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First off let me start by talking about Mario Morris.I have keep an eye on Mario at this fourm and others fourms since he started busking several years back.This guy "got it" fast and to see how far he has gone proves he's top notch in the busking field.Gazzo dosen't latch on to loosers that's for sure.

I just got finished watching all 3 DVDs ...WOW !

In the first two disks Mario covers EVERYTHING,from hat lines to what you should ware busking.There are so many minute details he covers.Things no person would think about unless they have been "in the trenches" for a long time and lived though all the things that you never expeced could and would happen.If you intend to go out busking take notes from Mario as his experence will save you a LOT of grief down the road.

Mario has a wonderful way of explaning things.He comes across as a person that has been there and done that.He is very easy to understand and it all makes sense.It's like getting hit in the head with a brick.You'll say to yourself over and over watching Mario "Why didn't I think of that"

Than we get to DVD 3...GAZZO ! What can I say about Gazzo that hasen't already been said.He's a genius at what he does.In disk 3 Gazzo covers crowd control and how to buld your crowd so you can make the most hat money.This disk alone is well worth the price of the 3 DVD set.Gazzo is a master at crowd control.His many many years in the streets shows.

Pitching and busking cross a lot of the same lines.I learned from this DVD set and I've been pitching for over 30 years as some of you know.

If you want to go out busking and not sure where to start you NEED this DVD set.If you are thinking about going out busking you NEED this DVD set.If you have been busking for years you need this DVD set.

My hat is off to both Mario and Gazzo,this is a great busking DVD tool for learning the ropes of the streets.Order yours today at Not tomorrow TODAY !

Thanks for reading...
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Mario, I just preordered. Just wondering..are there actually routines to be learned here or just the ins and outs of the business? Thanks! Look forward to receiving this! BTW, do you think that the culture of busking will be different in the U.S.? (as far as the suggestions go on the DVD set)
Mario Morris
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Mario Morris
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This is not just another DVD teaching you tricks. This 3 DVD multi pack is packed with the theory of Busking, Gazzo and Mario Morris don't hold back but give priceless s tips.
OVER 3 hours of Marteral

DVD1 Mario Morris Lecture
DVD2 Mario Morris Lecture
DVD3 Gazzo crowd drawing & Bonus Martial
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Magic Brent,..

Busking/Street performing is NOT about the tricks or routines. It's about working the crowd. It's about the lines, it's about making the crowd LIKE you. It's about timing, presentation, attitude, and funny. The last bit is probably the most important bit.
I was fortunate enough to be on the course, and if you get a tenth of the info that we got for the price of the DVD set - you got a bargain....the course was the dogs ******** - make no mistake and the DVD? - it's a big bang for the bucks....It's the real deal. If Don Driver ( who seems to have inherited a spelling problem...since his hospitalisation - God Bliss you Don!!) Smile rates it - take it from there....
Like Don says.. there's a crossover going on with pitching and magic busking, - I do both - and Don is dead right.. Working a crowd. The technique is so similar.

When I get MY copy of the DVD... (You HEAR me, Mario???) .I'll spill some MORE beanos... again - you'll get the real spill ....

Best regards, to Mario and his apprentice, .... .. ..Gazzo... it was a GREAT teach-in.


"With every mistake - we must surely be learning..." George Harrison.
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Thanks DCB, yeah I was just wondering if it gave advice on the kind of tricks to get...I don't have a good set of cups and was hoping it would guide me on setup on P.A. system, table, cups, etc....I agree, it's all about the showmanship.
Mario Morris
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Mario Morris
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I do touch on PA in my Lecture but a great resource on that whould be

The Dvd is more about structure of a street show, as far as what you want in your show that is up to you. I mean I wont even tell yo use a table but if you going to this is how to use it.

I hope that helps, Gazzo DVD cup's and balls cover that kind of stuff, perhaps that is what you need.
Mario Smile
Mario Morris
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Mario Morris
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Jimmy Talksalot review.

