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To end on a "Blank" is a low note. I would try to throw a "production" of some sort into the end. Just off the top of my mind. There is no reason you couldn't print a message on the "Blank" pages. It could be simply the word "Applause" in large letters on every page. You could then pronounce the ALL winners and have the audience applaud for each! Of could you could create something like an animation also (I won't even begin with the all the ideas possible here.)
In another vein of brainstorming...classically in the Monte you could have another book "set aside" that becomes THE book. Show it after the others are blank and then produce something from it, i.e. large message silk, or several body silks to go with the masks and then "the end".
Hope that helps.
"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." Mark Twain
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I was thinking sort of in the lines of take the 3 books and with 3 palmed mouth coils make it seem as if they are coming out of the colored books and then show the books blank as if you've taken the color out of the books. Then do what Lance Burton did, give the 3 kids their ribbons from their books and tell them to put it under their pillow. Then in the morning, there would be a dollar in place of it like magic. BUT MAKE SURE YOU TELL YOUR PARENTS ABOUT THING. Just an idea! Josh
If a magician is not intending to "trick" a spectator, why is every "trick" called a magic "trick"?
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If you end with showing three coloured books, place three white silks into a change bag, have each child shake his book into the bag as though shaking the colours and then produce a rainbow coloured silk or a giant streamer of colours.

Before the silk coloured production, show the books white as the streamers should be the climax.

Just my thoughts,

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I've decided to put this one away until I can find a good ending. There is such a buildup with the music and the mixing, and then it seems like a letdown. I may try to work in some of these ideas. Any more would be greatly appreciated.
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How fast paced is the cassette?
There is a cassette that comes with it from the 3 kid Monte at hocus pocus.
Steven Steele
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How about the 3 books changing to "Happy Birthday, Child's Name" for a birthday presentation?

Or one book could be made up to have the name in it. The second one "Happy" and the third "Birthday".

Or the last one a picture of a party or something.

You could also change one book to be balloons. The second one birthday cake, and the last book, which is used by the birthday child with the message "Happy Birthday, XXXXX". This would require some customization, but the birthday child could be the one starting with the colored book and at the end of the routine he gets to keep the book (or an ungimmicked one, if you don't like giving away secrets of things you do, which I don't--switch it out when you put the three books away, bring the ungimmicked one out and give it to the birthday child).

Other shows could be customized in a similar fashion.

This would be a great surprise and a giveaway for the child, albeit a lot of work.

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Howdy -
A 'general' question regarding this great routine. Could it be combined with the balloon animal routine from Don Caldwell called "The Big Book of Animals" (available from
I went to purchase the cd/book form of the product and it is out of stock, so I am left to still wonder.
If any of you have Don's book (Things that fell out of my head), would you let me know if it could/would work. Thanks in advance.
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Rupert Bair
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I'm getting it from Cody next week as he's over here, The idea is its a competion isn't it? why not have a two page spread on the back two pages saying 'WINNER' that way you say they all need a prize because they are winners.

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As to an ending, what about a colored picture on the back of one of the children? I admit that I don't have the effect, but things appearing on the back of a child are always a lot of fun.

Bruce Hetzler
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I caught Cody's lecture this evening at Blackpool and was interested in his presentation of this effect. It certainly livened up the room.

My gut instinct is that it would play better for a family audience than for an audience entirely of children. If I were using it purely for a children's audience my feeling is put it in the party games section if you have such a section.

That's only my initial feeling. The only way is to try it out.

Like others have mentioned it could do with a stronger ending. You have this build up of music, fun and laughter that suddenly just stops. Cody offered a couple of endings, none of which I liked.

Thinking about it later, here's what I've come up with.

At one point in the routine you show that the "coloured" book has jumped to one of the other children. You make sure the birthday boy gets the "coloured" book back. (This is part of Cody's routine).


For the final musical play, the three children mix themselves up very quickly and then ask the audience to guess who has the book. I'd show that two of the children have the "Black and white" books and that means the birthday boy must have the "coloured" one.

Flick it to the audience as though it were coloured but you of course don't notice it is B&W (or completely blank). The audience will point this out to you- and of course you ignore them until their shouts force you to notice.

You are amazed! How could this be? Some sneaky mischief maker must have switched the books when you weren't looking! Who could it be? You turn around to place the books down and the "missing" book is hanging on your back.

I like Bruce's suggestion above but I don't think it's logical to have a page on a child's back. The book - yes.

However today children wear much thinner clothes than in previous times and while there is plenty of opportunity to hang something on one of their backs, there is the double danger of a pin or hook sticking into them and/or the child feeling the weight of the item.

I would also go to the extra trouble of buying a few extra colouring books and removing all the coloured pages and rebinding them into one book so that this book can be very freely shown to have LOTS of pages coloured in. (Some may observe that a book that looks as if it has fifty pages, only seems to have ten when it's flicked).

With all the movement in this routine it would be very simple to hang this extra book on your back.

You might suggest that the birthday boy must have been really clever to do the switch without you noticing, so we'd better give him an extra special cheer.

This suggestion does at least give the routine an ending and a logical conclusion.
Al Kazam the Magic Man
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Thanks for sharing those thoughts with us. I too have three books, but haven't been able to figure out a good ending for the routine.

Al Kazam --> Magic guy in Perth Australia
John Breeds
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I also thought the climax to Color Book Monte seemed a bit flat.

So, I modified the pictures in the books, where TWO CATS chase a MOUSE. The fun is trying to guess where the mouse is (exactly as per Cody Fisher's routine).

The climax is that two books now show a ferocious-looking BULLDOG (who chased the cats away). The remaining book shows a picture of happy mouse who is eating the cheese.

As Cody says, this plays big, and there's lots of opportunity to all have fun.

I agree with Quentin's point that it plays really well in big family settings and particularly well in schools. It's not so good in a small lounge with just 12 children.

John Breeds
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I can't find this on Hocus Pocus. Can anybody help me out?
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I cant find Three Kid Monte either at Hocus Pocus - can anyone help me out?
"Master of the Obvious"
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Okay, because you cant purchase this anywhere is there any reason I can't just get three funny masks and two more coloring books and make up my own routine? If I understand the basis of this trick you have three spectators selected. You give each of them a coloring book you ask the other spec's to find the colored book. They keep finding the right book, so you pull out some funny masks and mix the kids up again. Now they can't find the right book. And from what I have read think up a good ending to the trick, like pulling streamers from the pages to make them all blank. I am sure that I am missing some great patter, but it can't be purchased, so is there any other handling that I am missing?
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I just ordered it from Magic auction. I hope it arrives before next Sat when I have a show to give. I had the routine a while back, but lost track of the whole set up when my parents decided to "clear the attic"

try Magic Auction, they might have more.


"Master of the Obvious"
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