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I've been progressing in my knowledge of rubber band magic

Rubber band Bibliography

Aaronson, Simon: Sessions With Simon: The Impossible Magic Of Simon Aronson Vol 1 DVD; Ringleader The cleanest, most visual, finger ring and rubber band routine you’ll ever see! The illusion of linking and penetration is instantaneous, with no extraneous moves & Try the Impossible Although it was intended to be an "all card" book, at the last moment Simon was persuaded to reveal "Ringleader", his incredible finger ring through rubber band routine. Nine pages of text and over 20 photos help explain one of the most visual pieces of magic.

Allen, Jon The B Movies. 11 pages booklet ©1995 by The FM Factory translated in French in 2002by Boris Wild as Serie B. Entirely devoted to rubber bands it is fully illustrated with black and white photos and includes E. T.: A borrowed finger ring gets threaded on a rubber band which has ot be broken to set it free. The band is then repaired by the performer. The hand on the crib : a rubber-band is broken and restored as it is on a spectator’s wrist. The Chained : The Crazy Man’s Handcuffs with the band returns to their initial position. Star Trek: a rubber-band is shaped into a star. True Lies: A truly broken rubber-band is restored. Aiming: throwing a rubber band three times farther with complete accuracy & Spectators don’t exist DVD ; The Rubber Band Trilogy: a whole act in itself featuring The Jerk: Don't just unlink the bands; The Third Man: two people join in for a powerful penetration of the bands. Learn Jon's simple technique to significantly enhance the effect on the audience. You will add it to your routine straight away; The Hand That Rocks The Cradle: learn how to break a rubber band and actually restore it around someone's wrist.

Ammar, Michael: Ice Breakers DVD ©1990 Broken And Restored Rubber band & Live! DVD ©1990: This is a live lecture given by Michael Ammar at the Magic Castle in 1990 it includes Broken and Restored Rubber Band & The Magic of Michael Ammar ©1991 by Louis Falanga L&L publishing p 135 Ring Band-it; p 154 Broken & Restored Rubberband Finesse; p 158 The Linking Headbands Pinch; p 238 The Crazy Man’s Handcuffs & Third National Tour © by Michael Ammar, p 2 Ring Band It: A ring is borrowed and a rubber band is examined. After it has been confirmed that everything is as it should be. the ring is then visibly linked onto the rubber band, and then visibly snapped off three different times. In each case the linking is done in full view, and the ring is clearly seen to be linked onto the band. To conclude, a pseudo explanation is given as to how the ring links onto the band, by breaking, and then visibly restoring the rubber band. Everything, of course, is examined at the end with nothing to ditch or conceal; p 5 Broken and Restored Rubberband Finesse: a convincing work on Harry Lorayne Snap & Greater Magic Video Library DVD #13 Our Best: Ring and Rubber band. & Classic Renditions Vol 2 Impromptu Rubber Band Magic ©1991: The Crazy Man's Handcuffs, Dan Harlan's Traveling Cash, and Harry Lorayne's Snapped (actually the name is Snap!) & Exciting World of Magic, DVD includes rubber band tricks & Michael Ammar Live! DVD; Linking Headbands: this routine was originally done with rubber bands. Here, Michael uses two different colored, terry cloth headbands for greater visibility. Hold the bands out and ask a spectator to pinch the middle two strands, and magically the bands clearly link together. When pinched again, they unlink. This is an easy yet effective routine; Broken and restored Rubber Band: Rubber band magic is great; you can do it anywhere, anytime. In this routine, you break a rubber band, show it in full view, then put back together again.

Andrews, Carl: The Strolling Magician Carl gives us the inside story on everything we need to be successful in the lucrative field of Strolling Magic. It's out of our pockets, with no performing surface necessary. We learn: How to get into the business; How to introduce ourselves; What material to perform; What to wear; How long to stay with a group; How much to charge. Additionally, we see Carl perform some of his trademark routines (performance only, with reference to sources). Linking Rubber Bands, Ring on Rubber Band

Anonymous: Magic with Rubber bands DVD; on this DVD, we learn more than a dozen mini illusions that can be performed with rubber bands. These tricks require no complicated sleight of hand. Within minutes of watching the step-by-step instruction portion of the DVD, we are able to perform magic with rubber bands anywhere and anytime: Link two rubber bands together; Restore broken rubber bands; Pull rubber bands through solid objects; Vanish and appear rubber bands; Multiply rubber bands

Anonymous: Underground DVD Magic Linking Ring: Is it possible to link two rubber bands together? Dead Ringer: A finger ring climbs up a rubber band all by itself; Torn & Restored Bands: Break a rubber band and then make it restore; Penetrating Bands: Make rubber bands pass thru each other

Astor (Victor Jamnitzky): Visible Ambitious Card (marketed effect) very visual climax to an ambitious card routine, in which a card on the face of the deck criss crossed by rubber bands visibly changes to the ambitious card.

Bilis, Bernard Apocalypse Vol. 16, # 2 February 1993; p. 2179: Instant Opener. As indicated by the title, the trick is an opener. Let a spectator choose a card by peeking at the indices as you riffle the upper left corner of the deck still held by a rubber band. Now immediately toss the deck on to the table and the card thought of pops out & La magie par les cartes, vol. 6 – 2001.

Bilkis, Dr. Michael Apocalypse Vol. 16, # 3 March 1993; p. 2189: Lost and Bound. This emulates Ken Simmons’ effect where the rubber band vanishes to reappear around the selected card.

Blackstone, Harry, Sr.: Easy Magic for Everyone ©1911 Arthur P. Felsman p 12 The Blackstone Rubber Band and String Trick

Bloom, Gaetan: Elastok ©1989 Two rubber bands link and can be immediately handed out.

Brian: Poor Man’s Linking Rings The Trickery; The unlinking effect dates back more than 100 years ago when the effect was done with catgut. Performed on television countless times in recent years including by David Copperfield, this is an effect magicians want to learn. It truly looks like real magic. What makes this version different is the subtle twists on the handling. Most versions only focus on the unlinking part, this one also allows you to link the bands.

Carbone, Angelo. Channel One Vol. 2 # 5 September 2000; p. 27: Something Snappy Very visual color change of a rubber band & Arcane N° 109 of January 2003; p. 17 French translation as “Quelque chose de claquant!”