I don't say good things about things I don't like, I try and remain silent. I loved this so here's my 2 cents.

The dvd is;

the first two dvds are mario lecturing on the life and mechanics and the third dvd gazzo lectures and demonstrates crowd control and state of mind, sort of holding court in a session.

clips of students demonstrating techiniques pepper the dvds.

If you were to go to the school of busking in oxford, cambridge, harvard, or yale, taught by full time buskers, by a properly educated proffessor....this course would be the science and lifestyle of busking.

-is it actioned packed?

-is it full of cutting edge street magic tricks?

-does it have a high dollar production and special effects?


and if that's what's your looking for you have a long hard road of scattered dreams infront of you as a proffessional entertainer.

this dvd is important, because it's not some sizzle, it's the steak.

this is what's gonna help you be successful and make a wise decision weather or not you want to choose this life.

if you wanna go full time into busking and you watch this dvd and get bored or disinterested....this is great news for you, you can now know, that you probably shouldn't get into this line of work......because this dvd is all about this line of work, the real lifes work and industry.

and more good news, is that you will be more informed, when you decide to talk about busking.

this is NOT the stylistic dreams, that those slick fad magic trick commercials are selling.

this is cold reality.

but if this is what you wanna do with your life this is a box full of jewels, that will make your career come true.

busking is 10 % glamour 90 % problem solving fanaticism.

this dvd will teach you what a real busker and the world busker community is like. this is an industry of work ants accross the globe working, like any other industry.

it dismisses misconceptions like, buskers only make money from street performing or that busking is a thing on the weekend in your home town.


George Gilbert had made mention that, one could buy a portable dvd player or lap top and plug it into the lighter of a van or rv and watch pieces every day as primer and instruction.

listening to mario speak was startling to me, the things he was saying was usually only privy to the tight knit old school. this dvd is really the underground tricks of the trade for hard core buskers.

which brings me to Gazzo who has given me great joy and respect for his character as a magician.

this man is a master, who is superficially seen as a comic.

he has takin the reins as one of our most important leaders, after it being foisted on him from the old guys simply dying out or retiring. his and mario's support for Cellini and all the other old masters is frankly humbling for me.

for those of you familiar with his past (especially the whole walter scott thing and Gazzos education into magic and entertainment) and the way he has chose to hold himself through out his life with his art, tradition, teachers, students and peers I think he should be recognized by our powers that be a lot more then he is.

I know that I have not spent a lot of alone time with him and he don't like people talking about him, but his reputation precedes him. besides we've all been thinking it and few have said it.

we have had the privledge of having him here in our country for many years I only wish we had mario too.

if you think I'm sucking up...your right I am...and I think it's about time a bunch more of you did the same!

if you think I'm blowing him up too much maybe you aught watch this thing and judge for yourself.

funny enough with all that said I think mario on the first two dvds stated the most important things on the dvd. take notes and burn it into your heads.

I said it before, I'll say it again;


gawd knows I learned a lot and got a lot of confirmations from it.

thank you...i waited a long time for this info to reach our shores marketed. for years I have tryed to paint a picture of what we are as a people and you guys did it in 3 dvds.

your pal jimmy.
Mario Morris
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Mario Morris
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Their is more being said about The School of BUsking, 3 DVD set.
Mario Morris
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Mario Morris
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Hello chaps

Let's keep the thread about the School of Busking DVD set hear.
It get's to confusing other wise.

Owen Lean
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Hey, I put a review of this elsewhere on the forum, Mario asked me to repost it here:



Wow! I got your attention! That never works. Anyway, now your reading this, I want to talk a bit about a set of street performance DVDs? I tell you what, I won't even ask for a donation at the end. You can't say fairer then that now can you?

Allow me, if you will gentle reader, to explain a little bit about myself before I go on, I think it will be a lot fairer on both you and me id I'm clean with you from the start. For the last 8 years I've been performing on and off as a street performer, and making the majority of my income through busking, I met Mario Morris first at a competition at the Blackpool Magic Convention, and then again that year on the streets of Vancouver – I didn't encounter him again until this years Blackpool Convention when he introduced me to the School Of Busking.

