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What's the best way to market yourself- newspaper, phonebook??? Smile
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I get more business through my website and direct referrals than anything else. The website is easy: build one yourself or have someone make you one. The referrals depend on people seeing you perform. Try joining the local Chamber of Commerce, attend their functions, perform for the members, and pass out cards. Work charity fundraisers and pass out cards. This, for me at least, has been most effective.
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After I do a show I usually hand out my buisness cards to all the audience members. That's the only way I can think of.
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"What's the best way to market yourself, newspaper, phonebook???

Answer... in one mans experience, Neither!

But How 'bout THIS?


I'm going to weigh-in here with, what will most likely be a less than popular (but ever so honest) answer that has not yet been added to the pool of consideration to date, and for any number of reasons.

- 1) We've all been lied to!
We've been SOLD a bill of good from the Madison Avenue, ad-house, yellow page sales professionals who know the WAY to sell you ads and space is to tell you how cool our advertising is, and that if we have a cool logo and catchy by-line that people will flock to use our service... NOT! (Man, how slimy... that just irks me!)

- 2) It's not 'sexy', ego driven, institutional marketing.
99.9% of ALL Entertainment Marketing is ego-driven, institutional advertising which is incredibly ineffective by comparison. A big-fat waste of time and money!

- 3) We don't "think" it works. (which is what they want you to believe!)
Some have 'tried' it -- kinda', but really didn't understand how it works or did it poorly and got lousy results.

- 4) The guys that use this super powerful, secret marketing strategy (consistently and well) DO-NOT want you to know about it!
It is the single most powerful marketing weapon on the planet! NO KIDDING! (LOTS of statistics to back it up! -- again assuming it's done well! In most cases, unfortunately it's NOT. Especially by the [ad] 'agencies'!)

...and a host of other equally disturbing reasons.

Honestly, pound for pound, if done correctly, it offers one of the single GREATEST "ROI" (Return On Investment) anytime, anywhere... ever, and it's Super CHEAP, and SUPER POWERFUL!


"What if I could show you a way to get more gigs, make more money (That's also more money from each and every gig!!) and drive your market CRAZY trying to book YOU, and eave your competition clearly in second place?"

"What if your phone was RINGING off the hook! Deposit checks are pouring in, all with totally pre-qualified, rabid buyers with the kind of money you've only dreamed about making and clamoring to through it right at you!"

- NO need for Yellow Pages!
- No need for a web-site!
- No Need to do the "Chamber-Faire" thing!
- No need to cold-call, go door to door!
- No need to rely on your previous reputation!

EXPERIENCE People CALLING YOU! Jumping up and down to get YOUR attention, time and availability, and willing to PAY premium prices for that honor! EVEN in a BRAND NEW MARKET!


...and it can happen for YOU!


Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it... well it's NOT!

Why should you believe Me? Cuz I've done it and so have a hand-full of other professional entertainers who have applied these well-kept secrets of the super successful!


I know what your thinkin'... "Gee, that sounded like one of those late night infomercial for real-estate, or some other pie in the sky, quick-fix money makin' scam!"

Well guess what, your RIGHT! (in a-way...) BUT you also couldn't be further from the truth about this millionaire-making strategy!

The amazing thing is, if I popped in right about now with some kind of "Killer Money Makin' Marketing Course That Would Show You EXACTLY How You Can Literally Slaughter Your Competition, Master Your Market in Less-Than 60 Days AND Make All the Money You've Ever Hoped-For, AND That It IS Legal, Ethical and Moral!"'d all be crazy not to buy it at any price, wouldn't you???

Well I'm NOT selling any late-night infomercial or get-rich quick scheme... as a matter of fact, I'm not "selling" ANYTHING! Accept the simple IDEA of this powerful marketing strategy medium, and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Gets ya' thinkin, doesn't it??? (Some of you mentally salivating at this point!)

The concept/strategy that I'm referring to (In this example) is known as "Response Marketing". The single most profitable fortune 500/100 companies are ALL doing it for ONE reason ONLY!

It works! - - Constantly, in every case!

The good new is that's it's also CHEAP to do and produces the most astounding and amazing RESULTS of ANY form of outreach marketing at ANY price!!!

"Response Marketing" information can be found all-over the net and in your local book stores and libraries... honestly, it's everywhere!

Look at Dave Dee, Millard Grubb, Randy Charach, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abrams and sooooo many others!

This is NOT the place to go into how it works, and leaves you customers begging for MORE, since the question was WHAT and not HOW... that's what the internet and your library is for, I just wanted to answer the question that was posed.

I hope I was able to add to the mix with this line of 'thinking'.

The good news is... this is only my experience of over 30 years as a full-time busy professional performer, out he beside ya' in the trenches, as well as my-own 'opinion' based on the astonishing results received!

Again, I DON'T say all this to "impress-you", I only mention this to "impress-upon you" that this stuff WORKS whether you like it or not, agree with it or not, believe in it or not... Take it for what you will... agree, disagree, contemplate, research, discuss, ponder, what-ever.