Chadier, James: French Conection DVD includes rubber band effects

Chretien, Yannick: Yannick Chretien DVD ©2009 Yannick is a very creative card magician and performer and on this DVD he shares his visual magic using simple methods for real world situations. Routines include: Rubber Retro, Paul Harris Reset classic...4 aces change one by one into 4 kings...Only they're tied in a rubber band

Colombini, Aldo : Genii Vol. 56 # 3, January 1993 ; p. 164 Snap Twice, Improvements on the Roy Baker’s Bandit Bill. As it is achieved by pure sleight of hand, Aldo’s technique allows to repeat at will the effect of getting through a folded card or a dollar bill resting on it & The Close-Up Magic Of Aldo Colombini. includes Super Link (rubber bands), & The Band. 19 pages booklet ©1994 by Aldo Colombini. 13 new effects with a deck of cards and rubber bands including Wrap-It, Flying-It, Rubber Penetration, Up-Again, Transpo-Wrap, Star Wrap, Wrap Again, A Trio Band, Mini-Wrap, Stranger in the Wrap, Pyramid (de Jay Sankey), Snap Twice and Super Link (Aldo’s take on Dan Harlan linked rubber bands) & What’s Up Deck ? ©1995 by Aldo Colombini; p. 85 Band It. Alternative method J.K. Hartman’s transposition effect between two packets of opposite colors and locked by rubber bands & The very best of Aldo Colombini (in French) ©2000 Richard Vollmer; p. 23 Band it & Standing Room Only video: Pyramid Trick - A rubber band finds a selected card & Mamma Mia Magic; Band-O-Roma: a card is selected and lost in the deck. A rubber band is wrapped twice arouno the deck. The rubber band then vanishes and reappears around only one card: the selection & True Magic Vol 2 DVD; Super Link: watch the handling of Aldo's linking rubber band; very clean, very convincing.

Colton, Bruce. Apocalypse Vol. 19 # 3 March 1996 ; p. 2621 Rubber Band through Wrist, One more variant of the rubber-band through wrist derived from Harry Lorayne’s “Snap”.

Cox, Don: Boomerang Band Instructional Video having learned the Boomerang Band from Don Cox’s video, Al Angello keeps lecturing or demonstrating this effect, which creator has been lost. The effect however has been around since the turn of the XXth century.

Daniels, Paul: Inner Secrets Of Professional Magic DVD The Boomerang Band: Paul teaches his handling of this famed stunt where a rubber band is made to shoot across the room or a stage and then amazingly roll back to you; The Penetrating Band: Paul teaches a rubber band sequence he used on television where a rubber band penetrates the stem of a glass.

Darwin: Darwin's Encyclopedia of Thumb Tip Magic Vol 3 (DVD Download); Rubber Bands: a little mystery with a rubber band

Dooley, Dixie: Volume 1: Escape from the Ordinary DVD Download Vol 1 Escape from a Rubber Band

Draun, Steve: Secrets Draun from Underground ©1993 Richard Kaufman; p. 117: The Rubber-Band Card. Despite the title no rubber band is involved in the effect.

Duraty. Close-up festival 2002. La Bague sauteuse; La Pêche aux roubignoles de son livre & L’Illusionniste N° 350 fourth trimester; p. 76 : Évasion Houdini. &, Trompe-L’œil ©2009 p. 143 Le Saut à l’élastique. Travel of a rubber band from one hand to the other linking along the way.

Elsdon, Mark: Before I Forget DVD; presentation for the one rubber band trick that works one-on-one or for an audience of 500.

Edwards, Doug: Apocalypse Vol. 16, # 2 February 1993; p 2178 : The Band Plays. New way of revealing a chosen card with the help of a rubber band. No suspect move can be detected as the band is placed around the deck and the card pops out face up when the deck is tossed face down on to the table.

Ellis, Ed: The Castle Routine DVD: Ringnature - A borrowed ring captures their card and is rubber banded to it. All is handed back as a souvenir & You Ring DVD 2007; Edan Productions 2007. You Ring: a ring is borrowed, a rubber band is held at the fingertips of the right hand and placed through the center of the ring. A second rubber band is placed behind the other rubber band using your left hand. The spectator holds the ring as the bands instantaneously penetrate through the ring and each other and the spectator is left holding the ring with the rubber bands still at the fingertips of your hands; Rubber band through Thumb is a slow motion penetration and the spectator holding the rubber band; Rubber band through Ring: Visual and powerful by doing the penetration with the spectator holding the ring; Say Vanish! Four cards are selected (signed is an option) then mixed into the deck. From a previous effect 4 aces are already on the table which you pick up and place into an empty card box for a spectator to hold. A rubber band is wrapped twice around the deck and when the spectator says “vanish” the rubber band disappears and the deck and hands are shown front and back. The rubber band is gone! In an instant the rubber band reappears capturing 4 cards. Instead of the selected cards being captured the 4 aces have been captured and the box in the spectators hand contains the spectator selected cards & Totally Blue It! DVD: Episode 3 of the Ed Ellis Cable TV Show produced in 2005; This episode features cards and rubber bands filmed live at Papa Bears Restaurant in Canton, Ohio. & Collector's Edition Sampler (Vol. 3) Rubber band Through Thumb: usually done in a quick motion but this version is more visual and powerful.

Ellis, Tim: 24 Years of Living Next Door to Ellis DVD includes a Rubber band Restoration.

Evans, Henry: Linking Rubber Band trick (marketed effect); Several rubber bands are dropped into hand of the spectator. The spectator is instructed to close their hand and in an instant the magician has the spectator open the hand to show that all the bands are now linked in a continuous chain...and can be examined & Henry Evans Something More- #3, DVD; Linking Rubber Bands: handful of rubber bands are examined by the audience and shown to be ordinary and distinctly separate. The performer holds them on his outstretched palm and asks a spectator to cover them. Instantly, the rubber bands are shown to be inextricably linked.

Fenn, Bert: Easy To Master Card Miracles Vol 4 by Michael Ammar: Rubber Band Surprise

Fox, Wayne: Neat And Tidy (Marketed effect with DVD) A jumbled mass of rubber bands instantly snap together to build a neat and tidy rubber band ball that can be dropped on the table or handed out to your spectators

Franzen, George D. Apocalypse Vol.10 # 11 1987. The Dissolving Rubber Band

Fraps, Thomas, et al.: The Book, or Don't Forget To Point by Richard Kaufman). Double Blind card to rubber bands; colored link in a bus.

