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I went through past threads and I saw the various tips regarding dealing with sweat: To put a fan, not to wear hot clothes, to wear an undershirt, to drink a lot before etc. etc.

Everything is very nice, but - in practical terms, what do you do if you're standing over there in that very hot weather (sometimes outdoors) and sweat is pouring down your face? I always bring with me to shows a towel, so - do I duck behind my table, wipe my face and come out "good as new" - this could happen even 5-6 times during one show, or - do I have the towel on my table, and when I need it - I just casually take it, wipe my face, and put it back (and if you vote for this - how to do this tactfully)?


Bradley Roberts
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If you are a comedy magician you could turn it into a running gag. Maybe with the towel you also have the Inexaustible Sponge. Below is the information on it.

The Inexaustible Sponge by Gaetan Bloom
At anytime you can wipe your forehead with the sponge and squeeze it over a bucket, producing large amounts of water from the sponge! You leave the sponge on the tray and with no cover, switch or suspicious moves, you are able to repeat the effect just moments later. This is a great running gag. You can repeat as many times as you wish. It also comes with ideas for several surprise endings. The water in the bucket can become confetti, turn into a block of ice with a selected card inside or just vanish. Comes with tray, special sponge and instructions. You supply the bucket and water.

Hope that helps.
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Ken Dumm
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I sweat a lot while performing. I always have a towel with me. I think audiences want you to be as comfortable as they are, so I wipe whenever I feel it's necessary. They can see the sweat, so I acknowledge it, maybe make a joke, and wipe. Better than ignoring the issue, and dripping all over them...

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I work outdoors at County Fairs for 6 months out of the year, from April-October each year and can attest to getting quite warm on certain stages.

I have two hand towells at the ready in my showbasket and wipe my face in between routines if need be.

I see nothing wrong with doing so.

You gotta be comfortable, and sweat STINGS when it gets in your eyes!!!

I usually say something funny like, "Pardon me, my skin is leaking!" or some other line to that effect.

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Frank Thurston
Al Angello
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I cary a towell in my bag. It's hot for the audience too, they will understand.
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Alan Munro
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It's good enough for Ice McDonald, and it was good enough for Elvis, to be using a towel on stage. The hottest gigs only required that I have a bandana handy. I tend to get a sheen on my face, in hot weather.

To reduce the stress of working in hot weather, I wear Underarmor to wick the perspiration away from me.
Al Angello
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Thank you for reminding me that the King (Elvis) used towels on stage in Vegas
Al Angello The Comic Juggler/Magician
"Footprints on your ceiling are almost gone"
mr shiney
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Im bald and my stage name is mr shiney
so I just wipe my head and tell them Im polishing it to keep it shiny
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Mr Shiney
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Mr shiney, love that line, way I am going I will be able to use that line soon.

I have a small, face cloth sized towel that is either in a pocket(if I have one to spare), or just behind my table, I wipe and put it back, whenever it doesn't break the flow of the show.
Randy Burtis
Calgary's Kid Show Magician
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Man, I'm glad to see this thread! I thought I was the only one who dealt with too much sweating!

I've done one hospital show and more to come. It's very warm in there, so for my first performance, I was simply myself and subtly acknowledged the fact that I was warm by wiping my face and head every now and again. (I'm also bald, and I think we baldies sweat more than others...I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I drink too many slurpies and am overweight!)

I believe for me, I just have to be myself. I don't draw too much attention to the sweating, as it's as natural as a public speaker drinking from a glass of water every now and again.
Ken Dumm
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Make sure you have a bottle of water or two! That sweat's got to be replaced with fluids!!!

Fast Eddie P.
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I use a clean white towel and a line from Aldo Columbini: "I'm not sweating, I'm defrosting."

Neale Bacon
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Eddie - I like that. I use a line from Louie Anderson "If I don't sweat I explode".
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I don't know why I'm sweating, I already got the job! LOL
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I also perform a LOT outdoors. I combat the issue by wearing a Fedora as part of my outfit. It helps prevent some sweat from running down my face and gives me a bit of shade so I am not squinting.

I also agree with others I that wiping your face with a towel is not a bad thing. Audiences understand and if it is done casually, they will never have a problem with it. I always keep a towel in my table as well as bottles of water to stay hydrated.

Kyle Peron

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Danny Diamond
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I used to have the same problem/concern. I started a thread on it five years ago...

Since then, I have done many outdoor shows in high heat. I agree with what many have said - a quick wipe with a hand towel is not a big deal at all. If anything, time it so that you do the wipe as you are sending a volunteer back to their seat and they are getting a round of applause. Half the audience will be looking at the kid returning to their seat - that's sort of an offbeat moment for you and a quick wipe would be virtually unnoticed at that point, I imagine.
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you drown by staying there.

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Jef Eaton
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There is a trick of using a line of chapstick over both your eyebrows to push the sweat around the eyes. I never tried it, but I heard it works. I used to have a light towel attached to a retractable dog leash hanging under the table and pull it out and let it fly back to position after wiping the sweat from my face It is actually a giant bill snatcher as I had replaced the leash with monofilament fishline. It got a laugh and did the job.
Since my new stage set up doesn't use that kind of table I just use a folded paper tower in about a 6 inch square to wipe as the kids are leaving the stage.
<BR>Creator of what my Mom thinks are the funniest kid show props around!
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Being a rather large guy, I'll sweat in a meatlocker! So, I just make a bit out of the towel. Being a comedy magician, I get away with it. I just say I'm so hot I need to wipe my head! take the towel, wipe my face and leave the towel there. then I act as if everyone left. gets a big laugh.
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On the very hot and humid days, I wear a dark colored cap on my head that matches my costume. It does a great job of preventing any perspiration from becoming a distraction for me or the audience.
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Harris Deutsch
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Of course this happens to us inside as well.

Hydration is a good thing!

Thanks for the suggestions

Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
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