...but no matter your response to this little demonstration, please "Think and Grow RICH!"

I am at your service and in HIS Service,

Dean Hankey, *M.D. - The Dean of Success Solutions!
Serving & Supporting YOU and Your Success!
"Book More Shows... Make More Money... SERVE MORE PEOPLE! - Not Necessarily In That Order…"

(*Marketing Doctor) Smile
Salazar Magic
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This is NOT the place to go into how it works, and leaves you customers begging for MORE, since the question was WHAT and not HOW...

okaaaay... HOW?
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Dean just about gave you everything...Took the horse to water and must also make him drink?

Dean just gave you oodles of very valuable should first thank him and then at least try and do some of the leg work on your own people...truly frustrating...

Just take a look at his signature line and it will reveal itself. He practically put it in your face right there out in the open.

Response Marketing is a call to action.... You can even make a call almost a demand for action if it is enticing enough...

Call now!
Act Now!
Get yours Today!
Call for your Free Brochure!
You can't afford not to get this absolutely FREE
Why wait?
Ten biggest mistakes people make when hiring entertainment, don't make the same call now for your free booklet etc...

Just a few ideas but, you surely get the idea?

Do not put out your photo/number/clip art and merely hope for a response. This is a waste of valuable marketing funds.

State a their problem
Offer your solution/benefit/advantage

In my area I have over 300 jumping balloons which can be found at almost every gathering.

The first line in my ad currently reads

"Tired of Jumping Around?" (Problem)

"Try Something Different" (Solution)


The Magic of Rey Rey (who/where)

I don't ask them to call me for a decision.
I ask them to call me for a solution to their woes. Free of charge and w/o obligation

No Pressure, No Problems, No solutions, No Payment
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OK, here's just a few...

What gets the most gigs?

- Personal Networking!
- Response Marketing!
- 100% Satisfaction Guarantees!
- Proactive Referral Reward "Program"!
- Providing a Great Service and Solution!
- A Super Fun Newsletter!

Great question!


Here's a TRUE story that may add to the discussion:

I was living in The Silicon Valley (Northern California) and went out on another cruise for what "was supposed to be" a 3 month contract that kept getting extended... and extended... and extended! (Now I'm getting Sea-Sick again! Hehehehehe!)

Almost a solid YEAR away from human "dry-land" contact. As far as anyone is concerned, I have (poof!) vanished into thin air. If THAT don't kill your land-side business, nuthin' will!

Yes, I had done all my regular "touch-base" marketing, but being unavailable is still being unavailable and your just get 'dropped' from that "top-of-mind" roster that we like to stay on with regular and PERSONAL visits and contact to stay that way.


While out on the water, we moved (Now THAT is a good trick! Hehehehehe!) From Northern California all the way to Reno, Nevada. I didn't know anybody, except the one or two Casino's I had worked previous, but the same contacts were no longer there.

Here's the scenario:

==> New guy in town, just fresh from out of the country in a brand-new community that I was 100% unfamiliar with and was equally un familiar with me. All that in consideration... I was working as a full-time professional magician with-in 15 days! (and NOT those "marekting ploy" FREE shows either!)


The good ol' fashioned way... I hit the pavement!

You wanna' talk about super effective response marketing?

I went out, met with people, (where ever THEY were) , hooked up with anyone who was willing to visit with me, shook hands, kissed babies, what ever I could to meet new people.

Networking through association, groups, organizations or quite frankly ANYPLACE where large numbers of my target market gather is an incredible place to grow our performance business!

Most of my 'marketing' outreach time is spent at these types of functions and meetings. I also offer to "Speak" for these groups as a independent business professional and sharing my experiences as a business owner in the community... GREAT POSITIONING!

Even other groups like professional associations, civic clubs, groups, charitable organizations, public funtions, chambers can ALL use speakers for their functions... places that maybe that it's not as appropriate to be there networking, but as a featured business professional? That's YOU! They can't resist!

Anyway... The long and the short of it was, I met some people who knew some people who knew some people who were in need of the solution I had to offer. It really was just that simple.

- ZERO cold calling!
- ZERO Spam of ANY KIND! (Mail, Fax, Phone... etc)
- ZERO advertising!
- ZERO un-welcomed or un-informed meetings!
- ZERO stress!
- ZERO cash investment to get started!
- ZERO posting business cards, flyers on bulletin boards and the like!
- ZERO confrontation or pesky sales calls!
- ZERO resistance!
...and, I STILL to this day do business with those first few folks that I initially hooked-up with 13 years ago!

REMEMBER that "Re-Elationship" Marketing Model & New Business Paradigm that I keep referring to...

Anyway, all I did was find people to support, and create real value exchange for their resources, time and interest - - and Voila' we're in business! (Full-Time in the Restaurants market and then on-to all the rest... Casinos, Corporations and the like...)

YES, I could have went to a small number of restaurants in the first few days an gotten that same amount of gigs that very same day, (I've done that many, many time too!) but I took a little extra time and interest in developing long-term, solid and profitable (BOTH ways!) relationships (Re-Elationships!) that are still fruitful to this very day!

