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Just read through the preview PDF....

Very nice and well written with bits of David's humorous personality mixed in.

The volunteer finds their own prediction with a pendulum. The routine will play great as presented. I will be playing with this.

Also, the close up pictures are all very sharp and well done.

Thanks for the preview and good luck!
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David, thanks for sharing this with us--I can tell that the presentation you outlined suits your sense of humor, and I'm sure it's a knock-out.

I agree with Last Laugh and Steven that using blank cards and allowing the spectator to create the images would be fun. Maybe ask her to draw (or write) 4 cheesy pick-up lines and one that genuinely touches her. It becomes more personal to her, and you can have a bit of fun with the process of drawing them.

I'm sure this isn't a problem when you perform it, but I'd warn others who might try this presentation not to overdo the "a person like YOU would never talk to a person like ME" bits. I know many women who feel guilty or insecure about the way they acted when they were younger, and it might put her off a bit.

Anyway, a very nice unique effect--thanks again for sharing!
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thank you for this gift. the method is wonderfully simple and clean. a nice practical experience that can be played several times for the same group.
thanks again
I spent most of my money on magic and women, the rest i just wasted
David Thiel
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Thanks again. I appreciate the posts as well as the PMs. You guys rock!

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Except bears. Bears will kill you.
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I'm going to enjoy performing this.
How do I know?-- I'm thinking of about ten ways I'd do it differently.

That's a great sign of a rich premise!

Thanks David

"You're a comedian. You wanna do mankind a service, tell funnier jokes."
TPR by Dave Moses and Iain Dunford
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Well, there's not much to add, is there ?

I have always been put off by the use of pendulums. It's an object that made me feel silly, a bit like the weird professor in the "tintin" comics I adored as a child.
But David has created a light and fun routine, something I might actually use.
And what's more, David's writing style is entertaining... Something that is lacking in many "magic books".
This is one of those effects that are simple and beautiful.
Congratulations, David !
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With kudos from so many folks – including "names" like Devin Knight and Lior Manor – my humble opinion won't add much. But I do know David, and I know how smart and witty he is, so I wasn't surprised at how good The Way To A Woman's Heart is. And I'll go on record as predicting (with no outs) that his pendulum site and pendulum e-book will contain stellar stuff (and even more uses of the word "spiffy" – which seems to be his trademark expression)

Spiffy work, Mr. Thiel.
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David, first off thank you for sharing this with me, and everyone else for that matter. The manuscript is well written and an absolute joy to read. The routine it contains is great as well, I see it working its way into regular performance for me. Could even be great for those "show me something" situations. A few blank business cards, borrow her long necklace with a pendant and you are set. What better way to find what is in her heart, then with something that is always close to it to start?

David J
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I thought the fourth mnemonic was obviously Desert Island. Smile

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one - Albert Einstein

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Girls and what they like - what a great premise! Smile
I read through the effect and at first I thought I must have missed something - the selection procedure seems sooo bold (especially since the cards are lying openly on the table before grabbing them up!) I couldn't imagine one can pull it through....but it seems to work and fly by most spectators!?

Personally, I guess I would add some lighthearted shuffling without big emphasis before offering the cards - but that's certainly a personal choice.

The whole story and patter sounds great and I like the meanings to the picture cards!
As a side note, the PLF cards are so clean and modern looking, I would absolutely suggest to use a sort of pendulum that captures the "look" of the cards as well, maybe a necklace-like pendulum e.g. that subliminally resembles a jewelery and thereby fitting the theme.

Anyway, a great take on the PLF picture cards that is at the same time very original and touching!

Thanks for sharing!
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D Byrd
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Just as an aside you could change gift to chocolates and trip to diamonds (women love those things and the mnemonic would fit perfectly). Just a thought.
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Mind Guerrilla
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I'm coming in on this late due to technical difficulties with my email but it was well worth the wait.

The effect is elegantly simple and wisely puts presentation before method. David provides all the specifics on how to perform this while also allowing enough room for each performer to tailor it to their own style.

The eBook is well written and well laid out- A nice change of pace from a lot of eBooks that look like they were typed and put up for sale in one sitting. David's writing style is entertaining. He has a great sense of humor and shows that there's no reason a manuscript can't be as entertaining as an effect.

I'd say more but the other posters on this thread beat me to it.

Thanks David! Well done!

PS "D" for "Destination" Smile
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It's is always nice to read a routine by someone who 'gets it".

Thank you for sharing this David.
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David, Well done! I'm sending my thoughts telepathically. But, just in case, I'll PM you.

"I've always been mental, I'm sure of it" Boris Pocus Smile

"Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny". . .Bruce Springsteen
Magical Dimensions
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I think that this is a wonderful routine in its simplicity and impact that it can have.

I love using a pendulum and now I have another reason to do so!

Sid Mayer
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You understand, better than most, what mentalism is about. The premise is very good. The method for obtaining the information is trivial but that, as you know, doesn't matter in actual performance.

However, and maybe it's me, I just don't get what you're talking about when you use the term "reveal."The audience knows the chosen picture as does the woman who chose it. Presumably, only the performer and the washroom attendant don't know it. So, just what is being revealed by the movement of the pendulum.

I, too, like pendulums a lot. I like coherent premises even more.

I think it's worth working on and I will.

With all due respect,

All the world's a stage ... and everybody on it is overacting.
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Hey David,

Sorry for my late feedback, but I must say I like The Way To a Woman's Heart very much!

Taking the method aside (which is so simple, and yet so good), it is possible to create a strong personal experience for the participant. I love the pendulum idea and think it adds a lot in the effect!

Well, I worked with it and tested a bit, so I'll PM you with some ideas.

Oh, and it was a delightful reading!
Thanks for that, Mr Thiel.

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David, thanks for sending this to me.

I wholeheartedly agree with the positive comments already made. I too like the premise and the use of a pendulum gives the effect a mystical aura.

Hat off to work well done.

Daryl -the other brother
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David ditto to all the above. Smile

Looking forward to .
Thomas Cooper
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The way to a womans heart is through the vana cavia.
I call myself "Thomas Cooper" here because this stops the magic café appearing when people google my stage name.

Does anyone else find the term "Special User" to be a bit condescending?
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