For the past several years Mario has been running a course on busking every summer in Cardiff, teaching magicians and circus performers how to perform on the streets. This year he also invited along Gazzo to be a guest lecturer. I knew I was going out to Vancouver again that year to busk, and hadn't busked since the end of last summer, so I decided that the courses' fee was a small price to pay for something that – although was intended for the beginner, would no doubt help me get back into the busking spirit and so I signed up. The course gave me exactly that, and I was very impressed by the professionalism of it, and what an incredible head start it was giving to those who hadn't busked before. Learning to be a busker, for he has been a long, slow journey to get to where I am, and all I can say, is that if only the School of Busking had been available to me when I was starting, I would have got where I am now in half the time!

“But, we didn't go to the course Owen, what about the DVD's!” I hear you ask – well fear not my friends, the DVD's while no substitute for the full course, have a hell of a lot to offer as well. Now, I should point out, that the DVD's are NOT going to teach you a lot of tricks, you are not going to learn how to do the cups and balls, you are not going to pick up a bunch of one liners, you are not going to learn yet another routine that you'll think is clever but probably never use. What you WILL get from the DVDs is all the stuff you DIDN'T get on all those DVD's that gave all that other stuff.
The first two DVDs include Mario Morris' lecture “The Woven Cord” - which is not just a masterclass on how to busk, but a full introduction to the lifestyle of a full time travelling entertainer, and I am going to come right out and say, that in my opinion, on that subject, there is no greater teacher that Mario Morris. Mario is not a part time busker, like yours-truly, he is a full time worker who truly lives the lifestyle to its absolute fullest. In his lecture you will learn everything he has to pass on after years travelling around Europe, performing street shows. In it he teaches the selection of tricks, the different methods of building, the advantages and disadvantages of different sized shows, the language of the street, the merits of finding new pitches, the many uses of a hat, and so much more – all of which is cut together with clips of the students of the course performing to illustrate the points made. With the exception of Cellini's new book Dreamers Highway (which is by the way, also amazing) – there is pretty much no other source out there of the kind of information you will glean from this lecture.
On the third DVD, you have Gazzo, teaching the one thing EVERY aspiring street performer wants to know more than anything else. How to gather a crowd. Gathering is at first the scariest part of a street show, as without a crowd, and more importantly without the RIGHT crowd, your show can never work. The methods Gazzo teaches are not only brilliant, but perfect for the aspiring magician, he teaches you how to get the first few punters, and how to turn them into a solid front row of supporters who are going to be on your side throughout the show. He also teaches the management skills to keep the crowd once you've got them. The third disc also contains several extras, including some material on bar bets by Gazzo, a wonderful song about an eel, and some bloke called Owen doing a street show.

Some people will probably be annoyed that this DVD set does not teach you a full routine for your street show, but believe it or not – that is a good thing. Because lets be honest, there are far too many people out there, copying Gazzo's act, pretty much word for word and its not doing the world of street magic any good, by creating an original street act, you may not be making as much money in the very short term, like you might copying someone else's, but in time you will find yourself having far more fun, creating a much better show, and doing far better out there, simply by the fact you will be attracting people to your own uniqueness.

There are a few points I would make about the DVD set, not so much criticisms, but things that need to be illustrated all the same. Firstly, this is not a DVD you can watch once and expect to get everything from – Mario's lecture and Gazzo's master-class are intense, densely packed with information and are going to require several sittings to fully appreciated all the finer points they make. You may also feel slightly overloaded with information your first time watching and feel you need to take a break or two. There is also one thing that both lecturers didn't mention, which I feel needs mentioning, and that's the community of buskers – Mario at one point brings up a point from Cellini's The Royal Touch that you shouldn't let anyone bully you off a pitch if you were there first, and this is absolutely true, however the casual watcher might assume this means you don't SHARE the pitch with anybody – which having shared a pitch with Mario I know is not his philosophy. While there is the odd moron out there, who tries to shift his weight around and bully other performers off pitches they believe to be there's, the majority of buskers I meet are great people who are very happy to share and share alike – and ensure that everyone gets their fair dues from the street. What has made busking so great for me the majority of my life has been the incredible sense of camaraderie and family that other buskers have given me, and I urge anyone considering becoming a busker not to forget that, and keep the street atmosphere alive.

