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The Donster
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OK, I just ordered the Prof Cheers Comedy Rope Routine, now does anyone have any Laugh Lines for this routine? Don, Smile
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Better to have some music in the background as you pull the ropes from is funny as a visual gag with no lines spoken.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
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AB StageCraft
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Totally agree with you Paul...the quiet presentation is awkward for both the audience and performer. I used to use music to accompany the presentation.

I no longer use it as I found another filler segue.

It truly speaks for itself. I prefer to keep it simple here, however a few funny lines might keep it going a bit faster..

Let us stay tuned...
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I agree with Paul, I begin to play a tape of the William Tell Overture after I start to pull the rope out of my sleeve.
The Donster
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I agree with the music too but would like some humor with it as well and not just have the audience watch me pulling a rope out one end etc. Don,
Harry Murphy
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This is a trick that screams for physical comedy not one-liners and jokes.

Imagine that you have just finished your very polished ring and rope routine, or your Tabary routine, or Cut and Restored, or whatever (you get the idea!), and as you take your bow, a length of rope is seen hanging from your sleeve. Now you are set-up for a magician-in-trouble premise.

First you try to hide the end then try to remove it. You need to use broad gestures. Grasp the rope near the hand that the end is hanging from, then with a broad sweeping gesture, pull the rope across your body. Your arms are as far away from each other as possible. The surprise for the audience is the length of rope coming from your sleeve and the comedy comes from the expressions on your face and your body movements. Any words, joke, etc. will step on that laugh!

As you draw to the supposed end of the rope, you pull and pull and it causes the hand the end is coming from to slap your face (laugh).

You face front, let your shoulders drop in defeat. You take a big breath and tug again (apparently as hard as you can) while making a fist and holding the arm that started the whole mess, out rigid (as if you will not allow it to smack your face again).

You make that violent tug and your right leg pops up and you fall to the floor (or almost fall if you can’t take a pratt fall). Now, you do the out of the pants leg bit, speeding the routine up. As the rope gets to it’s supposed end you give a violent tug and the other leg pops up! You hop around the stage on one leg holding the rope above your head with both hands (it is a funny sight, one pants leg pulled up by the rope, the rope stretched in front of your body with it held above your head, and the other leg tucked up as if pulled by the rope. This is silly beyond words!)

Finally you pull the rope out of the other pants legs (using long sweeping pulls) and it of course gets stuck a final time. You tug, you pull, you grunt, you groan, and with a final violent and savage tug with a karate yell, you pull the shorts out!

I cannot think of any joke or line that will not step on the laughs that natural physical comedy of the routine brings.

By mugging (make faces) surprise, shock, consternation, etc. you will draw the laughs. Making some silly sounds (grunts, squeals, etc.) as you pull and “get stuck” will add to the silliness of the routine and will help draw the laughs. This routine falls flat without the effective use of your body and your face.

The routine should (remember this is my "should" and not a law!) start slow and build into frenzy. Music could be selected that follows that format (think Bolero, it starts slow and develops in intensity).
OK, that’s one man’s opinion (and one man’s routine) for what it’s worth.
The artist formally known as Mumblepeas!
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Thanks for a wonderful take on Prof Cheers! Great gags. Another one that I use is I like to pretend the rope is actually in my pocket. And I'm pulling the rope from my pocket, only to discover it's really up my sleeve.
I also like to let a kid do the final pull and end up with my shorts in his hand. "Hey, what are y'doing with my shorts?! Give 'em back!"
Kids love this bit.
Oh, my friend we're older but no wiser, for in our hearts the dreams are still the same...
The Donster
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Yes, Harry is correct and if this routine is done correctly you can get a Lot of laughter. That is why I'm asking for help on any jokes or advice how one safely does a pratt fall. Still need some good clean Jokes Folks. Don,
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I'm going with Harry on this one- aside from the pratfall it's pretty much to-the-letter how I handle it (rather than falling over I wind up in a 'grecian urn' style pose - arm out, leg up, confused expression)... I'll also suggest not always punching yourself, but rather 'swatting' the back of your own head. I'll do that a couple times, look confused, turn my head to look at the offending arm, pull the rope, and facepalm myself.

It works pretty well for a setup into any routine that involves rolling up your sleeves, including 'Disarmed', which is what I use it for.... "Now that I have.. unencumbered myself..."

(One word of warning about letting an audience member take the final yank on the rope - some of 'em don't *wanna* give the shorts back! I speak from harsh experience!)
Matthew Legare aka Tobias the Adequate! - - you know you want to.
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Well, if you have a seamstress in the house, rig a coat sleeve to pull free with the last of the sleeve rope, followed by a lower leg ravelling free as the leg is pulled, (I usually start mine out with my partner plucking a loose thread from the jacket, that winds about me a couple places and times, leading to the "larger thread..." Once you have the thread pull for the sleeve measured for distance, a small mark on your rope will tell you where to fasten it each time you get ready. As I stand there trying to figure out what my partner is doing, she keeps piling the thread/rope on and over me on her earnest mission to rid me of this nuisance. Other than the occasional look of purpose and short remark about lack of quality clothing, it is just music for us!
Kay and Tory
The Donster
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No Seamstress in the House I wish there was I'm in Need of some Laugh Lines plus an Escape Cabinet for the Routine I'm Doing. Don
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