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Ken Dumm
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I always have a bottle of water close to me. In fact, if I'm using a mic stand, I clip this on to mic stand:

Comes in handy to set small props on it as well. Bottle of water and a small hand towel are always in my bag.

Ken Northridge
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Atlantic City, NJ
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Thanks for sharing that Ken. I fear the day is coming quickly when I'll have to use that tray to hold my reading glasses. Smile

On 2010-05-14 22:00, ddeckmann wrote:
When doing kids show I don't allow myself to have "empty spaces", drinking water for me is an "empty space" (in a kids show). Everything has to be very fluid because I'm starting with kids and its a heavier rhythm for me.

I agree with Dante. When it comes to kids an 'empty space' can be trouble.

I don't think there is anything wrong or unprofessional about it, I just don't see the need. If you can't go 45-minutes without a drink of water then maybe something is wrong. I have ice water waiting for me in my van, that's enough for me.

As far as using the bathroom, well, when you gotta go you gotta go.Smile
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On 2010-05-15 09:02, magicgeorge wrote:
Simple joke for a childrens show is just announcing your famous vanishing water trick. Then turn your back a little and drink your water.

If the client has supplied the water I say "this stuff's great you must give me the recipe"

If you have a spirit cloth make the glass vanish the appear empty.

These are great!
Alan Munro
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Kentwood, Michigan, USA
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I try to have water handy. But, don't attach a drink holder to your case with velcro! I found out that the common grade of velcro won't support more than an ounce or two - the adhesive will give out after a few shows, during a show.
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Almost anything can be done so that is looks professional. In the case of water, if you need it, you SHOULD take a drink. Some entertainers have even made a trademark of their "unprofessional" actions: Rodney Dangerfield tugged at his tie, Louis Armstrong mopped his brow with a handkerchief, George Burns held (smoked?) a cigar. All of these things may seem "unprofessional" by some ... but probably not by their millions of fans.
John C
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On 2010-05-14 17:07, wonderbob wrote:
I was wondering if any of you do this. Do any of you take a drink of water right in the middle of your show. I do and I was wondering if this is professional or not?

only when thirsty ...
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Wes Holly
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Baltimore, MD
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For what it's worth. I have one routine where taking a drink is scripted into it as a gag. So you can make taking a drink a valid part of the show.

Being on a stage under the lights for 45 minutes, well, it's inevitable that I will need a drink (and a towel to wipe my face). It is possible to use transitional spots to cover these actions. It's also possible to make gags out these actions.

If you are using water to soothe a tired or scratchy throat, perhaps a small amount of vocal training would be of more assistance. Proper vocal warm up and techniques are valuable for all performers and all performances.

wes holly
Happily Yours,
Wes Holly
Baltimore, MD, USA
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Harris Deutsch
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Water yes...

gags while drinking water yes...(actually just prior and after drinking)

a. now for the vanishing water....
want to see it again...I DO!

Only had to excuse myself once in the last 30 + years...right before the finale ..strait jacket routine...said I had to go out in the hall and meditate....

Oh what fun it is to do live theatre....

Some comedians have several bottles of water on stage..Mr. Williams comes to mind...though my bits are family friendly...
Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
music, magic and marvelous toys
Owen Anderson
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I'll echo Wes Holly. Taking a drink is built into a routine as a gag.
Owen Anderson
Potty the Pirate
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Water Monte allows you to take a drink as part of a routine - I always enjoy that drink! I always have a bottle of water behind my backdrop, and take a big slug before I start the show. The only time I'd stop to take a drink, is if I start to get cramps (a sure sign of dehydration). Without the water, it's possible you culd get cramps in your hands, or anywhere, and it could seriously impair your performance. It's not such a big deal, but it should be rare that you NEED to take a drink.
As for bleeding from a cut - this has happened to me, and you really do have to deal with it. Having blood get onto your props, etc, is not only unprofessional, but extremely distasteful, a BIG no no. It's a good idea to have a few plasters ready for such an occurrence. Your clients don't know you, they might start to worry that your blood is infected, anything.
I've also had another issue, a few years back, I got really bad hay fever right at the start of my show. It was weird. Normally the adrenalin would stop sneezing during a show, but this time, I just couldn't stop sneezing every few seconds. It was awful. And the Birthday kid was disabled, not that that should have made any difference, but it just made me feel even worse.
It's never happened before or since, but it was embarrasing, awkward, and very difficult for me. Needless to say, those clients never called me again!
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Philadelphia, PA
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I absolutely take a drink and keep bottled water behind my table at all times. I think it is just natural to take a drink if one needs to. It is just a matter of not making a huge deal about it unless you want to make it a comical part of your show.

