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I just reviewed this ebook at this link: This is one of the best ebooks I have read in quite awhile. Rus is putting out an amazing amount of strong material that is extremely original. Highly recommended!
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Thanks for the review

This is a smash up of effects I have been performing for years.
From 2009 to date.

These are routines and ideas that I released over the years all crammed into one ebook.

17 effects including 3 one handed switches for the gamblers out there.

This is available direct from me currently

Via paypal


All the best

Olympic Adam
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Had a few of these effects before but thought they were released as stand alone, gonna have a proper bash through this tonight hopefully.

Great stuff and crammed full of great magic!

thanks a lot Rus
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Did you say £10?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yep £10 lol

Cheers Adam

All the best

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Big thanks to all that have purchased this

Hope you enjoy the effects

Any questions let me know

All the best

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On 2011-06-09 13:57, Rus ANDREWS wrote:
Yep £10 lol

Cheers Adam

All the best


10 Pounds is ridiculously cheap for this. By the way, the 10 pounds I paid for Numbers by Rus Andrews was the best investment I have made in purchasing a card effect.
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Numbers is gonna haunt me lol

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Spectator selects a card from a shuffled deck
Funnily they select a blank faced card
(This is the only blank card in the deck and gets a good laugh)
Spectator is then asked to draw any card they like on the blank card.
The card is then held up and shook as it visually changes into the actual card from the deck.
The deck is then spread to show all is normal and that the drawn on card has gone!
(The drawn on card can then be found in your wallet or spectators shoe etc)

Four Blank business cards are shown both sides to a spectator.
Spectator is then asked to select one of these and place it into their pocket
A deck of cards is shuffled by the spectator and a card selected and committed to memory.
The magician now tries to read the spectators mind and tries three attempts to write down his
thoughts on the three remaining blank cards.
In a last attempt the magicians ask’s for the blank card that the spectator has had hold of from the
very start to write his final guess…
Only to find that the spectators thought of selection has already been scribbled across the card
ahead of time.

Spectator shuffles, selects and commits a card to memory.
The cards are shuffled and placed away.
Performer then produces a bunch of keys showing a blank metal faced key ring.
After the key ring is shown front and back this is handed to the spectator to hold
Spectator is then asked to think of their card, as they do this the tag is felt to suddenly heat up.
After a few moments the spectator is asked to name the card they are thinking of….
As they open their hand they will notice that the thought of selection is now scratched into the key

A Joker is shown and placed faced down on the surface, the spectator is asked to sign the back of
the joker, and this is left in full view.
A deck of cards is brought out and shuffled by the spectator; one card is selected and committed to
The cards are placed away and the spectator is asked to concentrate on the card they are merely
thinking of.
After a few moments without saying anything performer gestures towards the tabled signed joker
that has been in full view the entire time.
Spectator turns over the card…..
It’s now the thought of selection.

This is an addition to the “Card to ceiling” plot that I know a lot of magicians perform, I wanted to
add something a bit crazy, so rather than having to bound the deck with an elastic band to stop the
cards falling everywhere, I designed a deck that EXPLODES into four square blocks!

A spectators thought of card appears folded up inside their shoe

Signature transposition effect

Psychological story effect

Favourite card to envelope

There’s always one where ever you go
Heckler is a routine I put together after encountering various IDIOTS in bars and nightclubs that
want to make a nuisance of themselves and ruin other peoples fun including your own, so I devised
a fun little routine that leaves their mind with nowhere to go and makes you look like JESUS!

Spectator selects and shuffles a card into the deck
Performer then shakes the deck in an attempt to get the selection to jump to the top
The attempt fails as an incorrect card is shown.
The card is only one pip out!
The performer now places his thumb over the pip and VISUALLY removes it from the card!
Changing the card into the selection.

Spectator shuffles, selects and signs a card.
A corner is torn from this card and the remainder of the card is passed to the spectator.
An empty tic-tac case is introduced.
The corner then visually penetrates the tic-tac case right in front of their eyes ending up inside the
Both the card, tic-tac case and the torn corner can be handed out to be examined or kept.

