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  1. My all time favourite had to be PK time, that always kills
  2. Spoon/metal bending
  3. My version of "think of a colour"
  4. Glass slat shaker through table, using the spec's hand to knock it through
  5. Watch steal to shoe
  6. My version of Derren's wonderful "perfect coin reading".
Look behind you...on your left...thats the real world.
David Le
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  • Ambitious Card
  • Thumbs (the one DC does in Tornado of Fire)—I first learned Thumbs when McDonad's performed it at a kid's party
  • Twisting Arm
  • French Drop
  • Bobo Coin Change
  • Band Thru Thumb
  • Crazy Man's Handcuffs
Count Zapik
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A good impromptu effect which can seemingly come out of thin air, whilst you claim to have no kit to work with, is one of the miriad impromptu book test using whatever book they give you, and maybe better still, bend the coin they thought they gave you.

Magic with less always looks more and convinces them that YOU are the magic, and that it's not some inherent property of the prop.

Just a thought!
Count Zapik Smile
I feel as if I have been whisked here from another may even have been my own!
Bob Sanders
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Magic Valley Ranch, Clanton, Alabama
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There are several things they will find on my body when they take me to the funeral home.

One is a thumb tip with a larger denomination bill folded into it. It gives me a quick bill change anywhere and anytime. It also allows me to vanish salt, a small coin, a ring, etc. and make it reappear later.

A Hopping Half also gives me a variety of tricks to do. My favorite there is coin through the table while the two coins are shown under a drinking glass.

And last, there is always a small playing card face-down in my wallet. I borrow their deck of cards and the choosen card appears in my wallet.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Bob Sanders

Magic By Sander / The Amazed Wiz
David Le
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Re-Cap Phase 1- 4.

I only learned it by watching the demo vid on Penguin.
I do plan on picking up On The Spot in the future. maybe I can do that killer finale where the pen appears inside the cap! Smile

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Every coin trick Smile
coins across or copper silver transpo. they are great!
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Randy Shaw
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Non gimmick copper sivler with borrowed coins, Dean's matrix with borrowed coins, coin in pen cap both borrowed, no card card trick Smile

AIMC with Silver Star
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On 2003-09-05 16:54, Rob Eubank wrote:
Testacroce and Muscle pass routine.

Totally agree! The muscle pass is one of the most baffling impromptu magic effects out there.
(to bad I can't manage to do it yet).

Actually the Sankey's 45 is worth checking out... a lot of great basics for nice impromptu "borrowed item" magic.

...As long as i`m not a world-champion at anything, the great reactions of doin` magic will do just fine.....
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Love the comment from AmazedWiz about the Funeral home...True True!

Several years ago someone returned my TT WITH the $100. bill in it after it dropped out of my pocket at a restaurant and rolled across the floor (unbeknownst to me). "I think this thumb is yours?" That was amazing.

Here is my list (no gimmick):
Crazymans handcuffs
Coin thru napkin
Thumb thru ear (Japan version)
Pen thru dollar (ungimmicked)

Remember ANY of your posts here can be Googled by your customers and Clients. Just entering your name in Google can bring up your negative comments that stay for years!
Lee Darrow
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Chicago, IL USA
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Well, Fl!p Stick with a borrowed drum stick (musical kind, not the cooked part of a fowl!), ring on wand using a bar straw for the wand, shoes on the table (when seated, as done by Jay Marshall), salt up the sleeve and printing a business card all work for me, too.

Just some additional ideas that don't take any real prep.