To concluded, The School Of Busking DVDs are a truly fantastic resource to the aspiring busker, but if you ARE considering doing the School Of Busking course, this shouldn't be considered a full substitute for the lifetime of knowledge you will gain by attending. Put simply:

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If you have a library of material on street performing than this DVD belongs at the top of your list.. There are some real gems in here , for example how to capitalize on everybody flocking to the Edinburgh fringe festival in August, and secure your own spot with tons of foot traffic... If your busking through Europe than this tip alone is worth the price of the DVD .. Pick out all of these little gems and this DVD will save you a lot of time and money
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I’m not the first to review this set – but I’ve purposely not read any other reviews, so as not to colour my own thoughts.

I watched it over a period of two evenings, and initially, I was disappointed.

It took me a while to figure out just why I felt disappointed.

And then I realised! I was THERE, as one of the ‘learners’ – and it was such a huge learning experience at the time, I was somehow expecting to learn more by watching the DVD’s!! I mean – how stupid is that?

I mean – I was there at the birth (of the DVD!!)– what more was there to experience?

Apart from maybe watching it all again around 2029, with my children gathered around – me, stroking their heads in a Fatherly manner – even though I’ve had nothing to do with the Catholic Church - them – glued to the screen- all watching me, as a youngster, at one of the very early School of Busking sessions?

Compulsive viewing? You bet!

And them, looking up at me in awe, asking “Is that how it really was, after the war, Dad?” - “You met the great Mario and Gazzo – for sure??” And me, nodding in a kind of “yes, -I’ve been there, and believe me, it’s nothing like these shoot-em-up games you play on your Nintendo – it was much worse than that…in real life…it was – the best!”

There are loads of topics on the DVD set that bear repetition – and you WILL learn more by watching it several times - it SHOULD be watched over and over, till you actually GET the reasoning behind the instructions.

It would also help you to go out and watch as many street performers as you can, after you digest the stuff on here, and see how it all works in real life - go back to the DVD set, and go out and watch some more real life street performances.

It matters not whether you watch magicians, jugglers, or comedy stoat-stranglers – they all have the same aim – to gather a crowd, entertain, and get the money.

It’s all here, with the exception of tricks, and how to do them. That’s NOT the purpose of this triple DVD set. Tricks are the easiest part, and if you don’t know any, it’s unlikely you’d be interested in performing on the street at this point.

Mario Morris has the lions’ share of the work, teaching and preaching on two of the discs. Gazzo, perhaps best known for his handling of the crowd via his Youtube stuff with the cups and balls, closes the set.

Gazzo has been around a long time – but that’s not enough to earn respect. In the world of magic, there are so many hollow characters, it’s refreshing to meet someone with x-ray eyes.

I have pretty good x-ray eyes, and I can spot another of my kind….

Trouble is, I only have 2 eyes. Gazzo probably has at least four, and they all work at 360 degrees. Big advantage. And you only get that advantage on the street, - performing. He is a master. I was the willing student.

Disk 1

So – to start. Mario Morris Mario - he looks a little nervous to start, until the entrance of the two latecomers who provided the opportunity for a short humorous interruption – perhaps he was more concious of Gazzo looking on than he needed to be.

He quickly hits his stride, and explains why he chooses to busk and live the way he does, travelling in a motor home with Veronica, his right hand woman, and developing his own spots for busking, rather than queueing for spots in the popular areas.
He covers the language of the streets – shills, punks, edge, hat, and much more – all the inside banter, much of it stemming from the carneys.

