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Ty Argo
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Columbus, Ohio
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good thinking devil...way to be innovative! Smile
Dyslexics UNTIE!!
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It was just luck that I forgot to take off the wax or I would have been stuffed. lol
But hey, it worked great, people loved it!!! It was funny when one guy said "I saw that one on T.V. it's a Raven thingy", so I roll up my sleaves, show my hand empty and continue. What you can do with a hair, hey that's a thread in its self. lol

Ty Argo
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Columbus, Ohio
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It sucks that they see those shows and associate it with our magic performance, but what a way to blow his mind, none the less. that's funny.

Remember, you can still rely on coins, cards and other stuff the party host/guests might miracles with those! The fact that its borrowed can make it more magical. Smile
Dyslexics UNTIE!!
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Malta (Europe)
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I am impressed that some of you said they carry two decks or even more. Now can you tell us where you put those, unless you are wearing a large jacket with lots of pockets.

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I keep 'em in my trousers pocket. It's not that hard, lol must have big pockets
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Oxnard, CA
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Well, I never leave my house without at least $3,000.00 dollars... just kidding.

- 3 Halves with a Expanded Shell
- Deck with 2 sets of Duplicates inside
- and $3,000.00 Smile
Alexander the Magician
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Shouldn't impromtu magic look impromtu?

I always carry cards, and maybe some quarter gimics. Otherwise it looks like you were waiting for someone to ask to see magic. With folding or cigerette through coin or expanded quarter, somebody says "Hey, do some magic!" and I say "Give me a quarter..." not "Oh OK, I have some thumb cuffs here..."

When asked to preform out of the blue, even though I always have cards on me as a back up, I ALWAYS ask to borrow things, cards included. (The best thing I ever came up with for impromtu magic is (I'm sure someone else has had this idea) a packet containing about 10 cards from all different decks, so that when one is borrowed, chances are, I can ring in a duplicate!)

I have nothing agaisnt being prepared, in fact, I prefer it, that's what makes the magic look so strong, espicially, when they think you are unprepared. But that's the point, any preparation should be absolutely secret. You can always ask to borrow a spoon, or deck, or quarter, or watch, or three cups and some fruit!

The best preparation is that of the mind.
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Elkins, WV
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I usually have a deck of cards, my Improv Nightshades gimmick, and a pen for it and recap. And if I'm wearing a jacket I tend to perform the twisting arm.
"When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute - and it's longer than an hour, That's relativity.
- Albert Einstein
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Wow JesseMagic you carry $3,000.00 too! Just Kidding Smile
I usually carry about 2 decks one set up the other a regular, a TT , a rubber band ball, twisted sister, some bent pennies, vodka and orange juice some flash paper, and a zippo. I also carry a hangbag to put all this in. Smile
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MayfieldNew York
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My stealth pen, a red and blue bike deck with dupes, my Invisible deck, pyro perception, my TT with silk, bite out quarter. lol My pants have around 18 pockets's easy. If it's in the winter and I have long sleeves, I'll wear my raven. Smile
Life is an illusion, death is reality.
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moscow, idaho
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A few decks, somtimes it's the Invisible Deck + a regular, set for two card monte, scotch and soda, some rubber bands, and match books. I usually have a backpack but most of this goes in my pockets anyway.
bike during the day,
do magic at night,
and very early the next morning,
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Turin, italy
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On 2003-06-28 17:53, devilsmagic wrote:
I keep 'em in my trousers pocket. It's not that hard, lol must have big pockets

I've got the little bag Joshua Jay sells and there is enough space for a deck, some coins and a packet trick.
Hölderlin (Massimo Manca) - Circolo Amici della Magia - Turin - Italy.
Flores Magic
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Denver, CO
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I always carry a deck of cards. Skinners 3 card monte, and always, always " A Sharpie Marker".
" Pick a card, any card "
Lee Darrow
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Chicago, IL USA
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6 US half dollars
1 English Penny dated 1918
1 coin purse w/mismade bill inside
1 TT
1 giant Chinese Coin
a wristful of rubberbands
business cards (for the impromptu printing bit)
Magician's Credit Card (and no I don't use the mathematical force)
a deck of cards in my briefcase of backpack (depending on which one I am carrying at the time)

Not mych, but good enough for a restaurant audition or impressing a corporate client, "impromptu."

Lee Darrow, C.Ht.
<BR>"Because NICE Matters!"
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Ft. Myers, Florida
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I always carry around my "penetrating pen", sometimes my "reality twister, and whatever else I feel like that day.
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Regular user
Cincinnati, Ohio
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1. 1 or 2 decks of cards, 1 blue, 1 red (I have big pockets... I guess)
2. A few coins
3. sometimes a TT
4. Sometimes a folding quarter/bite out.