REMEMBER: No cold-calling or uninvited advances of ANY kind! - - ALL "warm, hot, invited and endorsed leads" by JUST going out and living my life in my community:

- Where I ate
- Where I shopped
- Where I played
...and so on.
NO "forced" encounters of any kind. Just nice friendly interactions. One professional helping to provide SOLUTIONS for a "needing" community... that's IT.

Marketing is NOT a "thing" to be done. It is a "life to be lived". (with INTEGRITY!)

Is there MORE? Oh my gosh... TONS MORE! This is just ONE of zillions of experiences, insights that can be found on the net, in your library, form other reputable business professionals!

INVEST in yourself and your life & lifestyle as a Professional Solutions Provider with time, talent and YES, even money! (Oh MY!) In order to have a RETURN on you "investment", you have to MAKE an "investment" in the first-place, right?

I am at your service and in His service,
Dean Hankey, *M.D. - The Dean of Success Solutions!
Serving & Supporting YOU and Your Success!
"Book More Shows... Make More Money... SERVE MORE PEOPLE! - Not Necessarily In That Order…"

(*Marketing Doctor) Smile
Lee Darrow
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Nice responses to this one. Personally, I do the website (and had it professionally done so it would LOOK professional), have line ads in both the Yellow Pages and Yellow Book, do the occasional mailing (as responses are only about 1% even with good response copy), do the handouts at shows and <GASP!> COLD CALL!


I actually PICK UP THE PHONE and call potential clients! Scary, isn't it?

But it is profitable!

And not just agents and party planners, no siree! I call corporations for trade show work, restaurants, nightclubs, colleges, high schools and civic organizations. (I don't do kid's shows. I stay away from middle and elementary schools and park districts).

My marketing material includes a press kit with single sheets on each program I offer, a client list (which has the logos of the companies, in color), comments FROM clients page, photo pages with several photos from the different shows and a three-fold brochure as well.

Using a good quality inkjet printer for low end clients (schools mostly) and offset for corporations, this package goes with my headshot and a CD with all of this material on it and 2 PowerPoint programs that show the program a bit further. Videos only on request.

Lee Darrow, C.Ht.
<BR>"Because NICE Matters!"
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This is the first year I have gone in the yellow pages, so I am anxious to see if it will help.

My best marketing is still word of mouth, with referrals from other customers.

My website draws a lot of interest, although it is amazing how many people never look at a website throughly enough to see where you really are.

I had a lady who emailed me asking how much I would charge for a birthday party.

I told her my rate, plus the airfare to fly me from the west coast of Canada to Florida where she was.

I didn't get the party.... Smile
Neale Bacon and his Crazy Critters
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Fight hard, work hard, prove yourself. and so on........

Go out to the streets and amaze and entertain people for free. While doing that just mention that you are coing to perform ......pla-pla...... and that they all are invited.

Best commercial! And it's free for you!

I did it once and later that night I had to perform FOUR times instead of one! And all four shows were completely sold out!

God Bless You, I Love You From The Bottom Of My Heart
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Dean is right. I am a graphic designer and work for a direct mail marketing agency. What is funny is that most people say I design and handle junk mail. What they do not realize is that direct mail marketing works. If it did not, then I certainly would not have a job and the stuff you see in the mail every day would cease to exist. It is there because marketers know the power of response marketing.

The key I think for any magician is to focus on the benefits you can offer the client. You can talk about all the features of your show all you want, but the client wants to know what you can do for them. What benefits are you giving them that others can not.

Also, in your marketingf materials you put out, you want your materials to work for you. You want them to be able to bring in more shows and more money to your pocket.

You can do this by first target marketing your materials to the appropriate people that would need your show and find it useful. Also you will want to make sure that your marketing is response oriented.

What I mean by this is that your marketing materials have something in it that will want the client to respond back to you and fast. You give them a reason to want to make that call to you.

This can be a banefit you give to them that no one else does. This could be a free magic trick that their child receives if they call now. This could be in the form of a doscount coupon that they can get 10% off any show if booked within 2 weeks of getting your mailer. There are many ways to do this, but the bottom line is your giving them a way and a means to want to repsond back to you.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful to you.
Kyle Peron

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I just love reading The Dean's posts. They are a combition of great information, packaged in an entertaining, sales copy style of writing.

Dean and I share the same philosophy about marketing - that it is about relationships and providing solutions to a client's problems.

I just wish I could write copy as well as he does. It's a lesson in showmanship on paper!
Jim Snack

"Helping Magicians Succeed with Downloadable Resources"
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You said it. I just wish I could spell my name write without messing it up. hehe

Actually as an artist and graphic designer, I always look for people who are good at copywriting. I have great visual ideas but the copy editing and writing is certainly not one of my strong points. I really admire Dean's and your choice of words.

If I ever get more magic design projects, I would love the possibility of working with you both on it.
Kyle Peron

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