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David Thiel
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Hi, Guys...

I've been incorporating more and more mentalism into my close-up. For the past couple of months, I've been using an effect that's been working really well. It uses ParaLabs Picture Cards, a pendulum and a sneaky-but-spiffy method. (You could use tarot cards...or even (shudder shudder) playing cards.)

The effect is called The Way To A Woman's Heart. It's a prediction designed to broaden the scope of human knowledge and to answer the question "What will work to get a woman's attention?" OK. It's mentalism/prediction/revelation comedy starring a member of the audience and your pendulum.

I'm interested to know what you think of I'll happily send you my richly illustrated and profusely explained PDF on the conditions that:

1) You let me know what you think (but please keep in mind that I am sensitive and cry very easily)
2) IF you know anyone who created the "sneaky-but-spiffy" method before I thought it up you'll let me know so I can give credit where credit is due...
3) That you keep the material for your own use and don't pass the PDF around

If you'd like to know "The Way To A Woman's Heart" just PM me with your email address.

Don't say I never gave you nothin'.

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Except bears. Bears will kill you.
Last Laugh
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David was kind enough to share this with me, so here are my thoughts:

This is a great little piece of theater. The premise and presentation are well thought out and no doubt it plays well.

The method is sneaky and fairly bold, but is well integrated into the presentation. As David says, it is likely that someone has thought of this before, but I haven't seen it. The Paralabs cards are perfect for this, but it could also be applied easily to index or business cards and done impromptu. A nice technique for the toolbelt.

As the more experienced performer will understand, the best part of this is the presentation, so even if you were afraid of this method, you could easily use another and it would be a just as valuable read.

To boot, David has put together a nice looking and fun to read PDF.

Although I won't perform it as written, as it doesn't quite match my character, it is definitely food for thought and has got me thinking.

Thanks David,
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On Penguin Magic
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I have to agree with the review of Last Laugh !
David , was so kind to share with me also!
After, seeing David's post's on the Café,it was like being explained to you ,as a friend would explain on how to do !
Very enjoyable read!

Thanks David,and "Rock On Dude"!
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Devin Knight
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I just finished reading this most enjoyable PDF. David has a very novel presentation that will appear to a lot of people.
The method isn't new and well-informed card men will probably be familiar with it, but that isn't important. What is important is the commercial approach that David has taken to create an effect that will please most any woman who views it. Well worth the time to read, and you may learn a new method you are not familiar with.

Devin Knight
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The effect is pretty good,the method is not new but the presentation is brilliant!
I love the idea. Thanks David Thiel for sharing your great idea.
Stephen Young
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David kindly sent this to me to look at.

Here is an extremely short first impression.

In a sentence I would say " an effect that has great appeal, easy to accomplish, and builds a bond with the audience. And it all fits in your pocket."

OK two sentences.

Paul Shirley
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Great stuff man. I love the premise... and your writing style. Your one funny dude.

Thank you so much David. Very kind of you to share.

Good luck with your August launch of Im sure it will be a huge success.
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David nice routine the premise is great and like the manuscript says can play in a variety of ways, the pendulum is the icing and really makes it personal.
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Thanks David for letting me take a look at this, the presentation is fantastic it will appeal to many and something that iam thinking about using for a parlour/open mic type set. The method is simple and clever, I have used a similiar move when I did cash cabaret with the stealth assassin wallet, so its not a new move as such. Iam not one to use a pendulum, but may consider doing so, or come up with an alternative.

Iam thinking as I type here and the idea of saying " well this is what I would do if I wanted to attract you I would...." then reveal the thought of card

I love the item and presentation of this and well done for the time and effort that has been put into creating such an emotional effect, I have many ideas coming to me know..

Using more than one women , could ask the first women to write a chat up line that has worked for her in the past, then get one or two to other women to choose one of the cards each, reveal the cards in any way , then finish with revealing the chat up line from the first women , just an idea

Thanks Again

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Very nice, very simple method to gather information. I like the setting too. Just a thought David, if you end up having to hold the pendulum them have her hold your other hand to get the vibrations. This has great scope to build interest and rapport, especially if she is particularly atractive. Smile

Thanks for sharing this.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one - Albert Einstein

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On 2011-06-20 16:45, kinesis wrote:
a thought David, if you end up having to hold the pendulum them have her hold your other hand to get the vibrations.

