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David Smyth
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Stourbridge, UK
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Thanks mumplepeas for that whopping post!!!

That must have taken you abolutely ages to type out. I will try this out as soon as possible. I get asked to do this many times so I don't think it will be that long before I get to try these effects out. Smile

Thanks again for typing this out. I appreciate it. Smile

Take care,
Back at the magic...
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I'd perform Paul Harris' Las Vegas Leaper. It's a really easy effective 'Cards Across' routine.
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Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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I've mentioned Devastation before (it's in Geoff Williams lecture notes with permission from Tom Dougherty) as a great impromptu trick with a dog eared deck.

I also recently got Pit Hartling's Little Green Lecture tape and there's a great three card prediction on it. I love the effect but not the setup and fishing for the name of one card. I've come up with a handling that allows it to be completely impromptu, all the spectators shuffle, no fishing for names.

The first person selects a card by both touching it and looking at it. The second by just looking without touching. The third shuffles and takes any card and hides it without looking at it. You find the first two cards and the mate of the last.

Never ask a dog to watch your food.
Mr. Ed
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I do a simplex Triumph.

Sorry I was working on something else and realised that I just posted an effect almost in it's entirity. Don't know what I was thinking. Anyway sorry
He who laughs, lasts.
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Nassau Bay, TX
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There's a trick you can do with no set-up and with any deck of cards. It doesn't even have to be a full deck.

It's called Impossible Change. It does require a paper clip, but don't you always carry around one anyway??? If you can do a double lift, you can do this one.

Anyway you can read the effect here

Impossible Change

I used it and it works really well.

Try it out
Pick a card, any card...No. not THAT one...THIS one

Ray Banks
dAvId tOnG
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if you want something simple yet powerful, just force some cards on several spectators. then pretend to read their mind and reveal each of their cards! believe me! it will blow their mind despite it is so simple!!!
Brian Proctor
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Here's an idea, If they have a Bicycle deck, maybe you could do a quick deck switch and use an invisible deck. Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
Damion Corbett
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A great trick for a battered deck is the following:
Have the deck shuffled and remove two prediction cards laying them face down on the table.
Have the spec deal as many cards as he likes into a pile on the table.
Discard the rest of the deck and ask the spec to pick up the dealt pile and deal that into two piles.
Turn the top card of each pile over and reveal that they match your tabled predictions.

This is one of the easiest tricks I know but it is also very effective being that 99% of the trick happens in the spec's hands. It is also a great one to do with a knackered deck as it is absolutely sleightless.

I'm presuming that you know how this works, if not PM me and I'll let you know.
Steve Friedberg
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Hmmmm...since I don't make a habit of carrying roughing fluid or running with scissors... Smile

I'd go for a couple of simple ones, that require absolutely no setup...

- Bob Longe's "What a Mess" (my newest favorite impromptu trick)
- Vernon's "Twisting the Aces"
- Daley's Last Trick

Man, if you can't get a jaw-drop from those three...go back and re-practice!

"A trick does not fool the eyes, but fools the brain." -- John Mulholland
Michael Peterson
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is where I'm trapped, because of my
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I would do my in the hands triumph or a trick called the 2 brothers that I got from some college math professor on a magic board many years ago. People really seem to enjoy those two effects.

Blue Jockey
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Sheffield, UK
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"Untouched" by Daryl is a good impromptu effect with no set-up. It is similar to the one that Damion suggested. Smile Smile
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Owen Wilder
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What about some simple number forces with a few predictions or different revelations.
Steve Brooks
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Northern California - United States
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There really are a lot of different things you can do, only your knowledge and skill will dictate the limits. Smile

One of my favorites is the Twins effect by Brother John (Ammar handling), any good Four Ace trick (Regardless of what magicians may say, lay people love Ace effects), or a good Ambitious card routine. If the situation is right, I may even do some kind of Matrix trick, it just depends.

There are of course many more, but listed above are a few of my own personal favorites.
"Always be you because nobody else can" - Steve Brooks
Stephen Long
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If the deck is in relatively good condition then there's nothing stopping you from performing some of your favourites.

I'd go for Paul Harris' "Cue Cards".
Ortiz's "Jazz Aces".
I may even "wave the aces" a la Guy Hollingworth - people have thought that there has been something dodgy with the cards when I have performed this, so to do it with a borrowed deck would be stupendous.

