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Ladies and Gentlemen... Close Up is the Winnner!!!

Close up is fun. Everything else is work. Close up is about developing an interpersonal relationship. Everything else is just audience management. There really is no competition. If you're doing magic for fun, do close up. If you want to turn it into a job, buy an asrah.

Levitations are very powerful close up. You should use them sparingly though, and only after the audience is in a state of suspended disbelief.
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Close up magic is the only branch of magic that makes lay people say....."I was just inches away .... " or " I felt it in my hands..." etc,etc...

"If you can't teach an old dog new tricks, trick the old dog to learn."

-Rannie Raymundo-
aka The Boss
aka The Manila Enforcer
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Close up is all I do. Very heavy on the pasteboards, though, which I'm actually trying to fix at the moment.

Close up for kids makes me nervous though - they're so grabby.
Scott Chesney
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I prefer closeup by a wide margin. I think that as a performer, closeup adds that danger element that you might get caught. The safety of a stage often prevents this feeling (and motivation) for some.

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Little Rock
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I also perform close up (mostly cards) but I am now working hard on Cup and Balls.
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Close up rocks! when you can pull out a few normal coins, a deck of cards, carry a TT, a little IT and maybe a handkerchief and you can blow peoples minds -- it is just a good feeling that with less than $10 in props you can really effect people in such a significant & memorable way.

Illusions are interesting but people know that you can't produce a tiger on line at the DMV Smile Doing close-up, - you have the ability to warp someone's perception of reality with whatever is around you which is much cooler IMO.
"The computer can't tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact
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Reis O'Brien
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I have found that close-up has so much more intimacy involved in it. It gives a deeper sense of interaction with the specs. I doubt that I will ever develop a desire to do stage magic. Close-up is what first attracted me to magic and has now become my obsession.
Homo vult decipi; decipiatur
Ron Crumley
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After doing stand-up magic for years, I got burned out on the "mechanical" side of magic and large groups. After a show one night, I simply quit magic altogether.

However, after a year of not performing, I knew the desire was still there and figured out close-up magic was the best answer to "non-mechanical" magic, with "audiences" of 1-10 people at a time.

Nothing compares to the intimate experience of skill-based magic happening inches from the spectator or even in their hands. Who needs drugs with that kind of rush!
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Close up without a shadow of a doubt, kids I see more as entertainment not magic, and stage, people just think more of trap doors and mirrors
Father Photius
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Close-up has always been my favorite, especially if any manipulation is involved. Favorite trick? Sheesh! Anything by Slydini or Dai Vernon! I've spent years trying to just become a midocre technician of their stuff.
"Now here's the man with the 25 cent hands, that two bit magician..."
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I carry a TT and silk everywhere. Comes in handy.
Parson Smith
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Close up is wonderful.
Now that I am no longer doing shows, it is my predominate venue.
Here kitty, kitty,kitty. Smile
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fr3ky magick
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East Sussex, ENGLAND
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I am mainly a stage magician (children's entertainer) AND am currently starting to learn more close-up tricks, as I would like to do that aswell as stage. HAS ANYONE GOT ANY TIPS/ADVICE FOR ME? ALSO RECOMMENT ANY CLOSE-UP TRICKS/ILLUSIONS?
Always look on the bright side of life, Set goals and acheive them, never let anyone put you down you are unique in your own way.
Peace to the world.May MAGIC never die.
Bill Ligon
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I enjoy doing kid shows and comedy magic, but my favorite is close-up magic. Nothing beats the stunned look on a close-up spectator's face when you do something that seems impossible. The routine I like best is my dice routine (which I am still working on), but ropes and rings or coin effects are a lot of fun, too. Cards are less interesting to me, but some really far-out card effects are enjoyable.
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Impromptu and close-up is just about the only type of magic I do now. When the magic happens inches in front of their faces, or in their hands, it's always stronger!

I've also veered away from cards, and learned some sleights to do magic with borrowed items...another way to make the magic strong (and you're ready anwhere, anytime)!

Close-up rocks!
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Bristol, VA
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Profile of elasmac
Close up wins hands down with me.I like color monte and scoth and soda. And always the good 'ole decck of cards.
There are three things I love in life. Family and friends and magic. So I love doing magic for friends and family.

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Lynn MA
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I do heart and bread magic. Close-up because I love it and its effect on spectators. Stand-up becaue its the magic that pays.

Try to die young as late as possible!
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A preformer not yet sure of the path he is most comfortable with should try them all first.
It is a very personal thing, and you may find joy and fullfilment in any kind of magic show. You seem to have already made up your mind, and so a flood of close-up lovers compete on this platform to see which one loves it more.
In order to get a fair answer, including all aspects of our craft, you might want to open up a new dissscusion. Perhaps one that invites the others to voice their oppinion. Kids magic shows can be wonderful.

I want to finish by saying: I LOVE CLOSE-UP MAGIC!!

Have fun!
Steve Suss
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I do close up and parlor magic. Very often effects can be used for both and I try to choose these types of effects. Some of the greatest stage and parlor magicians are actually close up magicians doing there close up magic in a larger venue.

Cut and restored rope, torn and restored paper, Himber rings, Gypsy Thread, Floating objects, Bill to Lemon and an infinite amount of card tricks such as card to pocket and card to impossible location effects. In addition, mentalism effects lend themselves very well to both close up and larger venues.

Although, I consider myself primarily a close up performer, I love doing my close up effects for larger venues where it is equally effective. I don't need large illusions to entertain large audiences.
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Appleton, WI
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Close up is by far my favorite type of magic. Done well it's magic in the purest sense. What's interesting to me is the contrast between what many magicians feel is the best type of magic and the average lay person. Most nonmagicians don't know much about close up magic, and many don't know about it at all. I've always thought that if they could just see some of the brilliant effects I've seen over the years by incredible close up magicians, they would agree with me. Most people still think of magic as stage illusions with big boxes, etc.

My favorite effects are quick, visual, and startling. Examples for me are coin vanishes, bill switches, torn and restored cards or bills, floating objects with IT, invisible deck or tricks with prearranged decks. For impromptu cards, anything out of Harry Lorayne's Close Up Card Magic is good.
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