Freed, Lee: Imagik N° 27 April 2000; p. 4: Le Billet sauteur [the Jumping Bill]. Another method to effect this Dan Harlan’s creation. Translated in French by Philippe Billot.

Fulves, Karl: The Chronicles includes rubber bands

Gagnon, Tom: Wristy Penetration A nifty penetration whereby a rubber band penetrates the performer's wrist and ends up on the spectator's wrist.

Garcia, Daniel: The Daniel Garcia Project Vol 1 DVD Rubber Made the first phase is the very open and visible linking of a ring on both strands of a rubber band stretched between the pinkies and then unlinking it; Then one strand of the elastics is linked into the other in full view, chain like, using invisible elastic from the body to the thumb & Bent Touch Slink: two elastic bands link and we can watch them go through each other: one of the most visual linking ever created & Next ©2002 Daniel Garcia, Self-published, p 10 Stretch – A visual three phase ring and rubber band routine. Includes: Rubberbound where a borrowed finger ring jumps from one rubber band to the other. Ring Shot comes next with one of the rubber bands vanishing along with the ring. Ring Link Bros. is the last, and now the finger ring visually melts into one of the rubber bands, and then melts off in their hands.

Geer, Brian: Heavy Hitters DVD 2003; Brian Geer performs and teaches the routines he performs professionally. Routines include: Quarter In Plastic, Color Changing Deck, Back In Time, Sponge Balls, Chips Are Down, Silk N' Potato, Watch The Pockets, Razorblade Prediction, Sharpest Razor, Magician's Triumph, Salt N' Pepper, Rubber bands, Egg Bag, Gold Fish, and PH's Uncanny.

Gerard, Andrew: Key Accessory (marketed effect). Several keys and colored rubber bands are shown. A spectator freely selects a key. The key is initialed on one side by the spectator and then initialed by the performer on the other side. Next, a colored rubber band is chosen by the spectator and threaded through the head of the key. The rubber band is placed over the spectator’s wrist and the spectator holds the key at their fingertips. The performer suggests that the spectator will feel the key soften and bend like rubber, they do, and it does. The key is felt bending while the spectator is holding it and it is attached to a rubber band around the spectator’s wrist the whole time! Your hands are left clean and they are left with an amazing accessory

Girard, Christian: Imagik N° 18 (French magazine) January 1998; p. 22 : La Patte du dragon [The Dragon’s claw]. As a chouchou (colorful elastic hairbands used to attach ladies’ pony tails), several times gets through the middle finger. No flourishes, no double or triple looping, just put it on the finger and pull: it just goes right through the finger. Very clean and very direct & Imagik N° 26 January 2000; p. 35 keeps delivering his work on the « chouchous » with La Contre-patte du dragon, Le Chouchou ubiquiste, Bang ! and Le Surenclavage fulgurant. & Lecture Notes Faux-semblants ©2001 ; p. 9: Étoile en élastique. The use of a “memory type of rubber band” enables to cleverly close after presenting Starweaver by Jeff McBride & Scrunchy Magic DVD ©2001 Éd. Joker Deluxe. Anthology of magical effects with chouchous [Hairbands]. Spectacle avec des chouchous. General advice. Eight sequences each including several effects and explanations. Splitting, solid through solid, unlinking, color change, escapes, change, etc. & Arcane N° 112 2003 covering the “chouchous” p. 12 : Le Double ceinturage sur l’index; p. 13 : Le Voyage en solitaire p 15 : L’Élastique sauteur au surenclavage index/index; p 22 : La Gueule du croco; p 22 : Le Transfert de ligotage (deux techniques) p. 24 : Enclavage d’élastique n+1 & L’Illusionniste N° 348 second trimester 2003: p. 31 : L’Évasion ping pong; p 34: L’Élastique sauteur d’une main à l’autre; p 35: L’Élastique sauteur, version ultime; p 36 : L’Élastique sauteur d’une main à l’autre, version 2 & L’Illusionniste N° 350 fourth trimester 2004; p. 96 : Transposition topologique au surenclavage index/majeur d’une main

Goldman, Michael: Apocalypse Vol. 17 # 12 December 1994; p. 2439: Strand through Strand.

Govan, Barry: Ring Link. ©2006 marketed effect: borrowed finger ring getting thread on a rubber band.

Harkey, David: Simply Harkey 1991 includes rubber band effects.

Harlan, Dan: The Bandshark The Dan Harlan pal #1 video A1 Multimedia; On this video, Dan teaches all of the effects and techniques that have made his fame. Shot on broadcast-quality tape in a professional studio, this is the easy-to-perform rubber band magic that`s perfect for impromptu situations. Included are: Bandlocked Travelling Tips P`Link Rubber Ring Flight Joint Venture Twisted Incredible Shrinking Rubber Band Instant Separation Original Linking Bands Another Ringer Snapped Again Wrist Band Band Roll-On & Magic with Rubber bands 3 DVD Set Dan's name is synonymous with the resurgence of rubber band magic when his initial creations were passed among a select few professionals. Now his vast repertoire is respected worldwide...and explained here for us...close up and detailed. Instead of presenting puzzles, or single tricks, Dan has organized this material into sections featuring complementary methods to form fully developed routines...professional and complete. There are more techniques, subtleties, even flourishes on these three videos than anyone could imagine. & Bandshark DVD Traveling Tips: A streamlined variation of Dan Harlan's award winning Traveling Cash routine. It's an outstanding piece of magic where two rubber bands are held between the hands and a spectator holds the top of four strands. Then, the held strand VISUALLY begins to travel down to second, third, fourth positions. It's a reputation maker; Original Impromptu Linking Rubber Bands: Dan Harlan's original method of linking and unlinking rubber bands; Snapped Again: a rubber band is convincingly broken and visually restored; Joint Venture: a rubber band is wrapped around your finger and magically penetrates right through it. The sequence is repeated under more impossible conditions; Also performed and explained: Bandlocked; Instant Separation; P'Link; Incredible Shrinking Rubber Band; Rubber Ring Flight; Another Ringer; Wrist Band; Michael Goldman's Twisted; Band Roll-On…

