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On 2010-10-02 12:30, mindpunisher wrote:
Craig its strange how you can blow with the wind in different directions. It was only a few weeks ago you were ranting on how my mp3s for stage fright are potentially dangerous. ( I've never ever heard or read of any recording being potentially dangerous) Which to me was very irrational and most likely a knee jerk reaction to the fact someone was actually getting benefit from them.

Please quote me saying that ANY MP3s were "potentially dangerous." Otherwise, just admit that you're a liar.

Yet when a serious topic comes up that has respected experts doubting the safety in real life cases you dismiss it as terrorism?

Please show where I've dismissed ANY "respected expert's" comments as "terrorism." What I have stated is that YOU have attempted to terrorize people by quoting people who are not scientists, who are trying to sell their own products, or who are looking for legal issues and not scientific ones. You have STILL REFUSED to support your claim with so much as a whit of evidence that "hypnosis can trigger schizophrenia." What, exactly is this triggering mechanism? Where, exactly, are the peer-reviewed, scientific journals saying that this is valid?

at least your consistently irrational. I merely point out facts and let everyone come to their own conclusions. Yet the knee jerk reactions of the "mob" on here are very telling about their ability to actually have a rational discussion about the subject.

No, you have NOT pointed out any "facts." You have presented the opinions and beliefs of some people and claimed they are facts. There are people who believe in the existence of leprechauns and bigfoot. Such beliefs does not make them real. Just provide the evidence and I'll admit you were right. Just provide the evidence and I'll admit I'm wrong.

There. Now you have it. Simply provide a peer-reviewed article in a scientific journal showing that hypnosis can trigger schizophrenia and I'm on record saying that I'll admit I'm wrong. What could be easier for you. You could get at the guy with a name someone put a hypnotic block on you making you incapable of spelling correctly (And you, the great hypnotist, can't overcome it! It shows just how you don't know what you're talking about.) and make him admit he was wrong.

The fact is there are prominent members of the medical world who do believe hypnosis can be dangerous for certain individuals. That is a fact. You may not agree with them but it doesn't change the fact that it is indded a fact.

Fine. Where's the peer-reviewed scientific journal with the proof of their claims?

What you don't seem to understand, MP, is that just because a "prominent member of the medical world" believes something is true does not make it so. In the past, prominent members of the medical world didn't believe in the need for sterilization, didn't believe in the concept of germs, and did believe in the concept of "humours" and the value of bleeding people. Beliefs, even those held by prominent members of the medical world, are only beliefs. They are NOT science. They are NOT facts. And until they can scientifically present evidence to support their ideas they are only beliefs, not facts.

It's a shame that you don't let science and reality get in the way of your personal opinions, but that's your loss.

It seems to me that you are incabable of an intelligent and rational debate on the subject. Like many on here you have kneejerk emotional reaction to what is common sense to consider.

Please note that the ancient Roman orator Cicero stated, "When you have no case, abuse the plaintiff." 2000 years later, this is the best that MP can do. He has no science backing his opinions. He has no proof backing his opinions. He only has the personal beliefs of some people who are experts in OTHER FIELDS to support his claims. So rather than find any real proof, and rather than using real science, and rather than actually acknowledging he could be wrong and having a mind open enough to change, he simply abuses the plaintiff.

Not a very professional approach to the "profession" I say that lightly because the growing majority on here are amatuer dabblers and are the least qualified to give an opinion.

Actually, I agree that a growing majority here are amateur dabblers. However, that does not make their opinions and more wrong or right than do the opinions of experts. They're still just opinions. Without real proof, that's all they are. However, the unprofessional approach is MP's not mine.

I have consistently stated there are untrained people doing hypnosis and they could cause problems by not being aware of the need for safety for their actors.

I have consistently stated that some hypnotists can get caught up in the excitement of an act and forget about the safety of their actors.

I have consistently stated that there are some hypnotists who are just idiots who don't care about the safety of their actors.

I have consistently stated that even though hypnosis has never been shown to be factually dangerous, it still can be held legally dangerous as courts work with laws and not scientific facts.

