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My own coin flurry.

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I recently performed improptu at a holiday dinner party. My wife put me on the spot in front a table full of her co-workers. I performed a cup and balls routine using a coffee cup, some cherrie tomatoes quickly stolen from my salad (thank god for dressing on the side ;-) and a butter knife. It was one of the best things I have done in a long time!

I go nowhere without 4 silver halves but... I also like:
- napkin sponge balls
- paper balls over the head
- a couple of dime and penny tricks (a transpo and a mind read)
- recap
Learn something new everyday.
Tod Todson
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Don't carry a pocket full of tricks. Just my set of house keys. With that I can do the Finger Blister effect.

Mystifier, Youth Speaker
Marco Koch
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I always carry rubberbands with me to do CMH.

Marco Koch.
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  1. Recap or Coin in Pen Cap
  2. Spongeball routine with leaves
  3. Ashes, lipstick, or blood to palm
  4. Simple vanishing and reappearing ring
  5. For card: ambitious card with theirs or hula fusion with mine
So I was sittin naked in a beanbag chair the other day eatin cheetos...
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I have read some great inpromtu effects here! A couple I have not done but want to do are Re-Cap and Ring Thru Spoon. I will have to research these.

Most of the rest are ones I have done or do on a regular basis. I also love to hear that some of you have developed some original stuff. Nice work!

Tom James
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If I have to pick five, then:
  1. Ace Illusion
  2. Time Machine
  3. Hopping Halves
  4. Ring Off String
  5. Crazy 8s by Harlen
Keep the Magic ALIVE

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Pen through dollar
Napkin Sponge Balls
Two card monte
Coins across
Rubberband handcuffs
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I thought the original question was regarding self-working tricks, not impromptu tricks. I teach lots of self-working tricks to my elementary school students, and they are good enough to fool adults. Just search for them; they are probably in your magic library or amongst the magic books in the children's room in your local public library.
James Harrison
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Hmm, impromtu top five?
  1. Over Your Head (Syldini trick with napkins)
  2. Three quarter coins across
  3. Pickpocketing (mostly pens, watches and ties)
  4. Some kind of spoon bending (thank the heavens for Banachek)
  5. Ring thing (Paul Gertner's lovely take on the removable thumb gag, borrow a finger ring and you are good to go)
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Cigarette Eating by Karl Fiesta
Torched And Restored Napkin by Karl Fiesta
Bobo Switch
Coin in Sugar Packet
Salt Shaker Trick
Mogwai II
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I love to do a short AC routine with a borrowed deck. Sometimes I build a TT out of paper, which works quite great. I also like Center Tear, Changeling (with bubble gum) Smile or Kurotsuke with borrowed objects.

Sometimes I even get to perform a cups and balls routine with normal drinking cups and balls made of newspaper.

I like to improvise...
"You'll wonder when he comes, you'll wonder more when he's gone..."
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Wow, some great stuff on here... real gems indeed
  1. A book test (A+B book test)
  2. Center tear
  3. Ash on palm
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  • Book: Hoy's Book Test
  • Cigarette: Vanish behind the thumb and reappear close up. (Does anyone know the name of this? Oh and only do it for three or less people with angles sorted.)
  • Coins: Coins across (my coin stuff is still weak)
  • Matches: (Book) Burnt and restored match
  • Box: Levitating one end (pinched skin version, ballsy but good in the pub)
  • Shot Glasses: Carnival Con...OK not a trick in the usual magic sense but I get laughs and confusion
  • Mentalism: Lots of mentalism forces are impromptu
  • Non-Existent Cards (imaginary cards): Invisible Deal (Derren Brown's new video)
  • Dice: Paddle move and rub spots off and on
  • Bills: The rolling two bills up transposition (what is this called?)
  • Cigarette Papers: Torn and Restored (like you care whose version...incidentally Scarne)
  • Club flyers: Transposition (I don't know the name of this either...again bolshy but good!)
  • Telephones: Well, you would have to become a telephone employee or phone enthusiast to do an easy one if you look around is killing the dialtone from another phone
  • Calulators: Think for yourself, any math trick or force for example...
Well I am sure there are more but...I should clean the house...

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A lot of the stuff people have mentioned isn't really impromptu as they have mentioned invisible decks, TTs, ] coins, etc. (If the ones mentioned are impromptu then what isn't considered impromptu.) My faves would have to be:
  • Winged silver
  • Copper silver transposition
  • Twisting arm
  • A simple vanish and reappear of coin (most coin effects are impromptu as money is everywhere)
  • Tenkai vanish of credit card
  • Breakroom boredom buster (with beer mats)
  • Glass through table
  • Paul Harris leaf restoration (signed)
If I bought a deck of cards into the equation the list would be a lot longer. Also I do a simple effect where I take a coin and magically turn it into paper money (just palm coin and pretend to dump onto finger palmed bill) gets great reaction.
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One of my favorite impromptu routines is Jay Sankey's effect with the milk containers you are given in restaurants, unfortunately I can't think of its name of the top of my head. Great effect though. -- for info, booking or queries on Liam Gilbert
Bob Johnston
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Fun question, Dave:
  1. Pen Thru, to
  2. Mis-made bill
  3. Super Sharpie (prediction)
  4. Side Swiped (if we have a table)
  5. Invisible Deck (starting with a un-gimmicked deck)

Seems to me that some of you are putting far too fine a point on the word “impromptu.”

Dave posts a reasonable question and by the examples he gave, it is clear what he means. Sometimes it seems that this forum can not help itself from getting very esoteric.

Since most sources define “impromptu” as “without prior thought or preparation,” one could fairly argue that since you have spent hours preparing for (what to do if someone asks you to do a trick) very little magic you do will be “impromptu.”

When I take someone’s dollar bill from them and turn it into a mis-made bill, it is, from their point of view, “impromptu.”

Nicholas J. Johnson: Your post is dead on when you said:

I guess I try and make all my magic look impromptu. I like my audiences to feel as if this is the first time I have ever done this. As if I could do anything in the world but I decided to do this to demonstrate my skill.

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Thanks Bob...

Althought I did put a lot of thought into that post so it's not really impromptu. Smile Smile Smile
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Crazy man's handcuff's,mr clean coin's across with my own finish,one coin flurry,copper/silver transpo routine with borrowed coin's.
if you have access to a deck of card's well the list could go on and on.
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Broken and restored rubber band.
Torn and restored dollar bill (I like the version that Jeff McBride does).
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