Harris, Paul: Stars of Magic DVD Vol 2: Paul Harris Close-Up Astonishment. Rubber bandScam & SLR Souvenir Linking Rubber Bands Marketed Item (DVD, bands) by Paul Harris. We hand out two loose single bands to be examined. We then display the two single bands at our fingertips…then have someone press two of the loose strands together. The two bands link while still in her fingers. She rubs the linked bands..and they melt apart, unlinking into two loose bands. She squeezes the loose bands together one last time. She never lets go...never lets them out of her sight…and they link again, and stay linked! We let her keep this rare astonishing collectable. Includes 20 linked sets and 10 singles

Hartman, J.K. Apocalypse vol. 18 # 1 January 1995; p. 2449: Crossing Cards. Transposition of a black card jumping into a packet of red card and of a red card jumping into a packet of black cards when both packets are locked by a rubber band.

Hassini, Tony: Easy To Learn Magic Series 10Volumes DVD

Hitchcock, Scot Apocalypse, Vol. 16 # 10 October 1993; p. 2277: The Programmed Rubber Band. A routine with patter allowing to present flourishes with rubber bands & Apocalypse, Vol. 17, # 6 June 1994; p. 2372 The Uncanny Re-linked Rubber Bands. A linking technique for the Crazy Man's handcuffs

Hooser, Troy. DesTROYers written by Joshua Jay ©2001 p 157 The Locker, Very good finale after linking for by finishing in revealing that the two rubber bands are linked by a lock coming out of nowhere. French translation by Valérie Thomas in 2007 as ExTROYdinaire with C.C. Éditions.

Jardine Bob: Bob Jardine Close-up VHS ©1984 Unlinking the band from another band and then from a stick held by a spectator with both hands.

Jenkins, David & Davis, Donn : Magic Vol. 5 # 4 December 1995; p. 72 : Cogently Clean Break offers an alternative method for the broken and restored rubber-band.

Jennings, Larry: Jennings ’67 ©1997 by Richard Kaufman; p. 79 Houdini Card Escapes Again. Inspired by Jack Avis’ Houdini Card described in Pallbearers Review special Winter 1968. A very direct approach to allegedly steal a card from a deck locked with four rubber-bands, two along the length and two along the width.

Kalush, Bill: The Collected Almanac 1982 - 1992 1983 by Kaufman, Richard; p. 120 Rubber Ringer: a finger ring is linked on rubber band twice

Kaufman, Richard: The Collected Almanac 1982 - 1992; p 67 Rubber Detective: rubber band around entire deck selects spectator's chosen card; p.107 Temporal Elasticity: a sticker on a rubber band around a deck vanishes and the band appears around your watch; 1983 p. 120 Rubber Ringer (Bill Kalush): Linking finger ring on rubber band; 1983 p. 158 Flash Link/Linking Stanley (Michael Weber): 2 rubber bands held in separate fingers are linked; jumping rubber bands with surprise ending; 1985 p. 332 Elastically Yours (Michael Rubinstein): unique torn and restored rubber band

Kenner, Chris: Totally Out Of Control ©1992 p. 15: Missing Link. A large and a regular rubber band link in a very convincing way.

Kosby, Ray: Impossible Close Up magic DVD ©2004: Rubber Nightmare: Smaller rubber bands are pulled out of a large one and replaced back to end up in a small a medium and a large one. & Wow, It’s Ray Kosby DVD. ©1997

Laurini. Magicoulisse ©2002: p. 88 a « chouchou » [Hairband] effect; p. 217 rubber band effect

Leeds, Russel: Banding Around DVD. The main effect, Rubber Ring, offers a powerful seven-phase rubber band routine. The bands pass through each other, through your own thumb and then a spectator's thumb. We then pass a band through a spectator's wrist and then through a finger ring. With Impromptu Penetration, a rubber band penetrates through a pen, strand by strand. In the second phase, the band is wrapped around the pen and the ends of the pen are held by spectators and the band passes through again. In the offbeat Rubber Coins, we change a series of bands into coins. The similarly themed Trans-purse-ition has the bands turning into coins and changing places with coins that are sitting in a coin purse. Another effect with a coin purse, in Bands in Purse, three bands travel to an empty purse that a spectator is holding. There's also another similar effect, Rubber, where bands turn into rubber balls - which can work as a great intro to a three ball routine.

Leviss, Andy: See Greg Moreland Rubber Band Magic DVDs & Linked 4 Life: A2 productions New Jersey 2003. Andy takes this "classic" plot to a whole new level. We take two (and only two) clearly separate rubber bands, touch them together, and they visibly link in slow-motion. Then, without any switches, sudden movements, or anything else, we immediately hand them to an audience member to keep in their permanently linked state: detailed manuscript clearly illustrated by magician/artist Shaun Robison and autographed by Andy Leviss

Long, Chad: Best of Chad Long Seminaire. ©1999

Loraine, Sid: Ideas, vol. 3 VHS ©1980: The technique that will become the Crazy Man’s Handcuff.

Lorayne, Harry: Hex; 1969 by Bill Madsen Even if Bill Madsen’s book is copyrighted in 1969, Harry released the effect now famous as Snap! in 1967 to Bill Madsen & Stars of Magic, vol. 9 ©1987: Snap! & Tarbell #7 ©1968 Snap! (not "Snapped" as sometimes misspelled) & Ever Pal Video #9 or DVD #9: SNAP! Here’s the rubber-band effect that took part in starting the whole rubber-band-trick craze. The effect should be performed with a borrowed rubber band, not one taken out of the pocket. After seemingly breaking it as it is stretched between the fingers it is released into one of the fists. Then it is very cleanly restored.

