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Alan Munro
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Kentwood, Michigan, USA
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I've had girlfriends request that I perform a trick under tougher conditions, but that's another story. Ahem!

There's always the "Ten Count" using a couple of stones or the "Gray Elephant from Denmark" thing.
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I found this to be a great topic. I started thinking what tricks I'd do, but as I though I realized this is very much like jazz. I think that as magicians, we tend to think along the lines of "tricks". In an impromptu setting, we shoud be thinking about techniques or principals.

By this I mean, palming, one ahead, one behind, magician's choice, etc.

Therefore if we think along these lines it should be easy to come up with things like:

clams shells across
appearing and disappearing bottle cap
a simple book test
object prediction (seaweed, suntan oil, etc.)
torn and restored beach litter
beach rock matrix (ala shadow coins)
coin in Big Mac
beachtowel thread (dragon thread)
ring on shoelace (or pop top ring)
dixie cups and napkin balls (or beach rocks)
beer bottle from beach hat
rock from shoe or sandal

Man, it's starting to sound like an act......

Again, great topic
John Smetana
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???? - 2009
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Thinking about the beach setting brings to mind an effect with an empty soda bottle that is half buried in the sand.At your command the bottle starts to twist in the sand , continues for a bit and then stops. Anyone can pull it out of the sand and there is nothing to find. I've never tried this and indeed it may be someone's pipe dream, but it sure sounds like a workable idea to me.
I'd rather not post the method here, but if anyone's interested drop a note and I'll post the explanantion in Secret Sessions.

Best thoughts,
John Smetana Smile
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What do you ALWAYS have with you? Think about it! Your HANDS!
So do HAND effects, like the old index finger stretching/shrinking somewhere in HUGARD'S. Or do what Houdini used to do---believe it or not, the ancient thumb removal. Look in BODY MAGIC
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Cypress, CA
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Another thing you can find at a beach that no one has mentioned is wax. You can get that from a surfboard- or if there are no surfers, pull some wax out of your ear Smile

cut & restored seaweed?
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I would do a WATCH STEAL and have it appear on my wrist.
Respectful Classic Magic. Smile
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Seattle Magic
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On 2002-08-15 16:10, Genio wrote:
I would do a WATCH STEAL and have it appear on my wrist.

Arm Twist
That finger stuff of Mier Yedid
No gaffs, No pockets, No mess
"Gray Elephant from Denmark" good one I forgot all about that.
Think out side the box.
Step away from the box.
Be true to your art, and it will be true to you
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There is a nice vanish that can be done with a stick and a rock even. If you are dieing to know how to do this check out a video called off the cuff

Lance R. Wilson
Magic is the psychology of the audience.
-Lance Wilson
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Given my penchant for Magic Squares, I would do something around this - probably create one that adds up their freely named number by drawing a Magic Square in the sand.
Mark S. Farrar

Email: [email]MarkFarrar@TheMagicCircle.co.uk[/email]
Web: www.MagicSquaresBook.com, www.RandMPublishing.com, www.TheDailyGoalMachine.com, www.ParvoBuster.com
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UK Newcastle
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Along the same lines as Mark:

Use a branching anagram to get their star sign. Whilst discussing character traits for that sign make sure you get their date and year of birth. Use one of these for your magic square. You now have all the info you need to also work out the day on which they were born. You could then do a "reading" from the square finishing with "...and this tells me you born on a Monday."

Quite a little psychic feast.
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Just outside parts unknown.
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OK, there are a few essentials that I take to the beach with me, since I just got back from the beach this past weekend, this is what I had with me.

A book w/ small tablet and pen
A towel
A lighter and pack of cigarettes
Cans of soda in cooler w/ ice
Change for the parking meters

Those are the NON-magic related items that I took with me, the magic related items I took were some IT and my good ol TT.

The magic done with the IT and TT are limited only to your imagination.

Greg Wilson's Re-capped since I have the Pen with me.
Using the towel you could perform the world famous one legged vanish!
Book = Book Test.
Change for the meter = Coin Magic
Cigarettes = A lot of different cigarette magic
Ice over the head using ice from the cooler lol
Rubberbands - Please consult the Dan Harlan rubber band magic tapes.

Just some random ideas. Does all that count?
If not, the other members of the cafe have thrown out some really good ideas!
You'll wonder when I'm coming, you'll wonder even more when I'm gone. - Max Malini
Bradley Morgan
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Hello everyone
Nice topic

What I would bring to the beach is

A dove pan

The flaming head box trick

Some swords for some sword swallowing

some fire eating

Broken and restored surfing board

and the famous buried alive trick for the finish.

Those are all classics.


No just kidding

What about doing rubber band magic with those rubber band things that girls wear in there hair.

Most people leave there rings on, so you could do a simple vanish and reproduce it in someone's ice box, a soda can, or what ever you can think of.

If you like to surf and do magic, you could have a card printed on your surf board and do a mental force and there you go you can do some really cool magic on the beach.

Bye for now

"I do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones." - Einstein
Luke Kerr
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Pk time,or if you have the time or you are into a good discussion pk touches
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Cleveland, Oh
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Hello All!!

just a quick question... I read an earlier post talking about "cloud busting". Just wondering what this effect was and where I could purchase it...
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UK Newcastle
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It is not an effect you can purchase, any more than you could purchase "an effect" on cold reading, for example. There is a thread currently running in penny for you thoughts that you could take a look at.

You need to have a strong reputation and persona to be able to pull this off. Its all in the presentation (isn't everything) so you need to be very convincing and confident.

Ron Giesecke
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Redding, Ca.
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if it were me and I were on an island, I'd classic palm the Pacific Ocean, and then use it as a final load during my "Chop Conch" routine.

Go ahead and kill me. Smile

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