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Victor Brisbin
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I agree with Paul that "The Greater Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields" is a wonderful book. Different, and filled with overlooked material.
I recently found a copy of "Gathering Dust," by Geoff Williams (of 1980's Linking Ring magazine fame, and a former standout among the Magic Castle Juniors.) Great, offbeat ways to dust off props you might already have, designed to get you thinking about scripting and presentation. I fell on the floor laughing over his routine to use a thin-model sawing to saw his insurance agent in half. Definitely a change from vivisecting a sexy female assistant, and very funny.
To complete the spectrum of unusual, perhaps overlooked books, I really liked the book, "Chanin - The Man With the Magic Hands." Although panned for it's illustrations, it is a wonderful collection of Jack Chanin's magic and manipulation.

PS - I continue to learn from the Tarbell Course. My admiration goes out to Jason for his post - how many were paying attention?
Best, VB
"It is better to practice a little than talk a lot." - Muso Kokushi
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Unusual in terms of how it's out together: Chris Kenner's Totally Out of Control!

Fabulous book, fabulous magic! Smile
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I have never seen anyone post on here about Martin Lewis. I picked up a book of his about a year ago that had Cardiograph in it. Great effect. I forget the title of the book and I am at work (darn this day job...get me out of here).

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I rarely see any posts about the "The Entertaining Card Magic of Cy Endfield" by Lewis Ganson, another rarely talked about card book that is worth its weight in gold to the savvy reader.

Joe Z.
Joe Zabel
"Psychic Sorcery"

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

-- Shakespeare's Hamlet I.v. 174-175
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"Martin's Miracles" by his father, Eric Lewis.

Mike Powers
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I believe that the version of Tarbell that Paul spoke of above is the one sold by for $37 in ebook format. I picked it up awhile ago and have just scratched the surface. Very cool!

Nick Pudar
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Some interesting contenders include:

"Practical Impossibilities" by Rick Johnsson (1976)
"Paul Curry Presents" by Paul Curry (1974)
"Special Effects" by Paul Curry (1977)
"The Magic of Louis S. Histed" by Fabian (1947)
"Ricardo's Card Artifice" by Frank Pemper (1977) -- (if you can get past the verbosity!)

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Version 5.0 is available!
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When Creators Collide - Sankey and Saunders

If you can find it check out "Thought Thief" for an effect unlike any in magic.
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"Kort" - Great material that few own. Contains at least three solid magician-foolers and plenty of inspiration.

Even better for the truly unusual:

"P" by D.E.

(You'll have to earn that one!)

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Ahead of the Pack by Avis and Jones is good, especially because it is not on resale. I believe the most unusual books can be find straight from the source or like the book mentioned from

One good thing to remember is that most people know only one or none tricks. And even magicians have suich a variety of books available, it is very unlikely they have bought that same lecture note you bought. And many magicians don't do card trick.
Stefan S.
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How about the book by the Flicking Fingers?

There is some realy strom material in there and hardly anybody in the US knows about!

By the way their DVD is coming out soon, whith diferent material then in the book!


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Not so unusual, but I haven't heard it mentioned:
Henry Hay--The Amateur Magician's Handbook.

A well-rounded classic.
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I would say Quarks & Quirks by Ben Harris and Urban Legends by Christian Chelman
The simplest of schoolchildren now knows truths for which Archimedes would have given his life...
John Kokot
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The following books (alphabetical by author) are not unusual, but they are neglected. While not completely overlooked, it is surprising that they don't garner more attention.

Bertram, Ross. "Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram" and "Bertram on Sleight of Hand."

Carroll, Jose. "Fifty-Two Lovers: Volumes I and II" and a pamphlet called "Effects and Presentations." Everyone's heard of Juan Tamariz (justifiably), but Carroll is also an important member of the Madrid school.

Chesbro, Bob. "The Tipnician." An imaginative look at the thumb tip.

Galloway, Andrew. "Diverting Card Magic." Galloway is famous for being John Ramsay's amanuensis, but this slim volume has some of Galloway's own perceptive thoughts on card magic.

Hugard, Jean. "Modern Magic Manual." Originally published in 1938, this is hardly the new wave, but it is still a wonderful primer.

Jennings, Larry, "Larry Jennings on Card and Coin Handling." The first and smallest book of Jennings' magic has been lost in the shuffle.

Kaufman, Richard. "Ron Wilson: The Uncanny Scot." A lot of practical material.

Larsen, William. "The Mental Mysteries and Other Writings of William W. Larsen Sr." Belongs on any mentalist's bookshelf.

Maurice, Edward. "Showmanship and Presentation." Quaint and devoted to stage magic, but still useful.

Mendoza, John. "The Book of John" and "Close-Up Presentation." The presentation book is not to be mistaken in importance for Darwin Ortiz' "Strong Magic" or Eugene Burger's writings, but it does make a contribution. "The Book of John" is highly derivative, but in its own way was the "Workers" of its day.

Minch, Stephen. "The Vernon Chronicles." Vernon is hardly neglected, but these three volumes don't make as many "Best-Of" lists as one might expect.

Page, Patrick, and Goshman, Al. "Magic by Gosh." Al Goshman was one of the few close-up magicians who had an "act" -- and what a terrific one it was. It's all here.

Sharpe, Alton. "Expert Card Conjuring" and "Expert Card Chicanery." It's perplexing why more cardmeisters don't mention this collection of card-stars' (including Marlo) material.

York, Scott. "Coins." Knuclebusters take note.
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You can add: New Card Control System by Joseph K Schmidt (1000 copies worldwide).
The simplest of schoolchildren now knows truths for which Archimedes would have given his life...
Mogwai II
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I recommend "13 Steps to Vandalsim". It's originally in german, but there might be a english translation out there. The author is Florian Severin. he has a lot of very funny routines, very original stuff. I like it a lot!
"You'll wonder when he comes, you'll wonder more when he's gone..."
David Eichler
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Ken Brooke - The Unique Years
Scott Cram
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On 2003-06-17 22:57, Jim Robinson wrote:
Some stuff that's off the beaten path:

"Magic by Gosh" by Al Goshman

Anything by Meir Yedid

"Zufall's Memory Trix" vol. (1-?) by Bernard Zufall

There are 6 volumes in the Zufall Memory Trix Series:

1) Magazine Memorizing
2) Mental File Index
3) Calendar Memorizing
4) Memorizing A Deck of Playing Cards
5) Memorizing Numbers
6) Memorizing Facts and Figures

I've been working with Chris Wasshuber in order to get these out in an electronic version at
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How about the Hummer material? That is pretty darn unusual. So is Stewart James, and one guy many of you have not heard of, Warren Wiersbe.

Trini Montes
Trini Montes
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I want to add some favorites of mine not yet on the list:
The booklet "The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S.M." by Paul LePaul,
"The Best of Slydini ... and More", and "The Magical World of Slydini" by Karl Fulves,
"Don England's Paradox" by Kevin Kelly,
"Tricks of my Trade - The magic of Doug Conn" by Paul W. Cummins,
"John Carney's CARNEYCOPIA" by Stephen Minch, and "The Book of Secrets - Lessons for progressive conjuring" by John Carney
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