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Devin Knight
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I am currently booking my last tour for a while. This time I will cover the entire USA. If your club would like my lecture either in Oct, Nov, or early Dec, then please PM ASAP. This will be the first time I will be touring the west coast so if you have been wanting my lecture for the west coast...let me know.

Conventions can be worked into the schedule.

Devin Knight
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Here is a list of the lecture's contents:


TRI-SIGHT: Magician shows 3 prediction envelopes numbered 1-3. A
spectator selects 3 cards from a deck and places them into 3 other
envelopes. He also chooses a number to be written on each envelope.
The magician's predictions match exactly what the spectator did.

NO-TOUCH CAAN: Devin's approach to the most popular effect in card
magic. In a deck that the magician never touches is found a freely
selected card at a freely chosen number. NO SKILL, no gaffed decks and 100%
hands off. A simple but elegant method that is a real fooler.

RETRO-GRAVITY: Revealed in the lecture. How to gimmick your shoes so
you can levitate a few inches off the ground anywhere at anytime.

GYRATER: Cause a BORROWED card case to float up and revolve 360
degrees in air. NO THREADS or MAGNETS. Case is borrowed and can be
examined afterwards.

KISS TRICK: The first trick Devin put on the market back in 1976. A
lady blows a kiss toward the deck and her kiss mark appears on the
back of a freely selected card. The kiss mark visibly change into a
real candy kiss she can keep.

PSYCHOPORTATION: An effect that has been getting RAVE reviews in the
magazines and fully explained. A person's driver's license is sealed
in one envelope and then teleports into another envelope across the
stage. ALMOST SELF WORKING and a real fooler as you can't have a
duplicate of the person's license. Worth the price of the lecture.

WORD SIGHT: Two people just think of words off a word list of over 200
words. They write nothing down at anytime. They say nothing, they look
up their words in ANY dictionary. With NO FISHING or any kind the
performer tells them the words they are thinking of. This has fooled
some of the smartest minds in magic.

INK-PORTATION: Spectator signs any blue back card, NO FORCE. Magician
shows a blank face RED back card and seals it into an envelope. He
then makes the person's signature vanish from the playing card and
appear on the RED back card sealed in an envelope across the stage.
Baffling beyond words.

UNSHOP: A comedy effect in which a spectator goes on a mental shopping
spree and decides to return an item. The performer shows a prediction
and removes a photo REVEALING the object he returned. 100% commercial
and a big laugh getter. Easy to make up at home.

DOUBLE CLIP LINE: A great improvement on the old clip line. Two columns
of paper are shown and the performer clips away from both the top and
bottoms until the audience says stop. He has predicted both the top
and bottom lines. Will fool anyone who knows the original.

AUTOBEND SILVERWARE: Devin's self-bending spoon. He shows you how to
make it in about 5 minutes. The spoon is shown freely, visibly bends in half
at your finger tips with NO HAND MOVEMENT and then breaks in half.

IN THE NEWS: A mental magic effect strong enough to close a show. A
person chooses a newspaper page and it is torn into 4 sections. He
chooses one section, there is no force. A card is selected and then a bag of colored
markers are shown and one is selected. The person draws his card with
the selected color. An envelope that has been in full view is opened
and inside is a piece of paper that matches the section he choose. On
the paper is a picture of his selected card drawn in the same color he
Devin Knight
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My original lecture from 2 years ago is still available and will be packed in the car with me. If your club hasn't seen the original lecture, then you have a choice. Here are the contents:

SALT IN LIGHT BULB: Magician causes salt to vanish and appear inside a
borrowed light bulb that was just lit.

POKER TELLS: Instantly give any spectator psychic ability so he can
correctly name 4 cards sealed inside opaque envelopes. No instant stooge.

DISSOLVING ACES: An incredible effect where 4 aces vanish one at a
time in slow motion. Nothing used by 4 aces. The closest thing you will see to real magic. One
of the most talked about effects of Devin's lecture.

DELUXE BABY GAG: A new and improved version with NEW topical gags and
a kicker ending where an actual photo of the named person is produced.

PREDICTIONARY:Any word called out is found to be the only word circled in a dictionary. NO SECRET
WRITING. Baffling beyond words and an effect that fooled every magician who saw it. Dictionary can be left with spectator for

FARSIGHT: Magician is able to reveal the name of a card selected while
his back is turned and he is 20 feet away. Positively no forces and
this is another effect that fooled all the magicians.

RING IN PAINT CAN: A novel effect in which a borrowed ring appears
inside a spray paint can and can only be gotten out by spraying it out! A
great comedy effect that Devin shows you how to make up for a few
bucks. No actual paint is used, but it sure looks that way!

OUTTA SIGHT: A tossed out deck that fools magician and blows away lay
people. Imagine doing the tossed out deck, with an EXAMINED and
shuffled deck. Despite this you correctly reveal three cards just
peeked at.

RETRO SIGHT: A weird effect unlike anything you have ever seen. Devin
shows you how to make words reflected in a mirror to suddenly become
readable. Suddenly they are no longer mirror images. A reputation

DEAL OR NO DEAL: Another impossible effect. A person names any card.
NO FORCE or preshow. The named card is found to be folded up inside a sealed
cardboard box that has been in full view the entire time. Baffling
beyond words and NO card index is used. This effect alone is worth
going to the lecture.

AROUND THE SQUARE: Performer shows a piece of newspaper and cuts out a square,
when the paper is opened the square visibly changes to a circle. Can
be used as a prediction for an ESP card in which you cut out the wrong
design and it changes to the correct design. A NEW METHOD with NO angle

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Another magician fooler. A spectator and the
magician both secretly choose a food from a menu. It turns out they
both selected the same food. NOT ONLY THAT, the magician has predicted
the selected food on a restaurant's bill that has been on the table the full
time. No secret writing. The secret is stunning.

CHESS GAMBIT: A spectator secretly removes any chess piece from a set
up chessboard. His chosen piece is found to be the ONLY CHESS piece
that is circled in a chess book held and opened by an audience member.
The audience member finds the circled piece in the book BEFORE the
spectator shows his selected piece. Baffling beyond words and the
effect doesn't seem possible. 100% hands off, the magician touches NOTHING including the book.
Devin Knight
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2493 Posts

Profile of Devin Knight
My new tour will start mid June and run until the first week of December.
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