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Curiosity question. When performing for kids (birthday parties etc.) what do you guys usually wear? Do you dress any different than if performing for adults?

Daniel J. Ferrara Jr.
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Long Island, New York
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After taking advice from others here at the Café, I wear a bright red vest with a red bow tie. I work with a partner and he wears the same thing but in bright blue. The bright colors grabs the attention of the children.
Mark Martinez
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Short sleeve dress shirt and a colorful vest! And yes I do wear the same thing for adults and kids!

Success comes before work only in the dictionary. - Anonymous
Cheshire Cat
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Wilmslow, UK
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This is down to you and your personality. I know a couple who drive around in a bright red Ford Transit van in full make-up, orange wigs and costumes. Then you have people like myself and my wife who dress smartly, i.e. I usually wear a red shirt/black trousers, Sue wears black trousers/fancy blouse/waistcoat. Bear in mind though that we stay 2 hours at parties and do work large marionettes too (as on avatar). We do not travel light. Entertainers who travel light may want to place more emphasis on themselves than props— this is a matter of choice.

Most important though is to be clean (this is important with clowns as the temptation is to just disregard the costume till the next show— and in hot weather— well!!). Kids VERY quickly pick up on foot odour, bad breath (or worse!)— remember when you were at school, there was always a teacher you stood back from wasn't there?

PRESENCE is also a great thing you either have or need to improve on. If there are six guys at a party with red shirts and black trousers— people still know I'm the entertainer (get what I mean?). Our work is 99% kids parties in hired venues by the way.

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Columbus, OH
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I wear a button shirt with a vest with playing cards printed on it. I also wear a red necktie with a picture of Mickey Mouse as a magician on it. Oh yeah, I DO wear pants (black dress pants)!

-Andini Smile
Mago Mai
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Chino pants
White shirt
Undershirt for sweating
Tie (funny looking design on it)
A colorful vest made with a Panamanian Mola pattern

Converse sneakers

And a nice perfume.

Mago Mai
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Andy Wonder
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Auckland, New Zealand
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I have also recently started wearing Converse All Star sneakers. Maybe I got the idea from your photo Mago Mai. I have just got a new yellow suit made recently. It is a more pale summer yellow which suits me a lot more. It is also made from cotton so is a lot more comfortable to wear especially when it is hot.

I actually had a professional colour consultant advise me on what colours suit me best. I went to her studio where she placed me under bright lights and observed me next to about 70 different coloured bibs (one at a time). As a result I have changed from wearing a bright yellow to a pale yellow suit. The difference is amazing. Since I have been wearing it I have had several people comment that the colour suits me. No one ever said that before. I used to wear an orange shirt & people would always ask if I was feeling sick when I wore it. That colour just made me look unwell.

If looking good while you perform is important to you this is something I would highly recommend, especially if you are one of the high percentage of men that are partially colour blind like me.

Smile Smile
Andy Wonder, Auckland, New Zealand
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Interesting thread. I'm having problems finding colorful vests, hopefully with a pattern ... any ideas for those of us in the U.S.?
Frank Tougas
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Minneapolis, MN
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I have used a number of things, all black for that mysterious look, ruffled shirt and shiny black tuxedo type coat, a huge oversized and loud Hawaii type shirt, and even a standard issue blue blazer and grey pants.

Weird, but the more formal look of the blazer seems to go over well. I think it may be the basic incongruity between what I am wearing and what I am doing that is fascinating for the kids.

There he is a normal guy, "kinda like my dad." Yet he does the kookiest things. "Hmmm...cool."
Frank Tougas The Twin Cities Most "Kid Experienced" Children's Performer :"Creating Positive Memories...One Smile at a Time"
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Plymouth UK
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I wear what you see in my picture— shirt, trousers, shiny shoes and bright waistcoat, which I had made by:


I got her to send me some material samples, sent her my measurements and she made it and sent it back. I got two, one in red and one in blue, both with the star design. They were very reasonably priced.

As Ace said, CLEAN is the the important word here, along with ironed. Hair tidy, mine's short and gelled up a bit spiky. And mints/gum in the car ensure that before I knock on the door I have minty fresh breath. One of those handy wipe over and shine shoe thingies in the car ensures my shoes are clean for each show as well.

