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Profile of magicgeorge
Wow Aragorn, I would take less than a fifth of that to a paid gig, never mind carrying it about with me all the time.

I usually have a pack of cards on me, apart from that I have no standard stuff I always have. I often grab something off the shelf before I leave the house, whatever I happen to be playing with at the time. A pack of cards and whatever change I have in my pocket is usually more than enough to keep me in impromptu miracles.
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Profile of MariusHaugan
I always carry with me"
  • One Bicycle deck stacked for: "Two Card Monte" (What's the REAL name of this trick again?), Here Then There and Red Hot Mama at the bottom...
  • A Vernet King Size loaded with a silk
  • Another silk...
  • A "Card To Wallet" wallet
  • A coin
I've tried carrying more stuff around, but I feel too "loaded" easily. So I had to cut down to a minimum. I really do most card-work anyway, so the deck of cards would do really... Oh, and perhaps the Vernet.
"There is no branch of conjuring that so fully repays the amateur for his labor and study as sleight-of-hand with cards."
S.W Erdnase
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Profile of juan
These is always with me:
  • Two coins
  • Bands to CMH
  • Bills to do beswitched
But when I go out, my girlfriend's bag is full of things: deck(s), sponge balls, sponge bunnies, packet tricks.
David Le
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Profile of David Le
An ordinary Red Bike deck
A Sharpie marker
Sponge balls

That's about it, really. Smile
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Profile of joculari
I keep a double wallet with Skinner's Monte and the ungimmicked cards to go with it in my wallet. I also usually have a deck of cards in my jacket pocket wrapped with elastics and maybe few coins.
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Crescent Head Australia
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Profile of troppobob
Giday fellow casual entertainers

Gollum came undone when Bilbo asked the same question.

Troppo Bob has pockets containing:
4 sponge balls all set to go.
an Australian 50 cent
A 1950 Australian penny (because it is older than me)
TT and silk
2 rubber bands
and some chain links for a neat effect from Jay Sankey

A backpack, which is often close by, has whatever I am working on that is small and a pencil case with 260Q balloons, small pump and Sharpie.

Sometimes a deck of cards, but not often

Troppo Bob Smile
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Profile of Tate
I carry a Professor's Nightmare, a Woofle Wand (a hot rod-type trick), and a picture of my honey in her bikini. Go here to see her Of course, the photo is a giveaway with my info on the back.

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Profile of martyk
Nothing. In Costa Rica I used coins that were available, pebbles when these were not, shoelace for cord, 2 engaging mental type stunts, and, to my own amazement, that was enough!!
Nothing turns me off more than having someone produce a deck of cards, and usually after THEY, not the others, ask if one wants to see a trick. It is just so PAT (ugh.) Vinnie terse answer, "dice: is wonderfully right on (for the Sacks routine, I gather.)

MartyK Penna.
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St. Louis, MO
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Profile of MacGyver
My updated pockets (strangely enough I tend to carry a lot more with me impromptu than for a paid gig, mostly because I always wear cargo shorts/pants and have the room, and my jacket has tons of space, while my suit has barely any.)

Casual Wear:
Left Cargo pocket: bag with half dollars, spare jokers/advert cards for tearing, "Hold It, Buddy", Lighter

Right Cargo Pocket: Ring and String, tub of sortkwik, 2 TT's, 3 sponge balls, PyroPerceptions

Left Pants Pocket: Card wallet with 3 ace double facers (for many tricks), Color Monte, Ultimate 3 Card Monte, and my own Rising Card gimmick. Also in pocket: cell phone, spare casino deck for practicing, 4 colors of sharpies.

Right Pants Pocket: Change and Bicycle deck with 1 DF and 1 DB for my own AW routine.

Right back pocket: The Real Man's Wallet carrying all my cards/cash.

Left Jacket pocket: Jiggernaut, In a Flash, tape for another trick's reset.

Right Jacket pocket: Deck Shell w/ blank deck and 1 way forcing deck.

Inside Jacket Pocket: Un-Shuffled deck, Invisible deck, IT and wax, and then some raven stuff

Raven set up inside the jacket sleeve =)

When I'm working in a suit, usually it’s that card wallet with packet tricks, sponge balls and a regular deck... and maybe my “card to wallet” wallet.
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San Jose, Ca
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Profile of pbg739
Wow, I'm impressed with the lengths you all go. In my wallet I have quadriflex, and a really good card revelation, so if I can borrow cards I always have a card trick on me. I usually bring B'wave, and a deck of cards. Sometimes I'll bring the invisible deck, but I hate being weighed down with props.

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Eternal Order
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Profile of Dynamike
Before I leave my home I always carry Sponge rabbit, Magnetic Silver Copper in my right pocket. In my left pocket I have Ladybugd, SCB, Perfect Pen, Cigarette thru Quarter and Lethal Tender.
Roger Boucher
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Profile of Roger Boucher
I just try to carry 3 coins of same denomination, a rubber mallot and chicken, a few elastics for Crazy Mans Handcuffs, and one toy boat.
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Profile of falcon
A stacked deck, one half dollar and seven pennies... I use the half for either “Coin thru the Hand” or up the nose and the pennies for counting them into their hand and having one penetrate it.
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Philadelphia, PA
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Profile of MagicBob90
I usually hook up my Raven and Raven supplies, supplies for Healed and Sealed, some coins, and of course a deck of cards! Smile Smile
Fun is Fun and Done is Done
David Le
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Profile of David Le
stacked for: "Two Card Monte" (What's the REAL name of this trick again?)

Its called Be Honest, What Is It?

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Profile of MrBiddle
A pack of cards
Some halfdollar coins
Sponge Balls
Rubberbands for CMH
A Sharpie Marker
I would, however contest that there is in REALITY very little pportunity to perform what could actually be termed "close-up" magic.
- Guy Hollingworth
Insomniacs Dream
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Port Glasgow in scotland
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Profile of Insomniacs Dream
Nothing I use whats around me

If i never sleep wy does it feel like im dreaming
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Profile of marc_us
I used to carry the Kollosal Killer around but lately, it's more of using coins in my pocket and rubberbands lying around in the office.
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Eternal Order
Look mom! I've got
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Profile of daffydoug
Smile Smile Smile Hey Aragorn, you're dressed to kill, man! How the heck do you keep track of all of it? Seriously, though, I carry around quite a bit of stuff myself, but you make me feel less guilty now. Thanks! I was beginning to develop a complex or something, thinking I must be weird to carry around tons of stuff, but now I know I'm not alone. What a relief! What a load off my mind!

I carry around a lot of Sankey stuff, but I am NEVER without my Jay Sankey Killer Key in my back right pants pocket. If I had to throw all my stuff off a bridge and keep one effect, it would be Killer Key!
Smile Smile Smile
The difficult must become easy, the easy beautiful and the beautiful magical.
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Profile of Chout
A pack of cards, some coins, and a rubber band. A little goes a long way.
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