I have consistently stated that the best way to learn hypnosis--contrary to some of those who sell books and videos--is through in-person training where people will learn about safety.

However, I have also stated that, contrary to your unproven claims, there is NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF THAT HYPNOSIS is dangerous. There is NO legitimate explanation ever given describing a mechanism that causes a danger. When some idiot (when it comes to hypnosis) does give a spurious explanation, they NEVER provide any evidence that such an imagined mechanism exists. There is, to my knowledge, no instance of a peer-reviewed article in a scientific journal that provides real proof of such a mechanism. This is now the third time I've asked you to provide such information and you have consistently ignored it.

Come on, MP! You can prove I'm wrong. Just provide the scientific evidence. Not opinions. Facts.

I remember all the times you called me a liar and asked to see videos. I backed up what I said and have since uploaded videos of me performing in front of crowds and in venues I claimed.[/quote[

Yes. I think you are a liar. However, I've NEVER asked for you to back up your claims of you performing in front of crowds. In fact, in previous posts I've stated that I'll take you at your word for that. However, I could be misremembering. Just show ONCE where I asked you to back up your claims of performing in front of crowds and I'll apologize. That's easy. You're thinking of others who may have asked you for such videos. I HAVE pointed out that you, yourself, claimed that you had not given any shows for years.

However, to those people who are wasting their time on MP by reading this far, please note that he is TRYING TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT. This thread is NOT about whether or not he has performed in front of crowds or whether I've justifiably called him a liar. IT IS about his false claims concerning the "danger" of hypnosis. It IS about his dependency upon the opinions of people and not scientific facts.

[quote[Now I think its your turn. let us see your videos of you performing? Or do you have something to hide. Becuase as you nce said to me until we see who we are talking to your input on here has no credibility.

LOL! MP, you're a little nothing posting on a forum. You're an unimportant bully-boy trying to force people to agree with your opinions, living in terror that someone might disagree and people will think you're wrong. I have no need or desire to show you anything. I'm responding only to show that there are people who care about science and facts out here and so that the increasing number of amateurs who come here will get a counter to your perverse opinions.

But let's get back to the point of this thread. Yes, you are a terrorist trying to spread the lie that hypnosis is dangerous.

Now. PROVE I'M WRONG. What evidence do I want for such proof? In your posts and articles you have stated through quotation that hypnosis can trigger schizophrenia. The only proof I want is an article in a peer-reviewed scientific journal showing the mechanism by which hypnosis can trigger schizophrenia.

YOU POSTED THE TERRORISTIC STATEMENT THAT HYPNOSIS CAN TRIGGER SCHIZOPHRENIA. You're trying to terrorize people into believing that if they hypnotize someone that person is going to have mental problem.

Prove that it's true and I'll apologize and admit I was wrong and you are absolutely correct. Wouldn't you like that, MP? The guy who has the audacity to stand up to your bully-boy tactics by asking for logic and scientific proof can be shut up if you just provide evidence to support your claims. You could pull out that horrible thorn in your side.

However, if you can't provide real evidence, not opinions, to support your claims, do yourself and everyone a favor: just be quiet.

Unfortunately, I tire responding to your desperate proof for people to believe your incorrect opinions in this matter. So this is the THIRD TIME I've asked you to support your claims with a peer-reviewed article in a scientific journal. I've got far better things to do than replace your fantasies with logic and bring the topic back to the subject when you try to dodge the issues by changing the subject. So from now on I'll just respond by to you in this thread by counting the times I've asked for evidence from you to support your claims.

We're at three times now. How many more times will it be before you either provide proof of your claims or shut up about them?
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Yeah, I didn't quite understand where the whole terrorist angle was coming from in MPs posts. Made no sense. Either he is lacking in reading comprehension or he's purposely twisting words around. Regardless, the whole terrorist thing made no sense.
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Back to the original video-
A bit of googleing will reveal the original host to be a company specializing in viral videos. It has many reposts on youtube. As to the original and FIRST post in this thread: I doubt its authenticity....
Dr. Richard Nongard, Professional Hypnosis Training
Learn how to master the art of SpeedTrance, Clinical and Stage Hypnosis
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