The only purchase you need to make that I can tell is a notebook to record your thoughts, ideas and your progress. Hand Crafted Magic
Trophy Husband, Father of the Year Candidate,
Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
Sock Puppet Monkey
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Good advice from the previous guy and he sells magic! I'd think about finding the stuff that's you and then sticking with these effects. This would involve a whole lot of soul searching and way less time here at the Café. Most magicians are as Eugene Burger so aptly puts it "...drowning in magic."

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I too would like to echo the consensus of mostly everyone and that is create more moments and connections with the kids and to not short change the experiences.
The best decision so far you made is holding off on adding more magic until you read and view Silly Billy's work.
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Watch some cartoons and kids shows when you have time, especially in the company of some youngsters, if you can. They can be a good source of ideas/inspiration for bits that other magicians aren't doing, or at least they'll give you an idea of the humor that kids are consuming these days. You may notice that the humor in today's shows is often more sophisticated than what was offered to us (I'm 44) when we were kids.
Now appearing nightly in my basement.
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