Nice idea Derek. It's often those little differences that make the big differences.

Bob Burns is the creator of The Swan.
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First of all, thanks for sending me the pdf.

Secondly, I really like the way you write - the subtle humor, the footnotes, etc. I also like the fact that you DID NOT put in your own script. Everyone should make their own based on their own personality.

Now on to the routine!

Upon reading the method, at first, I thought that it would be too obvious to the spec.
But later, when I actually used the cards, I saw the light & realized that this would most likely fly by the specs. Plus, I believe you when you stated that you've done this effect well over a hundred times!

The icing on the cake is letting her (the spec) find the chosen card with the "mysterious pendulum".

I think you have a winner! (that's "winner", not "Weiner")

Thanks again & keep up the good work,
Dr. Van Van Mojo
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Thanks for sharing this David. Simple method and a great presentation. Your writing style makes it fun to read as well. After seeing this sample of your work, I'm looking forward to your upcoming website. I've sent you a pm.
David Thiel
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Western Canada...where all that oil is
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You guys are the best. Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate them more than you know. It's just a little nerve-wracking posting an effect for your peers to...ummm...peer at.

As to the credit: several of the PMs suggest they read a similar treatment by T A Waters in an effect called Handbook using ESP cards. Another person thought it may have originated with Marlo, but he couldn't recall the exact reference. Either way, I am in very good company!

I'm looking forward to seeing some responses here or in my PM. Please keep them coming.

Again: thank you all for the encouragement. I hope you enjoy the effect, cause I do.

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Except bears. Bears will kill you.
Steven Keyl
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An excellent effect. Very nice presentational angle. Last Laugh's idea of using business cards is a great one because you can engage the spectator and/or the audience in coming up with the things that every woman wants. It can be as sleazy or as funny or as austere as the situation dictates.

What I like most about this effect is that it serves as a vehicle for the imagination. Even someone completely lacking in original thinking (like myself) can use this as a springboard to come up with a presentation that is unique to our individual performing styles.

Well done, David, and thank you for sharing.
Steven Keyl - The Human Whisperer!

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The mnemonic for the fourth card is “De Cocoanut Tree”. You have to sing that Harry Nilsson song to yourself, “You put de lime in de cocoanut and drink ‘em boat togedder”. (See? Now you can’t get it out of your head! Bwahaha!)

Your “peek” is brilliant! I’m giggling like Eshla right now. (Well, maybe not quite...)

Yes, I know without even testing it that I can fly this past almost anyone. In fact, thinking back, I believe it’s flown past me at least once!

This is a really fun read. Your humor is genuine and contagious, and can see your audiences having a great time watching you flirt openly with a gorgeous stranger. Good stuff!

And I look forward to seeing your sight open in August. Best of Luck! My “pendulum” right now is a gold pocket watch on a chain, but I’ll be glad to win the Pirate Gold during the test as well! Smile (Using Gold is part of my “back-story”.)

Good Stuff, David. Thank you for sharing!
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This is a practical effect that I really like. I think it could make for a very fun and engaging presentation. It has an interesting premise that I haven't seen explored before in mentalism, and the method is both interesting and new to me. Nice job, David!
Some people hear voices.. Some see invisible people.. Others have no imagination whatsoever.
D Byrd
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WOW David! What can I say that hasn't already been said? First off - Thank you for sharing this well thought out and VERY commercial routine with me and others here. This has applications well beyond your great routine (just replace the paralab cards with five cards of anything else ie. cards with product names for tradeshow work). Secondly my thought on the 4th mnemonic is "Destination" because that is what a trip is in reality.

I look forward to your online shop opening. I also look forward to more routines from you in the future. I will use this effect in one variation or another in up coming shows. Thank you!
Your Friend in Magick,
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Thanks David
I like it a lot.
I am going to use it !!!

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Thanks, David!

David was kind enough to send me a copy of his effect, and while the method is not new, the presentation is wonderful. The combination of mystery and personal appeal takes the effect into the class that will be remembered. David also mentions in the manuscript that he is launching a site dedicated to pendulums! I for one am a big fan of pendulum work, and can not wait to see what amazing items he has to make money vanish from my pocket. I suspect that his offerings,both of effects and tools, is going to be of use to many of us.

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