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That's lucky!

None of ours regularly go in the trick, but it does happen once in a while.

It depends how long they are in the carrying cage for perhaps as to whether they will go in it or not.
Christopher Starr (Toronto)
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My doves live in a large parrot cage and are housed outside on my condo terrace. The 2 rabbit cages I have are then stacked on top. In the cold weather, I cover all the cages with large padded moving blankets to keep the wind out and the heat in. I put 3 heat lamps on the side under the blankets and bought a lizard thermostat that turns the lamps on when it gets too cold and turns them off when it gets up to temp. This keeps them not too hot or not too cold. It does cost a lot more on my electricity bill, but of course, the animals are worth it.
As the terrace is covered, there is not risk of snow getting on the cages, and they are well protected from the wind with the layers of blankets. I went to a farm and bought bails of hay to put on the floor of the cages, more for the rabbits than the birds; although, the doves do like nesting in the hay too. The rabbits like eating the hay to supplement their diet, as well as curling up in it.

They also like their hemp woven "houses" that I placed in each cage, and they like to move the hay into them and hide inside. They grow more fur to stay warm, and this makes them look better in the show. As long as the animals are protected from the wind, their body heat will keep them warm. Of course, my heat lamps that keep the temp up to a spring day don't hurt either.

All the mess is kept outside, and I don't have to listen to the doves cooing. I do have pigeons that like to come and see if their is any spare seed around, so I have to be careful to clean up and keep everything tidy. I take the doves out daily for their practice, as well as letting the rabbits run around the living room and watch TV with me.

Overall, I am very pleased with their arrangements, and the animals all seem to be happy and contented.

Hope this helps.
Christopher Starr
Starr Entertainment Inc.
Toronto Canada's Family Entertainment Specialists
George Ledo
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A number of years ago, I had friends who kept a couple rabbits as pets (nothing to do with magic). They were housed in a large basement room, where they could run around at will or go inside their cage when they wanted to. They also had a litter box, and they used it. Rabbits are very clean animals and will learn to use the facilities fairly easily.

Back in the days when I had my own rabbits, I let them out of the cage periodically to run around and get some exercise. They would often come upstairs with me and run around the house. Never had a problem -- somehow they always waited to get back downstairs to do their business.
That's our departed buddy Burt, aka The Great Burtini, doing his famous Cups and Mice routine

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I keep my rabbit and ducks outside in a shed. My rabbit has his own hutch, and the ducks have their own pen & hutch. During the summer, the doors to the shed are left open for ventilation, and during winter I use heat lamps for the ducks. During the summer, the ducks are able to go outside in a make shift dog kennel that has a pool in it for their swimming and bathing. They love it. My rabbit has plenty of room and an enclosed part of the hutch with straw that he sleeps in during winter. In extreme cold, I do bring him indoors if needed.
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My rabbit is trained to use a cat litter pan and he just lives in my house like a cat.. He has never peed on my floor or pooped anywhere! I have heard of other people having chewing problems but mine has never did that either.. So she usally stay in the laundry room next to her bowl and water bottle and litter pan but she has full rain of the house...
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In NC , I have a Hotot and she is outside in a hutch half of which is screened and half is enclosed. The hutch is in mostly a shaded area.
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I keep mine in the basement. On a 6' length table is where I keep my rabbit and his open cage. He is trained to go to his cage to litter.
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I kept my rabbits indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer in secure hutches in the past, but up in Alaska we've got bears. Rabbits are fine snacks for bears. So now all rabbits stay indoors year round.

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Interesting that you mentioned the bears. There are black bears in our area, and me and my rabbits had an encounter with one once. All ened well, and I still keep my buinnies outside, but I do worry about another visit. I posted the story here at The Magic Café several years ago.

Mister Mystery
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I kept mine indoors in the same cage described by Mumblemore. They like to get out once and awhile and hop around the house.
Timothy James
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My friend lost two rabbits to the black bears we have in NJ. When I was a kid I had a pet rabbit that my parents refused to have in side. So we built a hutch and she seemed fine with hay. However back then we did not have the bear problems.

With my friend, they tore through the wire and had their snack. So she said she will never get another rabbit again since it was too heart breaking.

So how do you train a rabbit to use a litter box. And do you use the clay stuff? I am not a cat person. It has always grossed me out that cat do there business walk in the cat litter and then pretty much walk on everything in a house like counters or beds. People do not think about that. Even if it was not bacteria, it is still a clay dust that gets tracked.
So wonder with rabbits what you put down and how do they learn to use that and only that? Could you also put a raised screen so they are not tracking into it?

I am curious what resources are out there to learn how to house train a rabbit and if the size and breed makes a difference. Rabbit pee is not as bad as cat pee but still it is not easy to get out from what I recall.
mysterious JO
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Oh those BEARS in NJ AND PA are mean! my friend lost her breeding and money due to a bear when she housed her rabbits out doors! she woke up mothers day to see the cages TORN apart and rabbits gone!
MY rabbit is housed in a hutch with a door ramp and solid floor on one side! I live in the hot desert of nevada and outside is not good in the heat! and the flies of being outside can cause fly strike if not careful! my rabbit uses the critter shavings the wood kind not pine for its dangerous to them! you can use the clay stuff it wont hurt him!
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My live in specially made cages for rabbits with wire bottoms and galvanized trays underneath to catch the urine and droppings. Being in North Louisiana, the summers get HOT! My cages are on the patio with full shade all day, plus I keep two fans going to circulate the air but don't blow directly on the rabbits. We will also keep frozen bottles of water in the cage for the rabbits to lean on and keep cool. You might want to think about getting some little plastic mats to keep on the bottom of the wire cages to keep the rabbits feet from getting sore. You can find them at most places that sell rabbits and pet supplies. There a little pricey, I think, for what they are, but the rabbits seems to enjoy them.

David A Trombetta

DAT does the Trick

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mysterious JO
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I use a grass basket or the grass matt which they can chew on and you can replace every now and then! its good for them cause its made out of HAY and they need a ample supply of hay!
amazing eric
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We keep our rabbits in the house in the kitchen. We have out most of the day and they are litter trained. we do not use cat litter, we use wood dust. we clean their cages every other day and they are very happy when you pay attention to them and do "floor time".
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My rabbit presently lives indoors but my wife is threatening to have me move her outside, as she eats our rug and chews extension cords. I do find that holding rabbit and giving her attention makes her much better suited for petting by kids (who I allow to pat her backside only).

On litter, Petsmart sells Feline Pine which is cat litter pressed wood chips, which works really well. I change litter only every 10 days, as I have a breeder-recommended cage with wire mesh grate on bottom which allows poop to fall through onto metal tray underneath. That seems like the best way to keep rabbits clean and healthy. If I move her outside, I'll build a nice big hutch and probably bring her back inside during the hottest and coldest week or two of the year, and I'll also make sure I play with her every day or two for a while (I like to pet her while watching TV presently).

Good luck. Rabbits are fun pets and you have the right approach in that if you bring one home just "for work," you'll wind up spending a lot of time on a chore. But if you are open to having another pet, the rabbit will respond with affection (not as open as dogs, but affectionate in that they hop over to you and "ask" to be scratched) and be good partners in your show.
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