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The TT is, in my opinion, one of the most versatile gimmicks. Some years ago some friends at the bar asked me to show them some effect and, with my tt, I begun to let sugar, napkins and other stuff disappear and reappear.
At the end a friend of my said to me 'It's amazing, I've heard that in TV they use a tt but you don't have one because I couldn't see it, how did you made this?!'.
That was one of the greatest compliments I've ever received.
The invisible deck is also a gimmick I like a lot!
Gary T.
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A Thumb Tip of course! ALWAYS GO WITH VERNET, they are the best, regardless of what any marketing hype says. it is absolutely the most useful gimmick in the world, regardless of how many children flash them in their little magic kits nobody is ever looking for them and they can be used in litterally millions of ways, it's only limited by your immagination. now, you can order one off the internet but I truely do not suggest it, because they come in all different sizes and getting a correct fit is crucial, find the nearest magic shop, even if its a few hours away (mines at least an hour and a half) and make a trip to it, you don't have to make a special trip but maybe just the next time you're in the area. tell them you need a thumb tip and if its anything like the magic shop near me they'll have like a bucket of them, pick through it trying them on until you hit the right size, it should only fit to the top knuckle of your thumb, not all the way over it, if you're unsure ask the guy behind the counter, he will know how it should fit. go ahead and grab two, they will eventually wear out but they're like less than $5 each I think, grab like a 9" silk while you're there, they'll have an assortment of colors to choose from, I use blue, you can put it in the thumbtip and carry it, for a silk production any time, you're probably thinking "silk production? really?" but it's really neat when you can pull a silk out of thin air and make it dissapear anytime, people will love it, and it works great for kids because it's really simple and easy to see the effect, you can even find something that's the same color as the silk and pretend to pick the colors from it if you like. I used to carry two thumb tips, one empty for whatever effect I had in mind, makes it easy to make small things vanish, and one with a silk stuffed in it. now I just carry one either empty or filled depending on what I want to do, of course you can always take the silk out if you wanna use it for something else.

second up would be the Invisible Elastic Band, or "loop", learn to tie your own and they become pretty cheep, can be used for loads of things, not quite as versitile as the thumb tip and requires a little more creativity to create your own effects, but easier to carry really, I have a piece of cardboard cut to hold five of them that I fill up and put in my back pocket if I know I'm gonna be performing, that plus 1 on my wrist gives me 6 of them on me because they do break easy. I would recommend buying at the guerilla guide to loops from E, it won't come with any loops or any thread but it will supply you effects, I have one of the three DVD's, it's really quite great. the best thing about a loop is it goes on your wrist and it goes unnoticed, it doesn't take up extra space or get in your way, every now and then they get snagged on something and can break off, so I always check my wrist before performing rather than just assuming it's there, but generally you can put one on in the morning and your good until it breaks from use.
Gary T.
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Couple of things I should clear up about my last comment, I keep the cardboard holder in a home made envelope made to fit, otherwise the loops would break, and when I say to but the Guerilla Guide to loops from E, I mean, just to clarify who that is.
Phil The Cop
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Thumb tip or an ITR.
Zombie Magic
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On 2011-07-16 22:32, JoeJoe wrote:
I agree - the 'amazing vanishing disappearing silk handkerchief trick' is the only trick I need. Can show it to a 4 year old girl, or a 90 year old woman ... it doesn't matter if they speak English or not. It is the only trick I need to be able to make a living as a magician.


Chris Capehart started his NYC busking career with the vanishing silk handkerchief. It was the first trick he bought and he went right out on the street with it!
Masta Ace
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TKO 2.0

and of course a TT
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The TT for its versatility, even though I barely use it.
I use topits a lot, but make them myself. If you know what it is, I don't get the point of buying...
Now, some people who only do coin magic will tell you an expanded sh*** may be the best gimmick.

So, I guess it depends on the kind of magic you want to do: a TT and an sh*** don't help me vanish multiple billiard balls...
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I agree, TT! As for feeling uncomfortable wit it on, or feeling like you may get caught...learn the promper hand posture/positioning, and put one on and wear it around for a day, or even a few hours. Likely NOBODY will notice, and will increase your comfort level having one on and acting naturally.
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Stripper decks are wonderful as well. Can't ignore all the TT suggestions either. I've always thought that Stripper decks were a little cheesy but recently I've messed around with one and you can do SO many effects SO much cleaner with a stripper deck. All depends on what you like though.
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The Copenetro Deck, is totally visual, plus it's on the cards and is undetectable, no one knows it is there and can see it.

You can watching,

Is amazing.
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TT & QB2
HM Whipps
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Kirkendall reel!
Ther are 10 type of people in the world. Those that understand binary, and those that don't,
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TT appears to win the vote and I agree. But I also get great use out of a Simplex Dye tube. Color changing hanks has always been strong for me. They are inexpensive and if you learn proper handling, you will love the gimmick. The color change appears truly magical in my opinion.

Dick Oslund
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On Jul 30, 2011, motown wrote:
Nielsen's vanishing bottle gimmicks

Nielsen also produces (Yet, I think) a feke (not a gimmick) A "feke looks like something". a gimmick is never seen. The feke is for the bottle thru the table. (Great!)

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I,m surprised no one mentioned sponge balls
any routine makes people smile
The Wacky Wizard
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Magnets have many uses. Also the TT
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A thumb tip, but some ITR or loops are also really great.
Blaine G
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TT wins on the breadth of effects that can be performed
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Svengali or ITR. The former is so simple and yet so deceptive. That latter can make miracles happen.
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Expanded Shell Coin Smile A great tool for coin workers ....
Thank You Smile
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