The one thing I don't get the opportunity to do often is go somewhere in normal clothes and change at the venue. The birthday party circuit and timings with 2-3 parties a day don't allow it. So I have to carry a spare shirt in the car in the summer and change it when necessary between shows.
Yours Funfully
Clive "Emazdad" Hemsley

"Magic is a secret, without the secret there is no magic"

Remember there are only 3 types of people in the world, those that can count and those that can't.
Peter Marucci
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Vilago writes: "I'm having problems finding colorful vests, hopefully with a pattern...any ideas for those of us in the U.S.?"

You might try Daytona Magic— http://www.daytonamagic.com/Accessories/AC48.htm
(Scroll down to the fourth item.)

I got a magician's vest from Harry Allen a few years back and use it all the time— well made, colorful, many pockets, looks sharp.
Cheshire Cat
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Wilmslow, UK
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If I may quickly come back. It had crossed my mind I may have been perceived as lecturing on personal hygiene in my last post, which was not the intention!

I also greatly admire the unique identity Andrew in NZ has achieved, as also the splendid outfits some clown entertainers wear. It's just that ... well, there are limited opportunities for changing doing kids parties, and even some of the holiday centre shows we've done I've had to politely ask half a dozen 'bluecoat' or 'redcoat' staff to leave the dressing room!

With parties it's this travelling thing— calling in the gas station etc. No offence to anyone please— but I fear this image of being seen as a middle aged guy dressed like Quentin Crisp! I've also been with a group of parents who thought the couple I mentioned in my above posting were humiliating themselves driving around in costumes and greasepaint all day long. I do not agree with this, but believe they are certainly 'brave'!
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Milford Haven. Pembrokeshire wales U.K.
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Hi Ace,
have the couple ever had any trouble driving around in make up?

I remember reading in a clown book that in certain parts of the US it is illegal to drive in clown make up (it is a distraction). I do not know the law in the UK. I do not think you would get pulled over anyway but if you were in an accident then it might be another issue?

By the way for children's shows I wear Blacks and my wizard's costume goes over this.
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I greatly appreciate all the posts so far. You folks are always so ready to help out.

Since I do mostly children's shows I wear a hawaiian shirt— tasteful, subtle but colorful, with a navy or black t-shirt underneath. I also wear black nylon 'athletic-type' pants. The baggyness of these pants make it possible to conceal pocketed items.

At this point I wear running type sneakers. I do like the converse sneaker idea. Maybe black with some type of colorful laces.

I think the keys are comfort, cleanliness and coolness. Coolness as in being contemporary, not temperature regulated, although that does have to be kept in mind.

I was given a term years ago called 'eye-wash'. Looks are the first impression folks process. If you look AND act like you know what you are doing it will put everyone at ease and set the tone for the remainder of your time there.

Hopefully this all helps.

Scripture, Sculptures & Surprises!
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You might try Daytona Magic -- http://www.daytonamagic.com/Accessories/AC48.htm
(Scroll down to the fourth item.)

Thanks Peter...I grew up in Daytona so I know Harry well...thanks for pointing me back to a good source.
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Profile of lhughes
Thanks Peter for the tip. I find that I wear different outfits depending on the circumstances. With very young children, I often wear a red t-shirt, a pair of pants with card suits on them, and suspenders. The vest would work great.
Sleightly yours,
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Profile of eddieloughran
Hi everyone,
I started doing serious magic, sleight-of-hand coin stuff mostly, but over the years I've risen to mostly childrens parties.

When I started I carried loads in my pockets, and hence wore jacket and tie (and trousers) but I've still been wearing them for childrens shows.

Reading this thread has convinced me to get a bright waistcoat and a fancy tie. The trousers will come later.

One reason I was reluctant to change was the lack of changing facilities. I thought it was just here that we had that problem.
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Pleasant Hill, CA
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I wear a tux. It looks swell and people know I am there for magic not a barbeque/pig roast.

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Mesa, Az.
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I hope this may help some of you taller guy's, but when I bought my vest from Daytona Beach Magic, I had Harry make the lenght 4 inches Longer, It was a few dollars more but it was worth it !!! I think I paid $75.00 .........
You can only keep, That which you give away........
Holy Spirit
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Profile of Tate
As you can see, I wear a yellow shirt, rainbow vest, and green golf slacks. I made my vest.

Dave Risley (Riz the Wiz) sells vests on his web site. There's no photo, but I think he'll send you samples. BTW, "The Snake Lady" he refers to isn't a slam against his wife, she used to make spring snakes. She stopped because they were just too much work.

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