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I just got back from seeing the Hulk and it was alright. I thought the story dragged a bit and it was also bit long. But the special effects were good and the Hulk character was quite interesting to watch on big screen. I would recomend this film only if you like this kind of comic book movies.
Dennis Michael
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I enjoyed it and the storoy telling in the begining seemed to drag, however, I'll watch it again.
Dennis Michael
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Why does the Hulk look like Shrek? Seriously, they have a long way to go with CGI. I would have much prefered models, animatronics, and lots of make-up for the creation of the Hulk. He just looks too cartoonish in CGI. However, I'm going to see this movie anyway because it's directed by the amazing Ang Lee. This guy makes beautiful movies (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Ice Storm, Sense & Sensibility).

And it doesn't hurt that the unbelievably beautiful Miss Jennifer Connelly is in it.
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Scott Cram
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Keep your eye out for the security guards. One is Stan Lee (the publisher of Marvel Comics), and the other is Lou Ferrigno (who played the Hulk in the TV series).
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I liked the "comic book-ness" of the movie. By that I mean transitions and the split-screens and jazz. I liked Spider Man & Daredevil, but neither seemed very comic-booky, just an action flick. HULK had more artistic flair, if you will. Good stuff. =)
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Go on the comic book forums and hear them complain about dumb stuff. Stuff like how Banner is left handed in the comics but, he is right handed in the movie. I like the Star Wars(ownz) vs. Star Trek forums. It always gets heated when they compare Spock to Yoda.


P.S. Daredevil sucked....
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I can't believe they are debating over the hands when there are SOOO MANY other glaring things like the origins and some of the things the Hulk could do, and how hitting the water going that fast would be like hitting concrete...

Anyways, I thought it was good but it seems like the Hulk never killed anyone, which isn't a bad thing, but it seems everytime the Hulk threw a tank 2 miles they would cut to a shot of the 4 people walking away from it dazed and confused to show the Hulk doesn't hurt anyone... /laugh.

I wonder why they didn't just call in Thor or something when the Hulk got out. Smile

I wish the dad thing would have been longer and easier to see... I mean the effects were all over the place and not very detailed...

I hope they do a sequel though; the movie ROCKED. The transitions were enough to watch it.
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Special effects were outstanding but it drug too much. I almost fell asleep.
Pakar Ilusi
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Strange that in some instances the Hulk looked really realistic but in some others he just looked like a CGI "cartoon", you know?
Wasn't too bad though. They could've done better IMHO! Smile
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What ever happened to movies like Superman - the quality of film making was better over 20 years ago.

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Salem, VA
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I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this movie. I couldn't stand any of Ang Lee's past films (call me crazy) but I found this movie very very good and I really loved the way they had the screen like a comic book at times.
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Good movie, but the ending was not really up to my expectations. Quite dissappointing in fact (just like how Signs was). But overall it was O.K. The parts where Hulk ran and hopped over the mountains really cracked me up Smile
Jason Wethington
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Orlando, Fl
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This was the worst movie that I have had to sit through in a very long time. The story dragged and the performances were forced at best. The comic book panels although clever made it a bit difficult to look at the entire screen. The absolute lone bright spot was the CGI creature. There were scenes where the animation was stunning others were (as mentioned before) "cartoonish". Overall though, the CGI industry has made tremendous strides since "The last Starfighter."
Back to my rant- The scene towards the end between Banner and his father was laughable. I thought perhaps Ang wanted us to feel compassion for his dad but all I could do is laugh at the ridiculousness of it.
Spider-man is the super hero movie that all others should be held against (Well let's just say modern film, "Superman" with Christopher Reeve is the all time best)
In both movies the story moved at a comfortable pace. The acting was good enough to actually enjoy the characters even the baddies. Rent Spider-man and Superman if you want to see how superhero flicks should be done.
I cannot say how strongly I disliked this movie except to mention at one point I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to leave and get our money back.

This movie made me angry you would... Oh it just isn't even worth it....

Jason at the movies gives it
:thumbsdown: Smile
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Wow, I really liked it. My opinion is basically the opposite of Jason's. The lone dark spot for me was the The Hulk himself. I don't think CGI has made that great of strides. CGI can still not replace actual sets and real models and it certainly cannot replace characters. However, everything else worked for me. I also think it was better than Spider-Man, in which the CGI killed all suspense in the action scenes due to its cartoonishness and lack of weight and gravity. The Hulk is more thoughtful.
Thought: Why does man kill? He kills for food. And not only food: frequently there must be a beverage.
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The Hulk gets my vote for the Academy Award. No not the movie but Hulk the

Do you people remember when those kung fu movies came out and the voices were dubbed in?

The Hulk is fantastic compared to those bombs.
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I thought it rocked. Nothing beats 2 hours of pure HULK SMASH!!!!
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The Hulk was a killer movie! I will see it again! I must agree with kull-spider, the ending was a little disappointing. Other than that, I think it was one of the best comic book movies yet. Bring on The Punisher!
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I personally think that The Hulk is very disappointing. Long movie. Pretty boring... I almost fell asleep. Smile
Andy H
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You mention how CGI cannot replace sets, but look at all of the bullet time scenes in the Matrix and you will see that they have all been computer generated. They are seamless and intricate. I agree that sometimes Hulk looked comically cartoon-like but then other times it looked strangely real; maybe they are still trying new effects. Anyone see Final Flight of the Osiris? (Animatrix episode) because that is all CGI and there are times when you would swear to jebus himself it was real.
Paul Harris: My Astonishing Hero
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If you loved the comic you will love the movie
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