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Can't we just accept that I have a differing opinion to most people, that I did not enjoy a particular aspect of the patter and move on? It would be no differant if someone made a joke about Bipolar kids in their patter. (I have actually been in that exact situation) There are just some things that for me, personally, I do not wish to see used in patter.

Can't we all agree that each person likes to watch a different thing, that I have my own opinion and move on?

I come from the future to culture you poor sods with fire.
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90 seconds...that is a big limit...What would you do with 90 seconds?
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Chief Anderson, your Magic is exceptional. I’ve watched the performance several times and shown it to others, and it never fails to entertain me. The presentation is exciting. The sword handling is believable and yes, a little frightening. I enjoy it very much.

Volunteer Fireman, Registered Paramedic, Medevac Pilot, and a real Hero to those kids who would never have seen you perform and who might even have died without the U.S. Army presence.

I consider it an honor to be in your company, sir.
...what if I could read your mind?

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As do I.
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I was first impressed with your in-country performances (I think in Magic Mag or Linking Ring). Glad to see you getting some national public attention. You'd get more wearing your usual side arm!

I know other magicians and their trials and tribulations with getting to or through the first round. Congrats on the performance on and off stage.

Thanks to for your service to our country.

Lynn Fox
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Again thank you all for your kind words. I am really glad you liked the performance. I am currently getting quite a kick out of reading all the youtube comments. I had no idea that there was a large mirror between the legs on the origami, or that the swords are very

Squando: The 90 second time limit is the biggest killer for magicians on that show in my opinion....the good ones anyway. The bad ones have their own issues. We should always have a reason for performing our magic, a reason which allows us to connect with the audience...otherwise it just becomes a trick. It is nearly imposible to get that reason out there and perform in your alotted time. I went round and round with my producers about saying anything. The uniform required me to have to say something about why I was in uniform otherwise I would have looked like a tool doing a magic trick in an unrelated costume.....which consquently some people on youtube thought If it's not big, if it's not flashy, and if it has been done on their show before, it could spell disaster.

Also just to clear up any doubts, there is a stark difference between censure, and censor. I am a staunch proponent of free speech (oddly enough you lose that right as a I'm not trying to rekindle any flame here just wanted to make a point that I am not against free speech as others have suggested.
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Sorry I missed out on all the arguing... haha.

Hey man, ignore it, like so many other said. Your act was awesome. The theme was great. The illusion was great (not the same boring red I'm used to seeing - haha). And you looked pretty dangerous with those swords - part of the military training I guess?

Anyway, great job, hoping you make it far.
Daniel Nicholls
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I must admit I know absolutley nothing about this branch of magic. I watched the video as a complete laymen (I'm a mentalist) and I loved it. I've seen that trick a hundred times and that is by far the best performance of it I have seen. When you were swinging those blades around I really thought you were gonna start chopping fruit or coconuts or something. And the ferocity when you slammed them into the case was just mental. It just added a whole other dimension to how the trick came across.

I'm aware I'm echoing a lot of the sentiments here but just wanted to add my thoughts as an outsider. I have no idea how that was done nor do I want to.

All the best with the next stages.


P.S I'm a Brit so I don't get the patriotism thing but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate it. It's one of the main reasons I love the states and why one day I want to visit. That and I've heard US women love an English accent lol.
Close your eyes. Open your senses.
Pakar Ilusi
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It's great to know that the Café has helped get you to where you are now, even if a little.

Great Performance!

Hope to see you make it as a Headliner in Vegas!

"Dreams aren't a matter of Chance but a matter of Choice." -DC-
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Great Job Scott!
I am also a Soldier and very proud of it. Don't ever NOT say you are a Soldier! I know you won't...
You have a right to say or not say what you want.... Just like this idiot has a right to say what he wants... We need idiots in this world to make us non-idiots who we are.. Anyways, and WAY more importantly:

Great job and that is a huge inspiration to me!!!! You took an effect and made it SO much more than the effect itself. You knew the audience, and took them off their seats! I CANT wait to see your next one Bro! Go Get Em!!!!!

Thank you for representing ALL Soldiers, past, present and future!
Good Luck in the future and stay safe Brother!

God Bless you and your family,
And Congrats on the "baby to be"!

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Great job just watched the YouTube video love the military use.
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I am former Air Force and I was proud to see you present magic as a soldier. Magic is about YOU, and you are a soldier, so your magic SHOULD focus on it. It gave the magic a meaning and a depth that no funky white-boy music or gold lame jacket could ever do.

If I could find a 'salute' emoticon I'd use it here.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Coin Flinger

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Magic Mike Japan
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Scott - As a retired Navy Master Chief, I was so proud to see a fellow veteran and fellow magician on stage for America's Got Talent. Thank you for serving our great country and having the honor and courage to proudly wear your cammies on stage. I think the theme of patriotism and magic are superb and keep up the great work.

Mike Applegate
Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan
"There's no limit to what one man can accomplish, as long as he's willing to let someone else have the credit." (These words were inscribed on a small brass plaque which sat on President Ronald Reagan's desk in the White House during his second term.)
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Well AGT f***k'd up again. Cant beleive who they put through over you. Complete BS.
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On 2010-06-24 11:18, w_s_anderson wrote:
Thank you all very much! To answer the critisim of the miliary....the name of the show is "America' Got Talent." It is plastered with American flags, and it is all about patriotism. I was in uniform, because in my act I perform in uniform. Each routine in my act has a real life story from a place I have been to go along with it, some with video's/slideshows. It puts a whole new twist on magic....true patter. Anyhow, it is clearly apparent that you know nothing about that show, and how the majority of magicians are treated. We have 90 seconds to perform....that's it. We have only a few seconds to connect with our audience. It's not like a singer who goes out there and sings a song that everyone knows and they can immediately tell that he/she is good. So the best way to not get chewed up and spit out....give them what they want. Also, did you hear the judges comments afterwards, apparently it worked. You might not get this being a foreigner, but American's are very you can tell by the responses to your post. On top of that....are all Soldiers from your country considered mercinaries, or was that just your way of taking a cheap swipe at Our Nation's military? I can honestly tell you with all my heart that I am glad the whole military/patriotic theme of my act disturbed you. There are many great stories that come out of the hell holes we go to, but thanks to guys like you many of them do not get out. Fortunately, I have been able to get this story out to the general public. Please stay tuned, I will be sure to disturb you with future military/patriotic themed performances. All the best,

Wm. "Scott" Anderson

Another standing ovation from me! Along with my sincere thamks! You have all my respect and I appreciate what you stand for! Keep it up and best of luck!

Mister Mystery
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Would have LOVED to see your full 90 Seconds!

...unfortunatly, AGT is famious for chewing-up and spitting out REAL Talent and letting some of the CRAP thru!

AGT should be renamed as AGG!
Dean Hankey, *M.D. - The Dean of Success Solutions!
Serving & Supporting YOU and Your Success!
"Book More Shows... Make More Money... SERVE MORE PEOPLE! - Not Necessarily In That Order…"

(*Marketing Doctor) Smile
The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » Grand illusion » » Thank you all for your words of encouragement regarding Americas Got Talent. (0 Likes)
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