Parker Caldwell

sigh... nothing to quote
Neale Bacon
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Burnaby BC Canada
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I always have a back pack with me and in that I keep a bag with some of my favorite small effects (packets and close up etc) but the one trick I always carry, even if I don't have my bag is the Haunted Key. I have a great Houdini story that goes with it.

BTW, I carry the backpack because as a diabetic I have certain things I have to carry, but its ok, gives me an excuse to carry more magic! Smile
Neale Bacon and his Crazy Critters
Burnaby BC
Canada's Favourite Family Ventriloquist
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Veteran user
Waterbury, CT
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Good day fellow creatures,

Wow! Some interesting lists. I find myself pitiful in comparison. My list of things I carry on me that's meant for magic when I leave the house is just this:

A Deck of Cards
A white shoelace

That's about it. Now, I say that because I wear a ring all the time so I use the shoelace for an ungimmicked ring and string routine I’m almost famous for at certain renaissance fairs (I use a piece of ribbon there) and I always carry money on me because (do I have to explain why?) so I can do an unprepared bill tear-restored, tons of coins disappearance and reproduction routines and I could do an hour show using one deck of unprepared cards (and for those that will look at me and say "People would get bored" means you're not doing your card magic right and shame on you) so I'm always prepared to do a close-up or parlor-type show if the urge strikes me.

For a long time, I tried carrying a whole bunch of things like sponge balls, 21st Century Bill Transposition gimmick, B-Wave, 3 Color Monte, paper and a sharpie, cloaking device, etc and etc and when I'm going somewhere where I KNOW I might get a few prospective clients, I carry that stuff in my pockets or a leather hip pouch, but if I'm leaving the house just for general things, I've worked it down to those two things because it's even more magical if I’m not rifling through things to get magic and using tons of gimmicks and junk. To me, it's clutter. I'm not saying that people who carry those things are bad. My mentor often carries a lot of magic items with him in a pouch and like I said, occasionally so do I but I feel better personally if things can be so clean and simple. Not just seeming clean and simple but BEING clean is very different to me. It feels less false, even if its magic.

Blessed Be,
-Much love,
Daniel GreenWolf
Celtic Magician
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Veteran user
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Profile of AragorntheMagician
My wife made me a "Magical Hip Pouch" and the following are in it and on me at all times:
Mini Egg Bag
Color Vision
Appearing Candle w/silk
Color Changing Hankie
D'Lites (is four too many???)
Ring Flight
Finger Chopper (old type that still cuts cig)
Various Thumb Tips w/loads (is 5 too many??)
Wiregrams (Great routine seeing the wire
bend into the shape of the chosen
Disappearing Deck
Locked Deck
Raising Card (Several types)
Scotch & Soda
Coin Box
Mini Die Box
Mini Vampire Tube
In a Flash by Jay Sankey (Absolute Jaw Dropper!!)
with Flash Paper
Ring & String (several sizes)
Thimbles (First thing I ever learned)
Ball to Cube & Egg (Yes the egg did come first)
Small Ball to Two Big Balls (keep it clean, gang)
Several ITR's (Large, Medium & Backup)
Mini Balloon Pump w/Balloon's
Various Sponge Balls
Toilet Paper & Mouth Coils (Take out of top of
kids head)
Mini Brief Case
$1,000,000 Bill
Ball to Big Red Hand
Appearing Wand
Fanning Deck
Two (2) Regular Ungimmicked Deck's
Mini Coke Bottle w/Ring
Coins Across (Half Dollars)
Business Cards held by Hidden Hold Down
Oh my BOG, I am a Magic Junkie!!
ps: BOG = Personal Deity of "Cheech Wizard" and "Aragorn the Magician"

aka: I used to be BOB (It's Cellini's fault)
"All Right, Who's Volunteering to be Turned into a Frog???"
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Inner circle
LosAngeles, Ca
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Profile of GlenD
You ARE joking right??? Smile
I would go into "which trick to perform paralysis" if i carried that much stuff.
But hey if it works for you, great!

The items I have been carrying on me lately is a little different from what I used to carry. The list is:
Packet in shirt pocket containing- "Amazo" a rough smooth 3 card monte effect from Jay Leslie, A few cards for doing card warp (2 or 3 times), B'Wave, and a King of Hearts 3 card Monte.

Always have a papermate or round stic bic pen in my shirt pocket for recapped (what a fun trick).

TT with 1,000,000 bill, gospel bill or sometimes a hundred for bill switch.

A few quarters (3/4 across), one or two half dollars and a couple of pennies and a dime.

Couple of rubber bands and recently a pair of dice (but those sharp razor edged type can be a pain in the pocket sometimes).

Sometimes I have a deck of cards on me and sometimes i don't, depends on what clothing i am wearing.

I always have Kollosal Killer ready to go.

These are the items I have on me almost all of the time (got them all on me even now and the deck of cards). A lot of them can be borrowed as well.

"A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway" - Griffin

"Any future where you succeed, is one where you tell the truth." - Griffin (Griffin rocks!)
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