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I think a magician only really needs 5 solid coin effects for a lifetime of performance.

I'm still trying to find those 5 perfect routines that I can use the rest of my life. But this might take my whole life to find.
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Well I've thought about this since I first read it yesterday and I know that I'm attracted to a different looking and acting woman than the next man. (i do have a point here Smile)

Some poeple are stimulated more by visual things (movies, shinny coins, flashy cars, visual deeds ...) others aren't attracted to these things as much as audio stimulation (music, the story, the words I love you) and then there is the 3rd type that are more stimulated for the most part my kenistetic things (athletics, sex(even though this can branch to each)... For the most part we all enjoy all of these things and are stimulated by all but have one that is above the others Smile and this can change for each activity ... like in billiards I'm more feeling or kenistetic but in magic I am more visual ... hope I'm making this clear but all I can say is I'm attracted to coin magic because of the feel and visual aspects but mostly the visual part ... sometimes in the middle of watching someone do a trick I lose my attention by the cool lookingness of the coin or just pause and say "awe it is shinny" smelling sauce sometimes needed after (jk)

Maybe those that like the different aspects of anything not just magic are not wrong in there likes or dislikes ... just different Smile and hopefully true to themselves ...
The Amazing Noobini
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I kind of agree with the feeling that there are only a few coin effects I would want to perform myself. There are of course a kazillion effects I admire technically, but many of them are so similar plot- or appearance-wise that I don't think I could find more than a very few effects I would want to do myself, one after the other.

Among those however, I would certainly not hesitate to include a coins across effect as it is something I myself find very powerful.

But for my taste I would want a coin set to be a lot shorter than a card set.
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Hi guys

And great to see the responses. I think some of you might be taking me slightly wrong here. I'm not bashing coin magic. Definetly not. I have seen some amazing coin routines, especially by some for the great names mentioned here. I recently read a thread where David Stone mentions he hardly does any coin magic, and I could relate to that. And maybe it comes from my experience in the real world but I honestly find coin work much harder to engage the audience with.

I think what I am trying to say is that the basic effects which one can perform with coins are pretty limited, and even harder than that is the ability to make the effects meaningful and engaging.

An example- One vanish and production of a coin, to an audience gets the same reaction as producing 4 coins, I have never been a fan of repetative production routines even in cards. They asume that you made one coin appear and therefore should have no problem making another 4 appear, ten or twenty!! You are merily amusing yourself and boring your audience with repetition (there is no progression in difficulty or fairness in these routines such as ambitous card for example). The same is true of boring 4 coins accross routines, or repetative 4 coins through the table routines.

I limit my coin work to 3 coins as often as possible, as I find that after the first two coins the audience are catching on and know what is coming and the last 2 phases are generally just boring unless you switch the routine around. Some magicians have had great success in solving this problem.

I guess I might be picking on coins unjustly, maybe this is more of a problem I have with all of magic Smile I am starting to realise that generally a lot of magic is for magicians and many of these routines hold no interest whatsover for the average layperson, and I refer to coins as an example where most routines are much, of much, of the same. Nothing is however more beautiful than a perfectly excecuted coin routine and I will be the first to admit that. A lot of coin magic is highly repetitive, and therefore my submission that there are probably only 5 true effects in coin magic. By the way, awesome clips agent61 and qureyoon.

And therefore in terms of EFFECT. I still submit that the Raven has gotten me by far the most amazing reactions than all my other coin routines put together, maybe coins across into a spectators hands is a close second but, the effect is so much more powerful than a standard vanish in your hand because it utilises a spectators hand and you don't touch them. And maybe the affect is over in 2 seconds but I spend atleast 30 building it up so that when it happens they FREAK out.

Maybe some of the purists here get angry because a simple gimmick can OWN any sleight we spend years practising!

Another such affect is the Coin Bite, that simple folding coin and shuttle pass create major gasps of amazement that no other complex 4 coin affect can ever achieve.
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Who cares if it's sleight of hand or gimmicks. Who cares if it's cards or coins or rings and things. If it's entertaining me I'm happy and if not, I won't put the blame on boring props.
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This thread has been very interesting. All magic falls into one of the basic categories vanish; appearance; transposition; transformation; transposition; restoration; extraordinary feat (mentalisim, feats of memory, feat of physical strength, ESP, etc) and; telekinesis. All of these can be performed with any number of objects, including both cards and coins.

As to which props produce the most entertainment, well that seems fairly easy to answer. None, it is the performer that creates the plot and causes the magic to be entertaining.

A discussion just seems without end.

The one thing that I think we can agree is that we all enjoy magic that is entertaining, whether it is cards, coins, ropes, rings etc.
Jonathan Townsend
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On 2009-01-19 21:03, manreb wrote:
This thread has been very interesting. All magic falls into one of the basic categories ...

Some basic abstract effect categories are as you mentioned though such is not what magic is about as far as audiences are concerned. all the coins I've dropped here
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On 2009-01-16 07:46, K_B_G wrote:

Coins are now also perceived as having a low value in society and I guess magic is probably the only value you can add to them now.

An interesting enough premise with which to begin a good routine.

But it's not the denominations that are important more relative than these--The play is the the thing-- that makes admission worth the price Smile
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Scott F. Guinn
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"YOU are the magic! The props only come along for the ride."

- Albert Goshman
"Love God, laugh more, spend more time with the ones you love, play with children, do good to those in need, and eat more ice cream. There is more to life than magic tricks." - Scott F. Guinn
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"...but moving 4 coins from one hand to another... I mean who cares?"

Examining the "plot" like this means you're thinking too much like a magician, and not enough like a spectator.