What’s the best time of day to go out? Different situations, different times – it’s covered.

The importance of voice projection, or – developing it if you don’t already have it- amplifier or not? Mario has a nice version of a Fender Amp Can in a flightcase – nice’n’tidy!

As the session moves along, Mario relaxes into it – after all – he IS on his home ground – Cardiff. Methods for attracting a crowd, crowd gathering, turning a crowd into an audience, and he shows a few of his own methods for attracting a crowd, including what he calls ‘the subtlety of curiosity’.. ‘it looks a LOT better close up” etc..

What to say when you get busted on the tt (you will – sooner or later!), and the importance of overlapping your material/effects in order to hold the crowd.

So much is covered – importance of eye contact with the audience, reaching out to them, comedy moments – how to exploit them, the value of clowning, safe ways to get a volounteer


2nd disk Mario Morris

Topics covered: The importance of turning a crowd into an AUDIENCE.
How to use the the subtlety of curiousity to your advantage.

Mario gives a quick demo of his 3 Shell Game – used to attract a crowd before the act starts properly.

Eye contact… importance of reaching out to individuals - comedy moments – how to exploit them.. the value of clowning.
How to keep the audience.
Important USE and mis-use of the word ‘volounteer”.

Safe ways to get a volounteer, and how to lock them into the show.
How to routine your material to keep the crowd.
How to educate the audience… very important!

Third disc..

It’s all Gazzo…Crowd control.

Not sure about the hat..but it grew on me…The importance of placing your pitch precisely, and why a few feet either way can make all the difference to your hat.

Building a crowd with different types of crowd – weekday crowds, versus weekend crowd, controlling the crowd vocally, using your table to control – picking the right volounteer, how to avoid the WRONG volounteer
Educating the crowd – the Gazzo way.
How to build the crowd from the nucleus, using the crowd to get a bigger crowd.
Reasons for re-positioning your table.
When to get a kid up – and when not to.
How to avoid an audience of non-payers.
Dealing with a gang of troublemaking kids.
Involving the crowd.
Performing without a table.

If you watch this, you’ll be wondering about Gazzo’s shirt - Gazzo expalained that he was wearing a shirt borrowed from a man who wrestled wild animals for a living, and on top of this, quite clearly had no access to a shirt pressing facility. Which, I think could be the ONLY reasonable explanation for wearing that shirt.

Gazzo Bonus is an excellent opportunity to learn how to take money off suckers, and could well recoup the cost of the DVD set very quickly.

There’s also a story or two about his days working with the 3 shell gang, the notorious Cracker Parker and his team.
I enjoyed all the bonus items on here, including Owens Leans’ performance on the shopping mall in Cardiff.
The entire 3 DVD set is well constructed, the quality is very good, as is the sound.
The lecture segments were filmed in the HQ of the ‘No Fit State Circus’ – perfect – not just for the occasion, but also well suited the recording/filming.

There’s a lot of talk goes on here – but it’s never boring. In fact, it’s well worth playing these disks several times and you’ll notice little important nuances.

Even if you’re not going to street perform, the stuff on here will expand your understanding of not only yourself v. street performing, but yourself v. any performing you do.

If you’re wondering if you could perhaps make it on the streets, either part time or full time, this set will make up your mind either to try it – or not. How does it compare to the other material on Street Work out there already? It’s different – the format is out there on its’ own.

There’s more work on the theory of working the crowd, crowd building, and control, on this set – and perhaps less accent on the ‘tricks’. Tricks ARE important – but they’re only a very minor part of any successful show, and this is underlined over and over again on this set.

The construction of the table is one of the things that could have been covered, but you can find that information elsewhere.

The first two disks are cut with black and white segments which I found a little bit annoying, and they don’t add anything to the event – but that’s my only gripe.

I’ll watch these again and again. Is it worth the money?

You’ll pay $550 for a 10 minute routine and props from Bill Abbott.