Marini, Vinny: Clap underground video 1997: Harry Loraine created Snap and Vinny offered us Clap & And Then There Was One underground video: this is a variant from a Dan Harlan effect where instead of being dropped on to the floor, the second band is seemingly taken from the wrist but actually released on to it. Not as easy as it looks but great effect and the audience can look at the floor & The Godfather DVD Liquid Penetration: A very visual penetration reworked with Vince Mendoza get ready and now presented as “Liquid Band”

Marlo, Ed: Ultimate Marlo, vol. 3 VHS ©1996 in French. Prédiction à l'élastique [Rubber Band Prediction]

Maxwell, Michael: Incredible Magic At The Bar Vol 3 DVD Jumping Rubber Band

McBride, Jeff: Magic At The Edge DVD by Jeff McBride Hermetic Star Gazer is one of the great rubber band effects of our time. This Alan Wong effect is Jeff’s lesson in alchemical geometry with guest participant Stephen Larsen. As above . . . so below

Mendoza, Vince: The Godfather DVD © by Vinny Marini: Liquid Band: Vince created a cleaner way to get into Vinny Marini’s Liquid Penetration which Vinny adopted as well as Vince’s name for the effect as “Liquid Band”.

Michaels, Loren Christopher: Kick the Trick video. Includes Band-It: linking and unlinking rubber bands

Mirouf, Sylvain Imagik N° 7 (French magic magazine) April 1995 page 20: La Carte au pouce [the thumb up card]. Derived from a Ken Simmons’ effect, this rubber-band revelation enables to produce the chosen card still wrapped with the rubber-band but on the thumb which holds the deck & Magic vol. 8 # 6 June 1999 ; p. 80: Two to One Link & Lecture Notes ©2001 . Several routines with rubber bands in his Carte blanche & La Saga des élastiques ©1994. Fusion 1 : Dan Harlan linking of two rubber bands actually achieved with only one rubber band. At the end spectators have the illusion that both rubber bands fuse into only one. Broken and restored rubber band which restore in two rubber band. Fusion 2 : with two rubber bands. L’Alliance [the wedding band]: threading of a borrowed wedding band on a rubber band. The method is particularly clean; at the end the rubber band is broken and the ring falls into the spectator’s hand and the rubber band is restored. Symbiose ou hallucination d’élastiques : Dan Harlan linking type with three rubber bands which link two by two. The middle rubber band is actually trapped between the other two. The routine design allows to hand the rubber bands to the spectators. Coïncidence : with rubber bands of different colors. L’Élastique à tête chercheuse : a rubber band effect with cards, The rubber band get through the card box and goes through the deck before catching the chosen card. L’Élastique du tricheur : the rubber band helps in finding the aces in the deck.

Mishell, Ed & Hurwitz, Abraham: Rubber Band Trix; The Encyclopedia of Rubber Band Magic. This is the book for which Joe Rindfleisch will create the Vol 2

Moden, Anders: Ebony and Ivory a linking rubber band trick that has to be seen to be believed

Moreland, Greg: Rubber Band Magic 2 DVD Set An acclaimed teacher of both beginning and advanced magic, Greg Moreland has a personable approach to guiding you through the techniques of performing winning magic. He puts it well within your grasp to become a rubber band master! Audience-tested, eye-popping magic; Concise, easy to follow instructions; Live Performances; Essential performance tips; Useful tips on practice and mastery; 2 bonus card tricks

Murday, Nabil: Link DVD ©2007. If you ever wanted to learn linking rubber bands by ONE STRAND only and have been putting it off, this DVD by Nabil teaches us everything we need to know to master the routine plus teach us many variations, handlings and techniques. Besides the basic known methods, Nabil teaches some very interesting and visual gaffed methods. We also learn methods for doing linking finger rings and ring and band penetrations. CMH as taught became a classic. The DVD also contains contributions by Dean Dill, Michael Ammar, Dave Womach, Loren Michaels and Cyril. It also includes bonus routines and ideas.

Niedzwiecki Russ: Pinnacle DVD ©2003; Russ demonstrates and explains his outstanding four-phase routine with a finger ring and rubber band where the ring appears to penetrate on and off the band one strand at a time. As a bonus Niedzwiecki explains his Miracle Finish where the ring actually penetrates the rubber band.

Nops, Claude. L’illusionniste no 343 (one of the oldest French magic magazine) first trimester 2002; p. 13: Le Chouchou escamoté, an effect in Christian Girard’s footsteps. & L’illusionniste no 344 (one of the oldest French magic magazine) second trimester 2002: Ligotage éclair, p. 10 Another “chouchou” & L’Illusionniste N° 347 first trimester; p. 18 : Chouchou kangourou.

Ostin, Bob: A Lifetime of Magical Inventions by Stephen Tucker

Palmer, Johnny Ace: Trilogy DVD vol 2; Superfast Intertwisted: a rubber-band intertwines itself instantly on our fingers.

Pearlman, Oz & Geneva, Jessie: The Greatest Beginner Magic DVD Ever [We Think So.] DVD Jumping Rubber Band: the classic trick where a rubber band jumps through your fingers

Pfeiffer, Rainer & Gunn Peter & Tunn Helge: The Book or Don’t Forget to Point ©1998; p. 20, p.73 and p. 126 colored rubber bands link.

Pierce, Jeff: The King Has Left The Building… With Amnesia. E-book; Visual Rubber Band Un-Link: this is probably one of those “worth the price of the booklet” sorts of things for those of us who enjoy magic with rubber bands. Jeff had never been a huge fan of them and when he returned to magic and found that in his absence they had become a sub-genre, he was a bit surprised. For those of us who do CMH (as it has become known) then this method, for unlinking them, one strand at a time, will certainly appeal to them. Rubber Band Split: an easy and practical method for splitting one rubber band into two. A nice way to segue from an effect like the Fenn/Jordan “Pack That Cuts Itself”, into a linking bands routine. The Shrinking Band: one of the bands visibly shrinks until it vanishes completely. A suggestion by Doug Conn allows us to finish with a very tiny rubber band, making this a transformation rather than a vanish. This item, and the preceding one, would make nice book ends to a rubber band routine since it would allow us to put the split band back together…

Powers, Mike: Power Plays: High Voltage Magic ©2006 Mike Powers Magic p 223: Routined Rubber: a four phase rubber band routine that begins with a single band transforming visibly into two & Close-Up Variety Pack I & Close-Up Variety Pack II Routined Rubber

Racherbaumer, Jon : Magic Vol. 4 # 3 November 1994; p. 68 : Houdini Breaks Out. Variant for the rubber band jumping from around the deck to the chosen card, but with a nice original twist: the deck can be placed on to the table before the effect.