The coins are moving from hand to hand... therein lies the "magic". Or, at least the "trick".

Saying "who cares" is a bit ridiculous, because obviously no one cares about "magic" unless they believe in real "magic"... and that would make it less astonishing and entertaining.

The only reason a lot of magic entertains is because some people haven't made up their minds about whether or not it's real... or not.


Scott Baird
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I have just re read some of my above posts and would like to retract a majority of my statements. Upon thinking deeply about my coin work and watching some really proficient and smooth performers online. A coin sleight can OWN any raven gimmick, and I think coin work has the ability to very magical. I guess I have not been exposed to that much good coin magic and have had my eyes opened by a few top notch performers who have inspired me to excel further into this direction

I look forward to continuing my journey and thinking.

Kind regards
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I don't do purely close-up work. either strolling or stand-up.

I don't use coins for stand-up and for strolling, the coins don't seem to naturally want to come out of my pocket like other props to. I tend to use things that are easier to see visually for more people, rings, rope, etc.

That may change one day so I keep practicing the coin tricks.

The trick I've probably done the most with coins is Dougie Brewer's famous 3 coin trick, and ] coins accross. Or Bannon's Shanghai Surprise or Tenkai Pennies. Hand Crafted Magic
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Having the ability to entertain with the just the coins in your pocket (or theirs) is one reason I like coin magic. Learning the sleights is both difficult and rewarding and is a second reason I enjoy coin magic. As for coins vs. cards vs. something else, it's just a personal preference I guess.

I've always been fascinated when someone could take an ordinary object like a coin and do something impossible like poke a cigarette through the middle or change it to an entirely different coin. I prefer the tough sleight heavy routines since I understand the complexity and skill required but nothing can top the reaction of a trick like cigarette through quarter despite its simplicity.

I've played around with cards a bit but to me, it's the same plot over and over, chosen card ends up here or there or under here or me it's not that magical sometimes but as mentioned, it all depends on the presentation. A good presentation with only mediocre manipulation skills is far better than the best sleight of hand coupled with weak presentation. I would personally fall into the mediocre skills and weak presentation category which is why I make my living doing something other than magic!

Good topic though...
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The thing is, coins are great fun to manipulate (as are balls, silks, etc.) and it's easy to get carried away. I have a one-coin routine that I'm constantly changing as I learn new vanishes and reveals. As it grew longer it became boring. Lately I've created a sort of "lecture" about the difficulty of holding onto money in these troubled economic times; money comes, it goes, even when you've got it coming out your ears it vanishes, put it in a safe (closed fist) and it still vanishes, and so on. The story keeps people interested a little longer, but as Mies van der Rohe might have said about coin magic, "less is more".
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Nice backpedalling KBG, cause I wanted to say no one is pointing a effing gun to your head if you do coins or not.
Happy Holidays.
Michael Rubinstein
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Is coin magic necessary? For me it is. My thought is, you can do good coin magic, and give your audience something special to see, or you can do card tricks, and be like everyone else. Or, you can do Glorpy, that could be necessary under the right circumstances, or Cubio, necessary if Glorpy isn't available. Zombie is never necessary, Cups and balls are necessary on Tuesdays, but never on the weekend, and it is forbiddin to do de-lite, unless you combine it with Glorpy. Why is this topic even here? Why am I here? Hmmmmmmmm, not necessary to say.....
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You will never get boared if your hands are the gimmicks
Come check out my magic.
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KBG, glad you have opened your thinking. It's not that coin magic is any better than any other kind of magic but in these parts, it rules. Smile Glad you got a chance to check out some good coin magic as that's all you really have to see to fall in love with the art. Now I wouldn't recommend that coin magic be all you do as that can get boring to people, so learn a few not-too-hard card tricks but ones that play amazingly well like, Dr. Daley's Last Trick, B'wave and NFW, and also get yourself an Invisible Deck and you're good to go. I would suggest grabbing a couple of the Sankey close-up effects too, like Leaving Home and Killer Key and then you got all you need to keep the party going with coin magic as the cherry on top. Smile

Of course you could simply get Vinny's ALL ACCESS monthly package of effects, where he teaches you amazing card tricks, close-up magic and great coin tricks with no gimmicks, just a lot of good magic and creative know-how. Smile

*Check it out for yourself at:
*Check out my latest: MBs Mini Lecture on Coin Magic, The MB Tanspo PLUS, MB's Morgan, Copper Silver INC, Double Trouble, FlySki, Crimp Change - REDUX!, and other fine magic at Smile

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Coin magic has a specific emotional content about it.

Now the thread is asking about "all this coin magic". There is much less coin magic than card magic. Thus the question seems to me to be a little unnecessarily negative. Furthermore it appears incorrect because the problem of magicians doing this type of magic know that we are relatively limited in terms of effects.

One of the problem could rather be how a full coin act is received by lay people. Aren't our spectators confusing coin effects no matter how precise we can be in underlining what the effect it? Where does this confusion stems from? The size of the props?
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"Coin Magic" sources, books, DVD's, etc. are the best source of sleights with small objects. While some require thin, hard objects; most can be applied to other effects. Thus, studying coin magic can prepare you for impromptu magic with 'found' objects wherever you go. For example, one of the first effects I learned in Tarbell was "Birds of a Feather" with four coins and a handkerchief. Now I have performed this with nuts, pebbles, washers, buttons, candy Kiss's, dinner mints, plastic rose buds, dried fruit, green olives and cotton balls -- all from one coin sleight.
"the more one pretends at magic, the more awe and wonder will be found in real life." Arnold Furst

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