Lee Darrow, C.Ht.
<BR>"Because NICE Matters!"
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Sponge Balls
Dots Magic (using paddle move)
Coin Vanishes and reappears (basic coin sleights)
ReCap Revisited
I would, however contest that there is in REALITY very little pportunity to perform what could actually be termed "close-up" magic.
- Guy Hollingworth
andre combrinck
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Superman -- This is found in Tremaine's The Amazing book of Magic Tricks. Don't judge this because it comes from a beginner's book, the effect is excellent. Basically three cigarette foil balls vanish and reappear and vanish again.This 1 always gets them. I also know a veriation with toothpicks/matches.
Penetrating Ash--Everyone knows this one-still packs a vallop.
Fizzmaster -- Paul Harris's masterpiece.
Rubberband routine -- Which includes CMH, ring band-it, jumping rubberband and broken and restored band-most can be found in Michael Ammar's excellent book.
Levitation -- Paul Harris' version in the Stars of Magic video series.
Improv Nightshades/Unshuffling Rebecca (Paul Harris)/Clock o'Doom(bannon) -- depends on the situation.
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My impromptu isn't what you would call totally impromptu but here's what I would do. I always have a gimmicked $5 in my wallet (Ammar's Easy to Master Money Miracles $5 to $1 bill transpo) and I always have a business card wallet with me which has Color Monte (hasn't done me wrong yet), and I usually have a deck of cards on me. But that's just me. If' I'm asked out of the blue, I always go with $5 to $1 transpo. If I have a deck of cards, I always do Red Hot Mama (Ammar ETMCM Volume 1). Those are my impromptu solutions. Or I use a Bare Minimum Kit from my workplace. Smile
John W. Watson
Magic & More
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Larry Barnowsky
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By impromptu it is understood that you come unprepared with no props or objects. Here are a few that I tend to use:


1 coin routine

Coins across (if someone has 4 similar coins)

Magic Ten Count (from Garcia's Sponge Ball booklet) done with crumpled up napkins, grapes, sugar packets etc.

Chink a chink with grapes, coffee creamers etc

Endless Chain done with necklace or shoelace or string tied to make a loop.

Dinner napkin Zombie with bread roll and knife or fork
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I like:
CMH with second band vanish
Chris Kenner's Missing link
Band thru thumb
Coins across

Gary Dayton
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Interlude with a Paper Napkin by Slydini is one of my all-time favorite impromtu routines when sitting at a dinner table. It's fun to perform and it always gets a great response.

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Blister (I use my belt or my key)
Starcle (papernapkin)
Ashes on palm (cigarette)
Chink-A-Chink (with sugar cubes)
Sefalaljia (done with a shoelace,ring and handkerchief)
Appearing knot in the corner of a handkerchief
Disappearing knot(false knot in a handkerchief)
Crazymans handcuffs
Coin thru handkerchief(done with a ring and a coin)
Bill-ladder with a bill and two rubberbands (bill jumps from top to bottom string).
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Unadulterated cutting the aces
blind aces
mc donalds aces
spectator cuts to the aces
and end with out of this world
"If you can't teach an old dog new tricks, trick the old dog to learn."

-Rannie Raymundo-
aka The Boss
aka The Manila Enforcer
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I use my S.M.U.P.T.B. whenever I have nothing on me. Even if I did I would still use this. If any of you saw it, I had posted a link in the Café secret sessions for people to download for free for a while. It got a really good feed back. I have yet to release it on the market though. It is really quite a powerful effect for being completly impromptu.

BTW it stands for Slow Motion Ungimmicked Pencil Through Bill.
Check out my new effect "As Good As It Gets" a gimmickles pencil or pen through bill effect. It closely mimmicks the slow motion phase of "Misled." About "As Good AS It Gets" for no gimmicks and everything being borrowed.
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I’m still workin on:
5) signed torn and restored sugar packet

Darwins "101 tricks with a TT" has the only version you'll ever neeed.

  1. Remote vision (mentalism: copy a spec's drawing)
  2. Crazy Man's Handcuffs (yeah, it's overdone, but it's a masterpiece and I've had SCREAMS)
  3. Sankeys Bill's Sugar Packet Transposition OR Gregory Wilson's Trick Question, Questionable Trick (copper-silver transposition with ordinary coins)
  4. Sponge ball routine with cocktail napkins insted of balls—finish with "balls over the head"
  5. Glass thru Table (recently updated to a great version Sanky put out in his latest newsletter)
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- Ambrose Bierce
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