Ray, Eddy: 101 Easy Magic Tricks You Can Do DVD includes Rubber Band Magic

Rindfleisch, Joe: The Minotaur December 1994: Chain Gang & Trapdoor p. 1243: Stretching it & Trapdoor: Trampoline & Elastrix The Encyclopedia of Rubber-band Magic vol 2 ©1995 by Stephen Minch; Elastrix 1 has a very large number of effects with elastic bands, varying from jokey effects to real conjuring. It also includes effects that use elastic bands incidentally, and effects which modus operandi is a concealed elastic band. The drawings are good, but the text is sometimes quite dreadful. Paragraphs stop abruptly, references to another page are wrong, at least one effect is duplicated, and one picture is in the wrong effect. At the time however, it was a rare resource. Elastrix 2 is better written and contains original effects: !panS, Rubber Rabbit, Thnap !, Rubber Necking, Likewise Kneed, Slurp !, One-T(w)o-One, Twentieth Century Bands, The Way They Make Them, The Jo-dan Link, Remote Link, A Marriage of Convenience, On Again, Off Again. & Extreme Rubber Band Magic DVD This is an extended visual demo of Elastrix designed in six acts. ACT 1: Spaghetti Up Nose Flurry: An eye-popping opening gambit as a rubber band is visibly sniffed up into the performer’s nose, removed from the mouth, snapped into the ear, only to be taken from the mouth again; B.A.R. Band: Joe’s revolutionary new take on the broken and restored rubber band. Truly magical; Retention Jump: Don’t blink or you’ll miss the moment when a rubber band jumps from around the fingers of one hand and is found to be wrapped around the fingers of the other; Hand Jump: The next step in the evolution of Stanley Collins’ Jumping Rubber Band; Ultimate Jump: A rubber band wrapped around two fingers jumps to another pair of fingers despite the fact that spectators are holding said fingers; Stretching It: The performer wraps a rubber band around the fingers of one hand and with a tap, it visibly jumps onto the wrist on the other arm; ACT 2: Crazy Penetration: A rubber band penetrates through the performer’s thumb, not once but several times. This one has an ending not for the faint of heart; What Not: A completely different take on the classic Broken and Restored Rubber Band that is guaranteed to leave your audience scratching their heads; Telekinesis: Rubber bands around the performer’s wrist jump off seemingly by only the power of the mind; Across The Great Divide: While two spectators each hold the performer’s first and fourth finger, a rubber band wrapped around one finger visibly jumps to the other; Six Strand: A variation of Dan Harlan’s neo-classic effect "Traveling Cash" but done with three bands; Smarty Pans: Joe’s improvement on his own “PANS” broken and restored band methodology. The spectators actually see the broken ends of the band but it still magically restores itself. ACT 3: Quick Drop Reverse: A broken rubber band instantly restores while the spectator holds it at their fingertips; Hollow Hand: A rubber band visually penetrates straight through the performer’s hand; Color Changing Band: A totally new plot in rubber band magic! A rubber band completely changes color in the performer’s hand and may be handed out immediately to the spectators; Interweave: If you perform "Crazy Man’s Handcuffs" or "Linking Rubber Bands," you’ll love this! Two rubber bands, each a different color, penetrate straight through each other; Pans Link: Still another use for Joe’s "PANS" technique as two solid rubber bands are magically linked. ACT 4: Medusa Stare: Another revolutionary plot as an ordinary rubber band is apparently turned to stone at the performer’s will; No Knot: A rubber band is unmistakably broken and tied together. The performer visibly pulls the knot off the band, restoring it to its pre-broken condition; The Ring: An optical illusion where your audience will swear they see parts of a rubber band disappearing right before their eyes; Grand Opening: This one isn’t an optical illusion as a stretched rubber band visibly opens and closes; Fingertip Restoration: A strand of rubber band is broken into two pieces and put back together right at the performer’s fingertips. Eat Away: A laser pointer is used to dramatically break a rubber band; Delayed Snap: A broken and restored rubber band routine with no apparent set up or "get ready." ACT 5: Rubber Necking: The performer pulls a rubber band straight through his neck as in Tenkai’s rope effect; Jo-Dan Link: Joe’s classic variation on Harlan’s "Linking Rubber Bands."; Remote Link: Two rubber bands are linked… while they’re in the spectator’s hands! One T(w)o One: A rubber band suddenly becomes two bands and just as suddenly becomes one again. ACT 6: No Way Restoration: A broken rubber band is restored right at the performer’s fingertips; Bermuda Vanish: One of three rubber bands mysteriously vanishes though the spectators are holding two of the bands; Fast And Roose: The old endless chain game, only done with a rubber band, and the spectator still has no chance of winning; Interlace Vanish: A rubber band vanishes from the performer’s hand and reappears just as mysteriously; Safety Band: A micro-magic version of the classic ring and rope as a rubber band visibly penetrates onto and off of a common safety pin. & Jumper DVD; a sequence where the knot of a legitimately broken band is made to jump, vanish, appear and disappear. This supplies us with a routine to use every time a rubber band is accidentally broken. But the Jumper phase is only the heart of a four phase routine which shocks and amazes. The routine begins with Insta-Link where two rubber bands are linked and unlinked. It is followed by Rockband which is a new method for apparently ripping a rubber band and then visually restoring it. Then comes Jumper where a spectator legitimately tears a rubber band in half. We then tie the two ends together and magically and repeatedly remove the knot off the band and throw it back on. The finale is Rubber Restoration where the torn and knotted rubber band is really restored and given out as a souvenir. Whether we use rubber-bands in an informal situation or in a professional performance we should add Jumper to your repertoire. Everything is impromptu and can be performed with borrowed rubber bands & World's Greatest Magic by the World’s Greatest Magicians - Magic With Everyday Objects DVD Rounding out the package, Joe Rindfleisch shows off his wonderful broken and restored rubber band effect & International Magic Society Course of Magic Vol 34 DVD Rubber Bands

Rodgers, Brian: Phantom Band 360 DVD Phase One: borrow a bill and show a normal, everyday rubber band. Fold the bill in half, then fold the bill around the band. One end of the band is inside the bill, with the other on the outside. Then slowly melt the band entirely to the inside of the bill; Phase Two: show the bill with the band inside it from both sides. While totally surrounded, take one end of the band out of the bill, leaving the other still hooked inside the bill. Then visibly and slowly melt the band right thru the bill. The only band and bill penetration effect that can be done totally impromptu and completely surrounded.

