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I was wondering, does anyone have some creative ideas for balloon magic? Some I have thought of are:
1. cut and restored balloon using a TT.
2. changing a colored balloon to another color like you would for scarfs (change bag if needed). Personally I have a better use for it than this.
3. lay six balloons out and use the same force as for a Hot Rod to predict a balloon you have in your hand.

any suggestions...
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Yorktown, Virginia (Previously Germany)
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I usually rip an inflated 260 in half without letting the air escape and do a short ripped and restored routine from that.

Ripped and restored with an inflated balloon typically gets a pretty good reaction.
Rob "Riff, the Magical Clown" Eubank aka RiffClown
<BR>Magic is not the method, but the presentation.
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Welcome to the Café, knockknocktheclown. A mutual friend has told me we are in the same neck of the woods. I am a Ft. Bragg graduate, and still live in the area. We should get together and talk.

My son does a different type of balloon trick. It's the "Jonah in the whale" trick.

Where Jonah is inside the whale (small piece of balloon is detached from the balloon and ends up inside the larger section of the balloon, which is shaped like a fish)

At the end, you pop the (whale) balloon and it spits Jonah (small detached piece) out onto the shore.

Although poorly told (sorry), it's a great visual trick. I'll get with my son, and we'll properly post it in a step by step format if you are interested.

I think your and Rob's ideas are excellent, and I think I can put them to good use in Children's Church.

My only suggestion is something you probably already do, but just in case... I don't know the patter you use for the "Hot Rod type force," but I would/will use the "Wordless Book" colors and illustrations. It seems to be a natural.

Anyway, sounds like you have a great start. I'll be looking for other things to use, and get back to you. Can't wait to hear more of your and everyone else's ideas.

Steve Smile
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Well we live right next to each other. I live in Fayetteville, we need to get on the phone together or meet. So your friend is right. I am familar with the Jonah trick, I believe that would be from Ralph Dewey.

Speaking of the area, there is a local magicians' group that meets if you are interested and a local clown alley which I am part of. I used to be part of the magicians' group but felt I needed more of the clown alley right now.

You are correct about the colors, I have a gospel trick that has six cards with the colors with illustrations. The link below should show the trick. It is a Windows media player video.

Click Here!

I was going to sell them but to be honest to get a product on the market it is tough. So I have been giving them out to people— planting those seeds you know.

I have a couple balloon ideas for your son if he is interested. I came up with taking a heart balloon and taking it with 2 260's and making a lion using the heart as the face. I would use that to talk about a lying heart and how Jesus can change a lying heart to a lion heart if you will let him. Story being Peter, how he denied knowing Jesus three times and then then look at Pentecost, he preached. He went from a lying heart to the heart of a lion. Notice the play on words. Works great for clowns.

The other I just made yesterday, I got the baby figured out. I leave the tail of the balloon on as an umbilical cord so I can attach to a round balloon. I am working now how to stuff that baby in the balloon. NO pun intended. The Gospel truth would be, he knew you in the womb and how we must be born again. Hence the two births, water and spirt.

Well thanks for writing, we will have to talk. Email me so we can get together. I would love to get fellow Christian magicians, balloonists, and clowns together in the area.

I would love to know who this persons is. Is through the Internet or because of my name as Knock Knock the clown.
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I include Balloons in all of my magic I do a torn and restored with a 160 balloon and have you done the balloon with a belly-ache? Smile
The Great Wandini
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I know this subject is dead but here goes!
Take a 260 and blow a bubble. Tie and cut off so you have a 2" bubble. Palm this.
Take a 260 and weaken the center and the top.
You are ready to perform!
Holding the top inflate a bubble in the center. Bring the hand with the loose bubble up, squeeze the center bubble so the air goes into the top area, covered by the hand. Show the loose bubble. Bring the loose bubble back to the balloon, squeeze the top bubble thus reinflating the center. You have put the bubble back on to the balloon! Bring the bubble back to the balloon, release the air from the balloon, and throw the bubble to the audience.
I hope this makes sense. If not - call
All the best,
George. Smile
Scott Ocheltree
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Oscar Munoz has a linking balloons routine in his lecture notes. It uses inflated balloons twisted and tied in loops. He uses a simple gimmick we are all probably familiar with, but I don't think it would be good form to tip his method. You could email him and ask about his lecture notes:
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Maryland, USA
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You just inspired an idea for when I am making poodles, jester hats, and any others that involve an 'airball'.

Thanks for (ahem) breathing life back into this thread.

JM Smile Smile

Balloons, Magic, Mayhem & More!

"... destined to take the place of the MudShark in your mythology... " FZ
Vibono Magic
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Marvin Hardy has a book called Balloon Magic you mey want to look at.
Vibono Mirage
Magic entertainer and Balloon artist
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I have written some of my routines with 260 balloons down.
Click Here to read them
There's three of them but only the fishing routine has magic in it.
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Hey magicgeorge, what type of balloon do you use for the tongue in your hat ? Very interesting! indeed
Not clever enough to come up with something orginal, or did I.
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That's a 160 stuffed inside a 360 the technique can be found at I believe it was developed by a talented Dutch Twister called Hans Siemens. It can be found in past columns by the aforementioned gent under his description for making a dogs head
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Here are two pretty good ones;

Stretch a white balloon at the center to weaken it. inflate a small ping pong sized bubble by the neck and tie it off. bring out the balloon with the bubble hidden. load a pingpong ball into your mouth. pretend to blow on the balloon and squeeze the bubble so it moves/inflates at the center of the balloon. Put the center to your mouth and 'suck out the balloon'. Actually squeeze the balloon behind your hand. Open your mouth and produce ping pong ball. - SOURCE: Charlie Frye's Excentricks.

Palm a colorfull marbled balloon. Take a bunch of pieces of torn/popped balloons and ball up in your hand. Exchange. Produce restored multi colored balloon. SOURCE: David Grist Lecture

Über goodest signature ever.
Daniel Santos
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Doesn't somebody have a trick out called Tonsil Tickler and it's like Sword Swallowing except with a balloon? It sounds familiar...but I haven't searched it so I wouldn't know. This would, of course, be more on the adults/older children side of magic...
If it is to be, it is up to me.
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Float a balloon with IT?
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Harris Deutsch
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I would not advise doing the balloon swallowing with any children around.

Also be careful if you decide to do it.

It is easy, but with anything in the mouth the way you do this illusion could choke you. So I am guessing that you would not like any young copy cats.

Speaking of risk, I think I finally am going to get insurance for my programs.

Any body else carry Magic Show or other Insurance?

Just my two 260's worth.

Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
music, magic and marvelous toys
Tom Stevens
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You can easily do a card trick with a balloon dog where the balloon dog sniffs out which card was the chosen one.
Steve V
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I'm surprised two of the best known tricks using 260s have not been mentioned. I shan't mention then either, I'll just say Ray Kosby and McBride.....good luck.
Steve V
Sir T
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Norm has two videos on this subject and I forget the name of the man who has a dvd on this effect, kool aid to balloons and balloons from nowhere! Both by norm.
Bill Nuvo
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Check out . This should give you lots of ideas.
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