If the deck's a little beat up then there is an excellent, in the spec's hands effect called "stop".
Can't remember who it's by exactly.

If you have your deck on you as well, why not perform a simple "do as I do" effect?
That tends to go down well.

I agree with most here.
Predictions, self workers.
All can be killers with the correct presentation.

:carrot: Smile Smile Smile
Philemon Vanderbeck
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Seattle, WA
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With an evil glint in my eye, I begin by dealing out 21 cards...

Professor Philemon Vanderbeck
That Creepy Magician
"I use my sixth sense to create the illusion of possessing the other five."
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Manchester, UK
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The first trick I learned was in a pub by an old man, sitting on his own.

It was a simple, straight-forward trick that leaves spectator feeling like he did the magic.

It goes like this.

1. Take the deck, then thumb through the cards (face-up) on the pretence of counting them.

2. Remember the third card from the bottom (face-up) eg 7C.

3. Then tell spectator you will use a random number - in this instance the sevens.

4. Again thumb through the pack and remove the other 3 sevens, leaving the 7C still 3rd from bottom.

5. Throw other sevens face down as you remove them.

6. Square the deck and place face down onto table (now 7C is 3rd from top).

7. Flash the other 3 cards to spectator stating "here we have 3 sevens" then table them face down next to pack.

8. Ask spectator to take top card off top of deck and place on table, then take one of the sevens and place on top of first card.

Repeat this process twice more so new pile has all 3 sevens separated by alternative cards.

9. Stress to spectator that they have separated the 7s with indifferent cards.

10. Do your magic tap, then tell spectator all the sevens have jumped together and turn over top 3 cards of new pile to show 3 sevens.

Obviously they aren't the same three sevens that you flashed at step 7, but spectator won't know that.

Another quick impressive trick if you can get hold of a second deck is "DO AS I DO" which is still one of my favourites. Smile
David Smyth
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Stourbridge, UK
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This sounds great MagicDave!

I also know an effect where it leaves the spectator feeling like they did the magic...

In the end of it you end up with four piles of four cards - each pile arranged into the shape of a square. The spectator selects two of the squares, which you remove. Then one of the squares, which you remove. Two cards, then one card (all removed) and the final card is the card that the spectator originally chose...

Take care,
Back at the magic...
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With a full deck, Untouched would be 1st choice with maybe a couple more self workers, double prediction, 1 step ahead etc.

Follow this up with one of the many sandwich tricks using the Jokers or Aces.

Maybe take any 4 of a kind (usually 4 Aces) and do a Twisting the Aces routine - McClintock Twist being the best version or if you're close up, Shaking the Aces.

I'd then finish with some mentalism style tricks - Possibly Out of this World, Double Think, Spread your Mind, Mark Mason's Think of a Card, Jerry Sadowitz's 'Out of Order' and certainly ending with Paul Hallas's excellent one from Mindmagic 2001 with a crimp instead of the (ahem) Maybe Paul can tell us the name.

This leaves you back to where you started, the cards back in their box.

Victor Brisbin
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Washington, DC / NOVA
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There's gold in those older books. I have been having fun with a trick of Gerald Kosky (The Magic of Gerald Kosky, 1975, Magic Limited OOP.) Essentially, when someone hands you their pack of cards and says, "Show us a trick!" you have him/her shuffle the deck, cut off half, look at the card he/she cut to, and then replace the top half of the deck. Then have him deal the top four cards in a row, and ask him to continue dealing all of the cards out into the four packets. Then have him look at the faces of each of the four packets, and he retains the packet in which he sees his card. Moving the other three packets aside, ask the spectator to name his card, and then have him deal out a card for each letter of the magic word "P-r-e-s-t-o." Believe it or not, when he turns over the last card at "o," it is the selected card.

Try this and amaze yourself. If he cuts close to the center, your spectator will arrive "spot-on" his card. The late Mr. Kosky explains what to do if the card is one or two cards away. If you do any spelling tricks, you'll know what to do for alternate endings. This is a surprising, "spectator-as-magician" trick. I didn't want to expose the explanation, since it's not my effect, but it will work if you follow the description. If you are unfamiliar with this and run into trouble, PM me.
"It is better to practice a little than talk a lot." - Muso Kokushi
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Assuming that the deck is beat to &#)), I'd do "Out of this World" (the non-set up version by [I think] Sid Lorraine).
David Hirata

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta."
--Federico Fellini
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