Ross, Eric: Steal This DVD © 2009 by The Magic Apple. Linkage: two rubber bands are shown and examined. The bands are held very openly and with no funny moves the bands link.

Russell, Joe: SLR Souvenir Linking Rubber bands DVD; The Linking Rubber Bands perfected! Pre-made examinable sets of linked bands that you can afford to give away as an impossible souvenir! Explain that wealthy collectors pay thousands of dollars for a unique, impossibly strange object. You then attempt to make one of these rare collectibles with your bare hands. Hand out two loose single rubber bands to be examined. Display the two single bands at your fingertips, then have a spectator press the two loose strands together. The two bands link while still in her fingers! She rubs the linked bands, and they melt apart, unlinking into two loose bands. She squeezes the loose bands together one last time. She never lets go, never lets them out of her sight, and they link again, and stay linked! She may keep this rare astonishing collectible. And of course she'll always remember where it came from. Perfect as a finale for Crazy Man's Handcuffs or just about any rubber band effect.

Sakai, Hiro. Genii Vol. 61 # 2 December 1997; p. 41: Hairband Mystery: rubber-band through the thumb effect.

Salinas, Ben: Hotshot With Rubber bands DVD by Magic Makers. Ben teaches you the ultimate collection of magic effects with Rubber Bands including: Vanishes, Penetrations, Linking Rubber Bands, Pass through a Ring, Melt through a spectator's arm… and two of Ben's closely guarded effects: Synthesis and Hypertonic, the ultimate band through wrist

Sankey, Jay: pal 45 video or 45 with Jay Sankey (DVD) 45 of the most important, most powerful, huge-reaction getting sleights in all of magic & Jay Sankey's Amazing Magic ©1994 & Sankey Very Much ©1994 & Sankey-tized, vol. 1 ©1995 Top Card and Rubber Rise: Two powerful methods of ending an Ambitious Card routine; Bound To Fool: An easy sandwich routine where a selected card appears between two previously rubber-banded cards & Genii Vol. 62 # 6 June 1999; p. 31 The Homing Band. Offer a deck wrapped up in a rubber-band. Take the rubber band off and table the deck. Then step back holding the rubber-band in your hand, pull on it to throw it. The rubber band vanishes and reappears around the deck & Sankey Classic Magic Series Sankey 1999 DVD ©1999 & The Very best of Jay Sankey Vol 2 DVD ©2002 & Mentalism Anyone Can Do Vol 2 ©2006 & Jay Sankey's 45 DVD ©2003 & Front Row Sankey (DVD-R) 2004 & Sankey's Best Magic With Ordinary Objects DVD 2008

Serin, Marc : Elastic Stories ©1996 France

Setterington, Arthur: New Pentegram 1970 by Peter Warlock: Getaway

Simmons, Ken & Bilis Bernard & Montes, Trini. Tricks section 2004 Double Band Slam. Two cards are chosen and lost. The deck is wrapped twice with a rubber band. A spectator places his hand on the deck sliding it under the rubber band and slams the table with the deck. Immediately, the rubber band escapes the deck but remains around the spectator’s hand, holding a face up card on the back of the hand. And when the hand is turned palm up, the other chosen card appears face up on the palm.

Sim, Bernard: Magishing My Way by Scott Guinn. Really Linked: linking rubber bands routine

Simonoff, Looy: Magic Vol. 9 # 12 August 2001; p. 75: Honest, a Bionic Linking (and Unlinking). Yet another method to link and unlink two rubber-bands & Antinomy vol. 3 # 12, 4th Trimester.

Slydini, Tony: Slydini's linking ruberband mystery 26 pages booklet taught by Alma Kepplery: as could be expected from Tony, the presentation is terrific.

Steel, David: Crazy Magic, vol. 3 ©2001.

Stiff, Rob: Do You Want To Learn Magic? (DVD + Bonus Tricks): The Rubberband Penetration

Sutherland, Ken: Apocalypse Vol. 18 # 2 February 1995; p. 2535: The World’s Only Living Rubber-Band Mindreading Magician. This is the classic elastic around the deck which vanishes with the band ending on a single card. In this version however, the effect is combined with a prediction.

Takagi, Shigeo: Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi Chinese Rubber Band Mystery: a different handling for the classic Broken and Restored Rubber band & Lecture notes: Probably the first effect ever performed with “chouchous” [Hairband]

Tappan, Peter W: Apocalypse Vol. 19 # 9 September 1996; p. 2693: That Old Jumping Rubber Band Back to the sources with the Stanley Collins effect to eliminate its two regularly underlined weak points.

Tejera, Mano: Mano’s Fast Link Mano’s fast link & Mano’s fast link 2

Vallarino, Jean-Pierre: Vallarino & Cards 1996 p. 69 Bandwich 1; p. 73 Bandwich 2. Two sleight of hands methods to let a card to arrive sandwiched between two others tied by a rubber-band & Arcane no 86 (French magic magazine) April 1997; p. 4: Bandwich 2

Ward, Gary. The Linking Ring Vol. 77 # 6 June 1997 p. 97 Banded Jumpers. Use color paperclips instead of rubber-bands like Furman or color papers like Tom Sellers.

Weber, Michael: The Collected Almanac 1982 - 1992 1983 p. 158 Flash Link/Linking Stanley: 2 rubber bands held in separate fingers are linked; jumping rubber bands with surprise ending

Williams, Geoff: Miracles For Mortals DVD Vol. 2 - Killer Magic For The Rest Of Us; Ready2Link: technique that makes the get ready for the Linking Rubber bands totally invisible. Based on Roger Klause's brilliant concept of "half-moves".

Wilson, Paul. Convention at the Capital 2001 DVD Paul Wilson's 3 Bets on the Band. Three extremely valuable, professional effects/tips with a finger ring and a rubber-band.