A card is selected, signed and lost in the deck.
Performer shuffles and cuts an incorrect card to the table
The empty card case is slowly rubbed over the tabled card.
The card slowly, visually changes into the signed selection.
The empty card case can be handed out all examinable.

This is a variation for two spectators of the above effect in which the two signed selected cards are
Spectator one’s card is shown on the table, the card is then changed by rubbing the box over it into
spectator two’s card.
Spectator one’s card is then found to be the only card reversed in the centre of a table spread deck
thus a strange transposition has occurred!

Spectator shuffles, selects and signs a card.
This card is lost in the deck
The top two cards taken in the other hand and shown to just be two cards
As they are turned over and shown as two and turned back face up the selection appears between
the two cards
Again the selection is placed slowly into the centre of the deck, the top two cards are handed to the
spectator, a quick snap and the selection appears between the two cards that are in the spectator’s

Spectator is asked to think of a card as the performer places a single random card into their pocket.
Spectator names aloud the card he thought of…
The pocketed card is bought out and shown to be a joker?
This is then placed onto the spectators hand…
After a few moments the spectator is asked to turn over the card in their hand.
It has changed into the selection….
BUT where did the joker go????
It’s now seen hanging from the spectator’s shirt collar.

In addition to the 17 effects and ideas listed above, Rus also includes 3 switches that he uses. I will not dig deep and peel back the onion on this release but will say that this is a true value for the asking price Rus has placed on it. I wanted to list the effects so all can clearly se that there is something here for everyone, ideas and effects that you will use.I have read through each and every effect here and have now begun to go through them with cards in hand. Animate, Scripple, STOC,Enclosed, Contact, WOW! Off to a great start here. Reccommended
3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead
Stephen Young
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What does £10 buy you these days?

Maybe a couple meals at McDonalds

Give the golden arches a miss this time, go hungry for a day.
The delight you get from your Big Mac will be short lived
Spend the money on something that will have a longer lasting effect

17 of them to be exact

This E book is delightful in it's economy of words and absence of fluff
Just an effect, a method then onto the next.

If you only find one thing to use then you'll have got value from it
I suspect however that people (especially you card guys) will use many of these effects

Go on, give your digestive system a rest, and your brain a treat

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PARANOIA is now avaliable as an instant download at
Jose Prager
The man who knows how to amuse and mystify
Secret products for mentalists.
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This is absolutely fantastic value for your money, Dexplode on its own would be worth the asking price (yes I know, that old cliche, but it's true!).

Some of these routines are quite bold (love it!) but technically there's nothing really difficult. I've watched Rus work in the real world and while he takes risks only a few take (James Brown and Lee Smith to name a few) he's routined these effects so the misdirection is so well covered that even a novice would be able to learn them very quickly.

If you like strong ballsy snappy type magic then I guarantee you will get quite a few routines here. You will also learn some great misdirection, plus some excellent audience management tips as all of these routines have been 'fired in action' in bars and restaurants for real people.

Gary Jones.
MIMC Gold Star

DVDs/Effects; The Unknown - iCandy - More iCandy 1 & 2 - Dupes - 52 0n 1 Project - 74% Self Working - Flying Tonight - Pocket This - 6 Pack Coins - 6 Pack Cards - Thought Wave - Noted - Duality - Live Lecture Vol 1 - Pseudo Pickpocket - iContact - Shock Twist - Thought of Cards Across Plus - Touched - Colour Diffusion - Look No Hands Wayne Dobson - Automata - Box Pad - No Frills Lecture Notes 1 & 2 - The Ammo - Double Cross - Initial Here - Automata 2 - Black Market - Trick Soup - Automata 3 - Penguin Live Lecture - Upper Hand - Cartoon Capers - Life's a Beach Vol 1.
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Profile of Rus ANDREWS
Thanks Gary

Glad you liked it. Bold is best I say.

This is avaliable direct through me for the next couple if days, as I will be taking all my work down, to concentrate on fresh new projects.

All the best

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