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Full Effect
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Los Angeles
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As you can see, I'm new to this board.
My name is James and I live in California.
Curious and wanted to know what routines besides coins across would you do during walk-around if you don't have a surface to work on?
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Scott F. Guinn
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"Great Scott!" aka "Palms of Putty" & "Poof Daddy G"
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Way to many to give a comprehensive list here, but a few good choices:

Hopping half
Copper/silver transpo
Ungimmicked Scotch and Soda (Peter Marucci)
Aldo Colombini's "Invisible Coins"
My coin flurry
Hanging coins
etc, etc, etc.
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Geoff Williams
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Here're some of my favorites:

Two-Penny Trick (Tenkai)

Short Hop (Jenest)

Eraser Coin (Roth)

Miracle Coin Vanish (Williams)

Shanghai Surprise (Bannon)

Elbow, Knee & Neck (Daryl)

Flurious Jr. (Williams)
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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I like to use my audiences' hands when I require a surface to work with. It really strengthens the effects as it happens in their hands. Paul Harris has his PDQ Coins across as an example of this.

I love "two copper one silver" and "Scotch Soda", "Tenkai Pennies", "Epic Flight",
"Pencil thru coin" (about the strongest piece of visual magic plus you can do it with a mental bent to it), my own routine called "money, money, money" which is a three phase prediction routine using coins, Those are a few of my favorite walk around with coins.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Canada's Leading Mentalist
AB StageCraft
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Los Angeles
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How about these:

-Purse Spellbound (Rubinstein)
-Coin through pants (Bobo)
-Coin through handkerchief or copper or silver through handkerchief (Bobo, Vernon)
-Scotch & Soda
-Copper/silver (Bobo)
-Charming Chinese Challege (Hooser)
-ExTROYdinary (Hooser)
-Copper/Silver gone (Sol Stone)
-Jarred Coin (Sol Stone)
-Coin in a bottle or bitten coin
-Cigarette through coin

There are a lot of good flurries out there, or you could make yours.

Peter Marucci
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Full Effect,
If you-or anyone else, for that matter-want my routine for No-Gimmick Scotch and Soda (as mentioned by Scott Guinn, above), just e-mail me and ask for it. Only to happy to oblige. If I were selling it, the ad would say something like:

"No gimmicks, virtually no sleights, real coins, will cure any and all diseases."

"Well, that's what a DEALER ad might say! Smile

Peter Marucci
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Bellevue, WA
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I second the idea of using the spectator's (co-star's?) hands for a table-it is more magical and gets them involved. Use a silk or napkin as a "table cloth" over both hands and it will keep their hands together where you want them... otherwise they tend to pull them apart at the wrong time, gesture, etc.

Coins across (how ever many you do) has no real ending anyway all by itself... so for a climax I make the last coin go THROUGH the table, implying that it is harder to do the penetration than just passing them through the air. Finish by dropping all coins into the handkerchief-then can pick them all up together with the handkerchief and move on.

You can even HPC into their hands, produce the omnipresent giant coin to their hands, etc.

My coin through the handkerchief routine (Linking Ring a few years ago although they got the hand position wrong in one illustration despite the fact I sent a video tape...) involves three penetrations, two in my hands and the last in their hand and requires no surface upon which to work...

My "Copper Silver Squared" routine also occurs in my hands and not the table and also appeared in Tom Craven's column in LR a few years ago - two halves change to two Silvers and back again, just by being turned over in the hand, finally ending with one copper and one silver in the left hand and a
"cramped" appearing right hand - when called on "using an extra coin," you confess that you do and reveal a brass Asian coin with a square hole through it and pass out all three for examination if desired...

Alan Munro
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Kentwood, Michigan, USA
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I rarely have table space to use, when doing walk-around. Here's what I use, not necessarily in the same gig:

Sun and Moon Coin set (I use the basic handling of David Acer's marketed effect
"Spare Change".)

Mark Mason's mental selection routine from
"Real World Magic" preceeded by two other card revelations involving cards that an audience member peeked-at.

George Schindler's Homing Card to Wallet

Mismade Bill (my no-tip handling)

Sponge Balls or Sponge Bunnies

Ring and String (includes ideas from Ray Grismer, Dan Garrett and Mark Leveridge; it uses my own finale)

Daryl's Jumping Knot of Pakistan (the reset takes a minute, though)

Sidewalk Shuffle (my handling, Infantino patter)

David Neighbors
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Hi James,

No. 1. My pro coins to pocket
No. 2. 3 Coins through pocket.
No. 3. China con (my 2c/1s routine where thay all change to Chinese coins at the end. No. 4. One of my three fly handlings.
No. 5. Hop a long half ( my hoping half routine where you start out with real coins) No. 6. Going home (A home coins routine)
No. 7. My 5 or 8 way spellbound.
No. 8. My coins through silk routine.
No. 9. Thanks to Kapps (A copper-sliver rountine in A hank with the production of two 5" coins at the end).
No. 10. One of my stand-up wild coin or triple change wild coin handling.
No. 11. Copper-silver in the spec hands.
No. 12. One coin routine.
No. 13. A 3in coin routine.
No. 14. My international coins across routine.
No. 15. My three coin spellbound IE. three silver change to three brass and back three or four times.
No. 16. A three or 4 coin production routine.
No. 17. A three or four coin hanging coins routine.
No. 18. A four coin ending flash vanish.
No. 19. A three or four coins through glass routine.
No. 20. A misers Dream routine. I have ten no table routines in my sound routines book. and 18 coiming out in the hard bound. So there is a lot of no table stuff out there.

Take your pick. Or as my friend Bill Malone would say "stop me when you see one you like" Smile.

Best David Neighbors
The Coinjurer
David Neighbors

The Coinjurer

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