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I was wondering if anybody owns this, and if so, can you please provide a review? This is a $599 card trick so it must be good? Smile

Please read the following carefully, as it’s exactly what your audience will see:

A deck of cards is shown, and is held in full view throughout the performance. You announce that you will perform “THE PERFECT PREDICTION”.
A person is selected from the audience (either by random choice or by throwing out a ping pong ball, etc.). He’s asked to state his name and choose either Red or Black. After doing so, he now gets to pick someone at random.
This second person states their name and (if RED was chosen) chooses either Hearts or Diamonds, or (if BLACK was chosen) chooses either Clubs or Spades. This second person now chooses a third person.
The third person gives their name and then names any card from Ace to King.
They then select a fourth, random member of the audience.
This final volunteer gives their name and chooses any number from 1 to 52.
A dry erase board is brought out, and all of the selections are written down for verification. The LAST volunteer opens the deck of cards, and counts down to the number (from 1 to 52) that was previously selected. That card now has a RED back, while the rest of the deck is BLUE. This card is turned over to reveal that it is entirely THE WRONG CARD! But you tell him to examine it closely, and he will see your prediction - written around the edges of this card are the names and selections of ALL the participants!!
The best is yet to come: You turn over the deck and show that ALL of the remaining 51 cards are the Selected Card!! UNBELIEVEABLE – It’s the "PERFECT CHOICE!"

The Perfect Choice involves no audience stooges or forces whatsoever, and it comes complete with the following:

* Dry Erase Board and Hanging Stand * Carrying case * Instructional DVD

*The very special gimmick to perform this mind-blowing effect!

* AND…Full performance rights for this very unique routine!

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Oh yes, here is the link to a live performance demo:


Thoughts, anybody?

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5,99$ is even to much for that trick
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I'm sure this will require a lot of work to pull off. could one just perform them as a closeup effect? The spec just names a card and starts dealing down to the prediction card and all the rest are the named card? Probably not Smile but if so, I'd be interested!
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jazzy snazzy
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Thanks anyway. I'll just tell everyone that I paid $599 for my invisible deck.
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I used to own and perform this effect. I performed this effect around 5 or 6 times, and each time it played very well. It is a unique prediction effect, in comparison to the dream car, vacaction, date, etc.
It is not a one man effect, and is suited for parlor or stage shows. There were several things I did not like with the original performance / method, so I came up with my own ideas on a way to present this. Like most prediction effects, you have to be somewhat careful with this one, as it is almost to "perfect", which is why I changed mine up a bit.
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Immotion, when you say it is not a one man effect, do you mean that you need to do it in front of many individuals, or do you mean that you need an assistant for it to work?

Besides being too "perfect", what were the other things you did not like about the original performance?

Thanks for the info!

Chance Wolf
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It requires an assistant offstage to some degree.
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Dick Christian
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Certainly a remarkable effect. Obviously requires an offstage assistant to do the dirty work. It's a *** shame that the performer in the demo chose to perform before a packed house in a large, well equipped auditorium dressed like a totally unkempt slob thereby demonstrating his complete lack of regard for his audience as well as his own appearance. As the owner/operator of an entertainment agency if any performer I booked ever showed up for a performance looking like that he'd never work for me again.
Dick Christian
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On 2010-03-25 19:07, Waterloophai wrote:
5,99$ is even to much for that trick

Smile Smile

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It lost its cleanliness as soon as the performer picked up the deck.......from then on it became a $5.99 effect in my eyes

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For this kind of money, I'd expect to be fooled at least a >little< bit.
Tony Razzano
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In addition to what Dick said, I found the method transparent. You can have the same impact with Osterlind's BCS at a much better price.
Best regards,
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No surprise regarding the price...

Potty the Pirate
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That's an expensive DS! I watched this video some time ago, and also found the performer handling the deck a big disappointment. Also, the result of the "prediction" is SO contrived, that the method almost screams itself out. There are other methods to achieve a similar effect which are much cleaner - for instance, the cards are in a closed box and the performer never touches them (Nostradamus' Chest). No colour change, actual card prediction, or names of spectators divined, though.
Potty Smile
Scott Imler
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I agree although I understand where some of the cost is occured . For a DS its way over priced IMO. Also its a weak justification for the dry erase board. No need to recap what card was picked. I know you are saying "but what about recapping the names". IMO the prediction of the names and what they picked is way too much, it deflates the value of the card effect. Way too much going on here.The strength of one effect takes away from the other. The sum of the two is weaker than the seperate parts . 2 cents spent
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Having the 33rd card be red got a very strong response from the guy on stage. Then it's the wrong card. Seems like flaw in effect design. Then the rest of the effect is trying to overcome the "mistake" and show that it wasn't really a mistake.

Better to have the 33rd card be red and the correct card and the effect is over. The audience wants to applaud when the red card appears. (I think they do at least.)
Show its the correct card and also show the writing on it if you wish of the various predictions.

It seems like the card is wrong to ensure one can read whats written on it. Be hard to read on camera if it was written on a face card. This is just a guess as to the effect's designer's mindset.

Better to have the dry erase board on stage to begin with. Write down answers as they are being shouted out. (Though I do like the presentation of I didn't remember everything said so lets get a dry erase board out here. Nice touch.)

Have an assistant write the answers down on the board. The magician helps the assistant move the dry erase board forward and hands the deck to spec while he does so so his hands are free to help.

This is an effect where blocking becomes very important.
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While I do not know the method (I do not own this) I suspect from what I saw the assistant HAS to bring the board later and can not be on stage writing the answers. I believe the assistant plays an integral part in the effect. I could be wrong but at least it appears that way to me.

Larry Davidson
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The two major issues that I have with the effect relate to the Too Perfect Theory, and the fact that the final reveal is anti-climactic (1 out of 52 as opposed to the astronomical odds of getting the names and their choices correct earlier in the effect).
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