One must keep health and hydration at the forefront of a performance. If you are getting dehydrated then not taking a drink is a dangerous thing. Taking a drink can also prevent dry mouth and that crusty stuff that forms at the sides. Lol That is more embarrassing then just picking up a bottle and having a drink of water.

I perform a lot at festivals and fairs and having water with me is just something that is a part of every show.

Kyle Peron

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Yep! I have a bottle of water ready when needed behind my table!
I usually take a zip when the music start for a routine, but never when I'm talking.
I hope this helps,
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I also have a spot near the end of my program where I take a drink of water. It's after doing Dave Risley's "Rabbit in Hat" routine... I make a comment, "Man, that rabbit gives me so much grief..." and I pause and get a drink... it's in character and it lets me apparently compose myself after a very frustrating experience.

Regarding toilets, if there's any way possible, NEVER use someone's toilet. It is just bad form all the way around. Give yourself enough time between shows to find a fast-food joint, buy a soda or something, and hit the john there.

--Jack Turk
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Potty the Pirate
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On 2010-05-18 16:36, jackturk wrote:
if there's any way possible, NEVER
use someone's toilet. It is just bad form all the way
--Jack Turk

I disagree, Jack. I see no problem at all in using someone's toilet. BUT - I avoid using it during the party if I can, because kids may be using it. Sometimes there's no lock on the door, and it's not great if a kid walks in while you're "mid-flow"!
Of course, if you do use your clients' bathroom facilities, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards - as you should do before and after every show anyhow. If I'm at a hall, I will normally use the disabled toilet.
Potty Smile
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I agree with Jack about the toilets but I don't take a drink during shows. I can before and after but it just feels weird "during". I don't think anyone would blame a magician for taking a sip, I just don't.

Cesar Munoz
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In an earlier post Frank said:

"I can't believe I'm reading this. drinking water? of course. drinking water is not empty space if you don't let it.
I drink water confidently, with a nice big "aaaaaahhhhhh" after I do so.

"Now that's some gooooood water!"

Some people are Waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy to worried about the simplest things.

It's your show. Do whatever the he77 you want and be confident about it.

YOU ARE LARGER THAN LIFE to these people. ACT LIKE IT!!!!!

Do you think Robin Williams cares if he takes a drink during his comedy act?
Stop acting like a wimp and drink your water, eat your pizza, do whatever you want and do it with gusto. Make it part of the act!

Please give yourself more credit."


You are right and you are the man! One time I went to the bathroom right before a show. It turns out I had already set everything up including my PA system. So, I hammed it up while I was in the bathroom! I sang, I hummed, and when I got back to my audience, they were already laughing (parents and kids) and the "show" hadn't even started yet! Have fun, be yourself, BE THE FUN that you want your audience to have. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Al Angello
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Frank & Ceasar get it. We are not talking about the president addressing a joint session of congress here, we are talking about a magician at a kids party. Don't make any silly rules about propper magic etiquitte, take as many sips of water as you like.
Al Angello The Comic Juggler/Magician
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Magic Arty
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Take a drink look at the audience, take a bigger drink, gargle, swoosh it in your mouth,swallow it then ask the audience if they want some as you gesture with the bottle towards them.
Arthur Atsma

Feeling real happy now!
Cesar Munoz
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Arty--that reminds me of when I dry my perspiration with a hand towel--then offer to dry the perspiration off of some of the kid's faces--they get a real kick out of it.
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Chad Wonder
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Personally I don't drink during my kids shows, but they're only 45 minutes long. I also don't drink during my theme park show, but it's twenty minutes and I have a few minutes off stage. Strange, but I can't ever recall getting thirsty on stage anyway.

Odd territory... as far as using the bathroom in a home, I don't have a major issue with it. Contrary to the advice of "leaving enough time between gigs," I get too busy some days and don't have that luxury. I politely ask to "use the washroom," leave the toilet flushed and clean (I wait until it refills), and I always wash my hands (which you should do anyway).

Obviously if you need to "spend some time" in the bathroom, consider it mandatory that you stop at a 7-11 or something (even if you'll be a bit late, there's always traffic somewhere).
Chad Wonder (Chad Wonder Magic, Inc)
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