Wong, Alan: Animal Sense 2008 by Bob Kohler; performed and taught by Steve Marshall, this is a visual and unique twist to classic rubber-band Magic; Balloon-Band: magically sculpt and transform the rubber-band into the shape of the chosen animal; Animal Choice: upon command, a card would hop out of the pack wrapped around with a rubber band, and is revealed to the spectator's animal card as the rubber-band is removed from the pack and shown to have transformed into the chosen animal card; & Souvenir Linking Lovebands; Two normal rubber bands link, visibly morph into two permanently linked hearts… then are given away as a romantic souvenir. There is a bonus chapter of full downloadable e- book with detailed written instructions and 32 photographs for step by step follow through and many additional ideas: refills are available and sold separately & Magic At The Edge DVD by Jeff McBride Hermetic Star Gazer is one of the great rubber band effects of our time. This Alan Wong effect is Jeff’s lesson in alchemical geometry with guest participant Stephen Larsen. As above . . . so below

Zarrow, Herb: Zarrow A Lifetime In Magic ©2008 by David Ben; Zarrow's work on the Linking Rubber Bands which, despite the ubiquity of what many know as the "Crazy Man’s Handcuffs," would be more accurately dubbed, "Herb Zarrow's Penetrating Bands," his improved handling of Arthur Setterington's "Getaway," circa 1970.
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Harry Lorayne
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Oh, good. I was about to yell and scream over the lack of knowledge here, until I read Etienne's list. I was about to yell and scream because nobody up to Etienne's post seemed to be aware of the fact that my Snap! back in 1967/1969 started the entire rubber-band craze (at least, so I've been told). It's really the only rubber-band thing I do, because it can be done anywhere, any time, with just about any band, it's entirely impromptu. (And most of the guys I know do the same.)I've taught it in a few different places. It's in an item called Snap, Plus! in the Reputation-Makers (1971; I think Etienne overlooked that) section of The Classic Collection, Vol. 2 and I perform/teach it on Vol. 3 of my "Best Ever" DVD set. I also wrote up a linking rubber band thing in Tarbell #7, I think - don't have the book handy to check. (Never mind your quick-wit posts re: my memory!) Best - HARRY L.
Lawrence O
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Harry, you are right I overlooked them, sorry (these additional references are now on my list)

Reputation Makers © 1971 by Harry Lorayne, p 125 Snap Plus! offers with 18 figures a very detailed description of “Snap!” with a lead-in effect from an old French magazine (circa 1900) allowing to show one rubber band as two, stretched across and penetrating one another in Crazy Man’s Handcuff’s style and then displaying two bands between the fingers and slowly vanishing one

The Classic Collection © 2008 by Harry Lorayne p 95 takes up the version published in Reputation Makers but very clear explanatory photographs replace the drawings of the former description.

I'm still unclear however as to Best Ever for I noted it as the # 9 in the Pal VHS and the same in the DVD series and you are mentioning that it's in the #3 for the DVD series: could you let me know of the date for the Pal VHS and of the proper DVD # with the date for the publication under DVD form?
Magic is the art of proving impossible things in parallel dimensions that can't be reached
Harry Lorayne
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Yes, Etienne, it can get a bit confusing. I originally did ten video (cassettes). Then, of course, videos cassettes started to go out of style as we "entered" the DVD era. What L&L Publ. did was to put all the stuff that I'd done on the ten cassettes onto four DVDs. Original video cassettes 1, 2 and 3 are on DVD #1. Video cassettes 4,5,6 are on DVD #2. Video cassettes 7,8,9 are on DVD #3. And video cassette 10, PLUS an hour of me doing my memory stuff in front of a lay audience, is on DVD #4. That's it. Unfortunately I have no idea of the dates that these things were done. Probabably L&L Publ. can tell you that. Best - HARRY.
Lawrence O
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Flipping through some of your work, I just realized that you also had in Ch 4 of Rimshots "Two Rubber Band Ideas"
Magic is the art of proving impossible things in parallel dimensions that can't be reached
Harry Lorayne
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Yes, I believe so, Etienne. I don't have the books here at my country home, but I believe I did not re-write Two Rubber Band Ideas for The Classic Collection, Volume 2 - didn't have the space. So, that's in the original only. H.
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Actually there is another Paul Harris rubber band dvd that was really cool called souvenir rings.
Lawrence O
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Here is an interesting source which could trigger ideas:
Magic is the art of proving impossible things in parallel dimensions that can't be reached
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Speaking of Rubber bands..How about rubber bands and cards??? I got a link of an effect called banded Sandwich, a sandwich effect with the cards wrapped by a rubber band..I believe it may have been a $5.00 download on BBM but now can not find it....Any help here?
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I second the recommendation for Dan Harlan's Band Shark. One of the best stand-alone videos loaded with practical rubber band magic. I think its better than his 3 volume set with L&L.

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Come check out my magic.
Aljaz Son
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Speaking of routines with Cards and Rubber Bands...

Band Up! by James Brown from his DVD Still Fancy A Pot of Jam is a really nice effect:
You can see a great performance of it by Jonathan Kamm here:

Herbert the Trained Rubber Band is also a killer effect and routine by Denis Behr that can be found on his DVD project Magic On Tap:
I recently published my version of this premise (independently worked on) on my project On the Shoulders:
By my research, the credit for originating the premise is Hiroyuki Sakai with his routine Band On The Run (1991)
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I would suggest you check out Menny's TruXtreme. It is light years ahead of what were essentially rubber band puzzles. Most of the effects on it look fair and just like they would if real magic were happening.

Check it out.
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check me out on facebook #MAGICTOTD
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Theory11 also has a free video where Chris Kenner teaches "Fancyband" which is basically the old boomerang band effect. It takes a lot of practice to get down but is completely worth the effort.
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I'm here to also mention Joe Reindfleisch, though he seems to have it covered, lol!

His rubberband magic is fun, engaging, modular, absolutely visual, and so very easy to grasp with his excellent teaching. They're not just single effects either, Joe creates full rubberband routines that are great for workers and the sleights are solid building blocks for your own originality. I can't recommend him enough, my personal favorites are The Gift and Rubberband Through Hand. You should also check out his lecture as well, he shares a ton of theory and his model for rubberband magic; his comprehensive teaching and insight alone are well worth the price!
-Magic sees Magic-

-Magic is the gift we teach ourselves to give to other people-

-Marco V-
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I love Joes stuff. Especially rubber deception, rubber exchange and jumper I do all the time. Melting point (Casshan Wallace) and U-turn/stairway (Marcus Eddie) are keepers as well.
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