You’ll pay a couple of dollars for a deck of cards, and a piece of rope, and hold a crowd for half an hour.

Value for money depends on what the purchaser thinks it’s worth – so – that decision lies with YOU!

The best value for money, in my opinion, is to get yourself onto the next course run by the School of Busking!


"With every mistake - we must surely be learning..." George Harrison.
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Great review, many thanks DCB. Now I'm really excited and can't wait to watch them. (I away from home at present so they are waiting for when I return) The content was exactly what I was hoping for.
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I just bought the SOB DVD.

Looking forward to watching and learning from the SOBs. Hand Crafted Magic
Trophy Husband, Father of the Year Candidate,
Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
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I got these in the mail right before we packed up and moved into our house. I saw some of the first DVD with Mario and the last DVD with Gazzo. Mario gave some good info for those who have never busked. He gave the reality of busking and let you decide for yourself if you have the chops enough to be out on the street. Didn't get to the end because I had to pack these away.

Watched the beginning of the Gazzo DVD and in the first few minutes experienced a master class in crowd control. That's just the first few minutes. He truly is a master.

I've since moved into the house. Every day I unpack a few more boxes waiting to find out which one I packed these DVD's in so I can watch them for real.

Worth it? To anyone serious about busking, these are gold.
by EVILDAN....
"The Coin Board Book" - moves and routines with the coin panel board. -
"SLASHER - A Horror Whodunnit" - a bizarre close-up routine based on Bob Neale's "Sole Survivor."
PM me for more info.
"Zombie Town" - a packet effect about how a small town turned into zombies.
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How much is this in USD?
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Hi all,

I just wanted to post this as it may be helpful to many of you.
I was a student at the Mario Morris School of Busking and what can I say? It was life changing and truly the best weekend I have ever had. Mario and Veronika have worked extremely hard and made the experience worth every penny, tenfold. Every detail was covered, the atmosphere was great and each and every one of us left with a feeling of immense energy and self belief. This is what sets their school miles ahead of any other in my opinion.

As for the DVD, I purchased it even though I was a student there and I am very glad I did so, it is jam packed full of information from both Mario and Gazzo, this DVD is like a bible for buskers.
Even the most experienced buskers out there can still learn from it, and the beginners will flourish in no time by learning from Mario and Gazzo. They will learn by their mistakes rather than their own thus not wasting time and collecting fat hats in less learning time

The DVD is well structured, clear to follow and the most informative I have ever come across.
This 3 disc wonder should be in every busker’s collection and will prove invaluable in climbing to the top of the busking food chain.

I myself have learned more than I could ever have done without these teachings, and cannot stress how important this set of DVDs is!! Buy them!!! NOW!!!! YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have

Fat hats to you all

Nick Stein
Brent McLeod
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Fabulous Informative review -Thanks.

As a regular outdoor festival performer and also Market Pitcher of Svengalis
Getting a crowd and getting money at the end is not a problem so I have that experience
as well as eveything from performing conditions to street kids being annoying!
Had many tips about outdoor shows from Nick Nickolas and Gary (Animal) Knights.

I think this DVD set which I will buy can take me to the next step of doing the
whole street performance-Pete Wardell had a great learning section on his set as well
but this sounds exactly what I want-Thanks to Mario & Gazzo
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Wow watching the three dvds brought back so many memorys of the weekend in Cardiff.

The advice is priceless, I think watching the DVD throuh finally gave me the confidence to take my magic out on to the streets.

Both Gazzo and Mario put so much effort into the weekend this dedication came out in the DVDS and Verronica who organised and did all the hard work in the background.

Like so many magicians I have shelfs full of Magic DVDs and props this set of DVDs is different from all the other Videos I own it is full of good advice on how to hit the streets. Marrio and Gazzo cover over all the pros and cons of street performing.

I have only have one complaint and that is someone got my name wrong in the credits

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I just ordered mine. ive been performing professionally for about 6 years, and there is something sop appealing about this. I cant wait to learn and grow and try

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